Chrystine Jordan

Born: 1950-03-03


Chrystine Jordan

Chrystie Jordan was born in Seattle, Washington and moved at an early age to Granada Hills, CA (the "Valley"). When a young neighbor needed a lift to a talent audition, Chrystie's mother volunteered and took both young girls. And just like a Hollywood movie, the casting crew picked Chrystie and a "star" was born.

Chrystie went on to act in dozens of tv commercials, movies and television shows (see credits), including Perry Mason, Leave It To Beaver and My Three Sons. Interestingly, the role she is most proud of never made it to the screen -- it was a tv pilot with Mickey Rooney and the Osmonds titled The Seven Little Foys (Chrystie played Mary Foy).

Chrystie's family moved to Houston, TX in 1965 and Chrystie's acting career ground to a halt. Today she's happily married and living in San Diego, CA.

My Three Sons
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Plays Donna Jo in 3 episodes from 1961 to 1967.
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Perry Mason
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Plays Sandra Gregson in 1 episode in 1962.
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