Jonathan Adams in Last Man Standing

Jonathan Adams

Born: 1957-07-16


Jonathan Adams

Adams, who played Dr Daniel Goodman in Bones, was keen on acting from his high school days and he studied theater at Carnegie-Mellon University until he was unable to afford the fees.

His first role on the stage was in Arthur Miller's Danger: Memory.

In 1989, Jonathan Adams moved to Seattle. He continued to perform on the stage and toured the country with some productions.

Years later whilst settled in Oregon, Adams performed various plays for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

It was

whilst acting in Taming of the Shrew that Adams was spotted by an NBC executive, which led to roles in Frasier, City of Angels, and, like Bones co-star TJ Thyne, in Chuck Norris's Walker, Texas Ranger.

Jonathan Adams was a regular on The American Embassy and also acted as Henry Walker in American Dreams.

Adams enjoys playing chess. He is married to actress Monica Farrell.


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