Arthur Hunnicutt in Bonanza

Arthur Hunnicutt

Born: 1910-02-17


Arthur Hunnicutt

Season 11

Dead Wrong
WatchedS11E11: Dead Wrong
Aired: Sun, 1969-12-07
Salty, Sunville's biggest exaggerator and outright liar, identifies Hoss and Candy as outlaws Big Jack and Sid. For his own safety, Hoss is forced to stage his own death in a phony gunfight where Big Jack is gunned down. Th...

Season 5

Walter and the Outlaws
WatchedS05E34: Walter and the Outlaws
Aired: Sun, 1964-05-24
In the comic sequel to last season's Any Friend of Walter's, Hoss dog-sits Walter at the Ponderosa while Obie's away. Dimwitted criminals Macie, Teague, and Willard are again after Obie's supposed treasure. Their plot this ...

Season 4

Any Friend of Walter's
WatchedS04E26: Any Friend of Walter's
Aired: Sun, 1963-03-24
On a trip to visit his sweetie, Bessie Sue, Hoss stays in a run-down shanty that's home to a run-down prospector, Obie. His supposedly genius dog, Walter, proves to be a dope when three none-too-bright robbers come calling. ...

Season 1

The Hanging Posse
WatchedS01E12: The Hanging Posse
Aired: Sat, 1959-11-28