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Mark Anthony Samuel



Mark Anthony Samuel

Season 53

WatchedS53E89: #13366
Aired: Tue, 2015-08-04
WatchedS53E80: #13357
Aired: Wed, 2015-07-22
WatchedS53E69: #13346
Aired: Tue, 2015-07-07
WatchedS53E25: #13302
Aired: Tue, 2015-05-05
WatchedS53E24: #13301
Aired: Mon, 2015-05-04
WatchedS53E23: #13300
Aired: Fri, 2015-05-01
WatchedS53E20: #13297
Aired: Tue, 2015-04-28
Olivia suffers with some stomach cramps. Michael receives an offer. Ned fills him in on the latest ELQ news.
WatchedS53E17: #13294
Aired: Thu, 2015-04-23
WatchedS53E09: #13286
Aired: Mon, 2015-04-13

Season 52

WatchedS52E219: #13245
Aired: Fri, 2015-02-13
Olivia bumps into an old friend. Sam and Patrick’s date ends up being delayed.

Season 51

WatchedS51E49: #12825
Aired: Mon, 2013-06-10
Laura returns home from her honeymoon after receiving a message that her daughter has got her memory back. Carly shows Franco the thing he sent her, and wants a reassurance he won't come after her or anyone else close to her...
WatchedS51E46: #12822
Aired: Wed, 2013-06-05
Patrick is approached by Silas regarding Danny's test results. Shawn prepares himself to eliminate Franco. Franco learns from Diane that the judge has a list of charges filed against him. Sam is surprised by her mother, sist...
WatchedS51E45: #12821
Aired: Tue, 2013-06-04
Having Britt staying with her, begins to take it's toll on Sabrina. Olivia is pleased to learn that Lulu has regained her memory. Molly informs Rafe that she will make sure that he doesn't leave Port Charles with his uncle. F...
WatchedS51E36: #12812
Aired: Tue, 2013-05-21
Sam slams the door in Silas's face after he shows up at her apartment. Alexis is surprised to learn that her daughter is going with Rafe to the prom and that she and T.J. have broken up. Sonny is pleased with Olivia because h...
WatchedS51E31: #12807
Aired: Tue, 2013-05-14
T.J. receives some advice from Felix. The mystery man continues to watch from the green room as everybody becomes ill after sampling the relishes. Michael is introduced to Kiki, his brother's girlfriend. Sam warns a doctor w...
WatchedS51E30: #12806
Aired: Mon, 2013-05-13
Michael discovers his brother badly beaten on the floor and then asks him how he is going to pay off his debts. Nikolas assures A.J. that Tracy won't ruin things for him onThe Chew. Felix shares his theory with Sabrina that B...
WatchedS51E24: #12800
Aired: Fri, 2013-05-03
Sonny and Shawn show up at Morgan's college in Nashvile and talk to the Dean. Olivia pays Johnny a visit. A.J. goes to see Carly after they accidentally managed to swap phones last night. Nikolas learns from Tracy that Duke h...
WatchedS51E20: #12796
Aired: Mon, 2013-04-29
Johnny informs Connie that he wants to try and protect Carly not get back together with her. T.J. shares some good news with Shawn. Sam shares her concerns with her mother regarding Rafe. Emma wonders Sabrina what she's doin...
WatchedS51E19: #12795
Aired: Fri, 2013-04-26
Britt wants Patrick to go to the clinic with her, and enjoys the fact that he is forced to cancel his date with Sabrina. Carly refuses to accept a phone call from Johnny. Duke surprises Anna and he asks her to go out to dinne...
WatchedS51E18: #12794
Aired: Thu, 2013-04-25
Elizabeth is furious with A.J. for telling Nikolas to keep his distance from her. Patrick asks Britt if she really wants to go ahead with the abortion. Lulu hears somebody coming and she ends up hitting Max on the head. Tracy...
WatchedS51E16: #12792
Aired: Tue, 2013-04-23
Carly learns from Michael that Brenda has told him that nothing actually happened between them. Dante takes Lulu to the hospital, but she doesn't recognize Patrick or anybody else working there. Patrick is asked by Laura to h...
WatchedS51E12: #12788
Aired: Tue, 2013-04-16
Patrick is surprised after Britt tells him that she is going to have an abortion. Spinelli pays Heather a visit needing her help to try and find Lauren Frank. Kate asks Sonny if he was expecting to see her or Connie. Lulu ref...
WatchedS51E06: #12782
Aired: Mon, 2013-04-08
Felicia tells Frisco that she can't marry him because Mac is the man for her. Richard Simmons sudden return causes trouble for Lucy. Britt has second thoughts about going through with her mother's plan. Duke wants Anna to dan...
WatchedS51E05: #12781
Aired: Fri, 2013-04-05
The guests arrive on the red carpet to attend the Ball. Brenda informs Carly that Jax called off the wedding and that it is her fault. Patrick finally admits to Sabrina that he has feelings towards her. Frisco and Mac want Fe...
WatchedS51E04: #12780
Aired: Thu, 2013-04-04
Lucy learns from Kevin that he won't be able to attend the ball because he needs to go to Seattle to help a patient. Jax informs Brenda that Carly told him she has probably already been to see Sonny. Olivia attempts to get an...
WatchedS51E03: #12779
Aired: Wed, 2013-04-03
Carly wants Jax to tell her why would he even consider getting involved with Brenda again. T.J. learns from Milo that he took the advice he offered him and that he has done something underhanded. Helena tells Laura that if sh...

Season 50

WatchedS50E247: #12775
Aired: Thu, 2013-03-28
Ellie discovers Tracy in the lab looking for the relish recipe. A.J. turns to Spinelli for help in tracking down the missing Quartermaine heir. Rafe shows up at Alexis's house with nowhere else to go. T.J. hears Molly talking...
WatchedS50E246: #12774
Aired: Wed, 2013-03-27
Luke wants to inject some adrenaline into Nikolas' I.V. so that he will wake up and tell him what he knows about Lulu. Carly shows off the newly renovated Metro Court Ballroom, which leaves Lucy lost for words. Felix lets Sab...
WatchedS50E244: #12772
Aired: Mon, 2013-03-25
Britt wonders why her mother has made an unexpected visit to Port Charles and what business she has in town. Lisa tells her that it's been dealt with. Patrick listens again to the message that Robin recorded before her death ...
WatchedS50E243: #12771
Aired: Fri, 2013-03-22
Scott is confronted by Dante wanting to know what he has done to his wife, but Lucy insists that he isn't the person that abducted Lulu. Britt is shocked to discover that Sabrina is graduating after all. Spinelli gives Epipha...
WatchedS50E240: #12768
Aired: Tue, 2013-03-19
Lucy offers Scott some relationship advice. Luke believes that the gift Lulu has received isn't from Bobbie. Carly tells Todd that even though she wants him, she does not trust him. Michael gives A.J. the formula and tells hi...
WatchedS50E238: #12766
Aired: Fri, 2013-03-15
Lucy takes Kevin to the hospital for a check up following his altercation at Ferncliff. Rafe shows up to see McBain and tells him that he can't go back to the group home. Starr tells Michael about Carly's plan. Ellie gives A....
WatchedS50E235: #12763
Aired: Mon, 2013-03-11
Carly is left feeling speechless after Todd tells her that he is a free man and wonders if there's still any hope for them to be together now. Shawn takes Molly and T.J. to talk to Kate hoping she will return the book that sh...
WatchedS50E230: #12758
Aired: Mon, 2013-03-04
Felix learns from Sabrina that she won't be graduating after all. Sam shows up at at the police station determined to see Lucy, Rafe and McBain being freed for saving her from Caleb. Elizabeth discovers that Heather paid some...
WatchedS50E221: #12749
Aired: Tue, 2013-02-19
After Britt approaches Patrick, she insists on speaking to Emma and he tells her to never talk to his daughter again. Connie doesn't think that Sonny is being honest with his feelings after kissing her. Lulu reads the card an...
WatchedS50E220: #12748
Aired: Mon, 2013-02-18
Lulu is surprised after Dante brings Sonny to the party. Frisco attempts to convince his daughter to give him another chance. Starr learns from Michael that her father has been captured and that McBain killed Heather Webber. ...
WatchedS50E205: #12733
Aired: Mon, 2013-01-28
Patrick becomes scared after Emma goes missing while Britt is supposed to be looking after her. Felix takes Sabrina and Elizabeth for a Nurse's night out at the Haunted Star and tries his hand at matchmaking. A.J. tells Tracy...
WatchedS50E203: #12731
Aired: Thu, 2013-01-24
Tracy tells Ned about her vampire ploy so she can secure her position at E.L.Q. Todd informs Johhny that he not going to Pentonville. Patrick wants Elizabeth to tell him why Sabrina is keeping her distance from him. Michael w...
WatchedS50E200: #12728
Aired: Fri, 2013-01-18
A.J. learns from Tracy that there's a loophole in E.L.Q which offers her the right to fire Lucy and still remain as C.E.O. A.J. thinks that there should be another vote at the company. Emily feels a slight tingling in her leg...
WatchedS50E199: #12727
Aired: Thu, 2013-01-17
McBain informs Todd that he'll see to it that he won't escape because he will be watching him. Tracy attempts to blackmail Lucy. Felix helps Carly deal with her hangover. Epiphany wants to know why she was not told about the ...
WatchedS50E198: #12726
Aired: Wed, 2013-01-16
As Anna returns to town with Duke she learns that that McBain was attacked and is in the hospital. Carly wakes up after having spent the night in Todd's bed and A.J. tells her what happened between them last night. Lucy has a...
WatchedS50E197: #12725
Aired: Tue, 2013-01-15
Lucy pulls out a cross and surprises McBain by calling him Caleb and warns him to stay away from her. When she sees Sam she calls her Livvie. Todd steals a paperclip off of Felix after being taken to the hospital. Diane learn...
WatchedS50E184: #12712
Aired: Fri, 2012-12-21
Patrick and Britt talk about their date at the hospital. When Patrick sees Sabrina, he asks her how her meeting with Lucy went. Monica thanks Elizabeth for looking after A.J. after he came to the hospital and apologizes to he...
WatchedS50E181: #12709
Aired: Tue, 2012-12-18
Anna and Duke find Robert fighting for his very survival in the room. Sabrina wants Lucy's help to try and revive the Nurses's Ball which she agrees to do. Maxie informs Spinelli about the second thoughts she was having about...
WatchedS50E180: #12708
Aired: Mon, 2012-12-17
Felix ends up admitting to Sabrina that he lied when he said that he knew Lucy Coe and continues that he has never mer her. Anna is left feeling shocked after she discovers Duke tied to a bed. Duke attempts to assure that it ...
WatchedS50E179: #12707
Aired: Thu, 2012-12-13
Dr. Obrecht ends up letting it slip to Robin that Faison has been arrested. Olivia suffers with another hallucination. Robert believes that Anna was vulnerable because she was grieving for their daughter. Patrick learns from ...
WatchedS50E176: #12704
Aired: Mon, 2012-12-10
Anna ends up screaming out in shock after seeing Faison and realizes that Robert was right about him still being alive. Sabrina believes that Lucy is the person that can help with the Nurses's Ball. Faison denies that he has ...
WatchedS50E172: #12700
Aired: Tue, 2012-12-04
Tracy gets ready for Sam to show up while A.J. goes to see his lawyer. McBain asks Anna for a position within the department and explains to her the reasons why he can't return to Llanview. He ends up accepting a position to ...