Janet Carroll in Married... With Children

Janet Carroll

Born: 1940-12-24


Janet Carroll

Season 11

Chicago Shoe Exchange
WatchedS11E24: Chicago Shoe Exchange
Aired: Mon, 1997-06-09
Al and Griff start a barter to get a massage chair. Meanwhile, Kelly gives massages to Bud.
Bud on the Side
WatchedS11E11: Bud on the Side
Aired: Mon, 1997-01-13
After Al tells Bud to lower his standards in women, Bud starts dating Al's boss Gary.
God Help Ye Merry Bundymen
WatchedS11E08: God Help Ye Merry Bundymen
Aired: Sun, 1996-12-22
Al and Griff are fired during the holidays and have to take small jobs in the mall. Meanwhile, Kelly and Bud swipe biblical figures from the D'Arcys' nativity scene and Peggy enters the neighborhood christmas decoration conte...
Children of the Corns
WatchedS11E02: Children of the Corns
Aired: Sat, 1996-10-05
Al and Griff blackmail Gary, because of a bad promotion contest, when they find the shoes from the shoe store are made by children in sweatshops. Meanwhile, Peggy wins a microwave and Kelly and her try to hide it from Al.

Season 10

A Shoe Room with a View
WatchedS10E02: A Shoe Room with a View
Aired: Sun, 1995-09-24
Al convinces Gary to open an aerobics studio next to the shoe store so he and his friends can peep on the customers, but the plan backfires when they discover it caters to the metabolically challenged. Meanwhile, Bud has to ...

Season 9

Something Larry This Way Comes
WatchedS09E21: Something Larry This Way Comes
Aired: Sun, 1995-03-12
Kelly becomes student of the month at her acting school and wins dinner with her instructor, Larry Storch, to rehearse for their production of Phantom of the Opera. Meanwhile, Al and Griff are put on commission and become de...
Business Still Sucks (2)
WatchedS09E06: Business Still Sucks (2)
Aired: Sun, 1994-10-09
Al's counter protest fizzles when he finds out breast-feeding in public is legal. Rather than give in to the women, he decides to restock the store with only men's shoes, only to find out the store's owner, Gary, is coming t...