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Amanda L. Beall


Amanda L. Beall

Amanda is an American soap opera writer. Her first job on daytime lasted from 2000 to 2001 when she wrote scripts for "Port Charles." In 2003, she joined the crew of "All My Children" and has been credited as both script and associate head writer for over 5 years. She left the show in October 2008 to join the crew of "The Young and the Restless" as a script writer.


Season 39

Ep. #9790
WatchedS39E175: Ep. #9790
Aired: Thu, 2011-12-01
Deacon tells Nikki that he knows she was home for a day this summer. Nikki slowly breaks down in Victor's arms, confessing that she was the one that murdered Diane. Harmony defends herself to Tucker, whileTucker warns her abo...
Ep. #9786
WatchedS39E171: Ep. #9786
Aired: Wed, 2011-11-23
The folks at the Chancellor mansion are in shock when Victoria and Billy show up. Delia is happy to see her father as are the rest of his family and friends, and Victor excuses himself. Billyexplains what happened. Adam sees ...
Ep. #9783
WatchedS39E168: Ep. #9783
Aired: Fri, 2011-11-18
Tucker and Ashley's wedding takes place. Neil is reconsidering his feelings for Sofia. Victoria wants an explanation from Billy as to where he was this entire time. Harmony arrives at the wedding but Neil tells herto leave. J...
Ep. #9776
WatchedS39E161: Ep. #9776
Aired: Wed, 2011-11-09
Christine returns to Genoa City and stirs up memories of Isabella's terror back in 2003. She proceeds to discuss the possible similarities between Isabella and Ricky. Paul wants an explanation from Ricky as to why heruined He...
Ep. #9765
WatchedS39E150: Ep. #9765
Aired: Tue, 2011-10-25
Genevieve and Jill each get a chance to confront Colin over his machinations. Ronan questions Adam about the stolen phone that was found at his doorstep. Nina is overjoyed when Paul brings Chance back home, andsurprised to le...
Ep. #9764
WatchedS39E149: Ep. #9764
Aired: Mon, 2011-10-24
The gathered few argue over what happened on the night Diane was killed after the film reel ends. Ronan arrives to inform them that he wasn't the one that arranged the event. Genevieve visits her injuredmaid "Myrna" at the ho...
Ep. #9752
WatchedS39E137: Ep. #9752
Aired: Thu, 2011-10-06
Devon learns that Tucker is his father. Victoria thinks about filing for divorce. Cane confronts Billy about being in Genoa City and not visiting his family.