Lynne McGranger in Home and Away (AU)

Lynne McGranger

Born: 1953-01-29


Lynne McGranger

Born in the Sydney suburb of Paddington, Lynne McGranger was a primary school teacher before decided to pursue her acting career.


Season 22

Episode 4916
WatchedS22E146: Episode 4916
Aired: Mon, 2009-08-10
Aden is trying to be strong, but hes alarmed at how fast Belle's condition appears to be deteriorating. Amanda tries to take control, but it is all too late?

Season 21

Episode 4650
WatchedS21E90: Episode 4650
Aired: Fri, 2008-05-30
Would Oliver be better off with Irene? Has Jack solved Martha's dilemma? Ross is ready to tell Morag the truth.
Episode 4649
WatchedS21E89: Episode 4649
Aired: Thu, 2008-05-29
Kane's back, and he has a huge favour to ask. Has Miles bitten off more than he can chew? Morag's ready to commit, but is Ross?
Episode 4648
WatchedS21E88: Episode 4648
Aired: Wed, 2008-05-28
Jai arrives in Summer Bay. Why is Melody so deeply shaken? Is Belle kidding herself?
Episode 4636
WatchedS21E76: Episode 4636
Aired: Mon, 2008-05-12
Rachel has a plan, but will it work? Has Ric pushed his luck too far this time? Martha has a life changing proposal for Jack.
Episode 4576
WatchedS21E16: Episode 4576
Aired: Mon, 2008-02-18
Distress sweeps the bay, when a loved one is rushed to hospital.

Season 20

Episode 4516
WatchedS20E186: Episode 4516
Aired: Mon, 2007-10-01
Martha goes out on a date with a stranger in order to throw off Jonah.Mattie has some news for Ric which is more than a little unexpected.
Episode 4496
WatchedS20E166: Episode 4496
Aired: Mon, 2007-09-03
It's the eve of Sally and Brad's wedding and omens are suggesting that there's trouble ahead. Meanwhile, Rachel reveals a shocking dark secret.
Episode 4489
WatchedS20E159: Episode 4489
Aired: Thu, 2007-08-23
Martha realises she's falling for a friend. Rachel is forced to act against Henk. Irene tries to get to the bottom of Annie's secret.
Episode 4441
WatchedS20E111: Episode 4441
Aired: Mon, 2007-06-18
A stranger to the Bay threatens to turn Drew's life upside-down. Brad and Alf start to piece together Alex's strange behaviour. Cassie panics when she loses VJ.
Episode 4436
WatchedS20E106: Episode 4436
Aired: Mon, 2007-06-11
It's time for Jules to face the music. Colleen's article has a direct effect on Brad's career. Cassie and Drew are forced to review their relationships with Jules. Alex reveals his true colours.
Episode 4431
WatchedS20E101: Episode 4431
Aired: Mon, 2007-06-04
Brad is shocked when Naomi threatens legal action. Lucas is left reeling when his history with Naomi is exposed. Matilda is upset to realise that Ric is involved with another woman.
Episode 4426
WatchedS20E96: Episode 4426
Aired: Mon, 2007-05-28
Tony's affair threatens to tear the family apart. Jules and Drew concoct a cunning plan to win back the girls. Lucas tries to humiliate Naomi.
Episode 4406
WatchedS20E76: Episode 4406
Aired: Mon, 2007-04-30
A horrible accident leaves a life hanging in the balance. Drew is shocked when he learns that his friend has killed someone. Jules' behaviour pushes Ric over the edge.
Episode 4356
WatchedS20E26: Episode 4356
Aired: Mon, 2007-02-19
Jack is deeply concerned by Martha's downward spiral. Ric's first day in prison comes with a shocking discovery. How will Ric cope with life behind bars?
Episode 4351
WatchedS20E21: Episode 4351
Aired: Mon, 2007-02-12
The lives of Kit and Rachel hang in the balance after a terrible car accident leaves them trapped on the edge of a cliff. Martha makes a shocking discovery.
Episode 4346
WatchedS20E16: Episode 4346
Aired: Mon, 2007-02-05
Peter delivers some crushing news to Ric. Amanda and Peter are determined to keep their engagement a secret. Martha remains oblivious to Ash's deception.
Episode 4341
WatchedS20E11: Episode 4341
Aired: Mon, 2007-01-29
In an intense showdown, Ric threatens revenge against Rocco. Beth reveals to Tony she wants to leave the Bay.
Episode 4336
WatchedS20E06: Episode 4336
Aired: Mon, 2007-01-22
Tension between Belle and Drew comes to a head. Belle's abduction rocks the Bay. An unexpected visitor surprises Amanda.
Episode 4331
WatchedS20E01: Episode 4331
Aired: Mon, 2007-01-15
Kim receives some life-changing news from Kit.

Season 19

Episode 4292
WatchedS19E192: Episode 4292
Aired: Tue, 2006-10-10
Can Jack and Martha mend their relationship? Ric bites the bullet and tells Matilda he still has feelings for her. Friends and family bid farewell to a much loved couple who are leaving the Bay forever.
Episode 4266
WatchedS19E166: Episode 4266
Aired: Mon, 2006-09-04
As her web of lies closes in around her, Tara goes to drastic lengths to protect the truth, while Tasha\'s struggle to cope with motherhood reaches a heartbreaking climax.
Episode 4260
WatchedS19E160: Episode 4260
Aired: Fri, 2006-08-25
Cassie struggles to fight her feelings for Macca following his return. Meanwhile, Lucas is devastated when he sees Matilda kissing Dean, and Drew and Belle's runaway plan has an unexpected outcome.
Episode 4251
WatchedS19E151: Episode 4251
Aired: Mon, 2006-08-14
As Tasha and Martha fight for their freedom, Robbie and Jack wage a desperate bid to find their loved ones before Mumma Rose can enact her sinister plan.
Episode 4243
WatchedS19E143: Episode 4243
Aired: Wed, 2006-08-02
Belle is crushed when Ric demands she stay out of his life for good. Irene and Amanda's battle for Belle reaches an explosive climax and Matilda's health battle continues.
Episode 4210
WatchedS19E110: Episode 4210
Aired: Fri, 2006-06-16
Martha and Jack’s wedding is finally here as final preparations are made. Kim’s unexpected proposal to Rachel brings her some joy. And finally Zoe is escorted to the city.
Episode 4209
WatchedS19E109: Episode 4209
Aired: Thu, 2006-06-15
It's a day of surprises for Rachel as the job offer of a lifetime comes her way, just before Kim proposes marriage! Meanwhile, a chance encounter with Dan leaves Kitty's secret about Amanda and Belle on the verge of being exp...
Episode 4208
WatchedS19E108: Episode 4208
Aired: Wed, 2006-06-14
Sally's intervention brings a dramatic end to Macca's hold over Cassie. Belle and Ric's relationship reaches the breaking point.
Episode 4205
WatchedS19E105: Episode 4205
Aired: Fri, 2006-06-09
Peter prepares for the final showdown with Zoe. Cassie is sent to hospital after Macca loses control. Ric pleads for Cassie to admit the truth
Episode 4204
WatchedS19E104: Episode 4204
Aired: Thu, 2006-06-08
A car explosion leaves the town terrorised. Peter is close to breaking point as Zoe watches his every move. Macca snaps at Cassie for spending too much time with Ric.
Episode 4196
WatchedS19E96: Episode 4196
Aired: Mon, 2006-05-29
Zoe sets her sights on her next victims as her rampage of terror continues. Macca reacts violently when Cassie discovers his drug stash.
Episode 4191
WatchedS19E91: Episode 4191
Aired: Mon, 2006-05-22
Zoe's twisted mind games begin in the wake of her explosive return to the Bay. Morag puts her livelihood on the line in a bid to help a friend in need.
Episode 4190
WatchedS19E90: Episode 4190
Aired: Fri, 2006-05-19
A desperate waiting game begins when Lucas goes missing at sea. Leah's attempt to cheer up Dan unexpectedly brings them one step closer to reconciliation.
Episode 4189
WatchedS19E89: Episode 4189
Aired: Thu, 2006-05-18
Ric's life is on the line as Dom enacts his final revenge. Lucas defies the law as he continues to spin out of control.
Episode 4188
WatchedS19E88: Episode 4188
Aired: Wed, 2006-05-17
Ric's career is in jeopardy as Dom's deception continues. Charlie ramps up his sinister presence in Kim's life.
Episode 4187
WatchedS19E87: Episode 4187
Aired: Tue, 2006-05-16
Shock waves ripple through the Bay in the wake of the explosive climax to the 'Who killed Josh West?' mystery.
Episode 4184
WatchedS19E84: Episode 4184
Aired: Thu, 2006-05-11
As he edges one step closer to discovering the truth about Peter, Jack makes the shocking discovery that Zoe is still alive. Matilda is heartbroken to find Lucas in bed with another girl.
Episode 4181
WatchedS19E81: Episode 4181
Aired: Mon, 2006-05-08
As his condition continues to deteriorate, Dan flees the Bay - but his disappearance soon leaves more than one life on the line. Charlie happily befriends Kim and Rachel, but what dark secret is this young man hiding?
Episode 4180
WatchedS19E80: Episode 4180
Aired: Fri, 2006-05-05
As his unpredictable behaviour continues, Dan shares an illicit kiss with Sally. A fun day out leads to disaster for Kim and Rachel - but a surprising discovery is just around the corner.
Episode 4165
WatchedS19E65: Episode 4165
Aired: Fri, 2006-04-14
Morag edges closer to discovering the truth about who killed Josh West. Robbie goes in to damage control to save his marriage. Alf is haunted by his ordeal in prison.
Episode 4164
WatchedS19E64: Episode 4164
Aired: Thu, 2006-04-13
Alf's freedom is on the line in the wake of the escape. Robbie cracks under the pressure of the pregnancy.
Episode 4163
WatchedS19E63: Episode 4163
Aired: Wed, 2006-04-12
Alf becomes an unwitting pawn in a dangerous jail break. Dan and Leah let a chance at reconciliation pass them by. Cassie and Macca's attraction heats up.
Episode 4155
WatchedS19E55: Episode 4155
Aired: Fri, 2006-03-31
Tensions erupt when Hyde discovers the truth about Kim and Rachel. Tasha and Robbie continue to struggle with the pregnancy, as the time comes to announce the news to family and friends.
Episode 4154
WatchedS19E54: Episode 4154
Aired: Thu, 2006-03-30
Ric's guilty secret is finally exposed as Martha comes under suspicion. Rachel and Kim work hard to keep their illicit relationship secret from the world.
Episode 4150
WatchedS19E50: Episode 4150
Aired: Fri, 2006-03-24
Amanda and Josh face off in a violent showdown. Summer Bay unites in a final, desperate bid to prevent Project 56. Sally, Colleen and Baby Pippa head off on their big adventure. The dead body of Josh West is left lying on the...
Episode 4146
WatchedS19E46: Episode 4146
Aired: Mon, 2006-03-20
Robbie and Tasha's wedding day is marred by heartache when a shocking revelation turns their world upside down.
Episode 4126
WatchedS19E26: Episode 4126
Aired: Mon, 2006-02-20
Amanda struggles with her conscience as guilt over her involvement in Graham's death consumes her. Robbie and Kim's camping trip takes an unexpected twist when a face from the past makes a surprising reappearance. [Special gu...
Episode 4125
WatchedS19E25: Episode 4125
Aired: Fri, 2006-02-17
Graham and Morag team up to uncover the truth behind Project 56 - and expose Amanda and Josh for good. [Special guest star Debra Lawrance]
Episode 4120
WatchedS19E20: Episode 4120
Aired: Fri, 2006-02-10
Sally is dealt a devastating blow. Cassie catches Ric and Belle together.
Episode 4106
WatchedS19E06: Episode 4106
Aired: Mon, 2006-01-23
Amanda and Josh desperately try to cover their tracks in the wake of the assault on Morag. Leah attempts to ignore her growing feelings for Peter.
Episode 4102
WatchedS19E02: Episode 4102
Aired: Tue, 2006-01-17
Summer Bay braces itself for devastation as the cyclone rips through town. Kim's heartbreaking fight for life continues.
Episode 4101
WatchedS19E01: Episode 4101
Aired: Mon, 2006-01-16

Season 18

Episode 4091
WatchedS18E221: Episode 4091
Aired: Mon, 2005-11-14
Kim's downward spiral continues to alarm his loved ones. Dan's gambling debts place Ryan in grave danger.
Episode 4083
WatchedS18E213: Episode 4083
Aired: Wed, 2005-11-02
Dan begins gambling again. Haley is in shock after an offer from Scott. Amanda is controlling an unaware Graham.
Episode 4082
WatchedS18E212: Episode 4082
Aired: Tue, 2005-11-01
Amanda is devastated after Ryan's disappearance. Martha confronts Corey.
Episode 4081
WatchedS18E211: Episode 4081
Aired: Mon, 2005-10-31
Summary coming soon...
Episode 4079
WatchedS18E209: Episode 4079
Aired: Thu, 2005-10-27
Martha's struggle to cope in the wake of the assault takes a horrifying twist. Dan is haunted by his secret past.
Episode 4078
WatchedS18E208: Episode 4078
Aired: Wed, 2005-10-26
Hayley's life hangs by a thread as the desperate battle to save her begins. Kim embraces fatherhood - completely unaware of the heartbreaking truth.
Episode 4077
WatchedS18E207: Episode 4077
Aired: Tue, 2005-10-25
Trapped in the bush, Scott delivers Hayley's baby. But their bliss is soon shattered by an unthinkable tragedy. Amanda lashes out at Robbie in a violent rage.
Episode 4076
WatchedS18E206: Episode 4076
Aired: Mon, 2005-10-24
Frightened and alone, Hayley goes into labour. Amanda forms a dangerous alliance with the enemy, in her bid for revenge on Summer Bay.
Episode 4075
WatchedS18E205: Episode 4075
Aired: Fri, 2005-10-21
The shocking truth about Amanda's deception is finally revealed, leading to an explosive showdown between her and Scott. Anxious and confused, Hayley flees Summer Bay. Ric fights for his innocence when he's accused of cheatin...
Episode 4073
WatchedS18E203: Episode 4073
Aired: Wed, 2005-10-19
Jack desperately races against the clock in a bid to save Irene's life. But little does he know that the real threat is only just beginning.
Episode 4071
WatchedS18E201: Episode 4071
Aired: Mon, 2005-10-17
Irene finally learns the sinister truth behind her condition. Amanda vows that Scott will pay for destroying her life.
Episode 4070
WatchedS18E200: Episode 4070
Aired: Fri, 2005-10-14
Scott and Hayley are finally reunited - leading the woman scorned, Amanda, to an explosive act of violence. Hayley is forced to make a heart wrenching decision about Irene's future.
Episode 4069
WatchedS18E199: Episode 4069
Aired: Thu, 2005-10-13
Irene's return home is marred by conflict as her delusions continue to haunt her. Robbie's attempt to cheer Kim up in the wake of the aborted wedding takes a surprising and revealing twist.
Episode 4068
WatchedS18E198: Episode 4068
Aired: Wed, 2005-10-12
Josh goes to desperate lengths to keep the truth from going public. Flynn reacts badly when news of his condition spreads through the community.
Episode 4067
WatchedS18E197: Episode 4067
Aired: Tue, 2005-10-11
Amanda's shell-shocked when she discovers the truth about Josh's secret plans for the Bay. Flynn's day of exhilaration ends with a crushing reminder of his impending death. Leah and Dan's struggle for a baby continues.
Episode 4065
WatchedS18E195: Episode 4065
Aired: Fri, 2005-10-07
Sally's left heartbroken when Flynn makes a shocking decision about his future. Irene's erratic behaviour continues to concern her family and friends.
Episode 4063
WatchedS18E193: Episode 4063
Aired: Wed, 2005-10-05
Fighting to keep her secret, Amanda becomes a pawn in Josh's sinister plan. Ric is forced to confront the reality of Flynn's condition when a day of fun takes a devastating twist.
Episode 4061
WatchedS18E191: Episode 4061
Aired: Mon, 2005-10-03
On the day of the wedding, the love triangle between Hayley, Scott and Kim comes to an explosive head. But just when they think it's all over, a jaw dropping announcement will change everything.
Episode 4060
WatchedS18E190: Episode 4060
Aired: Fri, 2005-09-30
On the eve of the wedding, Scott finally reveals his true feelings to Hayley, leaving the bride-to-be with an impossible choice to make. A freak storm threatens to change everything, when two Summer Bay residents go missing a...
Episode 4000
WatchedS18E130: Episode 4000
Aired: Fri, 2005-07-08
Current and former Summer Bay residents gather for the celebration of the year. But none of them are prepared for the deadly event that is about to befall them.
Episode 3996
WatchedS18E126: Episode 3996
Aired: Mon, 2005-07-04
Leah and Dan's wedding day has finally arrived. But will Amanda's meddling stop them making it down the aisle?
Episode 3993
WatchedS18E123: Episode 3993
Aired: Wed, 2005-06-29
Oblivious to the truth about the baby, Scott makes a life altering mistake. Josie bids an emotional farewell to Summer Bay. Chloe and Jesse bond as her nightmare comes to an end. Alf's surprise 60th is in jeopardy.
Episode 3992
WatchedS18E122: Episode 3992
Aired: Tue, 2005-06-28
Josie discovers the shocking truth about the paternity of Hayley's baby. Chloe fights for her safety when she finally comes face-to-face with Troy. Scott and Hayley confront their feelings for one another.
Episode 3990
WatchedS18E120: Episode 3990
Aired: Fri, 2005-06-24
Chloe reveals her painful secret to Jesse, as her past catches up with her. Ric is forced to deal with his confused feelings for Cassie and Matilda.
Episode 3989
WatchedS18E119: Episode 3989
Aired: Thu, 2005-06-23
Hayley faces the toughest decision of her life. Chloe makes a shocking return to the Bay. Fearing she's losing him to Matilda, Cassie makes a stunning proposal to Ric.
Episode 3988
WatchedS18E118: Episode 3988
Aired: Wed, 2005-06-22
Hayley's world is turned upside down. Scott's devastated as his relationship with Hayley crumbles around him. Peter and Noelene have a heated showdown.
Episode 3987
WatchedS18E117: Episode 3987
Aired: Tue, 2005-06-21
Hayley discovers Scott's deception with tragic consequences. Kim and Scott come to blows.
Episode 3986
WatchedS18E116: Episode 3986
Aired: Mon, 2005-06-20
Dan and Leah decide to elope - but will they go through with it? Scott and Josie share a passionate kiss.
Episode 3985
WatchedS18E115: Episode 3985
Aired: Fri, 2005-06-17
Sally struggles to regain control as Diesel holds her and Pippa hostage. Desperate for an escape from Helen and Noelene, Dan has a stunning proposal for Leah. Josie's feelings for Scott bubble to the surface.
Episode 3975
WatchedS18E105: Episode 3975
Aired: Fri, 2005-06-03
Matilda's night of partying ends in tragedy. Sally's career is on the line in the aftermath of the scandal with Diesel. Dan is forced to confront his true feelings for Leah.
Episode 3974
WatchedS18E104: Episode 3974
Aired: Thu, 2005-06-02
Assured of his feelings, Diesel makes a move on Sally. Matilda flirts with danger when she falls for Ric's nemesis.
Episode 3973
WatchedS18E103: Episode 3973
Aired: Wed, 2005-06-01
Brett's maniacal scheme reaches a stunning climax. Someone from the past threatens Ric's place in the bay. Meanwhile, Diesel's obsession with Sally intensifies.
Episode 3972
WatchedS18E102: Episode 3972
Aired: Tue, 2005-05-31
Josie's shocking double life is exposed with devastating results. His fate with the police is in the hands of his enemy. Leah falls apart following her separation from Dan. Beth admits the shocking truth to Irene about Hyde.
Episode 3971
WatchedS18E101: Episode 3971
Aired: Mon, 2005-05-30
Dan and Leah's relationship crumbles in the wake of her deception. As he struggles for survival in hospital, Jesse's past comes back to haunt him. Scott discovers Josie's duplicity.
Episode 3970
WatchedS18E100: Episode 3970
Aired: Fri, 2005-05-27
Dan lashes out at Jesse, as his relationship with Leah reaches crisis point. Josie's duplicity continues. Irene declares war on the Surf Club.
Episode 3969
WatchedS18E99: Episode 3969
Aired: Thu, 2005-05-26
Dan is devastated when he discovers Leah's lies. Kim springs his friends breaking the law - will he dob them in? Matilda's isolating herself from everyone.
Episode 3968
WatchedS18E98: Episode 3968
Aired: Wed, 2005-05-25
Drunk and out of control, Jesse forces himself on Leah. Matilda's rebellious attitude lands her in grave danger. Ric and Cassie feel the wrath of Sally over their deception. Henry discovers the truth about Diesel's past.
Episode 3967
WatchedS18E97: Episode 3967
Aired: Tue, 2005-05-24
Has Josie committed murder to cover up her past? Matilda's new attitude leaves her friends and family reeling. Ric goes to desperate lengths to protect Matilda. Henry's out to discover Diesel's secret.
Episode 3966
WatchedS18E96: Episode 3966
Aired: Mon, 2005-05-23
Morag issues Josie with a stunning ultimatum as she confronts her about her 1989 secret. Diesel's obsession with Sally takes a violent turn. Martha schemes to sabotage the resort.
Episode 3965
WatchedS18E95: Episode 3965
Aired: Fri, 2005-05-20
Morag's left reeling when she stumbles across the shocking past of her nemesis. Martha finds herself on the wrong side of the law in the fight against the resort. Ric and Cassie share their first kiss and Diesel's infatuation...
Episode 3964
WatchedS18E94: Episode 3964
Aired: Thu, 2005-05-19
Will Kim learn the truth about the paternity? Matilda's crushed by Diesel's rejection, as the real object of his desire is revealed. Colleen risks her life savings on a new venture.
Episode 3963
WatchedS18E93: Episode 3963
Aired: Wed, 2005-05-18
An explosive secret lies waiting to be discovered. Matilda's walking on air after her date with Diesel - but is she heading for a fall? Hayley is forced to make a heartbreaking decision.
Episode 3962
WatchedS18E92: Episode 3962
Aired: Tue, 2005-05-17
A violent showdown puts Hayley's baby at risk. Leah begs Dan for his forgiveness, but can their relationship be salvaged? Tasha moves in with Robbie.
Episode 3961
WatchedS18E91: Episode 3961
Aired: Mon, 2005-05-16
Peter hunts for the attempted arsonist in the wake of the attack on the resort office. The tension between Kim and Tasha reaches boiling point, and prompts Tasha to make a stunning decision. Dan discovers the truth about Leah...
Episode 3960
WatchedS18E90: Episode 3960
Aired: Fri, 2005-05-13
Lives are on the line as a protest against the resort takes a tragic turn. Morag learns the truth about the resort - the Bay is set to be changed forever.
Episode 3959
WatchedS18E89: Episode 3959
Aired: Thu, 2005-05-12
Scott and Hayley's relationship is in jeopardy as the pregnancy threatens to come between them. Kim teeters on the brink of a life changing decision. Robbie fears Tasha's making a huge mistake over the resort.
Episode 3958
WatchedS18E88: Episode 3958
Aired: Wed, 2005-05-11
A lie by a friend puts Leah in the firing line with the police. Scott feels increasingly alienated in his relationship with Hayley and Cassie's challenge to Ric gets a shocking result.
Episode 3957
WatchedS18E87: Episode 3957
Aired: Tue, 2005-05-10
Morag warns Josie she won't be intimidated, despite the attempt on her life. Ric is forced to lie to cover for Cassie and Matilda's crush on Diesel deepens.
Episode 3956
WatchedS18E86: Episode 3956
Aired: Mon, 2005-05-09
Morag's quest to discover the truth about the resort could cost her life. Matilda falls for the mysterious new guy in town and Cassie sneaks out of the house, defying Sally.
Episode 3955
WatchedS18E85: Episode 3955
Aired: Fri, 2005-05-06
The battle is on to save the town from the hands of ruthless developers. Scott's jealousy intensifies as Hayley and Kim grow closer. Cassie gets a sign from beyond the grave.
Episode 3954
WatchedS18E84: Episode 3954
Aired: Thu, 2005-05-05
Summer Bay is in turmoil in the wake of the chilling climax to the Stalker's reign of terror. Tormented by her experience, Sally contemplates a life changing decision.
Episode 3953
WatchedS18E83: Episode 3953
Aired: Wed, 2005-05-04
Sally battles the Stalker for her life as Peter races against time to save her. Will the Stalker succeed in getting their ultimate revenge?
Episode 3952
WatchedS18E82: Episode 3952
Aired: Tue, 2005-05-03
The shocking identity of the Summer Bay Stalker is finally revealed.
Episode 3951
WatchedS18E81: Episode 3951
Aired: Mon, 2005-05-02
The desperate race is on to find Sally as she's help captive by the Stalker. Peter finds the final clue in the Stalker's puzzle.
Episode 3950
WatchedS18E80: Episode 3950
Aired: Fri, 2005-04-29
Sally's in line to become the Stalker's next victim, Josie's back - and she's out for revenge and Morag discovers Brett's horrific plan for the Bay.
Episode 3949
WatchedS18E79: Episode 3949
Aired: Thu, 2005-04-28
Zoe's death at the hands of the Stalker sends shockwaves through the Bay. Josie makes a shocking return. Martha gets a blast from the past.
Episode 3948
WatchedS18E78: Episode 3948
Aired: Wed, 2005-04-27
Hayley, Scott and Kim are presented with the paternity test results. Who is the father of the baby? Peter's plan to catch the Stalker ends in tragedy. Jesse and Martha's secret relationship is exposed.
Episode 3947
WatchedS18E77: Episode 3947
Aired: Tue, 2005-04-26
Cassie makes a brave stand against Ben. Zoe's heartache leads to an explosive public showdown. As Hayley, Scott and Kim wait anxiously to discover who the baby's father is, the Stalker switches the paternity results!
Episode 3946
WatchedS18E76: Episode 3946
Aired: Mon, 2005-04-25
Cassie makes a chilling discovery. Alf's tear jerking memory puts the Anzac Day celebrations into perspective for the kids.
Episode 3945
WatchedS18E75: Episode 3945
Aired: Fri, 2005-04-22
Peter fights for his life as he struggles to escape the stalker's grasp. Cassie reveals her heartbreaking secret to Ric. Beth receives a shock visitor. Robbie's 18th birthday is a bumpy ride.
Episode 3944
WatchedS18E74: Episode 3944
Aired: Thu, 2005-04-21
Peter confronts the Summer Bay stalker. Cassie hides a devastating secret about Ben. Love is in the air as Robbie's 18th approaches.
Episode 3943
WatchedS18E73: Episode 3943
Aired: Wed, 2005-04-20
Lives are shattered in the wake of Hayley's announcement. The stalker manufactures a life threatening accident. Jesse and Martha struggle to hide their relationship from Alf.
Episode 3942
WatchedS18E72: Episode 3942
Aired: Tue, 2005-04-19
Hayley's revelation leaves Scott and Kim reeling. Irene's jealousy of Beth spills over.
Episode 3941
WatchedS18E71: Episode 3941
Aired: Mon, 2005-04-18
Hayley's life is changed forever when she learns she's pregnant. But is Scott or Kim the father of her child? Zoe declares her love for Kim, blissfully unaware that Hayley's secret could blow their happiness out of the water.
Episode 3940
WatchedS18E70: Episode 3940
Aired: Fri, 2005-04-15
Cassie's thrust in to a living nightmare, as a ghost from her past makes a crushing re-appearance. Hayley's romantic turn for Scott takes a strange twist. Martha makes a move on Jesse.
Episode 3939
WatchedS18E69: Episode 3939
Aired: Thu, 2005-04-14
Tasha and Josie bid a sad goodbye to Summer Bay. The Miss Groper Pageant is marred by tragedy.
Episode 3938
WatchedS18E68: Episode 3938
Aired: Wed, 2005-04-13
The stalker lurks in the shadows as the Miss Groper Pageant unfolds. Robbie confronts Tasha over her treachery. Cassie relives a horrifying memory.
Episode 3937
WatchedS18E67: Episode 3937
Aired: Tue, 2005-04-12
Peter is attacked by the stalker. Tasha decides to leave Summer Bay. Irene and Josie go head-to-head over Tasha.
Episode 3936
WatchedS18E66: Episode 3936
Aired: Mon, 2005-04-11
Peter's hunt for the stalker takes a stunning twist, as another victim meets a grizzly end. As her departure draws closer, Josie's request leaves Tasha reeling. Peter gets an unpleasant blast from the past.
Episode 3935
WatchedS18E65: Episode 3935
Aired: Fri, 2005-04-08
Who killed Marc Edwards? The hunt for his murderer is on. Morag and Josie clash in a fiery exchange. Colleen is crushed when she learns the truth about Tasha's involvement in the pageant and Josie's decision shocks Tasha to h...
Episode 3934
WatchedS18E64: Episode 3934
Aired: Thu, 2005-04-07
Hayley's devastating loss could start a new chapter in her life. Ric is concerned by Cassie's behaviour. Peter receives some startling information about Marc and Irene has a shock proposition for Hyde.
Episode 3933
WatchedS18E63: Episode 3933
Aired: Wed, 2005-04-06
Cassie's hiding a dark and haunting secret. Robbie flirts with someone else in an attempt to make Tasha jealous - but will his plan backfire? Colleen and Joy square off - the granny war has begun. Irene's wary of Beth and Hyd...
Episode 3932
WatchedS18E62: Episode 3932
Aired: Tue, 2005-04-05
Morag suspects Josie of murder. A misunderstanding tears Robbie and Tasha apart and Ric's attempt to kiss Cassie turns disastrous.
Episode 3931
WatchedS18E61: Episode 3931
Aired: Mon, 2005-04-04
Mass lives are at risk as the stalker's bomb counts down to zero.
Episode 3930
WatchedS18E60: Episode 3930
Aired: Fri, 2005-04-01
The Stalker plants a bomb at Colleen's Murder Mystery fundraiser - then a real murder takes place. Robbie's commercial could spell the end for him and Tasha.
Episode 3929
WatchedS18E59: Episode 3929
Aired: Thu, 2005-03-31
The Stalker attempts to murder Sally. Cassie tries to heal the rift between Ric and Henry. A new arrival heats things up for Jesse.
Episode 3928
WatchedS18E58: Episode 3928
Aired: Wed, 2005-03-30
Sally's convinced the Stalker is still out there. Alf has a huge surprise for Ric. Colleen turns to murder to help the Miss Groper pageant. Ric's grudge against Alf is rekindled.
Episode 3927
WatchedS18E57: Episode 3927
Aired: Tue, 2005-03-29
Jesse's decision turns Josie's life upside down. Scott's night of romance sweeps Hayley off her feet. Dan is shattered by Ryan's disappearance.
Episode 3826
WatchedS18E56: Episode 3826
Aired: Mon, 2005-03-28
Kim and Hayley's one night stand threatens to tear her newfound happiness with Scott apart. Leah's outraged when Ryan puts VJ's life in danger. Robbie's commercial is a whole lot more than he expected.
Episode 3925
WatchedS18E55: Episode 3925
Aired: Fri, 2005-03-25
Scott has to make a huge choice - Lisa or Hayley? Josie may have ruined things forever with Jesse.
Episode 3924
WatchedS18E54: Episode 3924
Aired: Thu, 2005-03-24
Sally thinks she's being targeted by the stalker. Jesse gives in to his feelings for Josie with tragic results. Matilda's feelings for Ric turn her against Cassie.
Episode 3923
WatchedS18E53: Episode 3923
Aired: Wed, 2005-03-23
Sally comes under attack from the Stalker. Leah and Dan have a bustup over Ryan. The pageant erupts in a granny feud! Ric's mystery girl is revealed.
Episode 3922
WatchedS18E52: Episode 3922
Aired: Tue, 2005-03-22
Scott and Hayley are at each others throats. Leah's devastated by Ryan's attempt to ruin her wedding.
Episode 3921
WatchedS18E51: Episode 3921
Aired: Mon, 2005-03-21
Scott accuses Hayley of trying to sabotage his relationship. Zoe's moving way too fast for Kim. Will Kim and Hayley give in to temptation? Ric shows his naked desire for a mystery girl.
Episode 3920
WatchedS18E50: Episode 3920
Aired: Fri, 2005-03-18
Scott and Lisa's announcement stuns everyone - but Hayley has information which could change everything. Ric is blown away by a mysterious girl. Colleen comes face to face with an enemy from the past.
Episode 3919
WatchedS18E49: Episode 3919
Aired: Thu, 2005-03-17
Scott is stunned by Lisa's proposal. Hayley discovers Lisa's dirty secret. Ryan's playing a nasty double game against Leah. Robbie could be a TV star.
Episode 3918
WatchedS18E48: Episode 3918
Aired: Wed, 2005-03-16
Josie believes the real stalker is still out there. Dan's son, Ryan, makes his devious intentions clear.
Episode 3917
WatchedS18E47: Episode 3917
Aired: Tue, 2005-03-15
The Stalker's arrest leaves the Bay reeling. Josie goes to desperate lengths to protect her 1989 secret. Ric and Henry's feud takes a life threatening turn. Leah and Dan prepare for Ryan's arrival.
Episode 3916
WatchedS18E46: Episode 3916
Aired: Mon, 2005-03-14
The attack on Zoe sends shockwaves through the Bay. Peter closes in on the Summer Bay Stalker. Hayley confronts Lisa over her shocking secret.
Episode 3915
WatchedS18E45: Episode 3915
Aired: Fri, 2005-03-11
The Stalker enacts a vicious and bloodthirsty attack. Hayley discovers the truth about Lisa. Kim's first date with Zoe ends in tragedy. Josie's attempt to bring Marc down could cost her her life. Peter gets closer to discover...
Episode 3914
WatchedS18E44: Episode 3914
Aired: Thu, 2005-03-10
Trapped together overnight, will Hayley and Scott finally reveal their true feelings for one another? Josie vows to stop at nothing to make Marc pay for destroying her life. Peter makes a chilling discover about the Stalker.
Episode 3913
WatchedS18E43: Episode 3913
Aired: Wed, 2005-03-09
Sally and Flynn decide to separate. Ric's hidden past is exposed.
Episode 3912
WatchedS18E42: Episode 3912
Aired: Tue, 2005-03-08
Jesse's a man on the edge, as Josie's world crumbles around her. Sally and Flynn's marriage is on the brink. Ric and Henry clash. Beth's past comes back to haunt her.
Episode 3911
WatchedS18E41: Episode 3911
Aired: Mon, 2005-03-07
Josie and Jesse's wedding day arrives - but the bride's shocking secret could still destroy everything. Sally and Flynn continue to drift further apart. Hayley finds herself jealous of Scott's new relationship.
Episode 3910
WatchedS18E40: Episode 3910
Aired: Fri, 2005-03-04
Marc tells Jesse the truth about his affair with Josie. Scott's surprise forces Hayley to face her true feelings.
Episode 3909
WatchedS18E39: Episode 3909
Aired: Thu, 2005-03-03
Sally warns Flynn that their marriage is on the line. Hayley's left reeling when she finally learns of Scott's feelings. Irene bids goodbye to Summer Bay.
Episode 3908
WatchedS18E38: Episode 3908
Aired: Wed, 2005-03-02
Matilda and Ric's secret relationship is exposed, with devastating consequences. Flynn is forced to tell Sally the truth about his drugs. Irene has an indecent proposal for Hyde.
Episode 3907
WatchedS18E37: Episode 3907
Aired: Tue, 2005-03-01
The Stalker's reign of terror continues. Josie races against time to stop Jesse discovering her affair. Ric and Matilda push the law to the limit.
Episode 3906
WatchedS18E36: Episode 3906
Aired: Mon, 2005-02-28
The Summer Bay Stalker strikes again. Kim and Hayley's relationship reaches a crunch point. Josie begs Tasha not to destroy her happiness by exposing her lie to Jesse. Peter cops the anger of a town in fear.
Episode 3905
WatchedS18E35: Episode 3905
Aired: Fri, 2005-02-25
Hysteria grips the Bay as the question is asked 'Who is the Summer Bay stalker?' Tasha discovers the truth about Josie's affair with Marc. Ric leads Matilda astray.
Episode 3904
WatchedS18E34: Episode 3904
Aired: Thu, 2005-02-24
Marc's deadly game pushes Josie to the edge. Tormented by his aching heart, Scott flees Summer Bay. Hayley's having second thoughts about her relationship with Kim. Tasha confronts Josie over Robbie's incredible discovery. Ir...
Episode 3903
WatchedS18E33: Episode 3903
Aired: Wed, 2005-02-23
In the wake of the trial, Kirsty and Kane bid a sad farewell to Summer Bay.
Episode 3902
WatchedS18E32: Episode 3902
Aired: Tue, 2005-02-22
Kane and Kirsty decide to leave Summer Bay. Zoe confronts Flynn over his drug problem. Scott's heart is breaking as he watches Hayley and Kim together.
Episode 3901
WatchedS18E31: Episode 3901
Aired: Mon, 2005-02-21
Evil is lurking in the Bay. A violent showdown leads Kane to make a shocking suggestion. Haunted by his past, Ric reveals his feelings for Matilda.
Episode 3900
WatchedS18E30: Episode 3900
Aired: Fri, 2005-02-18
Dalby's vicious attack on Henry leaves him alone - and angry. Flynn lies to Sally in a bid to keep his addiction secret. Kane feels like an outcast in the Bay. Beth makes a sinister discovery.
Episode 3899
WatchedS18E29: Episode 3899
Aired: Thu, 2005-02-17
Marc makes a discovery that will change Josie's life forever. Matilda and Dalby continue to grow closer. Sally finds Flynn's pills.
Episode 3898
WatchedS18E28: Episode 3898
Aired: Wed, 2005-02-16
Josie turns the tables on Marc when she discovers his shocking secret. Scott is forced to lie to Hayley about his true feelings. Flynn's drug taking is nearly exposed. Alf and Dalby begin to bond as grandfather and grandson.
Episode 3897
WatchedS18E27: Episode 3897
Aired: Tue, 2005-02-15
Kane comes face-to-face with his worst nightmare. Scott's crushed by Hayley's relationship with Kim. Josie struggles under the weight of her infidelity as wedding preparations continue. Colleen's on the prowl for a man.
Episode 3896
WatchedS18E26: Episode 3896
Aired: Mon, 2005-02-14
Romances abound as Valentine's Day fever sweeps the Bay. Scott decides to tell Hayley how he feels. Kane receives a phone call that could change everything. Colleen's heartbreaking declaration leaves Tasha stunned. Hayley emb...
Episode 3895
WatchedS18E25: Episode 3895
Aired: Fri, 2005-02-11
Kirsty's unborn child is in deadly peril. Kane's decision stuns everyone. Alf makes a disturbing discovery about Dalby. The secret to Flynn's new energy is revealed.
Episode 3894
WatchedS18E24: Episode 3894
Aired: Thu, 2005-02-10
Kane breaks the law in an attempt to clear his name. Dalby struggles to come to terms with Alf's shocking news. Matilda finds herself softening towards a long-time enemy.
Episode 3893
WatchedS18E23: Episode 3893
Aired: Wed, 2005-02-09
Lives hang in the balance in the aftermath of the plane tragedy. Dalby makes a surprise re-appearance.
Episode 3892
WatchedS18E22: Episode 3892
Aired: Tue, 2005-02-08
The desperate race is on to save lives after the plane disaster. Robbie is devastated by his loss. An unexpected kiss changes everything. Scott's frantic to find Hayley and tell her how he feels.
Episode 3891
WatchedS18E21: Episode 3891
Aired: Mon, 2005-02-07
Summer Bay is in turmoil as the plane crash tragedy unfolds.
Episode 3890
WatchedS18E20: Episode 3890
Aired: Fri, 2005-02-04
Still oblivious to Josie's infidelity, Jesse proposes marriage. Flynn goes to drastic lengths to save his marriage. A scenic plane ride takes a devastating turn.
Episode 3889
WatchedS18E19: Episode 3889
Aired: Thu, 2005-02-03
Josie attempts to get rid of Marc for good. Hayley's revelation devastates Scott. Flynn's mistake puts Pippa's life in danger. A surprise present for Leah puts her on top of the world.
Episode 3888
WatchedS18E18: Episode 3888
Aired: Wed, 2005-02-02
Josie's left reeling by Marc's latest ultimatum. Sally and Flynn's relationship is on the brink. Robbie is crushed by Tasha's decision. Hyde and Irene go out on a date.
Episode 3887
WatchedS18E17: Episode 3887
Aired: Tue, 2005-02-01
Kane struggles with the idea of a life behind bars. Robbie's attempt to win Tasha back is a disaster. Irene attacks Peter over his treachery.
Episode 3886
WatchedS18E16: Episode 3886
Aired: Mon, 2005-01-31
Kane fights to prove his innocence, as a web of lies closes in around him.
Episode 3885
WatchedS18E15: Episode 3885
Aired: Fri, 2005-01-28
Kane's life is changed forever. Josie's left reeling when Marc makes his sinister intentions clear. Scott realises he has feelings for Hayley?
Episode 3884
WatchedS18E14: Episode 3884
Aired: Thu, 2005-01-27
Will Kane discover his father's secret before it's too late? Kim gives Hayley the shock of her life. The Summer Bay girls are in a wedding frenzy. Has Flynn pushed Sally too far?
Episode 3883
WatchedS18E13: Episode 3883
Aired: Wed, 2005-01-26
The Hunters resort to drastic measures to deal with the out-of-control Robbie. A ghost from the past threatens Kane and his father. Tasha has some shocking news for Robbie. Sally and Flynn's marriage is under pressure.
Episode 3882
WatchedS18E12: Episode 3882
Aired: Tue, 2005-01-25
Jesse's life is on the line after Robbie's cruel prank. A violent confrontation leaves Beth reeling. Josie is forced to make the most important decision of her life.
Episode 3881
WatchedS18E11: Episode 3881
Aired: Mon, 2005-01-24
Josie struggles to hide her scandalous affair from Jesse. Tasha's shocked by Robbie's reckless behaviour. Kim loses control after being betrayed by his mate.
Episode 3880
WatchedS18E10: Episode 3880
Aired: Fri, 2005-01-21
The passion between Josie and Marc continues to ignite. Kane's day of reckoning arrives. Scott has a special surprise for Hayley.
Episode 3879
WatchedS18E09: Episode 3879
Aired: Thu, 2005-01-20
The discovery of a dead body rocks Summer Bay. Is Hayley finally ready to love again? Josie struggles under the weight of her feelings for Marc.
Episode 3878
WatchedS18E08: Episode 3878
Aired: Wed, 2005-01-19
Robbie's prank could cost him and Tasha their lives. Kane struggles with the demons from his past. Kim and Robbie come to blows.
Episode 3877
WatchedS18E07: Episode 3877
Aired: Tue, 2005-01-18
Flynn's decision puts his career - and marriage - on the line. Tasha is alarmed by Robbie's reckless plan. Sally discovers the secret to Flynn's dark past.
Episode 3876
WatchedS18E06: Episode 3876
Aired: Mon, 2005-01-17
Flynn's mistake puts Leah's life in danger - and leads him to a life changing decision. Robbie's behaviour gets out of control. Kirsty risks her marriage to help Kane's father. Hayley struggles to come to terms with the news ...
Episode 3875
WatchedS18E05: Episode 3875
Aired: Fri, 2005-01-14
Hayley's shocked by some devastating news. Robbie lashes out at Tasha. A blast from Josie's past dredges up old feelings. Kane is forced to battle out his demons.
Episode 3874
WatchedS18E04: Episode 3874
Aired: Thu, 2005-01-13
Hayley's trapped by a wall of flames as the Palace fire rages out of control. Kane's dark past comes back to haunt him. Josie remains uneasy in her relationship with Jesse.
Episode 3873
WatchedS18E03: Episode 3873
Aired: Wed, 2005-01-12
Leah's life is on the line as Flynn faces the toughest moment of his career. Dan and Peter are at each other's throats as past secrets are exposed. A fire breaks out at the Palace.
Episode 3872
WatchedS18E02: Episode 3872
Aired: Tue, 2005-01-11
Will Leah be found before it's too late? Flynn makes a life altering decision. Robbie's strange behaviour puzzles everyone. Kim gets some crushing news. Scott returns from Paris a changed man.
Episode 3871
WatchedS18E01: Episode 3871
Aired: Mon, 2005-01-10
As a heat wave strikes the Bay, a shock accident leaves a life on the line. Kim, Tasha and Robbie's road trip takes a devastating turn. Jesse and Dan are at loggerheads.

Season 17

Episode 3870
WatchedS17E220: Episode 3870
Aired: Fri, 2004-11-26
A major Aussie celebrity comes to open Noah's Bar. Meanwhille, Josie saves the day for Sally in a surprise twist. Leah's proposal stuns Dan. Elsewhere, Jesse and Josie face some major changes.
Episode 3869
WatchedS17E219: Episode 3869
Aired: Thu, 2004-11-25
There's devastation for Sally as a tragedy puts the christening at risk, Peter refuses to back down on his love for Leah, and a Summer Bay favourite returns.
Episode 3868
WatchedS17E218: Episode 3868
Aired: Wed, 2004-11-24
Tasha must choose between her father and Summer Bay, while Josie is torn between conflicting emotions.
Episode 3867
WatchedS17E217: Episode 3867
Aired: Tue, 2004-11-23
It's Christmas time in Summer Bay. Kim has an indecent proposal for Kit. Tasha makes the biggest decision of her life. How will Kane react to Kirsty's surprise?
Episode 3866
WatchedS17E216: Episode 3866
Aired: Mon, 2004-11-22
Scott and Kit are leaving Summer Bay. Dalby's life is in danger. Peter won't back down on his love for Leah. Kim loses control over Kit.
Episode 3865
WatchedS17E215: Episode 3865
Aired: Fri, 2004-11-19
Leah gets the shock of her life as her past catches up with her, while VJ's party is full of surprises. Can Kit save Scott from self destruction? Will Kim and Kit reunite or be torn apart?
Episode 3864
WatchedS17E214: Episode 3864
Aired: Thu, 2004-11-18
Dalby causes a scandal at his dad's funeral, Sally faces a life-changing decision for her and Flynn, and Scott turns nasty on Hayley. Meanwhile, Colleen finds the answer to Scott's problem.
Episode 3863
WatchedS17E213: Episode 3863
Aired: Wed, 2004-11-17
A dark secret haunts Peter and Dan's past. Meanwhile, Robbie and Tasha plot against Beth and Hyde, and Jesse and Josie fall deeper in love. What is Peter's plan for VJ's party?
Episode 3862
WatchedS17E212: Episode 3862
Aired: Tue, 2004-11-16
Leah gets a shocking message from a past love, while Peter's not out of the woods yet. Can Tasha's scheme reunite two lovers? Will Matilda's plan fool Beth?
Episode 3861
WatchedS17E211: Episode 3861
Aired: Mon, 2004-11-15
Robbie and Tasha go along with Matilda's plan and they split up. Kirsty goes to visit Scott to see how he is, but he throws her out and then reaches for the bottle. After Coleen finds Scott in the sea, she takes him home, w...
Episode 3860
WatchedS17E210: Episode 3860
Aired: Fri, 2004-11-12
We say goodbye to a Summer Bay favourite. Meanwhile, Scott and Dani are at breaking point, and Tasha tries to play matchmaker. Will Kirsty's attempt to help her sister backfire?
Episode 3859
WatchedS17E209: Episode 3859
Aired: Thu, 2004-11-11
Dan pops an incredible proposal to Leah, Kane thinks he's being punished for past sins, and Sally and Flynn get romantic. Could this be the end for Dani and Scott?
Episode 3858
WatchedS17E208: Episode 3858
Aired: Wed, 2004-11-10
Matilda's worried by Hyde's strange behaviour. Meanwhile, Alf makes a difficult decision about Dalby. Is Beth sleeping with the enemy?
Episode 3857
WatchedS17E207: Episode 3857
Aired: Tue, 2004-11-09
A mysterious death rocks Summer Bay. Meanwhile, Alf gets some shocking news. What is Dalby's secret? And how will Jesse cope with his heartbreak?
Episode 3856
WatchedS17E206: Episode 3856
Aired: Mon, 2004-11-08
Alf may have found the lead to his long-lost son, while Kim makes a stand over a nude centrefold. Is Dani falling under Stafford's spell?
Episode 3855
WatchedS17E205: Episode 3855
Aired: Fri, 2004-11-05
Kim and Robbie launch an offensive against the adults, while Jesse is devastated by Josie's decision. Could Scott lose Dani to another man?
Episode 3854
WatchedS17E204: Episode 3854
Aired: Thu, 2004-11-04
Can Robbie outwit Hyde and Beth? Jesse's confession gets a shocking response, while Sally fears Josie will ruin her plans.
Episode 3853
WatchedS17E203: Episode 3853
Aired: Wed, 2004-11-03
Kirsty's decision may land her in hot water, while Dani's callous behaviour throws Scott. Alf is devastated by his loss.
Episode 3852
WatchedS17E202: Episode 3852
Aired: Tue, 2004-11-02
A double tragedy strikes Alf on a day of heartbreak. Is Kirsty about to break the law?
Episode 3851
WatchedS17E201: Episode 3851
Aired: Mon, 2004-11-01
Stafford makes an incredible proposal to Dani and Beth is out to punish the Hunter kids. Why is Kirsty sneaking around behind Kane's back?
Episode 3850
WatchedS17E200: Episode 3850
Aired: Fri, 2004-10-29
Has Dalby pushed Dan too far? Beth discovers Robbie's secret, while Tasha races to save her friend. Matilda is on the warpath - but who will be her victim?
Episode 3849
WatchedS17E199: Episode 3849
Aired: Thu, 2004-10-28
Jesse's surprise for Josie could change everything. Meanwhile, will Irene sell out Tasha?
Episode 3848
WatchedS17E198: Episode 3848
Aired: Wed, 2004-10-27
Kirsty is a phone call away from discovering the truth, so Kane must race against the clock or be exposed. Will Morag finally reveal everything about Tasha's father? Will Irene put the final nails in Josie's coffin?
Episode 3847
WatchedS17E197: Episode 3847
Aired: Tue, 2004-10-26
Flynn makes a shocking discovery about Dalby, while Sally confronts Morag with her suspicions.
Episode 3846
WatchedS17E196: Episode 3846
Aired: Mon, 2004-10-25
Will Kirsty fall for Kane's lies? Meanwhile, Sally discovers Josie's dark treachery, and Viv has a devastating secret for Alf.
Episode 3845
WatchedS17E195: Episode 3845
Aired: Fri, 2004-10-22
Will Alf lose the love of his life? Will Robbie be blamed for the bashing of Dalby? Matilda discovers the horrifying truth about Kim. Has Dani discovered Kane's secret?
Episode 3844
WatchedS17E194: Episode 3844
Aired: Thu, 2004-10-21
Will Alf see his first true love again? Robbie's plan for Dalby ends in bloodshed. Hayley doesn't trust Josie and Jesse's intentions. Is Jesse falling for Josie?
Episode 3843
WatchedS17E193: Episode 3843
Aired: Wed, 2004-10-20
Leah confronts Dan over his hidden past. Jesse and Josie get hot and heavy. Morag launches a counter-attack on Tasha's father. Can Alf face up to a blast from the past?
Episode 3842
WatchedS17E192: Episode 3842
Aired: Tue, 2004-10-19
Tasha and Robbie face their greatest challenge. Flynn confronts Josie about her meddling. Tasha's surprising discovery could land her in jail. Who is playing games with Kane's life?
Episode 3841
WatchedS17E191: Episode 3841
Aired: Mon, 2004-10-18
Kane and Kirsty face their worst nightmares. Sally grows more suspicious of Josie's strange behaviour. Has Flynn discovered the truth?
Episode 3840
WatchedS17E190: Episode 3840
Aired: Fri, 2004-10-15
Kane cracks as Kirsty closes in on the truth. Also, Flynn is shocked - who is interfering in Kane's treatment? Morag takes on Josie - will she be exposed?
Episode 3839
WatchedS17E189: Episode 3839
Aired: Thu, 2004-10-14
Will Kim's date end in romance or disaster? Meanwhile, Morag shocks Josie with her discovery, Dani finally uncovers the truth and Alf is haunted by his past and must make a decision.
Episode 3838
WatchedS17E188: Episode 3838
Aired: Wed, 2004-10-13
A shock discovery devastates Hayley. Meanwhile, sparks fly between Kim and Kit, and Leah makes a rash decision about Dan. Also, Dani confronts Alf to find out what he's hiding.
Episode 3837
WatchedS17E187: Episode 3837
Aired: Tue, 2004-10-12
Leah's shocked by Dan's violent past. Is "Casanova" Kim flirting with danger? Dalby is on the warpath and Henry's in his way.
Episode 3836
WatchedS17E186: Episode 3836
Aired: Mon, 2004-10-11
Kane breaks down over his cancer crisis, while Colleen makes a shocking discovery. Henry faces humiliation at school - has Dalby won?
Episode 3835
WatchedS17E185: Episode 3835
Aired: Fri, 2004-10-08
Kane goes under the knife for the fight of his life. Will Kirsty discover the truth in time?
Episode 3834
WatchedS17E184: Episode 3834
Aired: Thu, 2004-10-07
What dark secret is hidden in Dani's manuscript? Meanwhile, Josie's surprise troubles Tasha, and Scott is determined to outwit Dalby - but is he too late? Alf gets the shock of his life.
Episode 3833
WatchedS17E183: Episode 3833
Aired: Wed, 2004-10-06
Is Kim just playing a cruel joke on Kit? Meanwhile, Leah shocks Jesse with her plans for Vinnie, and Hayley finds out the truth about Kim.
Episode 3832
WatchedS17E182: Episode 3832
Aired: Tue, 2004-10-05
Kane gets his test results - does he have cancer? Meanwhile, Morag hatches a shocking scheme, and Kim's hormones are on overload - but who is he chasing?
Episode 3831
WatchedS17E181: Episode 3831
Aired: Mon, 2004-10-04
Will Kirsty fall for Kane's lies? Meanwhile, Kim makes a deal with the devil, and Alf's news shocks Beth. Has Dalby beaten Henry?
Episode 3830
WatchedS17E180: Episode 3830
Aired: Fri, 2004-10-01
Kane's worst fears are coming true. Meanwhile, Leah gets some shocking news.
Episode 3829
WatchedS17E179: Episode 3829
Aired: Thu, 2004-09-30
Kane keeps a deadly secret from Kirsty. Meanwhile, Dan's bombshell could ruin everything with Leah, and what is Henry hiding?
Episode 3828
WatchedS17E178: Episode 3828
Aired: Wed, 2004-09-29
An accident leaves Robbie and Tasha wet and naked. Meanwhile, will Dani's brash decision endanger her and Scott? Then, Josie receives an envelope that will change Tasha's life.
Episode 3827
WatchedS17E177: Episode 3827
Aired: Tue, 2004-09-28
A Summer Bay favourite leaves forever. Meanwhile, Tasha's surprise upsets Robbie, and why are the cops after Jesse? Dani is forced to face her past.
Episode 3826
WatchedS17E176: Episode 3826
Aired: Mon, 2004-09-27
Dani must choose between her career and the man she loves. Meanwhile, Rhys falls victim to a rampage of revenge, and is Henry sleeping with the enemy?
Episode 3825
WatchedS17E175: Episode 3825
Aired: Fri, 2004-09-24
Dani receives a package that will change her life forever. Meanwhile, Jesse and Leah have a fiery confrontation - is this finally the end?
Episode 3824
WatchedS17E174: Episode 3824
Aired: Thu, 2004-09-23
Will Dani's past jeopardise her future with Scott? Meanwhile, Hayley drops a bombshell about Paris.
Episode 3823
WatchedS17E173: Episode 3823
Aired: Wed, 2004-09-22
A mistake puts Tasha's life in peril. Meanwhile, Big Brother is watching Summer Bay, Hyde and Sally shock everyone at the concert, and Jesse tries to make Leah jealous.
Episode 3822
WatchedS17E172: Episode 3822
Aired: Tue, 2004-09-21
Kirsty gets some tragic news. Meanwhile, the beach house comes under attack, Sally and Hyde plan a stunt for the concert and Kit helps Beth with a brilliant plan.
Episode 3821
WatchedS17E171: Episode 3821
Aired: Mon, 2004-09-20
Dan wants Leah to be part of his weird fantasy. Meanwhile, Leah says goodbye to Vinnie forever, and what is Hayley and Josie's big secret? Is Josie playing with Tasha's life?
Episode 3820
WatchedS17E170: Episode 3820
Aired: Fri, 2004-09-17
A shadowy figure lurks behind Josie's strange behaviour. Josie drops a bombshell on Flynn. Things are getting hot between Dan and Leah and Tasha thinks Josie's out to hurt her.
Episode 3819
WatchedS17E169: Episode 3819
Aired: Thu, 2004-09-16
Morag and Josie go head to head. Leah and Dan's date is a disaster. Sally wants to buy the Sutherland house. Tasha decides on a romantic partner for Jesse.
Episode 3818
WatchedS17E168: Episode 3818
Aired: Wed, 2004-09-15
Beth may be pulling her family out of Summer Bay. Irene thinks she's found Josie's arch-nemesis. Is Rhys returning to Beth? Henry's special "talent" gives him grief at school.
Episode 3817
WatchedS17E167: Episode 3817
Aired: Tue, 2004-09-14
A Summer Bay favourite returns to cause trouble. Does Beth want Rhys back? Scott is on the trail of a supernatural mystery.
Episode 3816
WatchedS17E166: Episode 3816
Aired: Mon, 2004-09-13
Hyde tries to blackmail Kim. A famous Aussie entertainer is coming to Summer Bay. Has Scott discovered Hayley's night-time tormentor?
Episode 3815
WatchedS17E165: Episode 3815
Aired: Fri, 2004-09-10
Sally wants Leah to kill off Vinnie. Is Kirsty using Rhys for her own special purpose? Henry wows everyone with his special "talent". Scott has an action plan to catch the mystery night visitor.
Episode 3814
WatchedS17E164: Episode 3814
Aired: Thu, 2004-09-09
Hayley discovers a strange night visitor. Meanwhile, does Dan know more about Vinnie than he's telling? Who is romancing Leah? Also, Kirsty thinks Dani is trying to ruin her happiness.
Episode 3813
WatchedS17E163: Episode 3813
Aired: Wed, 2004-09-08
Irene finds the solution to the "Josie" problem. Why is Hayley lying to her friends? Josie orders Jesse on a romantic dinner. Dani and Scott want to party hard.
Episode 3812
WatchedS17E162: Episode 3812
Aired: Tue, 2004-09-07
Irene cooks up a revenge plot against Josie. Meanwhile, Josie is too good for Flynn in a battle of wills, and Hayley struggles to heal over the loss of Noah.
Episode 3811
WatchedS17E161: Episode 3811
Aired: Mon, 2004-09-06
Sally starts a war with Josie over Tasha. Meanwhile, Robbie suggests a school concert in honour of Noah. Jesse and Josie go into partnership - but does Josie have a secret agenda? Kim refuses to return to school.
Episode 3810
WatchedS17E160: Episode 3810
Aired: Fri, 2004-09-03
What is Josie's secret agenda? Meanwhile, Dani lashes out at Jesse and could Kane be the next Shakespeare?
Episode 3809
WatchedS17E159: Episode 3809
Aired: Thu, 2004-09-02
Josie drops a bombshell on Irene. Meanwhile, will Leah betray Jesse over the new bar? Rhys has a showdown with Alf and Robbie.
Episode 3808
WatchedS17E158: Episode 3808
Aired: Wed, 2004-09-01
The Bay farewells a favourite. Meanwhile, Leah deals with the possibility that Vinnie may still be alive, Kirsty and Kane clash, and Tasha blames herself for the tragedy.
Episode 3807
WatchedS17E157: Episode 3807
Aired: Tue, 2004-08-31
Hayley contemplates the unthinkable. Meanwhile, will Max's decision stun Colleen? And will Rhys return to break Beth's heart?
Episode 3806
WatchedS17E156: Episode 3806
Aired: Mon, 2004-08-30
Summer Bay reels after the murderous rampage. It's time to say goodbye to a friend forever. Meanwhile, Shelley and Rhys wreak havoc in the Bay, and what is Scott's amazing proposal to Dani?
Episode 3805
WatchedS17E155: Episode 3805
Aired: Fri, 2004-08-13
A night of terror ends in tragedy, as Sarah enacts her final murderous rampage. Meanwhile, Peter's revelation will change Leah's life forever.
Episode 3804
WatchedS17E154: Episode 3804
Aired: Thu, 2004-08-12
Summer Bay is under siege - Sarah's back and determined to make them pay. Meanwhile, Dani and Scott make a shock decision, and Jesse gets some stunning news.
Episode 3803
WatchedS17E153: Episode 3803
Aired: Wed, 2004-08-11
A new arrival shocks Summer Bay. Meanwhile, Irene receives some terrifying news.
Episode 3802
WatchedS17E152: Episode 3802
Aired: Tue, 2004-08-10
Irene gets a shock visitor. What is Robbie and Tasha's big secret? Max's decision breaks Beth's heart. Are Dani and Scott cracking under pressure?
Episode 3801
WatchedS17E151: Episode 3801
Aired: Mon, 2004-08-09
Tasha pushes Robbie to the edge. Irene makes a startling discovery. Has Max run away for ever?
Episode 3800
WatchedS17E150: Episode 3800
Aired: Fri, 2004-08-06
Tragedy for Rhys and Beth, while Dani is stunned by a surprise phone call. Is Leah going to betray Jesse again? Will Irene's decision destroy Tasha?
Episode 3799
WatchedS17E149: Episode 3799
Aired: Thu, 2004-08-05
Beth and Rhys reach crisis point. Meanwhile, Tasha's mistake could ruin everything with Robbie, and Jesse gets a life-changing surprise.
Episode 3798
WatchedS17E148: Episode 3798
Aired: Wed, 2004-08-04
Catastrophe strikes Robbie and Tasha, Kirsty is blown away by Kane's insight, and why is Rhys lying to Beth?
Episode 3797
WatchedS17E147: Episode 3797
Aired: Tue, 2004-08-03
Brooke makes a shocking revelation. Meanwhile, Kim cuts off Hyde, Robbie is stunned by Tasha's offer, and Irene and Hyde get romantic.
Episode 3796
WatchedS17E146: Episode 3796
Aired: Mon, 2004-08-02
Kim discovers a horrifying secret. Meanwhile, Sally goes on the warpath against Hyde, and Alf's coin-flipping is out of control.
Episode 3795
WatchedS17E145: Episode 3795
Aired: Fri, 2004-07-30
Sally gives Brooke an ultimatum, Jesse and Leah are going to church again, Matilda plays a dangerous game with the police, and Alf finds the "flipping" answer to his problems.
Episode 3794
WatchedS17E144: Episode 3794
Aired: Thu, 2004-07-29
Leah uncovers Brooke and Hyde's ugly plan. Meanwhile, Robbie's discovery tears his world apart, and Sally has an incredible surprise for Leah.
Episode 3793
WatchedS17E143: Episode 3793
Aired: Wed, 2004-07-28
Sarah reveals her psychotic plan for Summer Bay. Meanwhile, Alf gives Hayley and Noah some devastating news, and why is Irene digging up the ghost of Angie Russell?
Episode 3792
WatchedS17E142: Episode 3792
Aired: Tue, 2004-07-27
Sarah's revelation could change everything. Also, who is the new man in Tasha's life, and will Kane accept Rhys's deal?
Episode 3791
WatchedS17E141: Episode 3791
Aired: Mon, 2004-07-26
Rhys pledges love to Beth, but hides a dark secret. Meanwhile, Jesse goes on the warpath against Rhys, and Detective Baker plans a vicious attack on Sarah.
Episode 3790
WatchedS17E140: Episode 3790
Aired: Fri, 2004-07-23
Beth makes a shock decision, Sarah and Dani are set for a showdown, and two favourite Summer Bay characters get caught in a cat-fight.
Episode 3789
WatchedS17E139: Episode 3789
Aired: Thu, 2004-07-22
Hyde and Brooke reveal their dark plan for Kim. Meanwhile, Alf makes a disastrous decision, and Kirsty confronts Shelley.
Episode 3788
WatchedS17E138: Episode 3788
Aired: Wed, 2004-07-21
Beth cracks under pressure, Brooke seduces Kim, Peter makes a move on Leah, and Tasha gives Robbie the cold shoulder.
Episode 3787
WatchedS17E137: Episode 3787
Aired: Tue, 2004-07-20
Beth's world is shattered, and Rhys is living on borrowed time.
Episode 3786
WatchedS17E136: Episode 3786
Aired: Mon, 2004-07-19
Kirsty and Kane confront Rhys, Alf makes a shocking offer, and Colleen's secret is revealed.
Episode 3785
WatchedS17E135: Episode 3785
Aired: Fri, 2004-07-16
Alf and Tasha's deal could change Summer Bay forever. Does Hyde have a secret plan for Kim and Brooke? Is Alf having a breakdown and why is Matilda trying to get bashed?
Episode 3784
WatchedS17E134: Episode 3784
Aired: Thu, 2004-07-15
What is the dark secret in Peter Baker's past? Meanwhile, Tasha discovers a brilliant way to get rid of her money, and Alf thinks his brain tumour has returned.
Episode 3783
WatchedS17E133: Episode 3783
Aired: Wed, 2004-07-14
Rhys and Kane attack each other. Meanwhile, Tasha tries to force Hayley and Noah to take her money, and could Dani be about to lose Scott forever?
Episode 3782
WatchedS17E132: Episode 3782
Aired: Tue, 2004-07-13
Kane's news could shatter Beth's world. Meanwhile, Rhys can't believe what he did with Shelley, and Hayley and Noah want to sell their share in the gym.
Episode 3781
WatchedS17E131: Episode 3781
Aired: Mon, 2004-07-12
Shelley and Rhys give in to temptation. Meanwhile, Beth is driven to the edge of despair, Scott delivers a shocking ultimatum to Dani, and a furious Kane forces Kirsty to leave the city with him.
Episode 3780
WatchedS17E130: Episode 3780
Aired: Fri, 2004-07-09
Noah is jeopardising Hayley's trip to Paris, Beth accuses Rhys of putting kids' lives at risk, Hyde's horrific appearance is causing a stir in Summer Bay, and what is Hyde's devious plan for Kim?
Episode 3779
WatchedS17E129: Episode 3779
Aired: Thu, 2004-07-08
Hayley gets a phone call that could change her life forever, Hyde makes a mysterious offer to Sally, Colleen is saved by the last person you'd expect, and where are Kirsty and Kane moving to?
Episode 3778
WatchedS17E128: Episode 3778
Aired: Wed, 2004-07-07
Summer Bay reels after the psychotic rampage. Will Peter Baker find the gun that caused all the terror? Why is Rhys vowing to fight Jesse all the way? Colleen is falling apart.
Episode 3777
WatchedS17E127: Episode 3777
Aired: Tue, 2004-07-06
A day of pure terror unfolds in Summer Bay as Jesse is held hostage by a crazy gun man, Tasha faces death in a moment of bravery and The Palace is trashed.
Episode 3776
WatchedS17E126: Episode 3776
Aired: Mon, 2004-07-05
Felix's real killer is on the loose and more lives are on the line. A foolish move by Tasha puts everyone at greater risk and Jesse finds himself in a potentially fatal situation.
Episode 3775
WatchedS17E125: Episode 3775
Aired: Fri, 2004-07-02
Sarah announces she's moved to Summer Bay. Peter receives some information that turns everything on its head. Could Dani and Scott be about to end it all? Rhys takes a liking to Jesse's business idea.
Episode 3774
WatchedS17E124: Episode 3774
Aired: Thu, 2004-07-01
Dani provokes Scott to a level of fury she's never seen before, Norman drops a bombshell on Colleen and Jesse asks Alf to partner him on a fantastic business venture.
Episode 3773
WatchedS17E123: Episode 3773
Aired: Wed, 2004-06-30
Hayley and Noah are married in a fairytale beachside service. Kane and Kirsty renew their vows.
Episode 3772
WatchedS17E122: Episode 3772
Aired: Tue, 2004-06-29
Leah discovers Morrison's dark past, Jesse refuses to sign the adoption papers and Will and Hayley try to mend bridges. Is someone trying to sabotage the wedding ceremony?
Episode 3771
WatchedS17E121: Episode 3771
Aired: Mon, 2004-06-28
Leah confronts Peter over his lies, Irene finds out more sensational news about Tasha, Kane turns to a strange source to help combat Sarah and Kirsty thinks Kane is trying to ruin their special day.
Episode 3770
WatchedS17E120: Episode 3770
Aired: Fri, 2004-06-25
Kane receives a chilling message, Noah's buck's party is saved by an unlikely source and Hayley warns Jesse he's making a big mistake.
Episode 3769
WatchedS17E119: Episode 3769
Aired: Thu, 2004-06-24
Will Tasha have the courage to meet her real father? Beth makes a painful decision, Matilda has a plan to make Beth and Rhys happy, and who stole Irene's car keys and phone?
Episode 3768
WatchedS17E118: Episode 3768
Aired: Wed, 2004-06-23
Dani confronts Felix's murderer, Robbie and Kim discover the shocking truth about Tasha's father, Beth gives Rhys an ultimatum on their marriage and Dani may be an accessory to murder.
Episode 3767
WatchedS17E117: Episode 3767
Aired: Tue, 2004-06-22
Dani realises who killed Felix, Flynn thinks Tasha may have run away forever and Noah and Kane are upset about Hayley's wedding suggestion.
Episode 3766
WatchedS17E116: Episode 3766
Aired: Mon, 2004-06-21
Is this the end for Robbie and Tasha? What is Hayley's sensational idea for her wedding? The police pay a visit to Flynn and Sarah continues her devious ways.
Episode 3765
WatchedS17E115: Episode 3765
Aired: Fri, 2004-06-18
Kirsty is told Kane is cheating on her, Flynn asks Leah to lie to Sally and why are Robbie and Kim stealing money from Tasha?
Episode 3764
WatchedS17E114: Episode 3764
Aired: Thu, 2004-06-17
Summer Bay is rocked by murder, Jesse is gutted by Will's proposal, and Leah is the one person who can help Jesse - but there's a barrier.
Episode 3763
WatchedS17E113: Episode 3763
Aired: Wed, 2004-06-16
Leah is back in town, but is everything as it seems? Kane makes a shocking discovery, Will returns to Summer Bay and Jesse has new focus in life.
Episode 3762
WatchedS17E112: Episode 3762
Aired: Tue, 2004-06-15
Rhys lays down the law to his family, Robbie takes control with Tasha and discovers a shocking secret, the police want to take Kane in for questioning, and the Sutherlands try to adjust to a new "family" member.
Episode 3761
WatchedS17E111: Episode 3761
Aired: Mon, 2004-06-14
Irene receives a letter with information about Tasha's father - will she open it? Tasha sets a "trust" trap for Irene, Matilda hatches a plan to swindle Tasha and Noah gives Jesse some awful news.
Episode 3760
WatchedS17E110: Episode 3760
Aired: Fri, 2004-06-11
Who committed the vicious assault at the uni? Everyone's a suspect. Are Sally and Flynn cracking under the pressure of parenthood? Jesse makes a symbolic goodbye to Leah.
Episode 3759
WatchedS17E109: Episode 3759
Aired: Thu, 2004-06-10
A vicious attack solves a huge problem for Dani, Rhys asks Shelley to come back to Summer Bay, and is Leah about to break apart? Sally and Flynn experience first-child nerves.
Episode 3758
WatchedS17E108: Episode 3758
Aired: Wed, 2004-06-09
Dani thinks Scott has finally asked her the big question, Hayley is caught in the crossfire of a break-up, Alf feels like a failure over Duncan and is Jesse out of control?
Episode 3757
WatchedS17E107: Episode 3757
Aired: Tue, 2004-06-08
Duncan pulls a gun on Robbie and Kim, while Rhys continues to find himself drawn to Shelley. Is Duncan blackmailing Tasha?
Episode 3756
WatchedS17E106: Episode 3756
Aired: Mon, 2004-06-07
Kirsty and Leah mourn together over the loss of their babies, Sally has a very special name for her new baby, the birth has brought Jesse and Flynn back and why is Tasha giving Duncan so much money?
Episode 3755
WatchedS17E105: Episode 3755
Aired: Fri, 2004-06-04
Will Sally and Flynn arrive in time for the birth of their baby? Jesse is shattered when Leah cuts him out of the most important moment of her life, while Alf suspects Duncan is evil.
Episode 3754
WatchedS17E104: Episode 3754
Aired: Thu, 2004-06-03
Leah realises something is drastically wrong with her baby, while Duncan plays a devastating trick on her. Hyde could lose his eye and Laura is back in town to search for something.
Episode 3753
WatchedS17E103: Episode 3753
Aired: Wed, 2004-06-02
Kirsty's life hangs in the balance as her operation goes haywire. Tasha finds an envelope from Angie with a secret that could change her life forever. Beth knows Rhys and Shelley have done something - but what? Jade is back i...
Episode 3752
WatchedS17E102: Episode 3752
Aired: Tue, 2004-06-01
A buried treasure leads Tasha to a shocking discovery. The Sutherland family unite but Shelley and Rhys are up to something. Why is Tasha dressing like Angie Russell?
Episode 3751
WatchedS17E101: Episode 3751
Aired: Mon, 2004-05-31
Shelley's kidney is a match for Kirsty but will she give consent? Shelley drops a bombshell that could put Rhys's marriage at risk, Angie makes a shocking re-appearance and Kane is humiliated in a public spat with Laura.
Episode 3750
WatchedS17E100: Episode 3750
Aired: Fri, 2004-05-28
Only one person can save Kirsty from certain death, while Alf nearly comes to blows with Duncan and tries one last attempt at reconciliation. Jesse is going to anger management classes.
Episode 3749
WatchedS17E99: Episode 3749
Aired: Thu, 2004-05-27
Dani is devastated by Scott's views on marriage. Will Shelley be able to save her daughter's life? Flynn wants to cut ties with Leah but something's holding him back, while Henry suspects that something is going on between Sh...
Episode 3748
WatchedS17E98: Episode 3748
Aired: Wed, 2004-05-26
Tasha's bush skills could save Kirsty, but time is running out. Sally gives Flynn an ultimatum over Leah, while Robbie has a radical scheme to win back Tasha's heart and Alf asks Val out to dinner.
Episode 3747
WatchedS17E97: Episode 3747
Aired: Tue, 2004-05-25
Kane has a brainwave that could help find Kirsty, while Hayley has an incredible suggestion for her wedding day. Jesse is the only one who can help Leah, but will he? Robbie comes down with a terrible sickness.
Episode 3746
WatchedS17E96: Episode 3746
Aired: Mon, 2004-05-24
Tasha starts acting strangely after Duncan shows her a shocking videotape, but where has Kirsty disappeared to? A mysterious kidney donor could save Kirsty and Robbie attacks Duncan.
Episode 3745
WatchedS17E95: Episode 3745
Aired: Fri, 2004-05-21
Kirsty makes her final decision. Will it be life or death? Max comes up with a brilliant solution to save Kirsty. Tragedy strikes Leah - she could lose her baby.
Episode 3744
WatchedS17E94: Episode 3744
Aired: Thu, 2004-05-20
Duncan's revelation is devastating for Hyde. Leah reveals a huge secret to Jesse. The Sutherlands beg Kirsty to save her own life. What will she decide? Duncan tries to escape Summer Bay.
Episode 3743
WatchedS17E93: Episode 3743
Aired: Wed, 2004-05-19
Will Kirsty sacrifice her life to save her baby? Hyde accuses Kim of shooting him. Kim takes horrific revenge on Duncan.
Episode 3742
WatchedS17E92: Episode 3742
Aired: Tue, 2004-05-18
Episode 3741
WatchedS17E91: Episode 3741
Aired: Mon, 2004-05-17
Kane and Dani are in agony over Kirsty. Kim has an eventful meeting with Brooke and Charlie. Jesse tries to sort things out with Leah. Flynn tries to convince Kirsty to have a biopsy.
Episode 3740
WatchedS17E90: Episode 3740
Aired: Fri, 2004-05-14
Tasha declares war on Robbie. Jesse has some incredible news for Leah.
Episode 3739
WatchedS17E89: Episode 3739
Aired: Thu, 2004-05-13
Hyde sets up a battle between Kim and Duncan. Duncan cracks on to Tasha, but she attacks him. Will Felix ignore the police and keep harassing Dani?
Episode 3738
WatchedS17E88: Episode 3738
Aired: Wed, 2004-05-12
Noah threatens to call off his wedding to Hayley. Leah makes a play for Jesse. How will Kit react to the news about her dad?
Episode 3737
WatchedS17E87: Episode 3737
Aired: Tue, 2004-05-11
Has Felix pulled off the most vicious hoax of all? Will Matilda die because of Kim? Kirsty may have harmed her baby.
Episode 3736
WatchedS17E86: Episode 3736
Aired: Mon, 2004-05-10
Scott's death sends shockwaves through the Bay. Kirsty avoids the tests at the hospital - what is she hiding?
Episode 3735
WatchedS17E85: Episode 3735
Aired: Fri, 2004-05-07
Tragedy shatters the Bay! Will Kirsty have to choose between her life and the baby's? Sally catches Flynn and Leah alone in an intimate encounter! Morag makes a terrible stuff-up with Kim.
Episode 3734
WatchedS17E84: Episode 3734
Aired: Thu, 2004-05-06
Leah's life is falling apart; will she lose Jesse forever? Hyde has a bombshell for Kim! The Hunter kids are haunted by their father's past. Max gets a kiss from Matilda!
Episode 3733
WatchedS17E83: Episode 3733
Aired: Wed, 2004-05-05
Has Kirsty put her baby at risk? Felix tells Dani it's 'payback' time. Robbie attacks Val in the Diner. Beth and Val go head to head.
Episode 3732
WatchedS17E82: Episode 3732
Aired: Tue, 2004-05-04
Beth's revelation causes the Sutherlands much pain. Val Squires is causing a stir in Summer Bay. Alf's attempt to be a 'family' with Duncan goes sour. Matilda's hoax turns into a public humiliation.
Episode 3731
WatchedS17E81: Episode 3731
Aired: Mon, 2004-05-03
Jesse makes a shock move on Leah. Will Dani be expelled for her attack on the Dean? Has Kane confessed to the bashing of Felix? Will Scott tell Beth about his dad's mistress?
Episode 3730
WatchedS17E80: Episode 3730
Aired: Fri, 2004-04-30
Dani attacks the Dean of the University! Hyde goes out on a date with Irene! Alf and Morag unite to battle Duncan. Hayley's uni world falls apart.
Episode 3729
WatchedS17E79: Episode 3729
Aired: Thu, 2004-04-29
A sad farewell to a Summer Bay favourite. Jesse confronts Flynn over Leah. Did Kane and Scott bash Felix? Matilda makes a big move on Kim.
Episode 3728
WatchedS17E78: Episode 3728
Aired: Wed, 2004-04-28
Seb's big day comes as a shock to everyone. The mysterious woman in Scott's life is revealed. Leah threatens to tell Sally everything about the kiss.
Episode 3727
WatchedS17E77: Episode 3727
Aired: Tue, 2004-04-27
Seb's announcement shocks the Bay. Jade's huge decision will change her life forever. Alf tries to make Duncan the man he should be.
Episode 3726
WatchedS17E76: Episode 3726
Aired: Mon, 2004-04-26
Fisher decides to return to Summer Bay for good. A bitter Seb strikes out at Jade. Someone is stalking Dani! Scott is bowled over by a mysterious woman.
Episode 3725
WatchedS17E75: Episode 3725
Aired: Fri, 2004-04-23
The Sutherlands' world is turned upside down after a shocking discovery. Who wants Dani dead? Leah struggles with her infidelity.
Episode 3724
WatchedS17E74: Episode 3724
Aired: Thu, 2004-04-22
Episode 3723
WatchedS17E73: Episode 3723
Aired: Wed, 2004-04-21
Summer Bay is in shock after the deadly accident. A body is found at the crash-site - but whose? Will Leah tell Jesse about her kiss with Flynn? Alf disowns his son.
Episode 3722
WatchedS17E72: Episode 3722
Aired: Tue, 2004-04-20
Tragedy strikes at the party. Duncan is drugged up and out of control. Will Henry steal Max's girl?
Episode 3721
WatchedS17E71: Episode 3721
Aired: Mon, 2004-04-19
Leah and Flynn give in to temptation! Felix continues to torment Dani. Duncan and Seb fight it out at Hayley's party.
Episode 3720
WatchedS17E70: Episode 3720
Aired: Fri, 2004-04-16
Leah drops a love bombshell on Flynn! Noah plans a shock for Hayley. What has Duncan done to Jade? Summer Bay gets ready to party!
Episode 3719
WatchedS17E69: Episode 3719
Aired: Thu, 2004-04-15
Tragedy strikes Flynn and Sally! Has Leah gone too far in her love for Flynn? Jade has a shocking plan for Seb!
Episode 3718
WatchedS17E68: Episode 3718
Aired: Wed, 2004-04-14
Jade and Kirsty's lives are changed forever. Who is the stranger causing so much hurt in Summer Bay? Will Jade leave Summer Bay? Hayley's uni plans are in ruins.
Episode 3717
WatchedS17E67: Episode 3717
Aired: Tue, 2004-04-13
Is Sally leaving Summer Bay forever? Catastrophic news for Jade and Kirsty. What's Noah's huge surprise? Alf has a great idea for a mega-party!
Episode 3716
WatchedS17E66: Episode 3716
Aired: Mon, 2004-04-12
A kiss threatens to tear apart the lives of four friends. Will Sally walk out on Flynn? Leah and Flynn can't deny their feelings for each other.
Episode 3715
WatchedS17E65: Episode 3715
Aired: Fri, 2004-04-09
Could a near kiss evoke an affair? Has Jesse interrupted his worst nightmare? Will Kirsty's betrayal leave her without a husband? Hayley's art turns her world upside down.
Episode 3714
WatchedS17E64: Episode 3714
Aired: Thu, 2004-04-08
Will Sally's lie destroy her marriage? Leah drops a bombshell on Jesse. Kim takes a bribe from Principal Hyde. Floss and Colleen hatch a plan to teach Max a lesson.
Episode 3713
WatchedS17E63: Episode 3713
Aired: Wed, 2004-04-07
Is Kane and Kirsty's marriage crumbling? Jesse and Leah are heading for trouble. Dani's newspaper story makes her a deadly enemy. Floss and Colleen battle for the affections of Max.
Episode 3712
WatchedS17E62: Episode 3712
Aired: Tue, 2004-04-06
Have Kirsty's lies ruined everything for Kane? Have Jade and Seb sacrificed everything? Seb attacks Principal Hyde!
Episode 3711
WatchedS17E61: Episode 3711
Aired: Mon, 2004-04-05
Summer Bay High reaches the brink of anarchy. Kim learns the shocking truth about his baby. Will Sally lose her job to save her students?
Episode 3710
WatchedS17E60: Episode 3710
Aired: Fri, 2004-04-02
Flynn reveals a shocking secret that leaves Sally reeling. Kim's world is turned upside down. The student revolution spirals out of control!
Episode 3709
WatchedS17E59: Episode 3709
Aired: Thu, 2004-04-01
Will Kirsty reveal the truth to Kane about the baby? Flynn admits he's attracted to Leah. Hyde threatens the kids with expulsion. Will they hold out? Kane busts Kirsty out of the lock-in.
Episode 3708
WatchedS17E58: Episode 3708
Aired: Wed, 2004-03-31
Kane finds out about Kirsty's pregnancy! Seb and Robbie find a shocking photo on Hyde's computer. Rhys gets into a punch-up with another parent at the lock-in. Scott and Noah's romantic plans for the girls turn disastrous.
Episode 3707
WatchedS17E57: Episode 3707
Aired: Tue, 2004-03-30
Episode 3706
WatchedS17E56: Episode 3706
Aired: Mon, 2004-03-29
What secret is Kirsty hiding from Kane? Robbie gets sprung over Irene's car! Jade accuses Kirsty of betrayal!
Episode 3705
WatchedS17E55: Episode 3705
Aired: Fri, 2004-03-26
Kirsty is floored by some life-changing news. Jesse springs Leah and Flynn in an intimate moment. Irene calls in the police after a shocking discovery. Hyde asks Kirsty to spy on Kim.
Episode 3704
WatchedS17E54: Episode 3704
Aired: Thu, 2004-03-25
Who is helping Floss to die? Disaster strikes Kim, Robbie and Tasha. Scott could lose his livelihood.
Episode 3703
WatchedS17E53: Episode 3703
Aired: Wed, 2004-03-24
Two lovers are reunited. Is Leah having second thoughts about the baby? Hayley trashes the Palace. Beth and Shelley have a spat over Rhys.
Episode 3702
WatchedS17E52: Episode 3702
Aired: Tue, 2004-03-23
Hyde goes on the warpath in Summer Bay. Jade heads up a student revolt. Jesse and Flynn battle over Leah. Henry and Max are caught in a web of lies.
Episode 3701
WatchedS17E51: Episode 3701
Aired: Mon, 2004-03-22
Kirsty gives Kane the shock of his life. Hayley discovers the reason for her crazy behaviour. Flynn is furious at Sally for making a promise she can't keep. Has Max fallen in love with Matilda?
Episode 3700
WatchedS17E50: Episode 3700
Aired: Fri, 2004-03-19
Does Hyde have a secret family? Floss reveals her tragedy to Sally. Will Colleen have to fight Irene for her job! A decision by Beth shocks the school community.
Episode 3699
WatchedS17E49: Episode 3699
Aired: Thu, 2004-03-18
Will Kane be thrown in jail? Could Noah's plan for Hayley blow up in his face? Why is Floss in pain?
Episode 3698
WatchedS17E48: Episode 3698
Aired: Wed, 2004-03-17
Kane causes chaos in the city. Floss returns to Summer Bay with a tragic secret. Matilda displays psychic powers.
Episode 3697
WatchedS17E47: Episode 3697
Aired: Tue, 2004-03-16
Kane breaks into Shelley's house and demands to see Kirsty. Hyde is red-faced as Irene discoverers the computer problem. Hayley's condition is worse than anyone realised. Tasha turns up in the strangest of places.
Episode 3696
WatchedS17E46: Episode 3696
Aired: Mon, 2004-03-15
Hyde assaults his own son. Terrorism hits Summer Bay High. Tasha disappears. Hayley's not coping with the real world.
Episode 3695
WatchedS17E45: Episode 3695
Aired: Fri, 2004-03-12
Will Sally lose ten thousand dollars when Kane skips bail? Max incites a riot in Hyde's class. Kim grabs Hyde by the throat.
Episode 3694
WatchedS17E44: Episode 3694
Aired: Thu, 2004-03-11
Robbie and Kim compete for Tasha's affections. Matilda is electrocuted. Can Flynn save Kane from prison?
Episode 3693
WatchedS17E43: Episode 3693
Aired: Wed, 2004-03-10
Pressure mounts on Jade as she deals with Kirsty's lies. Scott, Alf and Kane risk their lives to solve the mystery of the missing divers. Will Kane risk arrest and violate the AVO?
Episode 3692
WatchedS17E42: Episode 3692
Aired: Tue, 2004-03-09
Will Scott be charged over the deaths of the missing divers? Will Sally risk her trust money and invest in the gym? Is Hayley losing her mind? Rhys and Dani are rocked by devastating news from Kirsty.
Episode 3691
WatchedS17E41: Episode 3691
Aired: Mon, 2004-03-08
Who does Tasha want - Robbie or Kim? Will Kim lose control and kill his father? Jade joins the race for school captain. Noah is upset by Hayley's game playing.
Episode 3690
WatchedS17E40: Episode 3690
Aired: Fri, 2004-03-05
Hayley gives Noah the ultimate test - will he finally admit the truth? The school erupts with applause as Jade is honoured at assembly. Norman introduces the 'other woman' to a startled Colleen.
Episode 3689
WatchedS17E39: Episode 3689
Aired: Thu, 2004-03-04
Rhys attacks Kane in a fit of rage. Tasha naively kisses Kim, but has she lost Robbie forever? Hayley is desperate for Noah to come clean.
Episode 3688
WatchedS17E38: Episode 3688
Aired: Wed, 2004-03-03
Kane is shocked by an AVO issued for him to stay away from Kirsty. Mr Hyde humiliates his son in front of the entire school. Max receives more than one unexpected surprise on his 14th birthday.
Episode 3687
WatchedS17E37: Episode 3687
Aired: Tue, 2004-03-02
An all night vigil is held waiting for news about The Blaxland. The boat was sabotaged - is Kane responsible? What happened to Kirsty to make her leave Summer Bay?
Episode 3686
WatchedS17E36: Episode 3686
Aired: Mon, 2004-03-01
Scott and Kane are stranded at sea. Will Rhys get to confront Kane about hurting Kirsty? Hayley hides the fact she knows Noah is lying.
Episode 3685
WatchedS17E35: Episode 3685
Aired: Fri, 2004-02-27
A tragic disaster leaves Scott and Kane's lives in the balance. Hayley's bandages come off... will her face be scarred forever? Could this be the end for Kane and Kirsty? Matilda and Henry's scheme backfires!
Episode 3684
WatchedS17E34: Episode 3684
Aired: Thu, 2004-02-26
Kirsty barely manages to escape Kane's fit of rage. Kim attacks Noah believing he has sold out. Leah is shocked realising Hayley's been lied to. Will Jade spill Kirsty's secret?
Episode 3683
WatchedS17E33: Episode 3683
Aired: Wed, 2004-02-25
Will Leah renege on her agreement and keep the baby? Hyde is furious after hearing Noah's advice to Kim. Flynn is worried Hayley's heading for a big fall.
Episode 3682
WatchedS17E32: Episode 3682
Aired: Tue, 2004-02-24
The school is horribly defaced - who is the culprit? Flynn is shocked to hear Leah's decision. Dani and Kane clash at a family dinner. Beth is suspicious all is not well with Kirsty.
Episode 3681
WatchedS17E31: Episode 3681
Aired: Mon, 2004-02-23
Hyde is furious finding his car trashed! War is brewing at Summer Bay High. Seb learns Kirsty's shocking secret. Have Kane and Rhys called a truce?
Episode 3680
WatchedS17E30: Episode 3680
Aired: Fri, 2004-02-20
Norman shatters Colleen's heart. Will Leah tell Sally she's changed her mind? Will Robbie exact his revenge on Hyde? Had Kane lost his job on the boat?
Episode 3679
WatchedS17E29: Episode 3679
Aired: Thu, 2004-02-19
Jesse is outraged by Leah's change of heart. Kane panics when Alf and Scott see his scars. Dani is angered by Noah's deceit. Jade cracks under the weight of Kirsty's lie.
Episode 3678
WatchedS17E28: Episode 3678
Aired: Wed, 2004-02-18
Kim saves Noah's life. Has Irene lost her job? Noah is forced to lie for a greater good.
Episode 3677
WatchedS17E27: Episode 3677
Aired: Tue, 2004-02-17
There is outrage as Max and Henry fight it out in the boxing ring. The arrival of Kim Hyde sends shock waves through the bay. Seb discovers the key to becoming school captain.
Episode 3676
WatchedS17E26: Episode 3676
Aired: Mon, 2004-02-16
Hayley's shattered self-esteem spirals out of control. Beth is outraged to learn of the boxing match. Seb decides to run for school captain. Jade begs Kirsty to tell the truth. Flynn tells a horrified Noah to pull himself tog...
Episode 3675
WatchedS17E25: Episode 3675
Aired: Fri, 2004-02-13
Alex and Brodie farewell the bay for a new life. Will Rhys give Kirsty and Kane his blessing? Jade is appalled by her and Kirsty's actions.
Episode 3674
WatchedS17E24: Episode 3674
Aired: Thu, 2004-02-12
Kirsty grapples with the consequences of her announcement. Rhys is torn between bitterness and joy for his daughter. Robbie vows revenge on the new principal. Sally is forced to re-think her future.
Episode 3673
WatchedS17E23: Episode 3673
Aired: Wed, 2004-02-11
Noah and Alex explode with hostility over Hayley. Kirsty and Kane return with an earth shattering surprise. Robbie and Tasha's relationship causes great alarm.
Episode 3672
WatchedS17E22: Episode 3672
Aired: Tue, 2004-02-10
Noah is crushed by the thought of losing Hayley. Summer Bay High is shaken by a tough new principal. Jesse lays down the law to Leah's overbearing mum.
Episode 3671
WatchedS17E21: Episode 3671
Aired: Mon, 2004-02-09
Hayley's life hangs in the balance. Sally makes a shock decision about her future. Tasha leads Robbie astray.
Episode 3670
WatchedS17E20: Episode 3670
Aired: Fri, 2004-02-06
Beth and Rhys' nuptials are mirrored by another secret wedding. A shocking accident leaves two lives hanging in the balance. Celebrations are marred by disturbing news about Kirsty.
Episode 3669
WatchedS17E19: Episode 3669
Aired: Thu, 2004-02-05
Beth and Rhys stage an elaborate surprise for their family. Alex realises the horror of what he did to Hayley. Jade is devasted by Kirsty's farewell note.
Episode 3668
WatchedS17E18: Episode 3668
Aired: Wed, 2004-02-04
Jade is stunned by Kane and Kirsty's break up. Max lays down the law to Henry and Matilda. Beth and Rhys' wedding plans are threatened.
Episode 3667
WatchedS17E17: Episode 3667
Aired: Tue, 2004-02-03
Sally receives devastating news about her career. Will Leah lose Alex if he marries Brodie? Will Flynn and Sally manage to waylay Kirsty and Kane. Romance blossoms between Tasha and Robbie. Tensions mount over the surrogacy.
Episode 3666
WatchedS17E16: Episode 3666
Aired: Mon, 2004-02-02
Hayley is shattered - will she leave the Bay? Tempers blaze in the wake of Alex's betrayal. Beth has an exciting new idea for the wedding. Kirsty has doubts about the future with Kane.
Episode 3665
WatchedS17E15: Episode 3665
Aired: Fri, 2004-01-30
Things will never be the same between Alex, Hayley and Brodie. Will Flynn reveal his secret about Kane and Kirsty? Romance heats up for Robbie and Tasha.
Episode 3664
WatchedS17E14: Episode 3664
Aired: Thu, 2004-01-29
Noah nurses deep regret over Hayley. Flynn is shocked to discover Kane and Kirsty's plans. Matilda ruins Beth and Rhys' exciting evening.
Episode 3663
WatchedS17E13: Episode 3663
Aired: Wed, 2004-01-28
Will Max and Colleen ever be friends again? Seb is hurt that Jade might be using him. Dani confronts Brodie and Alex.
Episode 3662
WatchedS17E12: Episode 3662
Aired: Tue, 2004-01-27
Will Kane accept Scott's startling offer? Max is shattered by Colleen's betrayal. Dani catches Alex out on a lie.
Episode 3661
WatchedS17E11: Episode 3661
Aired: Mon, 2004-01-26
Hayley and Brodie turn against Alex. Scott has a drastic plan to prevent Kirsty leaving. Dani's upset that her sister is lying to her. Alex drives Jesse to breaking point.
Episode 3660
WatchedS17E10: Episode 3660
Aired: Fri, 2004-01-23
Will Alex betray Hayley? Seb asks Jade to live with him. Jesse has reservations about Leah's pregnancy.
Episode 3659
WatchedS17E09: Episode 3659
Aired: Thu, 2004-01-22
Alex is thrown by Brodie's return. Max decides to move out. Rhys reveals the truth to Tasha about himself and Angie.
Episode 3658
WatchedS17E08: Episode 3658
Aired: Wed, 2004-01-21
Will Noah and Max perish? The Hunter twins' arrival causes havoc. Will Alf find out what Seb's been up to?
Episode 3657
WatchedS17E07: Episode 3657
Aired: Tue, 2004-01-20
Peril strikes the Drop In Centre. Noah and Max's lives are put in grave danger. A faux-pas threatens to ruin Seb and Jade's relationship.
Episode 3656
WatchedS17E06: Episode 3656
Aired: Mon, 2004-01-19
Tasha saves Robbie's life. Noah is offered a new job at Summer Bay High. How will Kirsty respond to Kane's ultimatum?
Episode 3655
WatchedS17E05: Episode 3655
Aired: Fri, 2004-01-16
Will Tasha come to terms with her true identity? Leah struggles to cope on the first anniversary of Vinnie's death. Will Noah and Hayley give in to temptation and kiss?
Episode 3654
WatchedS17E04: Episode 3654
Aired: Thu, 2004-01-15
Summer Bay learns the shocking identity of Tasha's mother. Beth faces a major decision as she looks towards her uncertain future.
Episode 3653
WatchedS17E03: Episode 3653
Aired: Wed, 2004-01-14
Is it over for Alex and Hayley? The tragedy leaves Kane reassessing his future. Noah is devastated at losing his livelihood.
Episode 3652
WatchedS17E02: Episode 3652
Aired: Tue, 2004-01-13
Dani and Beth struggle to pick up the pieces. Hayley begins a desperate search for Alex. Can Noah save the Drop In Centre? Hayley makes a life changing decision.
Episode 3651
WatchedS17E01: Episode 3651
Aired: Mon, 2004-01-12
Tragedy rocks the Sutherland family. Tasha discovers who her mother really is.

Season 16

Episode 3650
WatchedS16E230: Episode 3650
Aired: Fri, 2003-11-28
The Sutherlands are buried alive - will they be found before it's too late? Irene is stunned by the identity of Tasha's mother! Scott and Seb threaten to kill Kane.
Episode 3649
WatchedS16E229: Episode 3649
Aired: Thu, 2003-11-27
Tragedy strikes at the mine shaft. Noah's torn between Hayley and Kit. Alex flees Summer Bay.
Episode 3648
WatchedS16E228: Episode 3648
Aired: Wed, 2003-11-26
Kane makes the ultimate threat against Rhys. Noah and Kit share an intimate moment. A sibling war breaks out between the Hunters and the Sutherlands.
Episode 3647
WatchedS16E227: Episode 3647
Aired: Tue, 2003-11-25
Alex is found guilty - will he go to jail? Robbie Hunter arrives in Summer Bay - and immediately clashes with Jade.
Episode 3646
WatchedS16E226: Episode 3646
Aired: Mon, 2003-11-24
Alex makes a shocking announcement about his future. Jesse receives news about the charges he's been facing. Will Hayley find Kane in time? Tasha is questioned by the police.
Episode 3645
WatchedS16E225: Episode 3645
Aired: Fri, 2003-11-21
Noah realises he still has feelings for Hayley. Tasha smothers Kane. Max builds a shrine for Eloise. Kit is hurt when Noah says their friendship is over. The school dance preparations continue.
Episode 3644
WatchedS16E224: Episode 3644
Aired: Thu, 2003-11-20
Irene is rushed to hospital after another heart attack. Noah and Hayley nearly kiss. Beth proposes to Rhys.
Episode 3643
WatchedS16E223: Episode 3643
Aired: Wed, 2003-11-19
Kit is frantic when Irene collapses with a heart attack. Has Alex dumped Hayley? Kane receives a grave warning from Scott, and Irene.
Episode 3642
WatchedS16E222: Episode 3642
Aired: Tue, 2003-11-18
Fears mount for Max's bizarre behaviour. Alex is shocked and hurt by Jesse's radical proposal. Tempers fray when Rhys accuses Kane of stealing. Kane is angry when Tasha reveals his shocking secret to Irene. Crunch time for Rh...
Episode 3641
WatchedS16E221: Episode 3641
Aired: Mon, 2003-11-17
Max finds heart-broken bliss in Eloise's final, perfect evening. Will Leah and the baby survive? Jesse and Flynn face the Poulos' fury over the surrogacy. Things heat up between Jade and Seb at salsa class. Dani vows she'll n...
Episode 3640
WatchedS16E220: Episode 3640
Aired: Fri, 2003-11-14
Alf gives Alex some horrifying news. Judgement day for Dani - will she be let out of prison? Kit prepares a big surprise for Noah.
Episode 3639
WatchedS16E219: Episode 3639
Aired: Thu, 2003-11-13
Kane's shocking secret is exposed. How will Leah tell her parents about the baby? Tasha agrees to help find her real parents.
Episode 3638
WatchedS16E218: Episode 3638
Aired: Wed, 2003-11-12
Kane asks Rhys for Kirsty's hand in marriage. Dani learns the rules of prison life the hard way. Jesse is worried his business is dying.
Episode 3637
WatchedS16E217: Episode 3637
Aired: Tue, 2003-11-11
Dani's chances of release are dealt a devastating blow. Seb and Jade agree to a date. Irene kicks Kit out.
Episode 3636
WatchedS16E216: Episode 3636
Aired: Mon, 2003-11-10
Scott's aggression towards Kane reaches boiling point. Money has gone missing from the school, but who's the culprit? Irene takes on a new boarder, much to Rhys' dismay. Jesse and Hayley struggle to cope in the gym with no eq...
Episode 3635
WatchedS16E215: Episode 3635
Aired: Fri, 2003-11-07
Kirsty is horrified when Kane is sprung at the school. A witness who could save Dani from jail comes forward. Will Josh get away with repossessing the gym equipment? Max is thrilled to learn Eloise's wish will be granted.
Episode 3634
WatchedS16E214: Episode 3634
Aired: Thu, 2003-11-06
Tasha's afraid of discovering who she really is. Is Leah pregnant? Jade tries to woo Seb - but will he succumb? Sally and Flynn are at loggerheads over Kane. Morag is touched by Alf's kind gesture.
Episode 3633
WatchedS16E213: Episode 3633
Aired: Wed, 2003-11-05
Irene is shocked by news of Tasha's real identity. Who's broken into Sally and Flynn's house? Morag warns Scott not to let the door close on Dani now.
Episode 3632
WatchedS16E212: Episode 3632
Aired: Tue, 2003-11-04
Is this the end for Kane and Kirsty? Scott vows to get Dani out of prison - but how? Jesse and Leah make a huge decision in their relationship. Morag provides the key to Dani's appeal.
Episode 3631
WatchedS16E211: Episode 3631
Aired: Mon, 2003-11-03
Dani is cast into the frightening reality of prison life. Can the Sutherlands pick up the pieces and go on? Tasha makes a startling confession about her past. Noah cuts all ties with Kit.
Episode 3630
WatchedS16E210: Episode 3630
Aired: Fri, 2003-10-31
A verdict is reached - will Dani be found guilty or not guilty? Tasha gets violent with Kit. Alex and Hayley are shocked by some devastating news. Someone leaves Summer Bay humiliated, but whom?
Episode 3629
WatchedS16E209: Episode 3629
Aired: Thu, 2003-10-30
Shocking twists and turns as the trial continues. Have Noah and Flynn made things worse for Dani? Kirsty deserts Kane and returns to her family.
Episode 3628
WatchedS16E208: Episode 3628
Aired: Wed, 2003-10-29
The trial begins. Has Kane returned to Summer Bay for revenge? Kirsty is shattered when she's rejected by Shelley. The Starlight Foundation answers Max's prayers.
Episode 3627
WatchedS16E207: Episode 3627
Aired: Tue, 2003-10-28
Tasha escapes, cracking under the pressure. Alex, Hayley and Jesse are bitterly divided over the gym. Can Seb and Jade ever be friends again?
Episode 3626
WatchedS16E206: Episode 3626
Aired: Mon, 2003-10-27
Seb shatters Jade's world. Will Noah accept Josh's bribe? Tasha feels deserted by Irene. Will Leah go through with the surrogacy?
Episode 3625
WatchedS16E205: Episode 3625
Aired: Fri, 2003-10-24
Tasha skips school to spend time with Josh. Leah is having second thoughts about being a surrogate mother for Sally's baby.
Episode 3624
WatchedS16E204: Episode 3624
Aired: Thu, 2003-10-23
Irene confides in Flynn with her worries about Tasha and Josh. How will the outcome of the trial affect Kane and Kirsty's future? The surrogacy plans go ahead.
Episode 3623
WatchedS16E203: Episode 3623
Aired: Wed, 2003-10-22
Shelley arrives back in the Bay with her new lawyer boyfriend. Kit decides to quit Alcoholics Anonymous, much to Irene's horror. Tasha is finally beginning to recover memories of her past. A slip-of-the-tounge from Rhys cause...
Episode 3622
WatchedS16E202: Episode 3622
Aired: Tue, 2003-10-21
Toby's lies catch up with him. Kane returns to the Bay and confronts Rhys.
Episode 3621
WatchedS16E201: Episode 3621
Aired: Mon, 2003-10-20
Morag arrives in Summer Bay to preside over Dani's trial. Alex is charged by the police.
Episode 3620
WatchedS16E200: Episode 3620
Aired: Fri, 2003-10-17
Will Tasha be tempted by Josh's devious ways? Jesse is charged with possession. Alf destroys Noah's bike.
Episode 3619
WatchedS16E199: Episode 3619
Aired: Thu, 2003-10-16
Kirsty sells out to Josh. Has Irene ruined Dani's chances for a fair trial? Alex begs Hayley for forgiveness.
Episode 3618
WatchedS16E198: Episode 3618
Aired: Wed, 2003-10-15
Will Kirsty ever be part of the family again? Jesse catches Alex taking steroids. Dani and Scott are at extreme loggerheads.
Episode 3617
WatchedS16E197: Episode 3617
Aired: Tue, 2003-10-14
Has Alf's vision come true? Alex finds out about the surrogacy plans. Noah blames himself for the accident.
Episode 3616
WatchedS16E196: Episode 3616
Aired: Mon, 2003-10-13
Jade and Tobey's relationship sends Seb over the edge. Leah is upset by Sally and Flynn's "contract" for the surrogacy. Dani is told to accept Morag as the Judge for her trial. Alf is asked to identify Seb's body.
Episode 3615
WatchedS16E195: Episode 3615
Aired: Thu, 2003-10-09
Alex has passed the point of no return. Beth sells the farm, signifying a new start with Rhys.
Episode 3614
WatchedS16E194: Episode 3614
Aired: Thu, 2003-10-09
Will Kirsty escape a vicious attack? Sally and Flynn have major concerns over the surrogacy.
Episode 3613
WatchedS16E193: Episode 3613
Aired: Wed, 2003-10-08
Alex's behaviour disturbs Hayley - is it over between them? Noah beats Josh at his own game. Josh takes a professional interest in Tasha.
Episode 3612
WatchedS16E192: Episode 3612
Aired: Tue, 2003-10-07
Jade is intrigued by Toby. Josh makes a shock announcement to Dani. Noah fights back.
Episode 3611
WatchedS16E191: Episode 3611
Aired: Mon, 2003-10-06
Leah big decision causes a rift with Jesse. Alex is refusing to admit the extent of his knee injury to Hayley.
Episode 3610
WatchedS16E190: Episode 3610
Aired: Fri, 2003-10-03
Leah's decision shocks Flynn and Sally. Max makes another of Eloise's wishes come true. Tasha loses control in class and hurts Irene.
Episode 3609
WatchedS16E189: Episode 3609
Aired: Thu, 2003-10-02
Jade agrees to a date with the new love of her life, Toby. Jesse gets violent trying to stop Alex making a stupid decision. Alf confesses to deceiving Seb. How much will Alex risk for his dream?
Episode 3608
WatchedS16E188: Episode 3608
Aired: Wed, 2003-10-01
Alex is on the verge of making the mistake of his life. Dani's emotional stability is in question. What is Leah plotting?
Episode 3607
WatchedS16E187: Episode 3607
Aired: Tue, 2003-09-30
Kirsty leaves Summer Bay. Noah's future is on the line as he faces expulsion from university. Jade is scared of telling Seb the truth.
Episode 3606 (aka
WatchedS16E186: Episode 3606 (aka "Fallout")
Aired: Mon, 2003-09-29
Alex returns to the Bay, but what is he hiding? Dani's reeling after being charged with attempted murder. Will Dani reveal the truth about her infidelity? Alf plays cupid between Seb and Jade.
Episode 3605
WatchedS16E185: Episode 3605
Aired: Fri, 2003-09-26
Dani's life is changed forever. Alf devises a plot to help Seb recover. Kane is caught lying to the police.
Episode 3604
WatchedS16E184: Episode 3604
Aired: Thu, 2003-09-25
The hit-and-run investigation continues. Seb inadvertently makes things worse for Dani with the police. How will Max keep his promise, and make Eloise's wishes come true? Jade and Noah worry Seb is in denial about his eating ...
Episode 3603
WatchedS16E183: Episode 3603
Aired: Wed, 2003-09-24
Kirsty is convinced that Dani wanted Kane to die. Irene offers Kit one final chance to redeem herself. Will Dani call the police, and who will they believe?
Episode 3602
WatchedS16E182: Episode 3602
Aired: Tue, 2003-09-23
Did Dani run Kane down on purpose? Dani is shocked that Ross has left his wife for her. Rhys struggles to support Dani, while consoling Kirsty.
Episode 3601 (aka
WatchedS16E181: Episode 3601 (aka "Turn Back the Night")
Aired: Mon, 2003-09-22
A shock accident leaves a life hanging in the balance. Dani has an encounter with her lecturer, leaving her distraught. Is Dani on the verge of a nervous breakdown?
Episode 3600
WatchedS16E180: Episode 3600
Aired: Fri, 2003-09-19
Kane and Kirsty take off, with Dani and Scott in hot pursuit. Rhys and Beth worry for Dani's mental state. Jade's secret admirer strikes again. Dani is comforted by her lecturer, Ross.
Episode 3599
WatchedS16E179: Episode 3599
Aired: Thu, 2003-09-18
Flynn gives Kit an ultimatum - stop drinking or risk death. Jesse and Noah realise Dani is in serious trouble. Will Colleen give in and continue her treatment?
Episode 3598
WatchedS16E178: Episode 3598
Aired: Wed, 2003-09-17
Noah takes an urgent helpline call - Kit is in trouble. Dani's lecturer visits her at home. Is he being too friendly? Is Seb hiding his true feelings for Jade?
Episode 3597
WatchedS16E177: Episode 3597
Aired: Tue, 2003-09-16
The Hunters' farm is trashed and robbed. Is Seb Jade's mystery admirer? Kirsty is furious that Kane is blamed for everything. Beth moves in with Rhys - how will she fit in?
Episode 3596
WatchedS16E176: Episode 3596
Aired: Mon, 2003-09-15
Tasha is unexpectedly kidnapped - how does she escape? Jade is one step closer to unmasking her secret admirer. Flynn's life is threatened at the Surgery. Colleen refuses to continue with chemotherapy.
Episode 3595
WatchedS16E175: Episode 3595
Aired: Fri, 2003-09-12
Nick is overwhelmed by his teary farewell. Kane is stunned by a surprise visitor to the Bay. Dani is shocked to be reacquainted with Will. Tasha defends Kane when he finds her in the bush.
Episode 3594
WatchedS16E174: Episode 3594
Aired: Thu, 2003-09-11
Tasha assaults a teacher and flees. Nick goes to court - what will be his sentence? Colleen meets the man of her dreams. Will Beth agree to move in with Rhys?
Episode 3593
WatchedS16E173: Episode 3593
Aired: Wed, 2003-09-10
Tasha tries to smother Nick during a seizure. Paris says a tearful goodbye to Irene and Summer Bay. Seb is seriously hurt at the gym, but was it deliberate?
Episode 3592
WatchedS16E172: Episode 3592
Aired: Tue, 2003-09-09
Paris gets some devastating news. Kit's first day at school is a disaster. Will Kirsty heed her family's warning and stay away from Kane? Sally fears Max is getting too close to Eloise.
Episode 3591
WatchedS16E171: Episode 3591
Aired: Mon, 2003-09-08
Nick fears Seb is in grave danger. Will Nick's charges stop him fulfilling his dream? Kane threatens Kit, leaving her shattered.
Episode 3590
WatchedS16E170: Episode 3590
Aired: Fri, 2003-09-05
Kane loses everything he's got in a puff of smoke. Nick is offered a movie deal overseas - will he take it? Alex leaves for the city to pursue his dream. Max's book launch is a disaster.
Episode 3589
WatchedS16E169: Episode 3589
Aired: Thu, 2003-09-04
Kane threatens revenge on Nick and Seb. Leah is stuck at the airport without her ticket and passport. The police arrive to investigate Kane.
Episode 3588
WatchedS16E168: Episode 3588
Aired: Wed, 2003-09-03
Nick and Seb hold the key to forcing Kane to leave - will they use it? Kit struggles to be part of the Sutherland family. Jesse and Leah are closer than ever the night before she's off to the US. How long can Noah keep his se...
Episode 3587
WatchedS16E167: Episode 3587
Aired: Tue, 2003-09-02
Dani disappears - is her life in danger? Alex asks Hayley to move to the city with him. Noah threatens to put Kane away once and for all.
Episode 3586
WatchedS16E166: Episode 3586
Aired: Mon, 2003-09-01
Irene is shocked when Tasha reveals she knows Kane. Will the Sutherlands allow Kirsty to see Kane? Jade loses the thing she values most.
Episode 3585
WatchedS16E165: Episode 3585
Aired: Fri, 2003-08-29
Rhys gives Kirsty an impossible ultimatum. Kane realises he should never cross Jesse. Is Irene having a nervous breakdown? Jane Doe's real name is discovered.
Episode 3584
WatchedS16E164: Episode 3584
Aired: Thu, 2003-08-28
Will Beth move in with the Sutherlands permanently? Will Kirsty ever speak to Dani again? Alex lays down the law to Hayley. Fears mount for Seb's eating problem.
Episode 3583
WatchedS16E163: Episode 3583
Aired: Wed, 2003-08-27
Alex is torn between his dreams and his responsibilities. Dani tries to cut a deal with Kane to leave town. Rhys is incensed to discover what Kirsty is up to. Kirsty lies to her father.
Episode 3582
WatchedS16E162: Episode 3582
Aired: Tue, 2003-08-26
Nick risks his life, but blows his one big chance. Will Alf's prophecy about Seb dying come true? Seb vows revenge on Kane.
Episode 3581
WatchedS16E161: Episode 3581
Aired: Mon, 2003-08-25
Flynn is concerned at the seriousness of Nick's condition. Dani is horrified to discover Kirsty is seeing Kane. Nick escapes out of hospital to attend his audition.
Episode 3580
WatchedS16E160: Episode 3580
Aired: Fri, 2003-08-22
Nick and Paris are involved in a car accident. Seb's on a path of self destruction, miserable without Kirsty. Will Alex live out his childhood dream?
Episode 3579
WatchedS16E159: Episode 3579
Aired: Thu, 2003-08-21
Jesse catches Kane red-handed. Kirsty shatters Seb with her lies. Jane Doe's memory is triggered when she sees Kane.
Episode 3578
WatchedS16E158: Episode 3578
Aired: Wed, 2003-08-20
Dani confronts her lecturer about his inappropriate behaviour. Dani and Scott catch Noah in Kit's arms. Irene takes the mystery girl in, but is it more than she can deal with?
Episode 3577
WatchedS16E157: Episode 3577
Aired: Tue, 2003-08-19
Will Dani discover the truth about Kirsty and Kane? Dani makes a shocking discovery about her lecturer. Has Max lost Colleen's friendship forever? Noah refuses to save Kit from the law.
Episode 3576
WatchedS16E156: Episode 3576
Aired: Mon, 2003-08-18
Kane and Kirsty embark on a secret relationship - until Jade and Hayley discover the truth. Alf offers the answers to Leah's prayers.
Episode 3575
WatchedS16E155: Episode 3575
Aired: Fri, 2003-08-15
It's crunch time for Kirsty. Will she choose Seb or Kane? Max is devastated after learning the truth about Eloise. Leah's plans are thrown into turmoil. Nick gets the offer of a life time.
Episode 3574
WatchedS16E154: Episode 3574
Aired: Thu, 2003-08-14
Will Irene come to Jane's rescue? Leah's dreams come true when opportunity knocks. Noah is excited by a new scheme for the DIC.
Episode 3573
WatchedS16E153: Episode 3573
Aired: Wed, 2003-08-13
What is Kane's secret? Jane speaks for the first time. Max devises a plan to help Colleen.
Episode 3572
WatchedS16E152: Episode 3572
Aired: Tue, 2003-08-12
Jade is horrified when she discovers the truth about Nick. Will Irene give up the pills for good? Jesse is surprised by an offer he can't refuse.
Episode 3571
WatchedS16E151: Episode 3571
Aired: Mon, 2003-08-11
Kirsty makes a shocking declaration to Kane. Seb violently lashes out at his rival. Leah persists with VJ, against all odds.
Episode 3570
WatchedS16E150: Episode 3570
Aired: Fri, 2003-08-08
Kirsty is torn by her feelings for Seb and Kane. Hayley and Alex make a life altering decision. Leah clings to new hope with VJ.
Episode 3569
WatchedS16E149: Episode 3569
Aired: Thu, 2003-08-07
Kirsty is shocked and confused by Kane's return. Dani's world comes crashing down around her. Paris makes a shocking discovery about Irene.
Episode 3568
WatchedS16E148: Episode 3568
Aired: Wed, 2003-08-06
Kane returns to Summer Bay Jesse fears Irene is in serious trouble. Flynn makes a huge break through with 'Jane Doe'.
Episode 3567
WatchedS16E147: Episode 3567
Aired: Tue, 2003-08-05
Will Nick finally reveal the truth? Jesse declares his love for Leah, but how will she respond? Seb fears Dylan is coming back for Kirsty.
Episode 3566
WatchedS16E146: Episode 3566
Aired: Mon, 2003-08-04
Jesse faces going back to jail for a crime Nick committed. Dani finds the courage to confront Scott about their engagement. Leah is mortified over VJ's test results.
Episode 3565
WatchedS16E145: Episode 3565
Aired: Fri, 2003-08-01
Scott proposes to Dani - but what will she say? Irene spirals further into depression after an awful discovery. An unexpected crisis for Leah tears her world apart.
Episode 3564
WatchedS16E144: Episode 3564
Aired: Thu, 2003-07-31
Jesse is arrested for car theft. Who is the mystery girl Max finds on the beach? Seb fears for Nick's well-being, watching him lose the plot. Josh fires Jesse from the gym once and for all.
Episode 3563
WatchedS16E143: Episode 3563
Aired: Wed, 2003-07-30
Jesse tries to stop Nick from ruining his life, with dire results. Will Dani call it quits with Scott? Hayley is accused of stealing the painting.
Episode 3562
WatchedS16E142: Episode 3562
Aired: Tue, 2003-07-29
Will Noah resort to blackmail to stop Josh? Max is distraught by the suffering awaiting Colleen. Withdrawn behaviour sparks fears for Irene's health.
Episode 3561
WatchedS16E141: Episode 3561
Aired: Mon, 2003-07-28
Scott accuses Dani of playing games with their relationship. Noah makes a major breakthrough with Kit. Alf clashes with Scott as the boat thief is revealed. Jade is incensed when Nick demands she drop out of the play. Have Ha...
Episode 3560
WatchedS16E140: Episode 3560
Aired: Fri, 2003-07-25
Episode 3559
WatchedS16E139: Episode 3559
Aired: Thu, 2003-07-24
Episode 3558
WatchedS16E138: Episode 3558
Aired: Wed, 2003-07-23
Episode 3557
WatchedS16E137: Episode 3557
Aired: Tue, 2003-07-22
Episode 3556
WatchedS16E136: Episode 3556
Aired: Mon, 2003-07-21
Episode 3555
WatchedS16E135: Episode 3555
Aired: Fri, 2003-07-18
Episode 3554
WatchedS16E134: Episode 3554
Aired: Thu, 2003-07-17
Episode 3553
WatchedS16E133: Episode 3553
Aired: Wed, 2003-07-16
Episode 3552
WatchedS16E132: Episode 3552
Aired: Tue, 2003-07-15
Episode 3551
WatchedS16E131: Episode 3551
Aired: Mon, 2003-07-14
Episode 3550
WatchedS16E130: Episode 3550
Aired: Fri, 2003-07-11
Colleen is devastated by the results of her tests, and decides to share her bad news with her loved ones. Rhys loses control with Nick, who's desperate to win Jade back. Max falls head over heels in love with the new girl at ...
Episode 3549
WatchedS16E129: Episode 3549
Aired: Thu, 2003-07-10
Nick returns to school after being kicked off the show, and faces the wrath of Jade, who promptly announces she never wants to see him again. Alex declares his love for Hayley. Scott and Dani suspect that Noah has deeper feel...
Episode 3548
WatchedS16E128: Episode 3548
Aired: Wed, 2003-07-09
Max helps Colleen finally see sense and persuades her to have the biopsy. Jesse is devastated by Leah's leaving plans. Nick horrifies Jade on the reality TV show, and she takes drastic steps to have her revenge. Rhys wonders ...
Episode 3547
WatchedS16E127: Episode 3547
Aired: Tue, 2003-07-08
Leah makes a controversial decision about her future which stuns Hayley. Nick is shocked to fall victim to a set-up on the set of "The Dorm". With Colleen still refusing treatment, Flynn begins to feel the strain of being a d...
Episode 3546
WatchedS16E126: Episode 3546
Aired: Mon, 2003-07-07
Flynn is alarmed by Colleen's refusal to undergo treatment for her cancer. Alf, Scott and Constable Correlli face drama on the high seas. Leah is tempted by a lucrative business deal to buy her cookie recipe. Nick stands up t...
Episode 3545
WatchedS16E125: Episode 3545
Aired: Fri, 2003-07-04
Colleen tries to avoid her health worries, and is devastated by her mammogram results. A mortified Nick is humiliated on national television as "The Dorm" begins. Kirsty and Jade struggle to accept Beth. Jesse feels everyone ...
Episode 3544
WatchedS16E124: Episode 3544
Aired: Thu, 2003-07-03
Nick learns an important lesson about intolerance as the search begins for Christopher Fletcher. Mikey is shattered when Scott has no option but to fire him. Colleen starts working as Flynn's receptionist and is alarmed to di...
Episode 3543
WatchedS16E123: Episode 3543
Aired: Wed, 2003-07-02
Seb tries to set Chris straight, and feels terrible when he disappears. Meanwhile, Nick begins to realise what's going on. Sally and Flynn return to a wonderful surprise, and Mikey makes waves. Noah and Alex ask Scott to move...
Episode 3542
WatchedS16E122: Episode 3542
Aired: Tue, 2003-07-01
Seb's friendship with Chris takes an unexpected turn, leaving him reeling. Paris and Irene are of the same mind. Could Scott replace Hayley by moving into the Palace with Noah and Alex?
Episode 3541
WatchedS16E121: Episode 3541
Aired: Mon, 2003-06-30
Leah begins to crack under the strain of her cookie business. Alex struggles to deal with Hayley moving out of the Palace – and moving in with Leah. Dani feels Scott is slipping away from her. Max attempts to win back Cailti...
Episode 3540
WatchedS16E120: Episode 3540
Aired: Fri, 2003-06-27
Scott is left devastated by the death of his best friend. Hayley shocks Alex with some unexpected news – she's moving out of the Palace. Max and Tamara say their farewells and go their separate ways.
Episode 3539
WatchedS16E119: Episode 3539
Aired: Thu, 2003-06-26
Summer Bay says a tearful goodbye to Colleen as she goes to live with Lance, but does she really want to leave? Nick demonstrates his dislike for Chris, who is hiding a dark secret – and only Mikey seems to know what it is.
Episode 3538
WatchedS16E118: Episode 3538
Aired: Wed, 2003-06-25
It's the big day, but anything which can go wrong seems to be doing so. Flynn and the guests wait anxiously for the missing Sally, who is stranded in the bush with Leah, and covered in mud. When they finally make it to the we...
Episode 3537
WatchedS16E117: Episode 3537
Aired: Tue, 2003-06-24
Sally tries to combat her pre-wedding nerves, and disaster strikes as Scott takes Sal and Leah to the wedding in the horse-drawn carriage. Flynn finds he's the one having to calm down his best man, Jesse. Confusion reigns ove...
Episode 3536
WatchedS16E116: Episode 3536
Aired: Mon, 2003-06-23
Flynn places his life in jeopardy trying to come to Sophie's aid as she gives birth. Old faces return to Summer Bay for the wedding, and there's a surprise visitor who will make Sally's big day complete, but is she having sec...
Episode 3535
WatchedS16E115: Episode 3535
Aired: Fri, 2003-06-20
The bucks and hens parties become dramatically entwined.
Episode 3534
WatchedS16E114: Episode 3534
Aired: Thu, 2003-06-19
Scott gets Jacko back - but he's not in good shape. Colleen is tired of being taken for granted. Alex is disheartened to realise Hayley may not be in love with him. Kirsty is nervous about taking things further with Seb. Rhys...
Episode 3533
WatchedS16E113: Episode 3533
Aired: Wed, 2003-06-18
Kit leaves Summer Bay. Fisher can't give Sally away, who will she ask? Paris and Nick are at loggerheads.
Episode 3532
WatchedS16E112: Episode 3532
Aired: Tue, 2003-06-17
Noah puts the pressure back on Kit. Kirsty is overwhelmed by Seb's romantic gestures. Max is unexpectedly bedridden.
Episode 3531
WatchedS16E111: Episode 3531
Aired: Mon, 2003-06-16
Leah finally deals with her grief. Flynn isn't coping well with pre-wedding stress. Kirsty gets a huge bunch of flowers, but from whom?
Episode 3530
WatchedS16E110: Episode 3530
Aired: Fri, 2003-06-13
Episode 3529
WatchedS16E109: Episode 3529
Aired: Thu, 2003-06-12
Episode 3528
WatchedS16E108: Episode 3528
Aired: Wed, 2003-06-11
Hayley and Alex kiss. Jade and Nick audition for "The Dorm". Jesse continues to investigate the possibilty of Vinnie surviving the prison fire. Leah tells Jesse once and for all to leave her alone.
Episode 3527
WatchedS16E107: Episode 3527
Aired: Tue, 2003-06-10
Hayley's exhibition is a huge success - or so she believes. Kit finally seems to be on the mend.
Episode 3526
WatchedS16E106: Episode 3526
Aired: Mon, 2003-06-09
Leah's prowler trouble continues. Colleen swallows her pride and caves to Josh's deal. Sally's search for a wedding dress ends.
Episode 3525
WatchedS16E105: Episode 3525
Aired: Fri, 2003-06-06
Jesse's astonishing theory on the identity of Leah's prowler shocks Irene. Alex bites the bullet and declares his love for Hayley. Alf's dreams of love are shattered.
Episode 3524
WatchedS16E104: Episode 3524
Aired: Thu, 2003-06-05
Anguish envelopes Scott when Kit is rushed to hospital. Jesse's fears for Leah's safety escalate. Alf is shaken when Maureen reveals her true feelings for him. Nick and Jade get a shot at TV stardom.
Episode 3523
WatchedS16E103: Episode 3523
Aired: Wed, 2003-06-04
Kit stretches Dani's patience to the limit. Jade and Kirsty are frantic when Max runs away. Seb is disturbed that Alf is moving too fast with Maureen.
Episode 3522
WatchedS16E102: Episode 3522
Aired: Tue, 2003-06-03
Dani is furious when Rhys is forced to accept Kit into the family. Kirsty is mortified to find her father kissing Beth. Noah pressures Alex about revealing his feelings to Hayley.
Episode 3521
WatchedS16E101: Episode 3521
Aired: Mon, 2003-06-02
Alex makes Sally and Flynn's dream come true. Max is shocked to learn of Tamara's return - but what about Caitlin? Nick struggles to live with his school principal. Colleen is outraged by Kit's behaviour.
Episode 3520
WatchedS16E100: Episode 3520
Aired: Fri, 2003-05-30
Sally and Flynn panic over losing their house, Dani and Scott grow worried as the search for Kit continues, and who is the mystery stranger who saved Colleen?
Episode 3519
WatchedS16E99: Episode 3519
Aired: Thu, 2003-05-29
Noah agrees to see Kit after she breaks down in tears. Hayley kisses Alex innocently, but is there more to it? And Flynn is concerned when he finds Kit gone from the hospital.
Episode 3518
WatchedS16E98: Episode 3518
Aired: Wed, 2003-05-28
Flynn and Sally find Kit in serious trouble by the beach, Irene finally makes her mind up about Paris, and Alf gets himself into hot water with Maureen.
Episode 3517
WatchedS16E97: Episode 3517
Aired: Tue, 2003-05-27
Colleen survives but has no idea how she got out of the hole and no one is sure who sent Leah the flowers. Is Rhys prepared to sue Josh to buy back the caravan park?
Episode 3516
WatchedS16E96: Episode 3516
Aired: Mon, 2003-05-26
Hayley's latest artwork turns into a medical emergency for Alex, Max panics after seeing Colleen fall into the cave and is Jesse stalking Leah?
Episode 3515
WatchedS16E95: Episode 3515
Aired: Fri, 2003-05-23
An earthquake strikes as the Sutherlands prepare to lose their home. Leah's house is bought by a mysterious benefactor while nerves mount for Hayley as her art exhibition draws near.
Episode 3514
WatchedS16E94: Episode 3514
Aired: Thu, 2003-05-22
Scott vows to do whatever it takes to help his sister while Seb is worried that Kirsty is still in love with Dylan.
Episode 3513
WatchedS16E93: Episode 3513
Aired: Wed, 2003-05-21
Seb and Nick are off the hook but no one knows who really owns the drugs. Flynn gives Kit a choice to stop drinking or else she will die.
Episode 3512
WatchedS16E92: Episode 3512
Aired: Tue, 2003-05-20
Has Max taken his practical 'ghost jokes' a little too far? Seb and Nick are sprung with drugs in class. Against the P&C, Paris refuses to do a locker search.
Episode 3511
WatchedS16E91: Episode 3511
Aired: Mon, 2003-05-19
Jesse fears he has destroyed his relationship with Leah while Max enters phase two of his plan to try to save the house.
Episode 3510
WatchedS16E90: Episode 3510
Aired: Fri, 2003-05-16
Dylan bids an emotional farewell to his family. Alex reconciles with his brother. Kit pushes Noah as far as he will go.
Episode 3509
WatchedS16E89: Episode 3509
Aired: Thu, 2003-05-15
Leah is shocked and betrayed by Jesse's deceit. Alex's party is marred by family drama, resulting in his father's collapse. Max comes up with a plan to save the house.
Episode 3508
WatchedS16E88: Episode 3508
Aired: Wed, 2003-05-14
Dani goes on a quest to save her home from demolition. Max is arrested. Alf's proposal to Maureen does not go to plan. Nick decides to join Jade in her audition.
Episode 3507
WatchedS16E87: Episode 3507
Aired: Tue, 2003-05-13
Noah finds himself getting nowhere with Kit. Colleen tries to stop her daughter from eloping with Alf. Alex struggles to deal with his parents' expectations.
Episode 3506
WatchedS16E86: Episode 3506
Aired: Mon, 2003-05-12
Jesse deceives Leah, but is hurt when she hides their relationship from her family. Seb challenges Dylan's concept of love. Alf and Scott strike a partnership in the boat.
Episode 3505
WatchedS16E85: Episode 3505
Aired: Fri, 2003-05-09
Will Jesse find VJ before Leah returns? Seb can't believe what Kirsty has done. Nick and Seb are hailed as heroes of the nursing home. Is there love on the horizon for Rhys?
Episode 3504
WatchedS16E84: Episode 3504
Aired: Thu, 2003-05-08
Kirsty and Dylan give in to a once forbidden desire. Sally gives Flynn her answer. Alex begins coaching the girls soccer team.
Episode 3503
WatchedS16E83: Episode 3503
Aired: Wed, 2003-05-07
Will Dylan leave Summer Bay? Flynn pops the question to Sally. Scott is shocked to learn his sister is a thief.
Episode 3502
WatchedS16E82: Episode 3502
Aired: Tue, 2003-05-06
Noah is frantic as a kid's life hangs in the balance. Will Nick and Seb get the proof needed at the nursing home? Paris persuades Irene to give him, and her job, another chance. Alf pressures Flynn about proposing to Sally.
Episode 3501
WatchedS16E81: Episode 3501
Aired: Mon, 2003-05-05
Nick and Seb grow fearful of Gladys's safety. Alex struggles to hide his true feelings for Hayley. Is Flynn losing faith in the idea of marriage?
Episode 3500
WatchedS16E80: Episode 3500
Aired: Fri, 2003-05-02
Leah loses her faith in Jesse to be a good father. Flynn abandons his proposal plans. Nick and Seb uncover something sinister at the nursing home. Romance blossoms for Alf and Maureen.
Episode 3499
WatchedS16E79: Episode 3499
Aired: Thu, 2003-05-01
Irene finds she can no longer work with Paris. Nick finds community service a rewarding experience. Hayley forces Noah to face some home truths about himself.
Episode 3498
WatchedS16E78: Episode 3498
Aired: Wed, 2003-04-30
Corruption catches up with Josh, forcing him to flee Summer Bay. Alf asks Maureen out on a date. Flynn is frustrated by Sally's attitude to marriage.
Episode 3497
WatchedS16E77: Episode 3497
Aired: Tue, 2003-04-29
Dylan makes a sacrifice for his sisters. Josh is torn when he discovers his father is very ill. Jade and Kirsty are treated like celebrities at school.
Episode 3496
WatchedS16E76: Episode 3496
Aired: Mon, 2003-04-28
The killer is revealed. Hayley threatens to quit the gym if Jesse is sacked. Dylan seriously considers leaving the bay.
Episode 3495
WatchedS16E75: Episode 3495
Aired: Fri, 2003-04-25
Josh's mysterious behaviour catches him out. Rhys fears Dani may be involved in the murder. Noah meets Scott's rebellious younger sister.
Episode 3494
WatchedS16E74: Episode 3494
Aired: Thu, 2003-04-24
Irene lies to the police. The net begins to close in on Nick. Colleen finds Flynn a replacement for the Drop-In Centre. Hayley revels in playing matchmaker for Alex.
Episode 3493
WatchedS16E73: Episode 3493
Aired: Wed, 2003-04-23
The police trip Rhys up in his story. Concern mounts for Jesse's involvement.
Episode 3492
WatchedS16E72: Episode 3492
Aired: Tue, 2003-04-22
Will Nick reveal his awful secret? Josh accuses Jesse of lying to the police. Noah fears his worlds are colliding.
Episode 3491
WatchedS16E71: Episode 3491
Aired: Mon, 2003-04-21
Murder in the Bay - the hunt for the killer begins. Leah stands by her man amidst accusations of his involvement. Colleen gets a second chance to know her daughter.
Episode 3490
WatchedS16E70: Episode 3490
Aired: Fri, 2003-04-18
Jesse makes a chilling discovery. Colleen has a tearful reunion with a stranger in the bay. Max spurns Josh and his ruthless plans. Leah is disturbed to realise Jesse does not believe in God.
Episode 3489
WatchedS16E69: Episode 3489
Aired: Thu, 2003-04-17
Angie publicly humiliates Rhys. The fundraiser is a success, and a disaster. Rhys meets someone new.
Episode 3488
WatchedS16E68: Episode 3488
Aired: Wed, 2003-04-16
Noah loses a friend in Nick. Flynn is disturbed by Angie's state of mind. Rhys is fined.
Episode 3487
WatchedS16E67: Episode 3487
Aired: Tue, 2003-04-15
Nick flies into a violent rage over Angie. Are Dani and Scott engaged? Alex loses his nerve with Hayley. Paris pleads with Irene for another chance.
Episode 3486
WatchedS16E66: Episode 3486
Aired: Mon, 2003-04-14
Will Dylan stand by his mother, or remain with the Sutherlands? Nick's ordeal with Angie is far from over. Dani is forced to reassess her feelings for Scott. Josh is worried that he no longer fits in with Summer Bay.
Episode 3485
WatchedS16E65: Episode 3485
Aired: Fri, 2003-04-11
A disgraced Angie is forced to leave the school. Jesse's future hangs in the balance as he faces dismissal from the gym. Josh makes Rhys a tempting offer to save the caravan park.
Episode 3484
WatchedS16E64: Episode 3484
Aired: Thu, 2003-04-10
Nick becomes the bait to entrap Angie. Kirsty chooses between Seb and Dylan. Dani meets Scott's wife. A major art dealer takes interest in Hayley's work.
Episode 3483
WatchedS16E63: Episode 3483
Aired: Wed, 2003-04-09
Rhys discovers he is not Dylan's father. Dani is fired. Will Jade's scheme to incriminate Angie work?
Episode 3482
WatchedS16E62: Episode 3482
Aired: Tue, 2003-04-08
Irene blows her date with Trevor. Alf quashes Seb's plans for a motorcycle licence. Will Nick get the chance to finally clear his name?
Episode 3481
WatchedS16E61: Episode 3481
Aired: Mon, 2003-04-07
Hayley gets her wires crossed about Noah's intentions. Scott fears Dani may be next on Angie's revenge list. Josh feels his life in Summer Bay is beginning to crumble away.
Episode 3480
WatchedS16E60: Episode 3480
Aired: Fri, 2003-04-04
Scott's livelihood goes up in flames. Kirsty brings devastating news from Shelley. Max saves Colleen's neck at the eleventh hour.
Episode 3479
WatchedS16E59: Episode 3479
Aired: Thu, 2003-04-03
Nick is dismissed from Summer Bay High. Dani tries enlisting Flynn's help to uncover the truth about Dylan. Hayley has to break her true feelings to Josh.
Episode 3478
WatchedS16E58: Episode 3478
Aired: Wed, 2003-04-02
Flynn tells Sally of his plans to change career. Josh comes up with a rescue package for the drop-in centre. Hayley's painting is hailed a masterpiece.
Episode 3477
WatchedS16E57: Episode 3477
Aired: Tue, 2003-04-01
Irene and Paris give in to temptation - but will it last? Josh conquers his fear of the ocean. Jesse is frustrated that Alf may ruin his chances with Leah.
Episode 3476
WatchedS16E56: Episode 3476
Aired: Mon, 2003-03-31
Angie makes a shattering discovery about her son - and his father. Alf is back, amidst fears his curse may come true. Nick fears he is being targeted by other students.
Episode 3475
WatchedS16E55: Episode 3475
Aired: Fri, 2003-03-28
Dani gives Scott an ultimatum - she won't be with a married man. Dylan has an accident at the boatshed. Angie loses her position of power at the school. Colleen gets a sobering reality check from Noah.
Episode 3474
WatchedS16E54: Episode 3474
Aired: Thu, 2003-03-27
Hayley is disgusted by Noah's ulterior motives in moving Alex in. Max bids a sad farewell to his first love - Tamara. Josh struggles to deal with his phobia of water. Rhys is alarmed that Colleen may have squandered all her m...
Episode 3473
WatchedS16E53: Episode 3473
Aired: Wed, 2003-03-26
Nick goes on trial for assault. Hayley is concerned by Josh's eccentric behaviour. Colleen's addiction rears its ugly head again.
Episode 3472
WatchedS16E52: Episode 3472
Aired: Tue, 2003-03-25
Sally and Flynn get the devastating news about the baby. Jesse asks Leah to marry him. Scott tells Dani there is another woman - his wife. Rhys finally sees through Angie.
Episode 3471
WatchedS16E51: Episode 3471
Aired: Mon, 2003-03-24
Sophie is rushed to hospital - will Flynn and Sally lose their baby? Will Dani find out about Scott's secret past? Irene resists the temptation of romance with Paris.
Episode 3470
WatchedS16E50: Episode 3470
Aired: Fri, 2003-03-21
Dani is shocked at the lengths Scott went to for his dreams. Angie is foiled by the announcement of the new principal. Sally is frantic when Sophie collapses in pain. Leah revisits the idea of living with Jesse.
Episode 3469
WatchedS16E49: Episode 3469
Aired: Thu, 2003-03-20
Flynn and Sally help Blake move forward in his quest for a family. Irene is surprised to learn she isn't the reason Paris is back. Rhys arrives home from hospital. Will Jesse accept the chance to become VJ's father?
Episode 3468
WatchedS16E48: Episode 3468
Aired: Wed, 2003-03-19
Will Nick and Jade make it home in time? Has Josh seen the error of his ways? Max blows his chances with Tamara.
Episode 3467
WatchedS16E47: Episode 3467
Aired: Tue, 2003-03-18
Sally lays a clever trap for Angie. Dani is furious to find that Josh blew the whistle on Scott. Jade finds Nick - and he is not in good shape.
Episode 3466
WatchedS16E46: Episode 3466
Aired: Mon, 2003-03-17
Council puts a stop to Scott's building plans. Angie gets Sally into hot water over her medical condition. Jesse's plans of fatherhood are shattered. The Sutherland's reel in anguish with Rhys in hospital.
Episode 3465
WatchedS16E45: Episode 3465
Aired: Fri, 2003-03-14
Jade embarks on a desperate quest to find Nick. Scott gets into hot water with the council. Jesse decides to face up to fatherhood.
Episode 3464
WatchedS16E44: Episode 3464
Aired: Thu, 2003-03-13
Rhys becomes the target of a vicious attack. Josh's incompetence almost costs a life. Irene makes an emotional plea to Dani.
Episode 3463
WatchedS16E43: Episode 3463
Aired: Wed, 2003-03-12
A former resident makes a surprise return to the Bay. Angie discovers Sally's Achilles heal. Max's wish comes true.
Episode 3462
WatchedS16E42: Episode 3462
Aired: Tue, 2003-03-11
The surrogacy takes an incredible twist. Colleen reveals the unfortunate truth to her son. Dylan confronts Rhys about his behaviour.
Episode 3461
WatchedS16E41: Episode 3461
Aired: Mon, 2003-03-10
Colleen is delighted by her son's return. Kirsty goes to extreme lengths for her future. Will Tamara ever speak to Max again?
Episode 3460
WatchedS16E40: Episode 3460
Aired: Fri, 2003-03-07
Angie puts Sally's career in jeopardy. Josh discovers Scott is breaking the law. Jesse makes a revealing faux pas.
Episode 3459
WatchedS16E39: Episode 3459
Aired: Thu, 2003-03-06
Angie and Sally throw down the gauntlet. Will Hayley and Noah ever be friends again? Irene receives news of Nick.
Episode 3458
WatchedS16E38: Episode 3458
Aired: Wed, 2003-03-05
Josh and Noah almost come to blows. Dylan hatches a brilliant plan to save Max and Colleen. The future of the DIC hangs in the balance.
Episode 3457
WatchedS16E37: Episode 3457
Aired: Tue, 2003-03-04
Dani is faced with an awful duty. Dylan makes a decision about who he is. Will Sally cope as principal?
Episode 3456
WatchedS16E36: Episode 3456
Aired: Mon, 2003-03-03
Max could face criminal charges. The Sutherland's future is thrown into jeopardy. Colleen faces a terrible fate.
Episode 3455
WatchedS16E35: Episode 3455
Aired: Fri, 2003-02-28
Summer Bay bids an emotional farewell to one of its most cherished citizens, as Donald Fisher says goodbye.
Episode 3454
WatchedS16E34: Episode 3454
Aired: Thu, 2003-02-27
Sally is excited about her little miracle ... but she didn't expect more than one! Max comes clean about the book - with dire consequences. Fisher passes the reins of duty to Seb, as plans for his farewell proceed.
Episode 3453
WatchedS16E33: Episode 3453
Aired: Wed, 2003-02-26
Irene buckles with worry for Nick. Flynn and Sally are ecstatic at Sophie's arrival in the Bay. Who has paid Rhys' bills?
Episode 3452
WatchedS16E32: Episode 3452
Aired: Tue, 2003-02-25
Nick feels he has no choice but to run away. Seb must decide if he will stay in Summer Bay, or go with Don. Dylan has something up his sleeve to save Nick, but what?
Episode 3451
WatchedS16E31: Episode 3451
Aired: Mon, 2003-02-24
Will Nick be charged with assault? Fisher feels he has failed his beloved school. Rhys forbids Jade from seeing Nick again.
Episode 3450
WatchedS16E30: Episode 3450
Aired: Fri, 2003-02-21
Angie pulls an appalling stunt to frame Nick. Rhys strikes a promising business deal with Scott. Irene makes a big impression on her first day at uni.
Episode 3449
WatchedS16E29: Episode 3449
Aired: Thu, 2003-02-20
Irene's home is threatened by an intruder. Nick is devastated to realise he may have lost Jade once and for all. Will Leah's fairytale future come true after all?
Episode 3448
WatchedS16E28: Episode 3448
Aired: Wed, 2003-02-19
Seb's dreams of love finally come true. Angie is devastated when Flynn refuses to help her anymore. Dylan moves into the Palace amidst pressure to incriminate his mother. Noah jumps to conclusions about Josh and Hayley.
Episode 3447
WatchedS16E27: Episode 3447
Aired: Tue, 2003-02-18
Nick finally reveals the truth about his teacher with serious consequences. Flynn's work threatens to destroy his relationship with Sally. Dani warns Rhys against trying to replace Shelley with Angela Russell. Noah is forced ...
Episode 3446
WatchedS16E26: Episode 3446
Aired: Mon, 2003-02-17
Is this the final good bye to Alf Stewart? Jesse pledges to make himself worthy of Leah's love. Seb blows the chance to reveal his true feelings to Kirsty. Dani's desire for romance is rekindled.
Episode 3445
WatchedS16E25: Episode 3445
Aired: Fri, 2003-02-14
Alf has a harrowing premonition of the future, as he teeters on the edge of the after-life.
Episode 3444
WatchedS16E24: Episode 3444
Aired: Thu, 2003-02-13
Is this the final good bye to Alf Stewart? Jesse pledges to make himself worthy of Leah's love. Seb blows the chance to reveal his true feelings to Kirsty. Dani's desire for romance is rekindled.
Episode 3443
WatchedS16E23: Episode 3443
Aired: Wed, 2003-02-12
Alf changes his mind - but is it too late? The town stages a spectacular tribute to their most popular citizen. Max finds it increasingly difficult to live in Colleen's shadow. Leah gets some unexpected, but timely, advice fr...
Episode 3442
WatchedS16E22: Episode 3442
Aired: Tue, 2003-02-11
Jesse's date with Leah goes horribly wrong. Dani's ideals of romance are shattered. Will Summer Bay ever be the same without Alf? The future of the Drop-In Centre is thrown into doubt.
Episode 3441
WatchedS16E21: Episode 3441
Aired: Mon, 2003-02-10
Seb is rocked by Fisher's plans for the future. Angie decides to mend her ways. Hayley's heartbreak begins to take its toll. Max saves Colleen from becoming a laughing stock.
Episode 3440
WatchedS16E20: Episode 3440
Aired: Fri, 2003-02-07
Seb uncovers a shocking secret from Alf's history. Angie makes a damning accusation about Nick. Hayley is shattered by Noah's plans to date other people.
Episode 3439
WatchedS16E19: Episode 3439
Aired: Thu, 2003-02-06
Sally is the victim of a cruel prank. Alf's rapport with Ailsa begins to sour dramatically. Colleen's celebrity status soars.
Episode 3438
WatchedS16E18: Episode 3438
Aired: Wed, 2003-02-05
Dani finally meets the man of her dreams. Angie lashes out at Dylan. Jesse tells Josh to butt out and let him do his job.
Episode 3437
WatchedS16E17: Episode 3437
Aired: Tue, 2003-02-04
Nick is forced to choose between Angie and Jade. Dani learns the identity of her mysterious stranger. Seb has a fabulous idea to celebrate Alf's life.
Episode 3436
WatchedS16E16: Episode 3436
Aired: Mon, 2003-02-03
Leah throws the gym's future into jeopardy. Jesse has to pull Hayley into line. Will Jade give Nick another chance?
Episode 3435
WatchedS16E15: Episode 3435
Aired: Fri, 2003-01-31
Colleen's pride almost costs a life. Dylan reveals the truth about his mother to Nick. Josh's plans to buy the boatshed are thwarted.
Episode 3434
WatchedS16E14: Episode 3434
Aired: Thu, 2003-01-30
Fisher accuses Angie of a criminal act. Noah reaches breaking point with Josh. Flynn fears for Sally's safety.
Episode 3433
WatchedS16E13: Episode 3433
Aired: Wed, 2003-01-29
Catastrophe strikes Summer Bay High. Alf makes his do or die decision. Noah's fears about Hayley escalate. Will Colleen leave the diner?
Episode 3432
WatchedS16E12: Episode 3432
Aired: Tue, 2003-01-28
Shelley returns to Summer Bay - but will she stay? Colleen is taken with the thrill of fame. Leah is furious that Alex is trying to run her life.
Episode 3431
WatchedS16E11: Episode 3431
Aired: Mon, 2003-01-27
Alf faces a life or death decision. Don puts his career on the line. Sally and Flynn return with wonderful news. Rhys gets back from his quest for Shelley.
Episode 3430
WatchedS16E10: Episode 3430
Aired: Fri, 2003-01-24
Has Alf been misdiagnosed? Alex is shocked when Leah discards her tradition. Noah discovers what he was meant to do. Jesse tells Angie it's over, but finds it's not that easy.
Episode 3429
WatchedS16E09: Episode 3429
Aired: Thu, 2003-01-23
The case against Irene escalates. Dani is enchanted by a gallant stranger. Nick becomes Angie's willing accomplice. Morag says a tearful goodbye to Alf.
Episode 3428
WatchedS16E08: Episode 3428
Aired: Wed, 2003-01-22
The search for Alf begins. Hayley tells Noah a lie. Kirsty and Dylan make a fresh start.
Episode 3427
WatchedS16E07: Episode 3427
Aired: Tue, 2003-01-21
Alf disappears from Summer Bay. Rhys is incensed to discover photos of Jade. Josh makes a move on Hayley.
Episode 3426
WatchedS16E06: Episode 3426
Aired: Mon, 2003-01-20
Investigations threaten to tear Nick and Irene apart. Don makes a heartbreaking decision for his old friend's future. Hayley tells Noah she must move out.
Episode 3425
WatchedS16E05: Episode 3425
Aired: Fri, 2003-01-17
Don falls victim to Alf's rage. Will Leah leave Summer Bay? Josh and Alex compete for Claire's favour.
Episode 3424
WatchedS16E04: Episode 3424
Aired: Thu, 2003-01-16
Has Alf pushed Morag to her death? Dylan betrays his mother. Irene is horrified by Claire's allegation.
Episode 3423
WatchedS16E03: Episode 3423
Aired: Wed, 2003-01-15
Sally and Flynn find a surrogate. Rhys lashes out at Jade. Nick makes a shattering discovery about Angie. Hayley is hurt by allegations about her brother.
Episode 3422
WatchedS16E02: Episode 3422
Aired: Tue, 2003-01-14
Noah's frustration with Claire reaches boiling point. Don must make a decision about Alf's future. Where did Rhys spend the night? Will Dani's over reaction ruin everything for Jade?
Episode 3421
WatchedS16E01: Episode 3421
Aired: Mon, 2003-01-13
Josh learns that love is not always enough. Max's book arrives. Has Alf completely succumbed to madness?

Season 15

Episode 3420
WatchedS15E230: Episode 3420
Aired: Fri, 2002-11-29
Tragedy strikes on VJ's birthday. Shelley leaves Summer Bay. Alf's life takes an incredible twist.
Episode 3419
WatchedS15E229: Episode 3419
Aired: Thu, 2002-11-28
Shelley publicly humiliates Angie. Max confesses the truth to Colleen. Kirsty refuses Dylan's birthday gift. VJ hears his mother's voice for the first time.
Episode 3418
WatchedS15E228: Episode 3418
Aired: Wed, 2002-11-27
Sally and Flynn find a surrogate. VJ takes his first steps. Alf is amused to find Morag in trouble with the law.
Episode 3417
WatchedS15E227: Episode 3417
Aired: Tue, 2002-11-26
Is Rhys' marriage over? Will Noah betray all he stands for to get elected? Alf collapses.
Episode 3416
WatchedS15E226: Episode 3416
Aired: Mon, 2002-11-25
Dani gives a grave warning to Angie. Morag makes some serious allegations. Dylan is crushed by Kirsty's suggestions.
Episode 3415
WatchedS15E225: Episode 3415
Aired: Fri, 2002-11-22
Shelley delivers a drastic ultimatum. Sally makes a surprise announcement. Dylan loses faith in Flynn.
Episode 3414
WatchedS15E224: Episode 3414
Aired: Thu, 2002-11-21
Will Jade and Nick ever be the same? Jesse confesses the truth to police. Noah rescues Morag from an attack.
Episode 3413
WatchedS15E223: Episode 3413
Aired: Wed, 2002-11-20
Nick makes a shock decision. Hayley accuses Noah of selling out. Sally gives Angie her answer.
Episode 3412
WatchedS15E222: Episode 3412
Aired: Tue, 2002-11-19
Leah receives some wonderful news from Vinnie. Irene gives Angie a stern ultimatum. Dani fears that Josh is changing.
Episode 3411
WatchedS15E221: Episode 3411
Aired: Mon, 2002-11-18
Morag makes a disturbing discovery about Angie. Fisher lays down the law to Alf. Noah's election hopes skyrocket.
Episode 3410
WatchedS15E220: Episode 3410
Aired: Fri, 2002-11-15
Jesse deceives the law. Angie makes Sally a tempting proposition. Max commits fraud.
Episode 3409
WatchedS15E219: Episode 3409
Aired: Thu, 2002-11-14
Dylan becomes self destructive. Leah has a change of heart. Max receives some exciting news.
Episode 3408
WatchedS15E218: Episode 3408
Aired: Wed, 2002-11-13
Kirsty hits rock bottom. Nick's relationship with Angie takes an unexpected twist. Josh shares some surprising news.
Episode 3407
WatchedS15E217: Episode 3407
Aired: Tue, 2002-11-12
Jesse's worst fears come true. Kirsty considers Dylan's startling proposition. Leah's plans are thwarted.
Episode 3406
WatchedS15E216: Episode 3406
Aired: Mon, 2002-11-11
Jesse puts himself in the line of fire. Irene gets an unwelcome surprise. Nick puts his school career in jeopardy.
Episode 3405
WatchedS15E215: Episode 3405
Aired: Fri, 2002-11-08
Jesse almost pays the ultimate price. Jade lies to Fisher. Alf must face a harsh reality.
Episode 3404
WatchedS15E214: Episode 3404
Aired: Thu, 2002-11-07
Alf's worst fears are realised. Alex shocks Brodie with a bold new plan. Can Leah and Jesse remain friends?
Episode 3403
WatchedS15E213: Episode 3403
Aired: Wed, 2002-11-06
Dani fears Shelley is on the verge of a breakdown. Jesse is tempted by an offer to make some fast cash. Will Don unite with Alf against Morag?
Episode 3402
WatchedS15E212: Episode 3402
Aired: Tue, 2002-11-05
A close call for Shelley when she is almost killed. Morag delivers on her ultimatum to Alf.
Episode 3401
WatchedS15E211: Episode 3401
Aired: Mon, 2002-11-04
Alex is stunned by Brodie's revelation. Flynn makes an alarming discovery about Alf. Dylan enrages Angie.
Episode 3400
WatchedS15E210: Episode 3400
Aired: Fri, 2002-11-01
Rhys publicly declares Dylan his son. The Sutherlands vote on whether to remain a family or not. Jesse succumbs to Angie's advances. Hayley discovers money is missing from the gym accounts. Noah decides to run for council.
Episode 3399
WatchedS15E209: Episode 3399
Aired: Thu, 2002-10-31
Sally risks her life in a bid to rescue Mikey. Irene unveils her plans to Fisher. Colleen reveals a shocking secret from her past.
Episode 3398
WatchedS15E208: Episode 3398
Aired: Wed, 2002-10-30
Mikey decides to see if he can fly. Jade takes matters into her own hands with Kirsty and Dylan. Shelley sees a new side to Rhys.
Episode 3397
WatchedS15E207: Episode 3397
Aired: Tue, 2002-10-29
Will VJ survive? Dylan and Max enlist each other's help. Morag is puzzled to find vast amounts of cash in Alf's apartment.
Episode 3396
WatchedS15E206: Episode 3396
Aired: Mon, 2002-10-28
The search for Mikey comes to an end. Sally's hurt to find a negligence report has been filed against her. Life-threatening complications arise for VJ.
Episode 3395
WatchedS15E205: Episode 3395
Aired: Fri, 2002-10-25
Seb is frantic when Mikey disappears. Alex accuses Jesse of muscling in on Leah. Morag recognises Angie.
Episode 3394 (aka
WatchedS15E204: Episode 3394 (aka "Broken Dreams")
Aired: Thu, 2002-10-24
Kirsty learns of Rhys' devastating news. Jesse tells Leah that Vinnie is in trouble. Brodie takes Alex on a secret getaway.
Episode 3393
WatchedS15E203: Episode 3393
Aired: Wed, 2002-10-23
Alf is stunned to hear of Morag's plans. Flynn discovers the truth about Tara. Sally makes a connection with Mikey.
Episode 3392
WatchedS15E202: Episode 3392
Aired: Tue, 2002-10-22
Sally and Flynn find a surrogate. Dani confronts Angie. Alf's behaviour becomes hazardous.
Episode 3391 (aka
WatchedS15E201: Episode 3391 (aka "Shattered Hearts")
Aired: Mon, 2002-10-21
Shelley tells Rhys the family's future is on his head. Hayley tells Jesse she cannot work with him. Kirsty is shattered by Dylan's change of heart.
Episode 3390
WatchedS15E200: Episode 3390
Aired: Fri, 2002-10-18
Will Shelley discover Rhys' terrible secret? Hayley puts Jesse in a difficult situation. Dylan learns some devastating news.
Episode 3389
WatchedS15E199: Episode 3389
Aired: Thu, 2002-10-17
A fight breaks out in the surf club... while someone is drowning outside. Will Josh leave Summer Bay without Dani?
Episode 3388
WatchedS15E198: Episode 3388
Aired: Thu, 2002-10-17
Shelley and Angie start to form a friendship. Kirsty and Dylan's secret romance goes public. How will Angie cope with the new autistic student?
Episode 3387
WatchedS15E197: Episode 3387
Aired: Thu, 2002-10-17
Angie demands that Rhys tell Shelley the truth... or she will. Kirsty and Dylan grow closer than ever. Will Jesse get a second chance?
Episode 3386
WatchedS15E196: Episode 3386
Aired: Wed, 2002-10-16
Kirsty and Dylan's romance is discovered - with terrible consequences. Shelley is starting to wonder what's happening to her family.
Episode 3385
WatchedS15E195: Episode 3385
Aired: Fri, 2002-10-11
Angie reveals a secret to Rhys that will change his life forever. Sally has some shocking news for Flynn. Dani decides to leave Summer Bay with Josh.
Episode 3384
WatchedS15E194: Episode 3384
Aired: Thu, 2002-10-10
Kirsty avoids her father, convinced he is cheating on Shelley. Josh has a shock proposal for Dani. Alf retreats further and further into himself, believing he has Alzheimer's.
Episode 3383
WatchedS15E193: Episode 3383
Aired: Wed, 2002-10-09
Kirsty is convinced that Rhys is having an affair. Alex suspects Jesse is attracted to Leah. Alf is devastated when he learns there's no cure for Alzheimer's.
Episode 3382
WatchedS15E192: Episode 3382
Aired: Tue, 2002-10-08
Kirsty falls for the new guy at school - who happens to be Angie's son. The Sutherlands reach the end of their tether with Jade's behaviour. Sally and Flynn adapt to living together.
Episode 3381
WatchedS15E191: Episode 3381
Aired: Mon, 2002-10-07
Covering for Jesse could cost Josh his career. Brodie and Alex declare their love for one another. Shelley is horrified when Jade puts her life in danger as part of her 'live for the moment' philosophy.
Episode 3380
WatchedS15E190: Episode 3380
Aired: Fri, 2002-10-04
An accident at the gym puts Jesse and Josh's jobs on the line. Alf is scared - what is happening to him?
Episode 3379
WatchedS15E189: Episode 3379
Aired: Thu, 2002-10-03
Dani and Shelley's relationship reaches crisis point. Brodie gets an unwelcome room-mate.
Episode 3378
WatchedS15E188: Episode 3378
Aired: Wed, 2002-10-02
Someone decides to leave Summer Bay. Alf discovers who really took the money. Sally has a special proposal for Flynn.
Episode 3377
WatchedS15E187: Episode 3377
Aired: Tue, 2002-10-01
Rhys' fortieth birthday party is full of surprises; and not all of them are pleasant!
Episode 3376
WatchedS15E186: Episode 3376
Aired: Mon, 2002-09-30
Dani tries to establish her independence. June is devastated by Fisher's lack of trust.
Episode 3375
WatchedS15E185: Episode 3375
Aired: Fri, 2002-09-27
Fisher clashes with Alf over his accusation that June stole the money from the Diner. Rhys is shocked by the identity of the new Deputy Principal. Colleen learns Rhys thinks she's the thief.
Episode 3374
WatchedS15E184: Episode 3374
Aired: Thu, 2002-09-26
Money goes missing from the Diner. Dani tentatively reconciles with her parents. News of Fisher and June's engagement spreads.
Episode 3373
WatchedS15E183: Episode 3373
Aired: Wed, 2002-09-25
Fisher proposes to June. Josh tells his mother what he thinks of her. Noah and Hayley's romantic evening goes horribly - and hilariously - wrong.
Episode 3372
WatchedS15E182: Episode 3372
Aired: Tue, 2002-09-24
Dani's world comes crashing down around her. Noah forces Hayley to face up to how she's been behaving with Jesse. Shelley clashes with Irene over her involvement with Dani.
Episode 3371
WatchedS15E181: Episode 3371
Aired: Mon, 2002-09-23
Dani finally discovers the shocking truth about Kirsty and Kane. Jackie's proposed article threatens Flynn's future at the Drop-in Centre. Max is caught looking up 'adult' websites.
Episode 3370
WatchedS15E180: Episode 3370
Aired: Fri, 2002-09-20
Dani lies to cover for Jade. Flynn's past comes back to haunt him. Colleen makes a heartbreaking declaration.
Episode 3369
WatchedS15E179: Episode 3369
Aired: Thu, 2002-09-19
Josh's mother arrives in the Bay but what's she hiding? Nick is taken aback by Jade's proposition. June remembers what life is all about.
Episode 3368
WatchedS15E178: Episode 3368
Aired: Wed, 2002-09-18
The students fight for the Eisteddfod. Jade propositions Nick! Hayley moves out of The Palace.
Episode 3367
WatchedS15E177: Episode 3367
Aired: Tue, 2002-09-17
The students are outraged by Fisher's decision to cancel the Eisteddfod. Noah catches Hayley and Jesse in a compromising position. Jesse moves into Irene's place.
Episode 3366
WatchedS15E176: Episode 3366
Aired: Mon, 2002-09-16
Noah and Hayley continue to fight over Jesse. Jade refuses to be remorseful after the Eisteddfod debacle. Nick feels betrayed by Seb.
Episode 3365
WatchedS15E175: Episode 3365
Aired: Fri, 2002-09-13
The Eisteddfod performance stuns the audience, and Fisher is left to deal with the fallout. Seb is blown away by Jade's sexy performance. Leah leaves town to take V.J. to a hearing clinic.
Episode 3364
WatchedS15E174: Episode 3364
Aired: Fri, 2002-09-13
The countdown to the Eisteddfod dress reherarsal is on. A new, sexier Jade emerges. Noah loses his cool with Jude.
Episode 3363
WatchedS15E173: Episode 3363
Aired: Thu, 2002-09-12
Leah goes to great lengths to support Jesse. Alex tells Brodie they belong together. Jessie is determined to get his life together.
Episode 3362
WatchedS15E172: Episode 3362
Aired: Tue, 2002-09-10
Sally is forced to put her money where her mouth is. Hayley attempts to heal the rift between Jude and Noah with little success. Max bonds with Colleen.
Episode 3361
WatchedS15E171: Episode 3361
Aired: Mon, 2002-09-09
Noah is shocked when he suspects Jude is going to keep Charlotte's money. Jade adopts a 'live in the moment' philosophy. Colleen's gambling continues.
Episode 3360
WatchedS15E170: Episode 3360
Aired: Fri, 2002-09-06
Summer Bay gathers to farewell Charlotte in a moving ceremony. Jude receives some shocking news. Kelli realises Alex still loves Brodie.
Episode 3359
WatchedS15E169: Episode 3359
Aired: Thu, 2002-09-05
Kirsty is furious with Shelley for searching through her room. Alex is surprised that his feelings for Brodie are still so deep. Nick warns Seb to stay out of his relationship with Jade.
Episode 3358
WatchedS15E168: Episode 3358
Aired: Wed, 2002-09-04
Jesse visits Rachel in Queensland. Shelley discovers Kirsty is using the Eisteddfod to tell her story with Kane. Jade continues to feel disillusioned with God.
Episode 3357
WatchedS15E167: Episode 3357
Aired: Tue, 2002-09-03
Charlotte's friends unite to say a final goodbye, before she passes away. Jade loses faith in God in the wake of Charlotte's death. Max is angry when he realises Rhys denied him the opportunity to say goodbye to Charlotte.
Episode 3356
WatchedS15E166: Episode 3356
Aired: Mon, 2002-09-02
Charlotte's life hangs in the balance. Kelli's nightmare with Jason finally comes to an end. Jude makes a surprise return to the Bay.
Episode 3355
WatchedS15E165: Episode 3355
Aired: Fri, 2002-08-30
Charlotte's friends gather for her farewell lunch, but no one will see what's coming next... Flynn lies to the police to protect Jesse. Brodie and Mav prepare to take the next step in their relationship.
Episode 3354
WatchedS15E164: Episode 3354
Aired: Thu, 2002-08-29
Brodie makes a mammoth decision. Max accidentally calls Rhys 'Dad'. Dani is unimpressed by Josh's attitude to his job as head lifeguard.
Episode 3353
WatchedS15E163: Episode 3353
Aired: Wed, 2002-08-28
Jesse leaves Summer Bay - but is it for good? Leah learns the shocking truth about how Vinnie is coping in prison. Colleen spends increasing amounts of time gambling at the RSL.
Episode 3352
WatchedS15E162: Episode 3352
Aired: Tue, 2002-08-27
Jesse teaches Jason a lesson. Colleen is devastated when she learns June has been trying to keep her away from Eisteddfod meetings. Nick is increasingly unnerved by Jade's sexy performance as Juliet.
Episode 3351
WatchedS15E161: Episode 3351
Aired: Mon, 2002-08-26
Nick is mortified when Jade and Seb have to kiss as part of the Eisteddfod. Leah tells Kelli she has to move out. Dani remains clueless to Kirsty's affair with Kane.
Episode 3350
WatchedS15E160: Episode 3350
Aired: Fri, 2002-08-23
Alex is the victim of a violent attack. June goes behind Colleen's back to avoid confrontation. Rhys and Max become closer.
Episode 3349
WatchedS15E159: Episode 3349
Aired: Thu, 2002-08-22
Kelli fears the worst when Riley and Braydon disappear. Charlotte makes a life altering decision. Brodie grapples with the prospect of losing Mav.
Episode 3348
WatchedS15E158: Episode 3348
Aired: Wed, 2002-08-21
Jason continues to torment Kelli. Dani and Josh reconcile. Jesse assures Noah he is not after Hayley.
Episode 3347
WatchedS15E157: Episode 3347
Aired: Tue, 2002-08-20
Noah's jealousy of Jesse and Hayley grows. June has created a monster by inviting Colleen to be part of the Eisteddfod. Kirsty struggles in her new role as director of the Eisteddfod.
Episode 3346
WatchedS15E156: Episode 3346
Aired: Mon, 2002-08-19
Charlotte tells Flynn she wants to adopt the baby. Jade and Kirsty compete for the lead role in the Eisteddfod. June is horrified by how deeply Colleen wants to be involved in the Eisteddfod.
Episode 3345
WatchedS15E155: Episode 3345
Aired: Fri, 2002-08-16
Colleen's bad mouthing causes problems for June. Kirsty returns to school. Colleen catches Rhys and Shelley in a compromising position.
Episode 3344
WatchedS15E154: Episode 3344
Aired: Thu, 2002-08-15
Charlotte reaches breaking point. Noah is jealous when Hayley gets a tattoo just like Jesse's. Mav impresses Brodie, opening up her eyes to new things.
Episode 3343
WatchedS15E153: Episode 3343
Aired: Wed, 2002-08-14
Sally and Flynn discover Charlotte has been self-prescribing medication. Noah has a run-in with Jesse. Leah is concerned for the safety of her family in the wake of Jason's latest incident.
Episode 3342
WatchedS15E152: Episode 3342
Aired: Tue, 2002-08-13
Summer Bay is shocked by Jesse's surprise return. Kelli receives a frightening phone call. Dani and Josh are determined to prove they can keep their hands off each other.
Episode 3341
WatchedS15E151: Episode 3341
Aired: Mon, 2002-08-12
Who is the mystery visitor at Leah's door? Shelley is upset after she loses her cool with Kirsty. Colleen is disgusted by Dani and Josh's open display of affection.
Episode 3340
WatchedS15E150: Episode 3340
Aired: Fri, 2002-08-09
Charlotte puts her friendship with Sally on the line in an attempt to have a baby. Max has it in for Fisher. Rhys is frustrated by Fisher's treatment of the twins.
Episode 3339
WatchedS15E149: Episode 3339
Aired: Thu, 2002-08-08
Charlotte comes up with a shocking proposal for Flynn. Dani makes an important decision about her relationship with Josh. Mav teaches Brodie to trust him.
Episode 3338
WatchedS15E148: Episode 3338
Aired: Wed, 2002-08-07
It is Dani's birthday. Dani and Josh take things one step further. Mav tells Brodie some startling news. Kirsty challenges Fisher to let her back in to school.
Episode 3337
WatchedS15E147: Episode 3337
Aired: Tue, 2002-08-06
Kelli's life hangs in the balance. Will Alex and Charlotte rescue her in time? Brodie finds herself falling for Mav.
Episode 3336
WatchedS15E146: Episode 3336
Aired: Mon, 2002-08-05
Alex is oblivious to the danger that Kelli is facing. Flynn raises money for the DIC - by doing a nude modelling shoot! Kirsty discovers that going back to school won't be so easy.
Episode 3335
WatchedS15E145: Episode 3335
Aired: Fri, 2002-08-02
Alex wonders what's going on between Kelli and Jason. Kirsty makes an important decision.
Episode 3334
WatchedS15E144: Episode 3334
Aired: Thu, 2002-08-01
Alex and Leah start to learn about Kelli's hidden past. The consequences of the break-in are worse than Flynn thought. Fisher goes to great lengths to make June feel young again.
Episode 3333
WatchedS15E143: Episode 3333
Aired: Wed, 2002-07-31
Sally is out to prove how wild she is to Flynn. June reaches breaking point.
Episode 3332
WatchedS15E142: Episode 3332
Aired: Tue, 2002-07-30
Dani takes control of her love life. The identity of the Summer Bay millionaire is revealed!
Episode 3331
WatchedS15E141: Episode 3331
Aired: Mon, 2002-07-29
Dani goes on an incredible date with Chris... but where does this leave Josh? Who is Summer Bay's mystery millionaire? Kirsty is finding it hard being back.
Episode 3330
WatchedS15E140: Episode 3330
Aired: Fri, 2002-07-26
Dani is caught between two guys! A heartbroken Kirsty returns home. Nick tries to help Max.
Episode 3329
WatchedS15E139: Episode 3329
Aired: Thu, 2002-07-25
Kane and Kirsty are on the run again... but for how long? Does Dani have a new love interest? Max finds himself in trouble... again.
Episode 3328
WatchedS15E138: Episode 3328
Aired: Wed, 2002-07-24
Kirsty's new life with Kane turns out to be hard... and dangerous. Max's scamming gets out of control.
Episode 3327
WatchedS15E137: Episode 3327
Aired: Tue, 2002-07-23
Kirsty and Kane start to build their new life together. June deals with the consequences of her stealing. Alex is jealous of Brodie's affection for Mav.
Episode 3326
WatchedS15E136: Episode 3326
Aired: Mon, 2002-07-22
Will the watch thief be discovered? Mav tells Leah the real reason why he's staying in Summer Bay. Rhys and Shelley involve the police in their search for Kirsty.
Episode 3325
WatchedS15E135: Episode 3325
Aired: Fri, 2002-07-19
Rhys and Shelley discover Kirsty has run away... with Kane. June puts Seb in a difficult situation. Mav decides Summer Bay is the place he should be.
Episode 3324
WatchedS15E134: Episode 3324
Aired: Thu, 2002-07-18
How far will Kirsty go to be with Kane again? Summer Bay celebrates VJ's christening. Alex has a new rival for Brodie's affections!
Episode 3323
WatchedS15E133: Episode 3323
Aired: Wed, 2002-07-17
Helen can't accept that VJ is deaf. Sally and Shauna find themselves stuck together. Chris thinks Brodie likes Alex again!
Episode 3322
WatchedS15E132: Episode 3322
Aired: Tue, 2002-07-16
Aimee cracks, leaving Hayley and Noah confused and scared. Leah can't bring herself to tell her family about VJ's condition. Charlotte finally gets some closure with Jude.
Episode 3321
WatchedS15E131: Episode 3321
Aired: Mon, 2002-07-15
Matters come to a crisis point with Aimee. Shelley takes drastic action to keep Kirsty from Kane. Dani makes a date with her secret letter writer.
Episode 3320
WatchedS15E130: Episode 3320
Aired: Fri, 2002-07-12
Kirsty is devastated, when Shelley bans her from seeing Kane. Nick thinks there's something a bit strange about Aimee. Dani discovers the identity of her mystery correspondent.
Episode 3319
WatchedS15E129: Episode 3319
Aired: Thu, 2002-07-11
Shelley discovers the truth about Kirsty and Kane. Aimee gets her wish - Hayley moves out of The Palace. Leah struggles to decide the right path to take in the wake of the news VJ is deaf.
Episode 3318
WatchedS15E128: Episode 3318
Aired: Wed, 2002-07-10
Leah is shattered when she learns VJ is deaf. June comes clean about her problem. Aimee orchestrates a fight between Noah and Hayley.
Episode 3317
WatchedS15E127: Episode 3317
Aired: Tue, 2002-07-09
Noah's anger towards Jude affects his relationship with Hayley - and Aimee loves every minute of it! Seb learns who stole Josh's camera. Max has his first 'kiss'.
Episode 3316
WatchedS15E126: Episode 3316
Aired: Mon, 2002-07-08
Noah is furious when he discovers Jude has left Charlotte for Shauna. Kirsty refuses to reveal her relationship with Kane to her family. Dani is intrigued when she receives an anonymous letter.
Episode 3315
WatchedS15E125: Episode 3315
Aired: Fri, 2002-07-05
Charlotte is inconsolable when Jude breaks up with her for Shauna. Leah refuses to believe there is anything wrong with VJ. Is the game up for Kirsty and Kane?
Episode 3314
WatchedS15E124: Episode 3314
Aired: Thu, 2002-07-04
Jude and Shauna share a passionate kiss. Seb warns Kirsty that she won't be able to keep her secret relationship with Kane a secret much longer. Alex is concerned when VJ doesn't react to a loud sound.
Episode 3313
WatchedS15E123: Episode 3313
Aired: Wed, 2002-07-03
Flynn forces Jude to face up to his feelings for Shauna. Seb has to lie to cover for Kirsty and Kane. Sally's fears about Shauna and Flynn are laid to rest for once and for all.
Episode 3312
WatchedS15E122: Episode 3312
Aired: Tue, 2002-07-02
June's kleptomania re-emerges. Dani tells Josh she just wants to be friends. Sally tries to warn Charlotte about Jude's feeling for Shauna.
Episode 3311
WatchedS15E121: Episode 3311
Aired: Mon, 2002-07-01
Dani and Josh take the first tentative steps towards reconciliation. Aimee dyes her hair blonde - just like Hayley's! Kirsty and Kane narrowly avoid being seen together.
Episode 3310
WatchedS15E120: Episode 3310
Aired: Fri, 2002-06-28
Josh does all he can to win Dani back. Jude continues to live a lie with Charlotte. June feels increasingly unneeded.
Episode 3309
WatchedS15E119: Episode 3309
Aired: Thu, 2002-06-27
Charlotte tells Jude she wants to get pregnant again. Jude tells Leah he is not going to hurt Charlotte - even if it means living a lie for the rest of his life. Brodie takes the next step in moving on from Miles.
Episode 3308
WatchedS15E118: Episode 3308
Aired: Wed, 2002-06-26
Shauna realises Jude still has feelings for her. Aimee's jealousy of Noah and Hayley's happiness intensifies. Jude match-makes Brodie with Alex.
Episode 3307
WatchedS15E117: Episode 3307
Aired: Tue, 2002-06-25
Dani rejects Josh's attempts to get back together. Kirsty decides to pursue a relationship with Kane. Jude lies to Charlotte after spending time with Shauna.
Episode 3306
WatchedS15E116: Episode 3306
Aired: Mon, 2002-06-24
Kirsty finds it impossible to get Kane out of her mind. Dani is stunned when she learns Josh is leaving Summer Bay. Aimee convinces Hayley to let her move into The Palace.
Episode 3305
WatchedS15E115: Episode 3305
Aired: Fri, 2002-06-21
Kirsty makes the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of her family. Dani is heartbroken following her break- up with Josh. Josh tells Noah he's leaving town.
Episode 3304
WatchedS15E114: Episode 3304
Aired: Thu, 2002-06-20
Kirsty kisses Kane. Josh tells Dani he wants to take a break. Brodie receives a letter from Miles!
Episode 3303
WatchedS15E113: Episode 3303
Aired: Wed, 2002-06-19
Max returns to Summer Bay - for good. Kirsty warns Flynn not to interfere in her friendship with Kane. Josh is furious when Dani discusses the problems in their relationship with her parents.
Episode 3302
WatchedS15E112: Episode 3302
Aired: Tue, 2002-06-18
Memories of Kane continue to get in the way of Dani and Josh's relationship. Jude confesses he still has feelings for Shauna. Aimee becomes increasingly comfortable in Noah's presence.
Episode 3301
WatchedS15E111: Episode 3301
Aired: Mon, 2002-06-17
Shauna says that losing Jude was the worst mistake of her life. Aimee is pleased to feel included in Noah and Hayley's 'family'. Nick makes an effort to understand Jade's new outlook on life.
Episode 3300
WatchedS15E110: Episode 3300
Aired: Fri, 2002-06-14
Jude finally comes face-to-face with Shauna. Kirsty and Kane's mutual attraction continues to grow. Aimee is impressed by Noah's caring nature.
Episode 3299
WatchedS15E109: Episode 3299
Aired: Thu, 2002-06-13
Kirsty makes a dangerous decision. Alex pushes things too far with Aimee.
Episode 3298
WatchedS15E108: Episode 3298
Aired: Wed, 2002-06-12
Aimee gets her way with Alex. Seb and Nick go on a mission to find out more about Josh.
Episode 3297
WatchedS15E107: Episode 3297
Aired: Tue, 2002-06-11
Can Dani and Josh's relationship survive the pressure? Irene and Paris reach a new level of commitment.
Episode 3296
WatchedS15E106: Episode 3296
Aired: Mon, 2002-06-10
Kirsty and Kane are confused by the strange bond between them. Jude and Charlotte take a huge step forward in their relationship.
Episode 3295
WatchedS15E105: Episode 3295
Aired: Fri, 2002-06-07
Kirsty is confused to find herself missing Kane's company. There's a growing distance between Jude and Charlotte.
Episode 3294
WatchedS15E104: Episode 3294
Aired: Thu, 2002-06-06
Shauna starts to realise that being in Summer Bay is going to be tough! Nick and Seb make a new friend.
Episode 3293
WatchedS15E103: Episode 3293
Aired: Wed, 2002-06-05
Nick and Seb embark on a secret mission. Alex goes on a hot date with a real wild child.
Episode 3292
WatchedS15E102: Episode 3292
Aired: Tue, 2002-06-04
A face from the past makes a shock visit to Summer Bay. Kirsty decides to visit Kane in hospital.
Episode 3291
WatchedS15E101: Episode 3291
Aired: Mon, 2002-06-03
Charlotte and Jude struggle to deal with their loss. Shelley and Rhys start to notice a strange new bond between Kirsty and Kane.
Episode 3290
WatchedS15E100: Episode 3290
Aired: Fri, 2002-05-31
Charlotte receives some heart breaking news. The Sutherland's are devastated to learn that Shelley may not fully recover. Kirsty is worried about Kane's condition.
Episode 3289
WatchedS15E99: Episode 3289
Aired: Thu, 2002-05-30
Time is running out for Shelley, Kirsty and Kane.
Episode 3288
WatchedS15E98: Episode 3288
Aired: Wed, 2002-05-29
Kirsty struggles to cope, as her mum's life hangs in the balance. Kane puts himself on the line for Shelley. Nick tries to 'suss out' how Paris really feels about Irene.
Episode 3287
WatchedS15E97: Episode 3287
Aired: Tue, 2002-05-28
Kirsty is forced to stay with Kane, and Shelley's life is in danger.
Episode 3286
WatchedS15E96: Episode 3286
Aired: Mon, 2002-05-27
Dani is worried about how Rhys is coping. Fisher leans on June, as he waits anxiously for news of Seb. Sophie and Blake grow closer, when they are lost in the bush together.
Episode 3285
WatchedS15E95: Episode 3285
Aired: Fri, 2002-05-24
The aftermath of the storm. The SES starts trying to locate the missing people. Rhys is in shock - there's still no sign of Shelly and Kirsty. Irene and Paris are stranded together.
Episode 3284
WatchedS15E94: Episode 3284
Aired: Thu, 2002-05-23
Tragedy strikes, as a storm hits the cruise ship.
Episode 3283
WatchedS15E93: Episode 3283
Aired: Wed, 2002-05-22
Kirsty defies her parents with disastrous consequences. Floss has a disturbing premonition.
Episode 3282
WatchedS15E92: Episode 3282
Aired: Tue, 2002-05-21
Floss warns of coming danger. Fisher tries to help Sam find a path for the future.
Episode 3281
WatchedS15E91: Episode 3281
Aired: Mon, 2002-05-20
Kirsty lashes out at her family. There's a growing distance between Paris and Irene.
Episode 3280
WatchedS15E90: Episode 3280
Aired: Fri, 2002-05-17
Irene makes a heartbreaking decision. Sophie and Blake reminisce about lost loves. The young ones take part in the 40 Hour Famine.
Episode 3279
WatchedS15E89: Episode 3279
Aired: Thu, 2002-05-16
The school dance unites old and new favourites. Irene and Paris acknowledge they need to talk about their growing mutual attraction. Lara tells Seb their relationship is over.
Episode 3278
WatchedS15E88: Episode 3278
Aired: Wed, 2002-05-15
Sophie, Blake, Carly and Martin join the list of visitors who arrive back in the Bay for the Centenary celebrations. Martin is willing to risk everything to set himself up financially.
Episode 3277
WatchedS15E87: Episode 3277
Aired: Tue, 2002-05-14
Dani is triumphant in her second mediation session with Kane. Alex is shattered when he receives a letter from Kelli - breaking off their relationship for good. Steven, Frank, Celia and Lance are the first to return for the C...
Episode 3276
WatchedS15E86: Episode 3276
Aired: Mon, 2002-05-13
Lara is crushed when she learns Seb kissed Kirsty. Dani decides she wants to give the mediation another go. There is a growing attraction between Irene and Paris.
Episode 3275
WatchedS15E85: Episode 3275
Aired: Fri, 2002-05-10
Dani comes face-to-face with Kane. Seb and Kirsty give in to temptation and kiss. Irene realises she and Paris share a common bond when he reveals he's a widow.
Episode 3274
WatchedS15E84: Episode 3274
Aired: Thu, 2002-05-09
Seb nearly kisses Kirsty - but he is still going out with Lara! Fisher and June decide to begin a relationship. Irene slowly begins to learn more about Paris.
Episode 3273
WatchedS15E83: Episode 3273
Aired: Wed, 2002-05-08
Fisher and June share a romantic kiss. Kirsty and Seb continue to forge a strong friendship. Rhys and Shelley's intimate evening is interrupted.
Episode 3272
WatchedS15E82: Episode 3272
Aired: Tue, 2002-05-07
Flynn finally convinces Kane to agree to the mediation. Noah, Hayley and Josh move into their new share house. Fisher accuses Flynn of allowing his issues with his father to influence his professional judgement.
Episode 3271
WatchedS15E81: Episode 3271