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Damon Bennett


Damon Bennett

Damon got his start in the construction business by looking for a part time job as a 12 year old kid. He started learning the ropes about bricklaying by working as a mason's laborer (on the "bottom rung of the ladder" as he puts it) at a very young age. By the time he had finished high-school, he was working full-time. His background introduced him to roofing which led to an interest in carpentry. His skill and reputation for excellence gained him the attention of Mike Holmes who hired him as general contractor for his show "Holmes On Homes" in its fourth season. With the departure of Shawn Morren at the end of the fifth season, Damon was promoted to site supervisor for the show.

Although he is one of Canada's best known contractors, he realizes that he still has more to learn. In 2008, he has been studying to take the carpentry exam. If he passes it, he will qualify as a journeyman carpenter.

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Season 7

Behind the Scenes
WatchedS07E06: Behind the Scenes
Aired: Thu, 2008-04-17
A behind the scenes look at what goes into making an episode of "Holmes On Homes"
WatchedS07E05: Re-Inventing
Aired: Thu, 2008-04-10
When homeowners Val and Dave contacted Mike and asked for his help, Mike thought that the job entailed a fairly simple exterior brickwork repair.Then he went inside.
WatchedS07E04: Brick-A-Brack
Aired: Thu, 2008-04-03
No heat = no good.
Paradise Island
WatchedS07E03: Paradise Island
Aired: Tue, 2007-11-27
Rule #19 when hiring a contractor: Take away his fishing pole!
Rocky Reno
WatchedS07E02: Rocky Reno
Aired: Thu, 2007-11-01
Just because contractors are in high demand does not mean they do quality work.
Hit The Deck
WatchedS07E01: Hit The Deck
Aired: Thu, 2007-10-04
A near-tragedy finally has a happy ending.

Season 6

Third Time Lucky
WatchedS06E13: Third Time Lucky
Aired: Thu, 2007-11-29
With a new baby on the way, can Mike and his crew "Make It Right" for Lisa and Simon in time?
Country Kitchen
WatchedS06E12: Country Kitchen
Aired: Thu, 2007-11-15
Water + bitter cold = ICE! Who knew?
Frozen Assets
WatchedS06E11: Frozen Assets
Aired: Thu, 2007-10-25
A poorly remodeled bathroom becomes a textbook case of enthusiasm trumping knowledge.
Due Date
WatchedS06E10: Due Date
Aired: Thu, 2007-10-18
While the cat's away...
Clean Slate
WatchedS06E09: Clean Slate
Aired: Thu, 2007-10-11
Once....Twice...Three times a reno.
Lack of Truss
WatchedS06E08: Lack of Truss
Aired: Thu, 2007-05-31
A bungled bungalo renovation is made into a dream home.
Pasadena 911 (2)
WatchedS06E07: Pasadena 911 (2)
Aired: Thu, 2007-05-24
A bungled bungalow is restored to a dream home.
Pasadena 911 (1)
WatchedS06E06: Pasadena 911 (1)
Aired: Thu, 2007-05-17
Not the kind of business to run from home.
Gone to Pot
WatchedS06E05: Gone to Pot
Aired: Thu, 2007-05-03
An attic does not a room make.
Stone Walled
WatchedS06E04: Stone Walled
Aired: Thu, 2007-01-04
Without a contract or a paper trail, you can really put yourself in a bind.
Completely Incomplete
WatchedS06E03: Completely Incomplete
Aired: Thu, 2006-11-23
After a couple hires a contractor to add a second story to their house, things go sour and a legal battle ensues. The contractor claims that the job is 99% complete, but when Mike Holmes is brought in he disagrees with that ...
Let's Rejoist
WatchedS06E02: Let's Rejoist
Aired: Thu, 2006-11-16
A small leak has revealed a huge problem.
Shaky Foundation
WatchedS06E01: Shaky Foundation
Aired: Thu, 2006-11-09
A new homeowner discovers that his foundation wall was built with only one third of the weight-bearing strength the minimum building code calls for. Mike Holmes to the rescue!

Season 5

Holmes Inspection (2)
WatchedS05E14: Holmes Inspection (2)
Aired: unknown
After a REAL inspection by Mike Holmes, a couple realizes just how many glaring issues their previous home inspector missed.
Holmes Inspection (1)
WatchedS05E13: Holmes Inspection (1)
Aired: unknown
After hiring a home inspector prior to purchasing their new home, a couple thinks that their house is in good shape. However, upon moving in, they discover that there are many things that the home inspector did not tell them...
What a Mesh
WatchedS05E11: What a Mesh
Aired: Thu, 2006-10-12
A couple hired a contractor to help lay some new tiles in the kitchen and the main hallway, but skipped out when it came time to pay the suppliers.
Showing the Cracks
WatchedS05E10: Showing the Cracks
Aired: unknown
A brand new ceramic tile floor starts to crack and it is a mystery to the homeowners.
Taking a Bath
WatchedS05E09: Taking a Bath
Aired: unknown
How many "baths" does one family have to take?
Out of the Ashes - Part 2
WatchedS05E08: Out of the Ashes - Part 2
Aired: Thu, 2006-03-16
Mike and his crew continue to make repairs to a fire damaged home, however the discovery of a leaky underground oil tank makes a toxic clean-up necessary.
Out of the Ashes (2)
WatchedS05E07: Out of the Ashes (2)
Aired: unknown
Mike Holmes comes to the rescue of a woman who has had to deal with a house fire on top of the unexpected passing of her husband and her mother. Mike and his crew inspect the post-fire renovation work done to the home and di...
Out of the Ashes (1)
WatchedS05E06: Out of the Ashes (1)
Aired: unknown
After the loss of a loved one, a family's unfinished home renovation becomes more important as it is recognized as a part of their healing process.
For Annie
WatchedS05E05: For Annie
Aired: unknown
The best price will not necessarily get you the best job.
Bargain Basement
WatchedS05E04: Bargain Basement
Aired: unknown
Internet contractors may not be the best way to go.
House Arrest
WatchedS05E03: House Arrest
Aired: unknown
Mike Holmes and his crew help a photographer repair the leaky roof of his backyard photo studio.
Falling Flat
WatchedS05E02: Falling Flat
Aired: unknown
Even if the contractor you hire is a friend of the family, check his credentials anyways.
WatchedS05E01: O-Fence-ive
Aired: unknown
Mike Holmes and his crew help a whole neighborhood after a fencing contractor made a deal with 52 families, cashed their cheques, and then disappeared.

Season 4

House to Home (2)
WatchedS04E13: House to Home (2)
Aired: Thu, 2005-04-28
The virtual rebuild of an entire home continues.
House to Home (1)
WatchedS04E12: House to Home (1)
Aired: Thu, 2005-04-21
To quote Mike when his inspection of the home was done: This is not going to be easy!
Unfinished Business
WatchedS04E11: Unfinished Business
Aired: Thu, 2005-03-31
It only takes one bad sub-contractor to turn an otherwise perfect second floor addition into a nightmare.
Hullaba Loo
WatchedS04E10: Hullaba Loo
Aired: Thu, 2005-03-24
A water leak in the ceiling of the kitchen told Simone that she had a problem with her upstairs bathroom.
This Mould House
WatchedS04E09: This Mould House
Aired: Thu, 2005-03-17
A house with a mold problem is causing health problems for a family.
Sunny Side Down
WatchedS04E08: Sunny Side Down
Aired: Thu, 2005-03-10
An interior designer is not a renovator.
Best Laid Plan
WatchedS04E07: Best Laid Plan
Aired: Thu, 2005-02-17
To solve the problem with Ann's floor, Mike has to determine what is causing the problem in the first place.
A River Ran Through It
WatchedS04E06: A River Ran Through It
Aired: Thu, 2005-02-10
A small leak in the roof leads to a second story addition. A second story addition leads to hiring a bad contractor. Hiring a bad contractor leads to Mike saving the day.
Window Well to Hell
WatchedS04E05: Window Well to Hell
Aired: Thu, 2005-01-27
A bar is supposed to be a place to unwind and relax, not stress out.
Two Steps Back
WatchedS04E04: Two Steps Back
Aired: Thu, 2005-01-20
If the house to be renovated is 125 years old, you have to be absolutely certain of your contractor.
Kitchen Coleslaw
WatchedS04E02: Kitchen Coleslaw
Aired: Thu, 2005-01-06
A friend of a friend may not be a friend to you.