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Alex Perry


Alex Perry

Alex Perry is an Australian fashion designer, best known for his womenswear designs, in particular wedding dresses, formal gowns and corsets.


Season 3

Season 3, Episode 10
WatchedS03E10: Season 3, Episode 10
Aired: Tue, 2011-09-06
The final three have been selected and they now face their final challenge:create a collection of 10 designs which will be showcased at a live fashion show in front of their fashion industry peers. Unlike previous challenges ...
Season 3, Episode 9
WatchedS03E09: Season 3, Episode 9
Aired: Mon, 2011-08-29
It is thefinal challenge andthe last chancefor the four remaining designers to prove they are worthy of a place at Melbourne Fashion Week.So Alex takes them to the Melbourne Fashion Festival's runway to give them their final ...
Season 3, Episode 8
WatchedS03E08: Season 3, Episode 8
Aired: Mon, 2011-08-22
Time's getting short, and with only five designers left, the stakes are even higher. This week, Alex tells them that the path to red carpet glory is full of missteps, and proves his point when the models appear wearing copies...
Season 3, Episode 7
WatchedS03E07: Season 3, Episode 7
Aired: Mon, 2011-08-15
Everyone is happy to have Nerida back, but they're all equally ready to take on their next challenge and send someone home. Alex tells the designers that they will be creating an evening gown for an international model, actre...
Season 3, Episode 6
WatchedS03E06: Season 3, Episode 6
Aired: Mon, 2011-08-08
The remaining six competitors fly to the Gold Coast, where Alex gives them their new challenge. But some familiar faces return to give them a run for their money- four of the eliminated designers are being given a second chan...
Season 3, Episode 5
WatchedS03E05: Season 3, Episode 5
Aired: Mon, 2011-08-01
The seven remaining designers must dress a new set of models- their mums or sisters- but the family member each dresses belongs to one of their rivals.
Season 3, Episode 4
WatchedS03E04: Season 3, Episode 4
Aired: Mon, 2011-07-25
Still reeling after last week's double elimination, the designers are told to meet Alex at a photography studio where they must randomly choose a decade and develop a fashion forward design inspired by that era. But that's no...
Season 3, Episode 3
WatchedS03E03: Season 3, Episode 3
Aired: Mon, 2011-07-18
The 10 remaining designers are asked to create high end day wear out of used clothing chosen by someone else. But to makes things really interesting, Megan raises the stakes, and tells the that there will be two designers cut...
Season 3, Episode 2
WatchedS03E02: Season 3, Episode 2
Aired: Mon, 2011-07-11
Alex Perry brings the designers to the glamorous Silk Road bar, and introduces special guests Dannii Minogue and her fashion partner, Tabitha Somerset-Webb who give them their next challenge. They are given $80 and eight hour...
Season 3, Episode 1
WatchedS03E01: Season 3, Episode 1
Aired: Mon, 2011-07-04
Megan Gale hosts an all new set of contestants to determine who the next big thing in Australian fashion will be. Joining her will also be new judges Jarrad Clark and Kirrily Johnston, as well as mentor Alex Perry. For their ...