John Ritter in Hawaii Five-O (1968)

John Ritter

Born: 1948-09-17


John Ritter

Engaging, rather boyish, sometimes goofy comic lead who made his film acting debut in 1970 and came to prominence on TV's popular and amusing if rather unsubtly prurient "Three's Company". He also starred in a short lived spin off sitom "Threes a crowd." Ritter enjoyed greater critical acclaim, if less popular response, in "Hooperman", a comedy-drama which dared to eschew the prompting of a laugh track. He displayed his versatility with a strong dramatic performance inthe TV-movie "Unnatural Causes" (1986). Very deft at physical comedy, Ritter went on to appear in a number of light comedy features ("Real Men" 1987, "Problem Child" 1990) with modest success through the 1980s and 90s. He has also served as executive producer of two TV series. Son of Tex Ritter (1905-1974), a cowboy star and singer of the 1930s, 40s and 50s, he was formerly married to actor Nancy Morgan, 1977-1996. Ritter married actress Amy Yasbeck (Wings) in 1999. Ritter also starred in the 1992-1995 TV-Series "Hearts Afire." Ritter was nominated for an Emmy for his guest shot on "Ally McBeal." Ritter died of an aortic dissection on September 11, 2003 after becoming ill on the set of "8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter."


Season 9

Dealer's Choice -- Blackmail
WatchedS09E17: Dealer's Choice -- Blackmail
Aired: Thu, 1977-02-03
A hit and run incident leads Five-O to a gambling syndicate and Officer Welles's brother.

Season 4

Two Doves and Mr. Heron
WatchedS04E05: Two Doves and Mr. Heron
Aired: Tue, 1971-10-12
"Hippie freak" Ryan Moore robs an embezzler of the key to a locker containing $250,000. Danno tries to locate the girlfriend, the daughter of Moore's landlady when he was studying at Berkeley.