Caterina Mete in The Wiggles

Caterina Mete

Born: 1980-09-10


Caterina Mete

Caterina joined the Wiggles in 2003, and can be seen on the latest seasons of The Wiggles Show as one of the Wiggly Dancers and also as a mascot on the videos.

Caterina has been dancing since she was eight, and has trained in many different genres. She's originally from Melbourne, Australia, and trained at the Dance Factory, and also was a cheerleader for the Melbourne Storm Rugby Team for four years. She has performed in many different events from film and television shows to theatre and parades.


Season 5

Animal Charades
WatchedS05E26: Animal Charades
Aired: Mon, 2008-08-25
The Wiggles are on X for Xylophone dance. Jeff introduces the Shingle-Back Lizard, and the Little Wiggles play cricket with Brett Lee.Song ListWags the DogBig Red CarQuack Quack - concertA Frog Went A Walkin' - Wiggly animati...
Watch, Learn, Dance and Sing
WatchedS05E25: Watch, Learn, Dance and Sing
Aired: Mon, 2008-06-02
Jeff's animal of the week is the freshwater crocodile.Dorothy's Dancing Alphabet is on the letter W for Wiggle dance.Song ListQuack, QuackHot Potato - concertDressing UpI Climb Ten Steps - Mandarin Wiggles animatedWalking on ...
Farmer Brown
WatchedS05E24: Farmer Brown
Aired: Mon, 2008-05-19
Magic Greg wants to show Anthony the Rabbit out of the Hat Trick but Anthony wants to know about the Rabbit!Dorothy's Dancing Alphabet is on the letter V which is for VEGETABLESJeff's animals of the week is the Baby Chick and...
Box of Mystery
WatchedS05E23: Box of Mystery
Aired: Mon, 2008-04-28
Magic Greg wants to show Anthony the famous box of mystery trick, but Anthony gets caught up in the technical details.Dorothy's Dancing Alphabet is on the letter t which is for tyrannosaurus rex.Jeff's animal of the week is t...
Musical Bonanza!
WatchedS05E21: Musical Bonanza!
Aired: Mon, 2008-02-04
Jeff introduces the miniature horse, The Captain and crew have a race, Dorothy's Dancing Alphabet is The Letter "O" for OctopusSong list:1. Move Like an Emu2. Ooh it's Captain Feathersward3. Little Brown Ant4. Brown girl in ...
Captain Feathersword Pirate Crew
WatchedS05E20: Captain Feathersword Pirate Crew
Aired: Mon, 2008-01-14
Captain Feathersword introduces his friendly pirate crew and they each talk about themselves briefly and then do a pirate dance. Jeff talks about a blue tongued lizard.Dorothy's Dancing Alphabet is on the letter M, for Mashed...
Look But Don't Touch
WatchedS05E19: Look But Don't Touch
Aired: Mon, 2007-12-10
Captain Feathersword has a pirate school lesson. Jeff introduces us to snakes. Dorothy's Dancing Alphabet features an Umbrella dance. And a bunch of beachside songs.Song List:1. Henry's Dance2. Move like an Emu3. Nicky Nacky ...
We Like to Say Hello
WatchedS05E15: We Like to Say Hello
Aired: Mon, 2007-09-24
The Wiggles are saying hello to us while driving in the Big Red Car. Captain Feathersword and his friendly pirate crew are inside the deck during a storm and they sing songs, especially, "Our Boat is Rocking On the Sea". Seve...
The Wonderful Nautical Jacket
WatchedS05E12: The Wonderful Nautical Jacket
Aired: Mon, 2007-08-06
Captain Feathersword is expecting a visit from Admiral GoodBloke, but he doesn’t have his boat. They get the Wiggles to help. They also show off different pirate items. Today’s letter is J and Anthony does a Jumping dance. ...
Fun at the Beach
WatchedS05E11: Fun at the Beach
Aired: Sat, 2007-06-23
The Wiggles do a lot of dancing and laughing. Captain Feathersword and his crew show off some different pirate items. Jeff shows a pink cockatoo, and Dorothy's Dancing Alphabet is about the letter f.Song List:1. Lights, Camer...
The Captain's Jacket/Hat On My Head
WatchedS05E10: The Captain's Jacket/Hat On My Head
Aired: Thu, 2013-10-10
The Wiggles contact Dr. Verygood when Anthony loses his appetite. Dorothy’s Dancing Alphabet features an Italian dance. The Mandarin Wiggles sing about climbing ten steps, and Captain Feathersword does a pirate dance at the ...
Country Music
WatchedS05E09: Country Music
Aired: Mon, 2007-04-16
Captain Feathersword's crew wants to hear some country music so Anthony and Jeff help out by bring singer Beccy Bluegrass for a song.Song List1. Where’s Jeff? - concert2. Captain’s Magic Buttons – featuring Beccy3. Hoop De...
Greg's Magic Show
WatchedS05E08: Greg's Magic Show
Aired: Fri, 2007-03-23
Anthony showcases the letter n by doing a nodding dance.Greg performs his making milk disappear trick. Anthony has his version of that too.The Mandarin Wiggles sing for the first time in Wiggly Animation.The Wiggly concert fe...
Story Time
WatchedS05E05: Story Time
Aired: Fri, 2007-02-23
Anthony tells a story about his fellow Wiggles and friends. The Little Wiggles deal with a powered-down radio. Dorothy's Dancing Alphabet features the letter E. Captain Feathersword sails around to find the pirate sandhills.S...
Game of the Year
WatchedS05E04: Game of the Year
Aired: Thu, 2007-02-22
Captain Feathersword's crew have a soccer match against the Mascots. The letter D is featured, with Anthony doing a Dinosaur Dance.Song List1. Take a Trip Out on the Sea2. Go, Captain Feathersword, Ahoy!3. Move like an emu4. ...
Pirate Dance
WatchedS05E02: Pirate Dance
Aired: Tue, 2007-02-20
Captain Feathersword imitates Anthony’s words as they converse. Captain has the crew introduce themselves and they have a pirate dance. Dorothy’s Dancing Alphabet is on the letter B for bouzuki.Song List1. I can do so many ...

Season 4

Helicopter Dance
WatchedS04E26: Helicopter Dance
Aired: Mon, 2006-08-21
The Little Wiggles throw a Wiggly Party but they have to find the words for the songDorothy's Dance Class teaches the Helicopter.Song List1. The Chicken Song2. Rock a bye your bear3. Move your arms like Henry4. Fly through th...
Wiggly Mystery
WatchedS04E25: Wiggly Mystery
Aired: Mon, 2006-06-26
Captain Feathersword's crew wants a pet.Dorothy's Dance Class teaches the Ice Skater. The Wiggles wonder why their pasta lunch keeps disappearing when the doorbell rings and they go see who it is. Song List1. Wake Up, Jeff!...
Quack Quack
WatchedS04E21: Quack Quack
Aired: Wed, 2006-02-15
Jeff is still sleepy in the morning, and needs help waking up.Today's songs have an animal theme, like "Quack Quack" about ducks.Murray reads an animal encyclopedia, and helps the Wiggles with animal trivia.Dorothy’s Dance C...
Wiggle Groove
WatchedS04E20: Wiggle Groove
Aired: Tue, 2006-02-14
Captain Feathersword has a cold, but his crew misinterprets his requests.Dorothy’s Dance Class teaches the tango.Greg decides to sing everything, but forgets his Italian when his friends from Italy are scheduled to arrive. T...
Elbow to Elbow
WatchedS04E19: Elbow to Elbow
Aired: Mon, 2006-02-13
Murray gets the royal treatment when he becomes King for the day in an extended Little Wiggles segment.Dorothy's Dance Class teaches the Disco Spectacular.Song List1. D.O.R.O.T.H.Y. My Favorite Dinosaur2. Play your guitar wit...
Astronaut Dance
WatchedS04E12: Astronaut Dance
Aired: Fri, 2005-11-18
Hi, We’re The Wiggles. Each one introduces himself. You never know who’ll meet, like Professor Singalottasonga.Little Murray puts together a billy cart.Dorothy’s dance class teaches the astronaut dance.And an assortment of...
Say Aah
WatchedS04E10: Say Aah
Aired: Tue, 2005-11-15
The Wiggles try to wake Jeff up but he stays asleep. Little Anthony drums around and makes lots of noise. Dorothy's Dance Class teaches The Runner. Jeff introduces a bunch of videos including "Say Aah at the doctors" and an e...
Bow Wow Wow
WatchedS04E09: Bow Wow Wow
Aired: Thu, 2005-11-10
In Little Wiggles, Jeff goes running. Dorothy’s dance class teaches the Olympian. And an assortment of songs including Bow Wow Wow.Song List1. Wiggly Party2. We're dancing with Wags the Dog – little Wiggles3. Where's Jeff? ...
Make Some Rosy Tea
WatchedS04E06: Make Some Rosy Tea
Aired: Mon, 2005-10-24
Captain Feathersword and the crew look for something to eat.Dorothy’s Dance Class teaches the Horse Gallop.Murray can’t find his guitar. The Wiggles talk about empty and full.Song List1. Toot Toot2. Sailing Around the World...
Topsy Turvy
WatchedS04E05: Topsy Turvy
Aired: Mon, 2005-10-17
Captain Feathersword prepares his ship, the SS Feathersword, to sail to San Francisco. That means getting supplies together and raincoats for the upcoming storm. At the Wigglehouse, the Wiggles are all behaving strangely. Jef...
Kangaroo Dance
WatchedS04E04: Kangaroo Dance
Aired: Mon, 2005-09-26
The Wiggles start off with a musical dance challenge.Captain Feathersword sails to London.Dorothy’s Dance Class has two segments: Boot Scoot and Kangaroo Dance.The Wiggles get dressed for a rainy day.Song List1. Can You Poin...
Play Your Guitar
WatchedS04E02: Play Your Guitar
Aired: Mon, 2005-09-12
Captain Feathersword hosts his own Greek Olympic games with the crew as his participants.Dorothy’s Dance class teaches the cha-cha-cha.Jeff wants to paint Wigglehouse all by himself. The other Wiggles wonder if he’s up to ...