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Season 4

Episode #4.094
WatchedS04E94: Episode #4.094
Aired: Thu, 2010-12-23
Frédéric von Anhalt glued his eye shut.
Episode #4.093
WatchedS04E93: Episode #4.093
Aired: Wed, 2010-12-22
Jesse Tyler Ferguson goes Christmas shopping for his brother; and does Robin Thicke have sex to his own music?
Episode #4.087
WatchedS04E87: Episode #4.087
Aired: Wed, 2010-12-15
Ron Howard and the TMZ camera man try to figure out which Jersey Shore members mirror Happy Days characters; and Steven Spielberg gives a lot of autographs to an autograph hound.
Episode #4.083
WatchedS04E83: Episode #4.083
Aired: Fri, 2010-12-10
Miley Cyrus caught on video smoking salvia - like any other 18 year old would do; Billy Zane doesn't know who's going to win the World Series in 2015; and Rosie O'Donnell believes that Oprah isn't gay.
Episode #4.079
WatchedS04E79: Episode #4.079
Aired: Mon, 2010-12-06
Oprah tries to help the TMZ camera man think of a Christmas present for his mother; Snoop Dogg is really mad that Willie Nelson was arrested for marijuana possession; and what did Warren Moon always do after football practice...
Episode #4.077
WatchedS04E77: Episode #4.077
Aired: Fri, 2010-12-03
Elijah Wood likes small musical instruments?; Shanna Moakler defends her horrid new reality show; Darius Rucker isn't Cuba Gooding, Jr.; and Malin Ackerman doesn't care about Kim Kardashian - Thank God.
Episode #4.076
WatchedS04E76: Episode #4.076
Aired: Thu, 2010-12-02
Regis Philbin talks about slapping Nicki Minaj's ass; Sinbad's daughter sings happy birthday to him; Russell Simmons really likes going to yoga; Gianni Russo loves TMZ; Kim Kardashian has the paparazzi open her car door for h...
Episode #4.071
WatchedS04E71: Episode #4.071
Aired: Fri, 2010-11-26
In honor of Black Friday the TMZ staffers play Pictionary to pitch clips of past show clips.
Episode #4.070
WatchedS04E70: Episode #4.070
Aired: Thu, 2010-11-25
In honor of Thanksgiving, the TMZ staffers pitch past show clips using food to describe the celebrity.
Episode #4.069
WatchedS04E69: Episode #4.069
Aired: Wed, 2010-11-24
Mr. T wants to put out his own cereal again?; and Gladys Knight does take the train.
Episode #4.067
WatchedS04E67: Episode #4.067
Aired: Mon, 2010-11-22
Danny Welton is a motherf*ckin' legend.
Episode #4.064
WatchedS04E64: Episode #4.064
Aired: Thu, 2010-11-18
Brian Littrell wants to know why all white groups are considered boy bands; Derek Jeter doesn't think he'd be juicy enough for TMZ; William Baldwin thinks the Wayan brothers can beat the Baldwin brothers in basketball, but no...
Episode #4.063
WatchedS04E63: Episode #4.063
Aired: Wed, 2010-11-17
James Caan wants to be on TMZ and not photographed; Mark Ballas tries to fight to back of TMZ's branding Dancing with the Stars as a Republican show; Nelly speaks a foreign language; and Leah Remini takes the TMZ camera man t...
Episode #4.062
WatchedS04E62: Episode #4.062
Aired: Tue, 2010-11-16
Kyra Sedgwick misses all the t*tty bars in Times Square; David Krumholtz is positive his segment will never air on TV; and Tom Bergeron says there is no voting conspiracy on Dancing with the Stars.
Episode #4.061
WatchedS04E61: Episode #4.061
Aired: Mon, 2010-11-15
Steve Schirripa preaches to the choir about how useless Kim Kardashian is; Ryan Phillippe doesn't like having his picture taken; and Wesley Snipes doesn't know any Chuck Norris facts.
Episode #4.059
WatchedS04E59: Episode #4.059
Aired: Fri, 2010-11-12
Darryl McDaniels can still tear up the mic; Whitney Port admits that women fart; and Al White is still jive talkin'.
Episode #4.058
WatchedS04E58: Episode #4.058
Aired: Thu, 2010-11-11
Rob Riener wants to see the TMZ camera man's abs.
Episode #4.057
WatchedS04E57: Episode #4.057
Aired: Wed, 2010-11-10
Eric Balfour thinks Harvey is a dip sh*t; and what has Michael Vartan done since Alias? - Nothing.
Episode #4.055
WatchedS04E55: Episode #4.055
Aired: Mon, 2010-11-08
The TMZ camera man asks Ron Howard about lighting farts; Dina Lohan doesn't think she's the worst mother in the world - She's being serious too; Common is glad the Lil' Wayne is out of prison and tired of the system holding h...
Episode #4.053
WatchedS04E53: Episode #4.053
Aired: Fri, 2010-11-05
David Joyner has never gotten into a fight with a Teletubbie; and Brian Wilson will never stop celebrating the Giants winning the World Series.
Episode #4.052
WatchedS04E52: Episode #4.052
Aired: Thu, 2010-11-04
The TMZ staffers fight over Happy Meals; the TMZ camera man tries to speak to one of the trapped Chilean miners - except he doesn't speak Spanish very well; and how does Jack Osbourne stay in shape? - Crystal Meth.
Episode #4.051
WatchedS04E51: Episode #4.051
Aired: Wed, 2010-11-03
Howie Mandel wouldn't roll around naked on a hotel room's floor; and Padma Lakshmi likes Taco Bell over Carl's Jr.
Episode #4.044
WatchedS04E44: Episode #4.044
Aired: Tue, 2010-10-26
Crispin Glover is anti-corporate; Balthazar Getty is mad that TMZ didn't run a piece about a missing person his family is trying to find; and Dan Finnerty drops his hamburger in the street.
Episode #4.043
WatchedS04E43: Episode #4.043
Aired: Mon, 2010-10-25
Jeremy Piven doesn't understand why the TMZ camera man is a camera man; Barry Bonds is excited for the San Francisco Giants; Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter go to see a movie; Tom Bergeron wants to know what happened to Carlos t...
Episode #4.041
WatchedS04E41: Episode #4.041
Aired: Fri, 2010-10-22
Sean Combs gives money to the paparazzi; Rich Vos and Bonnie McFarlane are very funny; Janine Lindemulder might have attacked a member of the paparazzi; and Brock Lesnar is ready to beat Cain Velasquez.
Episode #4.040
WatchedS04E40: Episode #4.040
Aired: Thu, 2010-10-21
Deep Roy talks about his rooster; and Dana White thinks that Brock Lesnar is the baddest man on the planet.
Episode #4.039
WatchedS04E39: Episode #4.039
Aired: Wed, 2010-10-20
Larry King gives marriage advice; the TMZ camera is actually pretty cool with David Arquette; Katie Couric doesn't think Christine O'Donnell is hiding from her; and Len Goodman's Word of the Week: Flatulation.
Episode #4.038
WatchedS04E38: Episode #4.038
Aired: Tue, 2010-10-19
Brooke Shields can make joke about her depression; and Kesha is dressing strange, but her regular voice isn't auto-tuned.
Episode #4.037
WatchedS04E37: Episode #4.037
Aired: Mon, 2010-10-18
TMZ follows Shauna Sand as she records her song and does something with steak; how is Betty White's sex drive?; and Peter Berg is extremely drunk.
Episode #4.035
WatchedS04E35: Episode #4.035
Aired: Fri, 2010-10-15
Randy Jackson smacks down Dancing with the Stars; and Mike Rowe would never do the dirty job of being a TMZ camera man.
Episode #4.034
WatchedS04E34: Episode #4.034
Aired: Thu, 2010-10-14
Barry Bonds hopes that the San Francisco Giants beats the Phillies asses; Norm MacDonald wants to lay on top of Laura Dern; and the TMZ camera man is nervous around Dwayne Johnson.
Episode #4.033
WatchedS04E33: Episode #4.033
Aired: Wed, 2010-10-13
Meat Loaf wants to be on TMZ; Simona Fusco says something that the TMZ staffers don't want to repeat; Kate Walsh doesn't know if she's a typical Libra - so she is; and Len Goodman's word of the week? - Masturbation.
Episode #4.032
WatchedS04E32: Episode #4.032
Aired: Tue, 2010-10-12
Gary Busey talks about putting a book together called "Busey-isms"; Ralphie May has some of words of wisdom, if you plan of visiting Guam with drugs; Eliza Dushku and Rick Fox recognize the TMZ camera man from Entourage; Jona...
Episode #4.031
WatchedS04E31: Episode #4.031
Aired: Mon, 2010-10-11
Anthony Hopkins is a huge TMZ fan; Daniel Puder is still wanting kids who have been bullied to contact him; James Caan gives the autograph seekers a hard time; Peter Fonda doesn't think Easy Rider will be remade; and Willie G...
Episode #4.029
WatchedS04E29: Episode #4.029
Aired: Fri, 2010-10-08
Daniel Puder wants people who have been bullied, to contact him and they'll go talk to the bully together; and Tila Tequila talks about trying to stop the release of her sex tape.
Episode #4.028
WatchedS04E28: Episode #4.028
Aired: Thu, 2010-10-07
Jamie Kennedy is upset at TMZ; Dave Coulier talks about how voice actors make a lot of money; Kristin Bauer would like to paint a portrait of John Wayne; and Phil Koegen talks about the time he was detained in Ukraine.
Episode #4.026
WatchedS04E26: Episode #4.026
Aired: Tue, 2010-10-05
Wayne Brady doesn't need to lose any weight; and Blair Underwood isn't playing President Obama on The Event.
Episode #4.025
WatchedS04E25: Episode #4.025
Aired: Mon, 2010-10-04
Regis Philbin doesn't think Harvey will log as many as hours as he has on television; Nick Nolte sprays the paparazzi with water; Wayne Brady talks about his viral video with Mike Tyson; and Jim Florentine doesn't know what h...
Episode #4.023
WatchedS04E23: Episode #4.023
Aired: Fri, 2010-10-01
Gary Busey is still a big ball of crazy; Paul Wall doesn't want to talk about beating a fan up with a microphone; Nick Cannon wants to know who said Mariah Carey was pregnant; Sheree Wilson talks about Chuck Norris; and Ashle...
Episode #4.022
WatchedS04E22: Episode #4.022
Aired: Thu, 2010-09-30
Paris Hilton and her boyfriend run over a member of the paparazzi, then flee the scene; Jennifer Grey gets asked a weird question; and Rob Thomas wasn't in the Goo Goo Dolls.
Episode #4.021
WatchedS04E21: Episode #4.021
Aired: Wed, 2010-09-29
Ben Stein is a crushing bore; and Dancing with the Stars judges think British stars are better dancers than American Stars.
Episode #4.019
WatchedS04E19: Episode #4.019
Aired: Mon, 2010-09-27
TMZ tells how Lindsay Lohan was granted bail and was released from jail; and Sam Jones shows off the new car he got after he sold his sex tape, he also has a trial pending for drugs - He's classy.
Episode #4.017
WatchedS04E17: Episode #4.017
Aired: Fri, 2010-09-24
The TMZ staffers try to pitch a Sofia Vergara clip, without mentioning how attractive she is; Robert Englund has never met a woman with a Freddy Krueger fetish; and Marg Helgenberger never wants to be a weather girl again.
Episode #4.016
WatchedS04E16: Episode #4.016
Aired: Thu, 2010-09-23
TMZ Investigates why Glee has so many top 100 hits; Jeremy Piven breaks three laws at once; and the Situation clearly has no idea who David Hasselhoff is.
Episode #4.015
WatchedS04E15: Episode #4.015
Aired: Wed, 2010-09-22
John Mayer is back to not being fun anymore; Vincent Pastore shows of his collection of PBA cards; and Khloe Kardashian admits that the Kardashian family does drive people insane.
Episode 4.013
WatchedS04E13: Episode 4.013
Aired: Mon, 2010-09-20
Russell Brand slaps a camera away from the paparazzi; Larry Hagman pays the valet with fake money; Russell Simmons babbles about not needing stuff; and Jerome Bettis has an uncomfortable moment with the TMZ camera man.
Episode 4.011
WatchedS04E11: Episode 4.011
Aired: Fri, 2010-09-17
Ethan Hawke acts like a complete d*ck; Alex O'Loughlin is hoping that Hawaii Five-O will be his first hit TV show; Brandon T. Jackson doesn't get into Hyde - but Corey Feldman does; Chris Noth tells an old gay joke, that may ...
Episode 4.009
WatchedS04E09: Episode 4.009
Aired: Wed, 2010-09-15
Lisa Lampanelli hosts; Jeffrey Ross gets into a car accident; and Clint Eastwood does a line of freestyle rap?
Episode 4.008
WatchedS04E08: Episode 4.008
Aired: Tue, 2010-09-14
The TMZ camera man helps Michelle Rodriguez get into a club; Ted Danson picks up his dry-cleaning on his bicycle; and when Peter Facinelli wears a hat, it's always Dos Equis.
Episode 4.007
WatchedS04E07: Episode 4.007
Aired: Mon, 2010-09-13
Michael Rapaport is mad at TMZ; both Sam Jones and Karissa Shannon are heartbroken over the potential release of their sex tape; and Tyson Beckford wants to make it clear he doesn't use steroids.
Episode 4.005
WatchedS04E05: Episode 4.005
Aired: Fri, 2010-09-10
Fantasia Barrino is joking about her apparent suicide attempt; Gayle King doesn't want to start any rumors between her and Rita Wilson; Harry Dean Stanton stills wants you to stop looking for answers; Nic Novicki doesn't want...
Episode 4.004
WatchedS04E04: Episode 4.004
Aired: Thu, 2010-09-09
Michelle Rodriguez is full of f***ing love; the TMZ camera man asks Audrina Patridge a controversial, confusing and creepy question; David Spade has sold out to 7-Up; and Mark Wahlberg finally talked to Justin Beiber! - The p...
Episode 4.003
WatchedS04E03: Episode 4.003
Aired: Wed, 2010-09-08
Dwayne Johnson gives a pep talk to the U - the University of Miami; Meagan Good wears a seat belt, but not really; and Jane Adams isn't really a pimp, she just plays one on TV.
Episode 4.002
WatchedS04E02: Episode 4.002
Aired: Tue, 2010-09-07
Shawn and Marlon Wayans make fun of the TMZ camera man; Harvey Levin tries to weasel himself out of getting a ticket for texting; Paul Walker's surfing has taken a backseat to fatherhood; and Kim Kardashian is still a fame wh...

Season 3

Episode #3.094
WatchedS03E94: Episode #3.094
Aired: Thu, 2009-12-24
James Cameron has a shouting match with an alleged fan; Giuliana Rancic wants to host a show without Ryan Seacrest; and Ron Artest will change his Laker number, if Harvey changes the cup he drinks out of.
Episode #3.093
WatchedS03E93: Episode #3.093
Aired: Wed, 2009-12-23
Channing Tatum makes his dog cry; John Legend has no plans to have a wedding; and Jon Gosselin helps out a family with a broke down car.
Episode #3.092
WatchedS03E92: Episode #3.092
Aired: Tue, 2009-12-22
Paris Hilton celebrates Kwanzaa all the time; Harrison Ford doesn't drive a Ford; Gloria Allred is all about women's right, plus being a fame-whore; and Paul Stanley calls Gene Simmons a liar.
Episode #3.091
WatchedS03E91: Episode #3.091
Aired: Mon, 2009-12-21
Maria Shriver finally gets a parking ticket; the TMZ camera man has a embarrassing moment with Robert Duvall; Jessica Simpson is weird; and James Cameron has words of advice for the TMZ camera man.
Episode #3.089
WatchedS03E89: Episode #3.089
Aired: Fri, 2009-12-18
Howie Mandel gets creeped out by a guy picking his nose; Brad Pitt acts bitchy, when getting praised; Betty White wants Robert Redford for Christmas; and Judd Apatow plays an uninspiring round of "Jew or Not a Jew."
Episode #3.087
WatchedS03E87: Episode #3.087
Aired: Wed, 2009-12-16
Kris Allen's wife has Tiger Woods Syndrome; Yeardly Smith relates herself with Lisa Simpson; the TMZ camera man ruins Brian Posehn's Christmas shopping; the kids from Jersey Shore are really stupid; and Rod Stewart gets haras...
Episode #3.083
WatchedS03E83: Episode #3.083
Aired: Fri, 2009-12-11
Axl Rose beats down a member of the paparazzi; Pierce Brosnan is more important than Ben Savage; Kevin Sorbo is getting ripped off from Hercules; Ian Somerhalder isn't Zac Efron; and Spencer Pratt stalks Brad Pitt and Angelin...
Episode #3.082
WatchedS03E82: Episode #3.082
Aired: Thu, 2009-12-10
Jamie Grubbs is a liar, boring and a fame whore; Tiger Woods is getting all of Judah Friedlander's leftovers; Ron Artest gets harassed by drunk women; and Rawle D. Lewis doesn't remember Cool Runnings.
Episode #3.081
WatchedS03E81: Episode #3.081
Aired: Wed, 2009-12-09
Eli Roth comes back for another round of "Jew or Not a Jew"; Julia Roberts gets bitchy with autograph seekers; Howie Mandel makes some golfing puns regarding Tiger Woods; and LL Cool J wants to know what makes a grown man ask...
Episode #3.080
WatchedS03E80: Episode #3.080
Aired: Tue, 2009-12-08
Katie Couric dodges all the questions; Mick Foley ruins his image as a wrestler; and the Kardashians are stuck-up and won't talk to TMZ anymore.
Episode #3.079
WatchedS03E79: Episode #3.079
Aired: Mon, 2009-12-07
Whitney Houston talks, if she gets complimented; Hulk Hogan's wife took all of his stuff; Nas blames his DUI arrest on profiling; Dikembe Mutombo denies the TMZ story; and Harvey is getting too much into Dexter.
Episode #3.077
WatchedS03E77: Episode #3.077
Aired: Fri, 2009-12-04
Mel Brooks is only interested in god Chinese food; Lisa Ann talks about her break-up with Rob Kardashian; Steve-O is ashamed that he has the TMZ iPhone app; and Joe Pesci doesn't want to talk.
Episode #3.076
WatchedS03E76: Episode #3.076
Aired: Thu, 2009-12-03
Nick Swardson doesn't know a lot about Jewish vampires; Jim Belushi doesn't know funny and then he breaks the law; and David Spade doesn't want to go the TMZ Christmas party.
Episode #3.075
WatchedS03E75: Episode #3.075
Aired: Wed, 2009-12-02
The TMZ staffers discuss the Tiger Woods allegations; Michael Buble tells the difference between a Canadian wedding and an Argentinian wedding; John Mayer has invisible headphones; and Howie Mandel has an OCD moment with a Ne...
Episode #3.074
WatchedS03E74: Episode #3.074
Aired: Tue, 2009-12-01
Eli Roth plays "Jew or Not a Jew"; Rita Guedes doesn't understand English, probably; Hulk Hogan is lonely; and Jessica Simpson brings back her curse to the Cowboys, maybe.
Episode #3.073
WatchedS03E73: Episode #3.073
Aired: Mon, 2009-11-30
the TMZ staffers discuss the Tiger Woods car accident and if the information that was given to the police is correct; Mickey Rourke's driver sells him out; Chevy Chase doesn't watch The Soup, out of love for Joel McHale; and ...
Episode #3.071
WatchedS03E71: Episode #3.071
Aired: Fri, 2009-11-27
In honor of Black Friday, TMZ looks back at some of it's most memorable clips, featuring African-American celebrities and Jack Black.
Episode #3.070
WatchedS03E70: Episode #3.070
Aired: Thu, 2009-11-26
In Honor of Thanksgiving, TMZ looks back at the clips of celebrities eating, talking about eating or just plain drunk.
Episode #3.069
WatchedS03E69: Episode #3.069
Aired: Wed, 2009-11-25
Maria Shriver breaks the law again and Arnold Schwarzenegger admits to not being perfect; Adam Lambert thinks the AMA scandal is funny; Chuck Liddell trash talks Tito Ortiz; and Queen on the Scene doesn't think Nancy Reagan k...
Episode #3.067
WatchedS03E67: Episode #3.067
Aired: Mon, 2009-11-23
Ken Jeong greets his parents at the airport, after they just saw The Hangover; Ty Pennington is only eating rice for Thanksgiving; Jesse Metcalf gets yelled at by a drunk woman - but she didn't knock him out; and Spencer Prat...
Episode #3.065
WatchedS03E65: Episode #3.065
Aired: Fri, 2009-11-20
Paris Hilton claims that TMZ always lies about her; Ryan Seacrest buys special jeans for Larry King's birthday; Rex Lee might get someone fired from Entourage; the entire cast of Twilight is boring as hell; and Shauna Sand pu...
Episode #3.064
WatchedS03E64: Episode #3.064
Aired: Thu, 2009-11-19
Laila Ali wants to follow in Mike Tyson's footsteps - by knocking out the paparazzi; Kiefer Sutherland laughs at the TMZ camera man falling down; and Sofia Vergara finds rape jokes hilarious.
Episode #3.063
WatchedS03E63: Episode #3.063
Aired: Wed, 2009-11-18
Johnny Depp is super-drunk; Spencer Pratt renames the paparazzi to "celebrity photographers"; Dave Coulier gives his awesome "Cut It Out" hand gesture; and Tim Gunn gives the TMZ camera man some fashion advice.
Episode #3.062
WatchedS03E62: Episode #3.062
Aired: Tue, 2009-11-17
Ernest Borgnine's advice for young actors - whorehouses and whiskey; Jonathan Goldsmith is still boring; Nancy Kerrigan doesn't carry around weapons; and Jason Schwartzman is funny.
Episode #3.061
WatchedS03E61: Episode #3.061
Aired: Mon, 2009-11-16
Chris Noth is so much better than the TMZ camera man; Audrina is drunk and wants the people robbed her to pay for their crimes; Spencer Pratt shamelessly plugs his book; and Jon Gosselin gives marriage advice.
Episode #3.059
WatchedS03E59: Episode #3.059
Aired: Fri, 2009-11-13
Lindsay Lohan calls her father a fame-whore; Bill Cosby can do nothing wrong; Olivia Wilde doesn't care that Megan Fox thinks she's sexy; Judge Wapner doesn't watch TMZ; and Jessica Alba blocks someone's parking spot, then ge...
Episode #3.056
WatchedS03E56: Episode #3.056
Aired: Tue, 2009-11-10
Gayle King doesn't know what Oprah's favorite cookie is; Shauna Sand promotes her sex tape again and this time, it's in front of her daughter; Imogen Heap is hard to understand; Andie MacDowell tells a story from the set of s...
Episode #3.053
WatchedS03E53: Episode #3.053
Aired: Fri, 2009-11-06
Alyson Hannigan wants to know how TMZ works; Shauna Sand promotes her sex tape again - which she doesn't want to be released; Terrell Owens watches his own highlights, expect for this season; and Sarah Kozer talks about her t...
Episode #3.051
WatchedS03E51: Episode #3.051
Aired: Wed, 2009-11-04
David Spade talks about the DirecTV commercial that features him and Chris Farley; Adam Duritz outlasts the TMZ camera man; and Steven Tyler gladly wears a TMZ hat.
Episode #3.049
WatchedS03E49: Episode #3.049
Aired: Mon, 2009-11-02
TMZ proudly presents the return of Prince von Anhalt; Cory Monteith isn't afraid of being deported; and Paris Hilton throws a bad halloween party.
Episode #3.047
WatchedS03E47: Episode #3.047
Aired: Fri, 2009-10-30
T-Boz talks about the time T.L.C. held Clive Davis hostage; Bill Murray channels Michael Jackson; and Paris Hilton lashes out at the group of burglars who robbed her.
Episode #3.046
WatchedS03E46: Episode #3.046
Aired: Thu, 2009-10-29
The TMZ staffers debate Taylor Swift's picture with a guy, who had a swastika shirt on; Debbie Rowe gets hit up for a job by the camera man; Cher still has the outfit from the "Turn Back Time" video; and Steven Tyler bonds wi...
Episode #3.045
WatchedS03E45: Episode #3.045
Aired: Wed, 2009-10-28
Rob Dyrdek really hates Crocs; Shayne Lamas has a case of the "pot and kettle" syndrome; and Cheryl Hines has a provocative moment...According to the TMZ camera man.
Episode #3.044
WatchedS03E44: Episode #3.044
Aired: Tue, 2009-10-27
Jeremy Piven runs into his doppelganger; the TMZ camera man "bro's it up" when he talks to Mike Epps; and Joanna Krupa is very generous.
Episode #3.041
WatchedS03E41: Episode #3.041
Aired: Fri, 2009-10-23
Shauna Sand tries to convince the TMZ camera man, that she has nothing to do with her sex tape being released.
Episode #3.040
WatchedS03E40: Episode #3.040
Aired: Thu, 2009-10-22
Dennis Quaid dodges a drunk driving-arresting bullet; Tom Bergeron is a big TV star; and the Kardashian sisters are big Laker fans.
Episode #3.039
WatchedS03E39: Episode #3.039
Aired: Wed, 2009-10-21
Jermaine Jackson gets a little ticked off; Vivica A. Fox admits to being a cougar; Katie Cassidy has never seen the original Nightmare on Elm Street; and Duane Chapman hopes that Richard Henne jumps bail.
Episode #3.038
WatchedS03E38: Episode #3.038
Aired: Tue, 2009-10-20
Andie MacDowell is drunk; LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian have no shame; and the Hanson brothers don't want to sing "MmmBop."
Episode #3.037
WatchedS03E37: Episode #3.037
Aired: Mon, 2009-10-19
John Mayer brings back the funny; Akon isn't hard to get a hold of; Jack Black shills for his new videogame; and Chris Brown's mom hits the camera man - now we know where he got it from.