Jo Pruden in Hawaii Five-O (1968)

Jo Pruden


Jo Pruden

Season 12

A Shallow Grave
WatchedS12E10: A Shallow Grave
Aired: Tue, 1979-12-11
A young man on vacation has strange visions that lead him to the site of an old murder and help him discover a lost family.

Season 10

The Silk Trap
WatchedS10E15: The Silk Trap
Aired: Thu, 1978-02-09
An up-and-coming young politician is blackmailed in order to affect his leadership of a congressional investigation.
The Cop on the Cover
WatchedS10E03: The Cop on the Cover
Aired: Thu, 1977-09-29
McGarrett must solve both a mysterious kidnapping and the problem of having a nosy reporter analyzing his every move.

Season 9

Target -- a Cop
WatchedS09E12: Target -- a Cop
Aired: Thu, 1976-12-23
Police are being lured into traps and shot, and Five-O have difficulty nailing a suspect when their primary lead turns out to be a paraplegic.

Season 8

McGarrett is Missing
WatchedS08E03: McGarrett is Missing
Aired: Fri, 1975-09-19
McGarrett must again face mobster Charlie Bombay when a plane carrying them to Honolulu crashes in the forests.

Season 7

Diary of a Gun
WatchedS07E23: Diary of a Gun
Aired: Tue, 1975-03-18
A Saturday Night Special passes from person to person and causes Five-O trouble and others misery.
The Young Assassins
WatchedS07E01: The Young Assassins
Aired: Tue, 1974-09-10
Danno and a college professor are kidnapped by a revolutionary group of young radicals led by a hardened criminal.

Season 6

The Sunday Torch
WatchedS06E05: The Sunday Torch
Aired: Tue, 1973-10-09
Buildings are being set on fire on Sundays, and a known firebug is the top suspect. However, McGarrett begins to think that others may be responsible.

Season 5

The Odd Lot Caper
WatchedS05E18: The Odd Lot Caper
Aired: Tue, 1973-01-30
A senior partner in a stock exchange firm comes up with a foolproof plan to rob the Honolulu Stock Exchange.
Death is a Company Policy
WatchedS05E01: Death is a Company Policy
Aired: Tue, 1972-09-12
A local thug, Piro Manoa, is trying to create the impression of corruption in the Five-O force, and Duke is implicated in a murder. McGarrett and the team, with new recruit Ben Kokua, must save Duke's position and work out th...