Lane Bradbury in Gunsmoke

Lane Bradbury


Lane Bradbury

Season 15

The Still
WatchedS15E08: The Still
Aired: Mon, 1969-11-10
Festus gets mixed up with Merry Florene and her hillbilly clan again as they try to hide a moonshining still and a stolen prize bull in the cellar of the local school.

Season 14

WatchedS14E18: Goldtown
Aired: Mon, 1969-01-27
Two hillbillies attempt to swindle the townspeople of Dodge City by selling them worthless mining claims.
Uncle Finney
WatchedS14E04: Uncle Finney
Aired: Mon, 1968-10-14
A comedic episode. Two hillbillies attempt to turn their 102 year-old relative in for the bounty on him.

Season 13

Hill Girl
WatchedS13E20: Hill Girl
Aired: Mon, 1968-01-29
Hillbilly girl Merry Florene comes to town to get some schooling to better herself. Meanwhile her two cousins also arrive in Dodge and force her to rob Mr. Jonas' store.

Season 12

WatchedS12E18: Muley
Aired: Sat, 1967-01-21
A young gunman (Zalman King) falls for one of Kitty's saloon girls (Lane Bradbury) while waiting to kill Marshal Matt Dillon and rob the bank.

Season 11

Outlaw's Woman
WatchedS11E13: Outlaw's Woman
Aired: Sat, 1965-12-11
A gang of outlaws (Dove Baily, Coley Martin, Harve Kane, Hank Wheeler, andsiblings Eddie and Allie Sommers) are being chased by two posses for robbingthe railroad of $20,000 and shooting three employees. Matt manages to shoot...