Michael & Marshall Reed in The Waltons

Michael & Marshall Reed


Michael & Marshall Reed

Season 9

The Tempest
WatchedS09E10: The Tempest
Aired: Thu, 1981-02-05
Mary Ellen discovers Curtis is indeed alive in Florida, but is a very changed person. Jonesy convinces J.D. Pickett to re-hire Erin.
The Whirlwind
WatchedS09E09: The Whirlwind
Aired: Thu, 1981-01-22
Jonesy proposes to Mary Ellen, but stunning news halts any marriage plans. Jason renovates and re-opens the Dew Drop Inn.
The Outrage (2)
WatchedS09E02: The Outrage (2)
Aired: Thu, 1980-11-27
John goes to great lengths to secure a pardon for Harley. The Godseys rethink their new arrangement. Elizabeth and Drew work on raising a colt together.
The Outrage (1)
WatchedS09E01: The Outrage (1)
Aired: Thu, 1980-11-27
Harley is arrested for an old crime, and John tries to help prove the original trial was biased. John-Boy and Toni try to locate Jason in France. Elizabeth is too busy with her horse to deal with Drew. Ike wants Corabeth to b...

Season 8

The Remembrance
WatchedS08E18: The Remembrance
Aired: Thu, 1980-01-24
Cousin Zadok Walton arrives and holds Grandpa to an old promise, as well as making a startling revelation regarding his will. Jason and a female sergeant strike up a friendship.
The Violated (1)
WatchedS08E09: The Violated (1)
Aired: Thu, 1979-11-08
Olivia discovers the shocking truth as to why a soldier's wife is not replying to his letters. Corabeth receives notice she is to receive an inheritance.
The Journal
WatchedS08E07: The Journal
Aired: Thu, 1979-10-25
A publisher wants the Waltons' permission to publish a book of John-Boy's. Jeffrey refuses to accept that his dog, Reckless, is near death.
The Starlet
WatchedS08E06: The Starlet
Aired: Thu, 1979-10-18
When the Pickett plant is selected to be the subject of a documentary, Erin is told by the director she may have a future in films. The Baldwins agree to host dinners for soldiers.
The Innocents
WatchedS08E05: The Innocents
Aired: Thu, 1979-10-11
Olivia wants the defense plant to allow for a day care for workers' children. Corabeth is suspicious when Ike wants to learn to dance.
The Diploma
WatchedS08E04: The Diploma
Aired: Thu, 1979-10-04
Unable to find his high school diploma, John must take an equivalency test to validate his security declaration. Mary Ellen takes over as district nurse when Nora is called to serve.
The Kinfolk
WatchedS08E03: The Kinfolk
Aired: Thu, 1979-09-27
Rose arrives with her grandchildren Serena and Jeffrey, who continually act out and cause trouble. Jim-Bob and Ike build an air raid siren.
The Home Front (2)
WatchedS08E02: The Home Front (2)
Aired: Thu, 1979-09-20
A father wants revenge after his son, whom John helped convince to not evade the draft, is killed in action. The family receives bad news about John Boy.
The Home Front (1)
WatchedS08E01: The Home Front (1)
Aired: Thu, 1979-09-20
The family works for the war effort, with John on the draft board, Erin at a metalworking plant, and Jason a corporal at an Army camp.

Season 7

Founders' Day
WatchedS07E24: Founders' Day
Aired: Thu, 1979-03-22
The Waltons, Godseys, and Baldwins all seek to prove theirs was the first family to settle on Walton's Mountain. Jason has difficulty completing "Appalachian Portrait," a composition to fulfill his graduation requirements fro...
The Talespin
WatchedS07E23: The Talespin
Aired: Thu, 1979-03-15
Jim-Bob sinks into depression when his eyes prevent him from joining the Air Corps. The still recently-widowed Mary Ellen is reluctant to start a social life.
The Torch
WatchedS07E22: The Torch
Aired: Thu, 1979-03-08
An old girlfriend of John's buys the Dew Drop, and still has feelings for him. Godsey's Hall becomes a canteen for soldiers stationed at Camp Rockfish.
The Pin-Up
WatchedS07E18: The Pin-Up
Aired: Thu, 1979-02-08
Ben's innocently-taken picture of Erin makes her a popular pin-up girl at Camp Lee. Mary Ellen becomes overly protective of John Curtis.
The Parting
WatchedS07E16: The Parting
Aired: Thu, 1979-01-18
When a vacation does not help Olivia's fatigue, a trip to the doctor's yields a devastating diagnosis. Jim-Bob wants to prove he's skilled at more than just machinery.
The Obstacle
WatchedS07E15: The Obstacle
Aired: Thu, 1979-01-11
The Waltons help Mike Paxton, a newly handicapped friend of John Boy's, realize being in a wheelchair isn't the end of his life. Jason hopes to use his music skills by joining a band unit in the war.
Day of Infamy
WatchedS07E11: Day of Infamy
Aired: Thu, 1978-12-07
As Mary Ellen prepares to move to Pearl Harbor to live with Curtis, the Japanese attack, bringing the country into WWII.
The Captive
WatchedS07E08: The Captive
Aired: Thu, 1978-11-09
Elizabeth is slow to take to her brothers' driving lessons. Feeling hemmed in by the unchanging life of Walton's Mountain, Corabeth takes to the bottle.
The Changeling
WatchedS07E06: The Changeling
Aired: Thu, 1978-10-26
As her 13th birthday approaches, Elizabeth is caught between her dual desires to remain a girl and become a woman. Jason hosts a radio talk show, giving love advice.
The Obsession
WatchedS07E05: The Obsession
Aired: Thu, 1978-10-19
Mary Ellen abuses prescription drugs to stay awake studying for the nursing exam. Cissy Tucker delivers an ultimatum to Yancy.
The Calling
WatchedS07E03: The Calling
Aired: Thu, 1978-09-28
Jim-Bob falls for the Baldwins' cousin, who is soon to become a nun. Ben unwittingly hires an alcoholic mill hand.
The Empty Nest (2)
WatchedS07E02: The Empty Nest (2)
Aired: Thu, 1978-09-21
A job offer takes John by surprise. Corabeth and Ike argue over the store's layout. Erin and Mary Ellen find city life taxing.
The Empty Nest (1)
WatchedS07E01: The Empty Nest (1)
Aired: Thu, 1978-09-21
Everybody mourns the death of Grandpa Zeb and Flossie Brimmer. John struggles to obtain a huge lumber contract. Mary Ellen and Erin move to Charlottesville, and they get an apartment.