Barbara Anderson in The Love Boat

Barbara Anderson

Born: 1945-11-27


Barbara Anderson

Won an Outstanding Supporting Actress Emmy for her work on Ironside in 1968.

Left her role as 'Eve Whitfield' on "Ironside" to get married and then take the role of 'Mimi Davis' on "Mission Impossible."

From a Fall, 1969 cast bio press release for "Ironside":


Officer Eve Whitfield in 'Ironside'

Thursdays, NBC Television Network

(In Color, 8:30-9.30 p.m. NYT)

Emmy-Award winning actress

Barbara Anderson's convincing portrayal of a sophisticated society girl, raised in the lap of luxury, is testimony to her skill at make-believe.

In real life, Brooklyn-born Barbara was the child of a Navy enlisted man and his wife. Her childhood, spent chiefly in Texas and Tennessee, was far from luxurious and she associates the time between dropping out of Memphis State University to pursue her career and her signing by Universal Studios more with peanut butter sandwiches than with caviar.

While still in school in Memphis, Barbara was voted "Miss Memphis" and missed by a half-vote being selected as "Miss Tennessee" for the "Miss America" contest. More meaningful in her eyes were the months she spent in experimental theater groups such as the Front Street Repertory Theater. Barbara decided to try California as the starting point for her professional career. She held dozens of temporary daytime jobs to pay her living expenses, working at night with the Los Angeles Art Theater.

In a Los Angeles production of "The Rattle of a Simple Man," Barbara's performance as Cyrenne drew the attention of a major talent agency which arranged her contract with Universal Studios. Guest appearances on "The Virginian," "The Road West," and "Star Trek" preceded her casting as Officer Eve Whitfield in "Ironside." In her first season on the series she won an Emmy for "Best Supporting Actress."


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