Brittany Byars in Kendra

Brittany Byars


Brittany Byars

Brittany Byars is a childhood friend of Kendra Wilkinson. Brittany has worked on such productions as The Girls Next Door, Kendra, and E! True Hollywood Story.


Season 2

Let Them Eat Cupcakes
WatchedS02E07: Let Them Eat Cupcakes
Aired: Sun, 2010-05-02
Kendra and Hank take Hank Jr. to the Playboy Mansion to meet Hugh Hefner, while Bridget sets up a surprise welcome home party.

Season 1

Undress Rehearsal/Let Them Eat Wedding Cake
WatchedS01E10: Undress Rehearsal/Let Them Eat Wedding Cake
Aired: Sun, 2009-08-02
Leading up to the Kendra and Hank's Wedding, Kendra attends a sexy bridal shower and celebrates with Hank at the rehearsal dinner.