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Mo Collins

Born: 1965-07-07


Mo Collins

Mo Collins was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota on July 7th, 1965. A painfully shy youth, Mo developed her love of improv comedy after becoming involved in a drama class in the 8th grade. She also attended Robbinsdale Armstrong High School and graduated in 1983. Collins attended College for 2 years before quitting to attend Dudley Riggs' Brave New Workshop in Minneapolis, where she honed her improv and sketch writing skills. Collins left after a few years and moved to Florida where she worked for 2 years at Disney Orlando at a improv place called "Pleasure Island". While there Mo met fellow Madtv Castmember Paul Vogt and his brother Peter, and they became not only co workers but close friends. Mo then returned to Minneapolis where she starred in many theater productions and plays. In 1993 Mo married fellow Minnesotan and rock drummer Jimi Englund. They have a son, Cullen who is now 10 years old.

Both Husband and Son have appeared on the show with her. When her son was 2, Mo sold her Minneapolis home, packed up her belongings and headed to LA in hopes of making her dreams come true. Within a year, she landed her big break on MadTV. Since then, Collins has made numerous TV appearances and had a starring role in the 2002 movie "Detective Fiction" which made its debut at the 2003 Sundance Film Festival. She also appeared in the 1999 short film "Spa" about a woman who enters a spa after being invited there by a relative and refuses to leave. She also appeared in the 2001 film "Factory Accident Sex". Mo appeared in the 2003 film "La La Wood", about the life of Jiminy Glick, as well as a well talked about part in the movie "The 40 Year Old Virgin". Mo can be seen in the upcoming movies "Danny Roane: First Time Director", which will make its debut at the SouthBySouthwest Film Festival in Austin, TX on March 11th, as well as the movie "Easier, Softer Way" and has also made appearances on the tv shows "Joey", "Less Than Perfect", "7th Heaven","Family Guy", "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and "Fat Actress."


Season 14

Episode #1417
WatchedS14E17: Episode #1417
Aired: Sat, 2009-05-16
MADtv Gives Back: Fred Willard hosts a special telethon.Show Open: Oprah Winfrey Gives BackArtie Lange Gives BackMADtv Encore: The Soprano's (#624)Lorraine: Phone VolunteerMADtv Encore: Coors , it's in the water.Ms. Swan Giv...
Episode 13
WatchedS14E13: Episode 13
Aired: Sat, 2009-03-21
Host Kathy Griffin will introduce a best of alumnus Michael McDonald's skits.

Season 13

Episode 9
WatchedS13E09: Episode 9
Aired: Sat, 2008-02-02
MADtv Fake Music Video Black Friend24 ParodyClaymation: Auditions I-ChemistryBobby Lee Auditions for Dragon Hunter II Video GamePrison Break Fake CommercialFantastico de la Television!Criss Angel Mind Freak: Flavor FlavMADtv ...
300th Episode Milestone
WatchedS13E07: 300th Episode Milestone
Aired: Sat, 2007-11-17
Former cast members Alex Borstein, Mo Collins, Will Sasso and Debra Wilson make their return to mark MADtv's 300th episode.
MADtv's Most Wanted
WatchedS13E04: MADtv's Most Wanted
Aired: Sat, 2007-10-06
Susan Sarandon hosts “MADtv's Most Wanted,” a collection of fan-favorite sketches featuring Michael McDonald as Stuart, Alex Borstein as Miss Swan, Mo Collins as Lorraine, and Nicole Sullivan as the Vancome Lady.
MADtv Ruined My Life: The Outrageous Sketches That Shocked a Nation
WatchedS13E01: MADtv Ruined My Life: The Outrageous Sketches That Shocked a Nation
Aired: Sat, 2007-09-15
Jerry Springer kicks off MADtv's 13th season with "MADtv Ruined My Life: The Outrageous Sketches That Shocked a Nation." It is the first in a four episode "Best Of MADtv" collection.

Season 11

Episode #1122
WatchedS11E22: Episode #1122
Aired: Sat, 2006-05-20
Bobby Lee plays a character that works for the Chinese mafia as a translator in a meeting with Tony Soprano. Also, new Cragg sketch and an encore of an old Stuart sketch. Special Appearance: Andrew Bowen, Pat Kilbane, Mo Col...

Season 10

Episode #1014
WatchedS10E14: Episode #1014
Aired: Sat, 2005-02-19
This episode's sketches include:Snoop Dogg/Pharell video: "Smokin' Too Much Pot"Hallmark #1Stuart: Moving OnHallmark #2Lorraine Goes BowlingHallmark #3Lillian Verner Game Show 5Houseguest FeliciaScrewup NewsClose-Stuart Outta...

Season 9

Episode #925
WatchedS09E25: Episode #925
Aired: Sat, 2004-05-22
This Episode's Sketches Include:Baby AbercrombieSuperstitious Knights: JinxLetters To LincolnStuart: Poker GameReal **********ing Talk: CensoredThe Price is Right: PrehistoriaFunkenstein vs. the Werewolf HookersClose-Aries
Episode #924
WatchedS09E24: Episode #924
Aired: Sat, 2004-05-15
This Episode's Sketches Include:What Can Brown Do For You?Depressed Persian Tow Truck Man: Prom NightHollywood Squares: Desperate Gimmick WeekDoggone Tired Of Them!Dominic The Giant At WorkShot In The HeadMetaphoricaKappa Kap...
Episode #923
WatchedS09E23: Episode #923
Aired: Sat, 2004-05-08
This Episode's Sketches Include:Whoopi Goldberg for SlimFastDr. Kylie: Chinese Bird FluCoach HeinzLillian Verner Game Show III: Mother's DayHelenzillaChoppy: Sexual HarassmentDrunk POVEncore-Dot: Child GeniusDr. Kylie Outtake...
Episode #922
WatchedS09E22: Episode #922
Aired: Sat, 2004-05-01
This Episode's Sketches Include:Angela: Heroes On MontelThe Wizard of Oz: Realistic EndingMarvin Tikkvah: Chubby Chaser LoveThe OC Meets American Idol LosersSean the Floor Leader: Bring Your Child To Work DayFood Network: Egg...
Episode #921
WatchedS09E21: Episode #921
Aired: Sat, 2004-04-17
This Episode's Sketches Include:Average Asian: DatingMovie Trailer (Kiss The Twisted Eye Of The Beholder Of The Ya-Ya Double Jeopardyhood)The Price Is Right: Circa 1986Funkenstein Against Dr. Jekyll And Mr. HydeBae Sung: Cour...
Episode #920
WatchedS09E20: Episode #920
Aired: Sat, 2004-04-10
This Episode's Sketches Include:John Madden: EasterMoneyDot: NOT a 24 SketchGeert Gets A JobQVC Over 40Hitprov-Romeo and JulieEncore: Ms. Campbell Fast Food LawsuitSupermarket SuperherosSam Adams Time Travels
Episode #919
WatchedS09E19: Episode #919
Aired: Sat, 2004-03-20
This Episode's Sketches Include:Over The Rainbow #1Who Wants To Be A Super Duper MillionaireOver The Rainbow #2It's A Small World: Revenge Of Satans Undead Dolls7am Condo Report 3Crossing The Hell OverABC ScheduleBae Sung: Ai...
Episode #918
WatchedS09E18: Episode #918
Aired: Sat, 2004-03-13
This Episode's Sketches Include:Trojan OvaMax Contraceptive PatchThe Wayne Brady Show Gets CancelledCold CaseTaco HellWedding DayJay Walking ManiaPirate Party ProductionsA Farewell To FrasierFake Sponsor: UCLA Body Donor Prog...
Episode #917
WatchedS09E17: Episode #917
Aired: Sat, 2004-02-28
Sketches: Colgate Commercial Dot: Spelling Bee Rusty: Academy Awards American Political Idol (Bill O'Reilly)Family Feud: Cold Mountain Vs. Lord of the Rings (Rich Talarico)The Olsen Twins' Hip Hop Sock Hop Self-IncriminationE...
Episode #916
WatchedS09E16: Episode #916
Aired: Sat, 2004-02-21
Sketches:Mike Tyson's Gettin' It All Back TourThe Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Opening MonologueStar Jones: Payless ShoesThe Price Is Right Circa 1974The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: GuestsBae Sung Master Translator 2: Movie Se...
Episode #915
WatchedS09E15: Episode #915
Aired: Sat, 2004-02-14
This Episode's Sketches Include:Abercrombie And Fitch 2Crazy As Hell NewsThe Lillian Verner Game Show: ValentinesThe Disneyland ScandalTwo And A Half MenThe Bureau Of Porno Actors RegistrationReal M************ Talk: Black Hi...
Episode #914
WatchedS09E14: Episode #914
Aired: Sat, 2004-02-07
This Episode's Sketches Include:Gabmore Girlsexpedia.comFake SponsorsMrs. Campbell: The ApprenticeThe Kim Jong-Il ShowStuart: Next DoorAries' Vocal TipsThe Bride Of FunkensteinChrysler Drive & LoveEncore: Senator Debate (#804...
Episode #913
WatchedS09E13: Episode #913
Aired: Sat, 2004-01-17
This Episode's Sketches Include:John Madden's Movie MinuteScare TacticsDr. Kylie: FertilityOscar and Sugar ShaneCelebrity SurvivorCelebrity Survivor: Tribal CouncilFootball CoachCourt TV's A Simple LifeEncore: "Angela: Racism...
Episode #912
WatchedS09E12: Episode #912
Aired: Sat, 2004-01-10
This Episode's Sketches Include:Neverland Ranch Music VideoText MessagingThe Simpler LifeOnStar: Britney SpearsFlu SexSnow White AuditionDrama Queen: Dinner TheatreMissing Film StripEncore: "Dot On Oprah"Closing: "The Simpler...
Episode #911
WatchedS09E11: Episode #911
Aired: Sat, 2003-12-20
This Episode's Sketches Include:An Elizabeth Smart ChristmasPowerslut Girls Vs. FrostyBowling For ChristmasA Marvin Tikvah ChristmasFeuding Family ChristmasHappy Holidays from Woody AllenRenee Zellwegger's Holiday WishThe Bab...
Episode #910
WatchedS09E10: Episode #910
Aired: Sat, 2003-12-13
This Episode's Sketches Include:Lords Of The Bling: The Return Of The BlingAbercrombie & FitchFake Sponsor: Hilton HotelsNews RetractionsThe Lillian Verner Game ShowOnStarLorraine: In The Baby's RoomPostal Workers Go PostalKa...
Episode #909
WatchedS09E09: Episode #909
Aired: Sat, 2003-12-06
This Episode's Sketches Include:The Today Show: Winter ConcertDepressed Persian Tow Truck Man: Plane RideMexican Mariachi Band60 MinutesSpishak Bug ZapperSpecial Patrick Special OlympicsSaffron Johnson (Super Gay New Laker)Dr...
Episode #908
WatchedS09E08: Episode #908
Aired: Sat, 2003-11-22
This Episode's Sketches Include:Everybody Loves Raymond's Lesbian CousinTRL: Music Video: Emcee EsherConnie Chung Tonight: Paige By PaigeShaq And The Super LakersFootball Game Marriage ProposalsHollywood Squares: Stars Of UPN...
Episode #907
WatchedS09E07: Episode #907
Aired: Sat, 2003-11-15
This Episode's Sketches Include:Me Against MadonnaWashington JournalSean's Surprise Birthday PartyWheel of Fortune: Government Worker WeekWerewolf 2: Bad CreditTrina's Costume PartySleep CellCat In The Hat Premier Part 1Cat I...
The 200th Episode
WatchedS09E06: The 200th Episode
Aired: Sat, 2003-11-08
This Episode's Sketches Include:Hey Mad VideoThe Vancome Bachlorette LadySeason Six Clip: The Sopranos - Edited For ContentSeason Eight Clip: Oprah's Thinning CameraKenny Roger's Punk'dArtie Lange Salute's MADtvSeason One Cli...
Episode #905
WatchedS09E05: Episode #905
Aired: Sat, 2003-11-01
This Episode's Sketches Include:Average Asian DeuxJohn Madden for VagisilAngela's Funniest Home VideoMTV's Direct Effect: 50 CentFeline Feline & HairballThe NewlywedsColdplay "The Narcissist" Music VideoA Football Thing7am Co...
Episode #904
WatchedS09E04: Episode #904
Aired: Sat, 2003-10-04
This Episode's Sketches Include:Archie Tomlinson OldsmobileE! Celebrities UncensoredQueer Eye For The Strange GuyThe O'Reilly Factor: Gray DavisSnuggle the Fabric Softner Bear Goes On A Bloody RampageStuart Sees A TherapistFr...
Episode #903
WatchedS09E03: Episode #903
Aired: Sat, 2003-09-27
This Episode's Sketches Include:Olive GardenBoy Meets GoyMusic Video: "Consensual"Sean the Freaky Floor LeaderQVCPerry's Love TherapyMADtv at the EmmysAffleck InsuranceEncore- Hooked on Phonics VGClose - Mo & Paul Red Carpet
Episode #902
WatchedS09E02: Episode #902
Aired: Sat, 2003-09-20
This Episode's Sketches Include:Kmart Joe BoxerLorraine Goes To The BeachShaq and the Super LakersDr. Kylie: PubertyMusic Video: "Prostitution"Real **********ing Emmy SpecialMadonna Childrens Book7am Condo ReportThe Fighting ...
Episode #901
WatchedS09E01: Episode #901
Aired: Sat, 2003-09-13
This Episode's Sketches Include:Music Video: 50 Cent, C.R.A.P.Andy Dick - Welcome to Season 9GAP HagFake TV (ABC)Marvin Tikvah & Hollywood HopefulsCalifornia Recall Governors Debate 2003 #1Rod Roddy: Divorce Lunch DateCalifor...

Season 8

Episode #825
WatchedS08E25: Episode #825
Aired: Sat, 2003-05-17
This Episode's Sketches Include:Johnny Woo's Legal FirmSpishak: Hey, It's Cars For Kids!Oprah's JackassMarvin and Mindy TikvahLorraine Visits the DentistFeuding ParentsTed Koppel's Herbal EssenceEncore - Stuart's New Babysitt...
Episode #824
WatchedS08E24: Episode #824
Aired: Sat, 2003-05-10
This Episode's Sketches Include:MimeDepressed Persian Tow Truck Man7 Buddy CopsSunday MorningStoreSpears on SportsThe Schnitzer FamilyTwo CopsEncore- Ms. Campbell7 Buddy Cops Close
Episode #823
WatchedS08E23: Episode #823
Aired: Sat, 2003-05-03
This Episode's Sketches Include:Career CommercialPublic Schoolhouse Rock: Substitute TeacherGarage SaleStuart Visits His FatherDrama Queen - Inside the Actor's StudioMissy Elliot PerformsBrother LucyEncore - Whitney Screws Up...
Episode #822
WatchedS08E22: Episode #822
Aired: Sat, 2003-04-26
This Episode's Sketches Include:MaximenOprahGolfNeverending SketchThis N That With RustyStardatesEncore- Depressed Persian Tow Truck ManThe HoneymoonersGodsmack performsClosing - Mo
Episode #821
WatchedS08E21: Episode #821
Aired: Sat, 2003-04-12
This Episode's Sketches Include:Dr. Phil Makes a House CallAnna Nicole #1Mickey: Bank Robbery News InterviewAnna Nicole #2Commercial Parody Winner #1: Spishak: Hey It's Ovens for Kids (#812)Vera Magnus the Psychic LadyAnna Ni...
Episode #820
WatchedS08E20: Episode #820
Aired: Sat, 2003-04-05
This Episode's Sketches Include:Man vs. BeastMariah Video: I'm Not InsaneJenny Jones: ReunitedWhy Women LeaveJohnny Woo'sNightlineDrawing with JerryMary Tyler Moore 2003Prom DressEncore - Second Hand LorraineOK Go performs "G...
Episode #819
WatchedS08E19: Episode #819
Aired: Sat, 2003-03-22
This Episode's Sketches Include:Connie Chung Oscar ShowNominated ActressMovie TrailerMrs. Campbell: HospitalJust Made In Ten DaysReal Oscar Talk II with Tommy Davidson and Fred WillardRusty's Student FilmThe Al Pacino Experie...
Episode #818
WatchedS08E18: Episode #818
Aired: Sat, 2003-03-15
This Episode's Sketches Include:Reality Check w/ Michael JacksonSorority Row: House HelpersThe Other HalfSwirly TimeGrand Theft AutoEntertainment TonightThe Tonight ShowEncore - Lords of the Bling
Episode #817
WatchedS08E17: Episode #817
Aired: Sat, 2003-03-08
This Episode's Sketches Include:Bomb, Bomb, BombCSIHidden VideoQueen of QueensCommercials From Around the WorldJump Rope: Video GamesSunny Side of SaddamPresidential Physical FitnessHome for the WeekendEncore - Birdsittert.A....
Episode #816
WatchedS08E16: Episode #816
Aired: Sat, 2003-02-22
This Episode's Sketches Include:Look Who's TalkingAngela's Canadian CousinRyan Seacrest intros Music Video CountdownStuart and Doreen at a RestaurantHidin' In My ClosetAndy Dick as Daphne AguileraA Little Pill Called EcstasyL...
Episode #815
WatchedS08E15: Episode #815
Aired: Sat, 2003-02-15
This Episode's Sketches Include:VirginalMofaz - Marital BreakdownBrought to You ByHappy V.D. Chuckie BrownJoe Millionaire and MAD GirlsBill O'ReillyDaredevil PremiereBook TalkDot ValentineEncore - Trina's Valentine
Episode #814
WatchedS08E14: Episode #814
Aired: Sat, 2003-02-08
This Episode's Sketches Include:People's Court: Fightin' Ron vs. Marvin TikvahJoe MillionaireSorority Row - Kappa GamesDubble Yoo and Wile E. HusseinMondays on CBSReality Check - On The MarchSpishak Excuses '98Shaq TimeDrama ...
Episode #813
WatchedS08E13: Episode #813
Aired: Sat, 2003-02-01
This Episode's Sketches Include:Hooked on PhonicsDating GameLove Me BetterBunifa Trading SpacesBoys Gone WildConnie Chung TonightDr. Kylie - Butt Seriously (Colonoscopy)Jamie Kennedy in "Another Dispute"Encore - Price is Lorr...
Episode #812
WatchedS08E12: Episode #812
Aired: Sat, 2003-01-25
This Episode's Sketches Include:CruiseHey, It's Ovens For KidsBaby JoggerGlamazon Huntress TresVegas CallingSelf-DefenseQ.V.CEncore - Wizard of Oz: The Lost FootageJerry O'Connell and Anthony Anderson in "The Cure"Jump Rope: ...
Episode #811
WatchedS08E11: Episode #811
Aired: Sat, 2003-01-18
This Episode's Sketches Include:Celebrity New Year's Resolutions (Madden, Shaq, Madonna)Oprah's Cash GiveawayReal ***********' NewsFamily GatheringJenny Jones AgainEncore - 70's Health FilmQueens of the Stone Age perform "No ...
Episode #810
WatchedS08E10: Episode #810
Aired: Sat, 2002-12-21
This Episode's Sketches Include:Christmas Tree CommercialWhitney & Bobby's ChristmasHow Winona Stole ChristmasSanta's HelperApril's ChristmasLorraine Goes ShoppingBible Dude ChristmasHoliday PartyBon Jovi performs "Bounce"
Episode #809
WatchedS08E09: Episode #809
Aired: Sat, 2002-12-14
This Episode's Sketches Include:Like I Am YouLords of the Bling IISears Portrait StudioTrina - Job InterviewJump Rope "Terror Alert"Kappa for a DayO'Reilly SegmentLaker Girl BunifaDivine DotPerformance by Puddle of Mudd
Episode #808
WatchedS08E08: Episode #808
Aired: Sat, 2002-12-07
This Episode's Sketches Include:More Price Is RightThe Real BachelorReality Check Takes FlightSnow White's ReturnJust for LesbiansCloret at the Juice BarSmarty Pants Challenge with Sum 41Average AsianSum 41 performs "Still Wa...
Episode #807
WatchedS08E07: Episode #807
Aired: Sat, 2002-11-23
This Episode's Sketches Include:Marvin Tikvah - Father and SonJack and Kelly Osbourne OpenNew From McDonaldsIndiana UniversityCHiPs 2002 - The New Sarge7th Heaven with the OsbournesDie Another Day PremiereStuart's Bright Shin...
Episode #806
WatchedS08E06: Episode #806
Aired: Sat, 2002-11-16
This Episode's Sketches Include:Hidin' In My ClosetLorraine at CollegeDr. Phil - On Today's ShowCenter of the EarthHey Joe Commercial60 MinutesBirthday PartySpears on SportsPerformance by the Strokes
Episode #805
WatchedS08E05: Episode #805
Aired: Sat, 2002-11-09
This Episode's Sketches Include:Reality Show Cameras"Translation" Shakira VideoBambi ThreesomeMadden Popcorn CommercialMs. Campbell: Fast Food LawsuitThe Wayne Brady Show: Ja RuleWal Mart Price SlashingCrossing Over with John...
Episode #804
WatchedS08E04: Episode #804
Aired: Sat, 2002-11-02
This Episode's Sketches Include:Gangsta LoverA Wedding StoryChocolate Covered PeanutsHalftime Pep TalkJump rope "Bankruptcy," "Palestine/Israel," "Air Security"Great DebateTony Hawk Meets Anna NicoleReal Man TalkBible DudePer...
Episode #803
WatchedS08E03: Episode #803
Aired: Sat, 2002-09-28
This Episode's Sketches Include:Hot Up HereJackie ChanStuart Piano LessonPublic Schoolhouse Rock: FattyMADtv at the Emmys50's DinerGlamazon Huntress DosDetentionInsomnia
Episode #802
WatchedS08E02: Episode #802
Aired: Sat, 2002-09-21
This Episode's Sketches Include:The Kopples Part 1The Kopples Part 2Social Studies Project-RacismAmerica At WarSeven buddy CopsWorld's Queeniest Police ChasesSprint PCSDr. Kylie JohnsonOprah
Episode #801
WatchedS08E01: Episode #801
Aired: Sat, 2002-09-14
This Episode's Sketches Include:What's on TVThe Anna Nicole ShowVin Diesel Movie TrailerThe Jenny Jones Show - Lazy SonAll-Star American Idol Ted Koppel with Kelly ClarksonIversonPodiatristHBO Box Set

Season 7

Episode #725
WatchedS07E25: Episode #725
Aired: Sat, 2002-05-18
This Episode's Sketches Include:Pixhilation Lance Bass Show The Real West Wing Mrs. Campbell The Wayne Brady Show MarvinTrinaDr. Johnson (Mad TV Encore) Paxadryl
Episode #724
WatchedS07E24: Episode #724
Aired: Sat, 2002-05-11
This Episode's Sketches Include:JAGGlamazon HuntressDismissedVivica A. Fox at UPNThe DisputeJenny Jones - First LadyThe PlanEncore - Goodnight DadNew Tunes
Episode #723
WatchedS07E23: Episode #723
Aired: Sat, 2002-05-04
This Episode's Sketches Include:Depressed Persian Tow Truck Man Group TherapyPublic School House Rocks Fendernagle EnterprisesSunrise Yoga Music Store Reading Caboose (Mad TV Encore) Emmy Awards Passing Out
Episode #722
WatchedS07E22: Episode #722
Aired: Sat, 2002-04-27
This Episode's Sketches Include:I'm Not A Child (Parody of "I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman")VD: What a DragPolitically IncorrectDot Missing GloveKenny Rogers Jackass Tenacious D performsStuart: Tooth Fairy (Mad TV Encore) Te...
Episode #721
WatchedS07E21: Episode #721
Aired: Sat, 2002-04-20
This Episode's Sketches Include:Bean Town BumsUltimate Fighting ChampionshipAnnoying Relatives Drama QueenAmerican Cotton Council LorraineLookalikesYou, Your Body, and You (Mad TV Encore) Bunifa
Episode #720
WatchedS07E20: Episode #720
Aired: Sat, 2002-04-13
This Episode's Sketches Include:ProvidenceWalter and AmberBar SceneEmbarrassing Parents Stoner News The TrialDolemite (Mad TV Encore)Baseball Man
Episode #719
WatchedS07E19: Episode #719
Aired: Sat, 2002-04-06
This Episode's Sketches Include:Sorority RowNicky Noodles, the Clown of GodMad Saturday Morning Behind the Music 1Greg the Bunny Behind the Music 2Who Knows the Band? Behind the Music 3Jenny Jones Stuart: Grandma (Mad TV Enco...
Episode #718
WatchedS07E18: Episode #718
Aired: Sat, 2002-03-23
This Episode's Sketches Include:Lords of the Bling The Greatest(parody of R.Kelly's "The world's Greatest")The ScoreReal M@%$***$#ing Talk ShowGame Show Candy Band Inside the Actor's Studio Product Placement Brightling Greeti...
Episode #717
WatchedS07E17: Episode #717
Aired: Sat, 2002-03-16
This Episode's Sketches Include:The Probe FriendsYou Sound Like Me(parody song)Chips 2002Public School House Rocks SexismRustyPacino and Deniro Bob Newhart (Mad TV Encore) Shakira performs
Episode #716
WatchedS07E16: Episode #716
Aired: Sat, 2002-02-23
This Episode's Sketches Include:Barbie Gone Wild A Crosswalk to Remember Dot on OprahDMX Motherly AdviceStuart's BirthdayFigure Skating Commentary with Carolla and KimmelAbsolute VodkaMelissa Joan Hart at The White HouseSwan:...
Episode #715
WatchedS07E15: Episode #715
Aired: Sat, 2002-02-16
This Episode's Sketches Include:Talcum X Stone Cold Steve Austin Fightin' RonPublic School House Rock InterjectionsPolitically Incorrect Celebrity Family Feud Ms. Swan Amazing Medical Facts
Episode #714
WatchedS07E14: Episode #714
Aired: Sat, 2002-02-09
This Episode's Sketches Include:Baby Gap Whore Wheel of FortuneStuart's Scary ValentinePalm Organizer Sorority Row Terminator 2: The Musical MurdererBackstage 1 Swan Airplane (Mad TV Encore) Backstage 2
Episode #713
WatchedS07E13: Episode #713
Aired: Sat, 2002-02-02
This Episode's Sketches Include:Mad TV Rockin' Super Bowl Eve Spectacular 1 Bill CoorsHappy DaysMs. Swan Mad TV Rockin' Super Bowl Eve Spectacular 2 Inside the Actors StudioDaphne Aguilera Stuart: Pet Shop (Mad TV Encore) Mad...
Episode #712
WatchedS07E12: Episode #712
Aired: Sat, 2002-01-26
This Episode's Sketches Include:Snow DogsCell Mates Antiques Roadshow 3005 AD 1 Reality Check Antiques Roadshow 3005 AD 2HomozideAntiques Roadshow 3005 AD 3 Harry Potter SequelsMickeyMTV Icons: Whitney Houston (Mad TV Encore)...
Episode #711
WatchedS07E11: Episode #711
Aired: Sat, 2002-01-12
This Episode's Sketches Include:Reality CheckAliasWhatever, Don't Matter(Parody of Shakira's "whenever,whereever"Miss Cleo with Ja RuleThe Olsen TwinsFox News Segment MTV DiaryLili Hubsher: WerewolfJa Rule performs La Ilsa de...
Episode #710
WatchedS07E10: Episode #710
Aired: Sat, 2001-12-15
This Episode's Sketches Include:"World, World, World" (Parody of Jay-Z's "Girls Girls Girls") Santa's Elves Holiday Greetings from Kenny Rogers Trina Message to the Troops: Destiny's Child One Christmas Morning VH1 My Music A...
Episode #709
WatchedS07E09: Episode #709
Aired: Sat, 2001-12-08
This Episode's Sketches Include:Triple H Bad Hair Day EmotionBush and Triple H Michael Jordan Wrestling Championship Real Mofo Talk ShowFightin' RonActorPosin' (Mad TV Encore)
Episode #708
WatchedS07E08: Episode #708
Aired: Sat, 2001-12-01
This Episode's Sketches Include:Kenny Rogers Concert7th HeavenYes, Noah Marvin Tikvah - Car DealershipAmerica's Song Fox Nighttime Forever Furniture Drama Queens 101The Vagina Monologues (MADtv Encore) Talking to the Audience
Episode #707
WatchedS07E07: Episode #707
Aired: Sat, 2001-11-24
This Episode's Sketches Include:BingoJohn (parody of *Nsync "gone")Lorraine OprahMs. Swan: Bunny the Vampire SlayerFox News Weakest Link Leave It To Blink 182Harry Potter Premiere
Episode #706
WatchedS07E06: Episode #706
Aired: Sat, 2001-11-17
This Episode's Sketches Include:A Word From The President NYPD Blue Mrs. Campbell I Do Like GirlsWigs For Kids DatelineStuart Gets A RivalMTV Beach Party 1 MTV Beach Party 2Nothing Commercial
Episode #705
WatchedS07E05: Episode #705
Aired: Sat, 2001-11-10
This Episode's Sketches Include:Gonna Git SomeKung Fu: The Movie with Steven SegalOprah: The Jeannie Fanucci StoryThis 'n' That with Rusty: Drew BarrymorePolitically IncorrectWho Do You Love?This 'n' That with Rusty: Penny Ma...
Episode #704
WatchedS07E04: Episode #704
Aired: Sat, 2001-10-20
This Episode's Sketches Include:Huge Momma FatsoDepressed Patriotic Persian Tow Truck Man BullyOn The Line 1Crack Addicts On The Line 2RestaurantEstrella Viaje (Madtv Encore) 20/20: Aaron Spelling
Episode #703
WatchedS07E03: Episode #703
Aired: Sat, 2001-10-06
This Episode's Sketches Include:Lance Bass ShowRustyHelms Commercial Reality CheckChild Genius Special CoachMichael Jackson Arnold Clone Movie (Mad TV Encore)
Episode #702
WatchedS07E02: Episode #702
Aired: Sat, 2001-09-29
This Episode's Sketches Include:"The Music's Over""Celebrity Fear Factor""Fan Club""Mike Tyson Grill""Swan: Protection""Brian's Secret Skill""Bjork K-Mart Commercial""Telethon Part 1""Telethon Part 2"
Episode #701
WatchedS07E01: Episode #701
Aired: Sat, 2001-09-22
This Episode's Sketches Include:Lady MADtvBlind DateMariah MovieTrina's Speed DateRock Star PremiereFamily Feud 2Wedding VideoEncore- The Sopranos (#624)

Season 6

Holdover #630
WatchedS06E30: Holdover #630
Aired: Sat, 2002-03-09
The More You KnowGymnasts 1Ms. SwanGymnasts 2 Gymnasts 3 Sex FaceGymnasts 4Extras Class Intensity (Mad TV Encore)
Holdover #629
WatchedS06E29: Holdover #629
Aired: Sat, 2001-10-06
This Episode's Sketches Include:Phobia DoctorsMaya AngelouStuart Wedding PartyBlindman and Faulty Voice Box Boy Gap TrollAntiques RoadshowNews ReportLiterallyI Love Lucy 2000 (MADtv Encore)
Holdover #628
WatchedS06E28: Holdover #628
Aired: Sat, 2002-03-02
This Episode's Sketches Include:The More You Know 1Denzel's CableThe More You Know 2 DoctorWal-Mart Mannequin Trial BunifaTodos en la Familia (MADtv Encore) The Rosie Show The Winleys
Holdover #627
WatchedS06E27: Holdover #627
Aired: Sat, 2001-11-03
This Episode's Sketches Include:Melanie Griffith RustyAt The Playground Hall MonitorRaking Leaves Camping TripBunifaPersonal TrainerScared Straight (MADtv Encore)
Holdover #626
WatchedS06E26: Holdover #626
Aired: Sat, 2002-01-05
This Episode's Sketches Include:LorraineThe Tonight Show OprahToast To BroadwayDepressed Persian Tow Truck Man Angry CoupleN'Sync Movie (MADtv Encore)
Episode #625
WatchedS06E25: Episode #625
Aired: Sat, 2001-05-19
This Episode's Sketches Include:Will and GraceVancome's Last StandArnold Recording SessionBlockbuster Awards 2001Missing Link LorraineRusty and Chris KirkpatrickMTV Icon - WhitneyEncore - Mariah Misadventure (#511)
Episode #624
WatchedS06E24: Episode #624
Aired: Sat, 2001-05-12
This Episode's Sketches Include:The SopranosFamily FeudStuart & The New BabysitterNew Therapy with Bob NewhartLida & Melina at McHootersDr. JohnsonMADtv Encore - He Got Gay (#404)
Episode #623
WatchedS06E23: Episode #623
Aired: Sat, 2001-05-05
This Episode's Sketches Include:MTV Cribs - George W. BushKenny Rogers' JackassChild Genius - Just CloningBring on the Sugar & SpiceThe Rock Junket - Mummy ReturnsCawellwellATTMarvin Tikvah - House For SalePsychic 2Memphis Bl...
Episode #622
WatchedS06E22: Episode #622
Aired: Sat, 2001-04-28
This Episode's Sketches Include:Reality Check - ClintonTom Green Improv - CowSwan Pick UpDriver's EdNew New Newlywed GamePoint of No ReturnsGreen Day Performs "Blood Sex Booze"CBS News - SurvivorEncore - Spishak T-Hee Hee Shi...
Episode #621
WatchedS06E21: Episode #621
Aired: Sat, 2001-04-21
This Episode's Sketches Include:Elton John DuetsTonight ShowJazzyburger EdwardMary PoppinsNBC PromoThe PlumberTrina Gets SomeEncore - Will Hits the Big Time (#524)The Talk
Episode #620
WatchedS06E20: Episode #620
Aired: Sat, 2001-04-14
This Episode's Sketches Include:BrockovichQueen LatifahPop Stars #1BedtimePop Stars #2Hot Tub LorrainePop Stars #3All in the Family 2001Marshall McBride LPEncore - Lida & Melina Meet Ricky (#510)
Episode #619
WatchedS06E19: Episode #619
Aired: Sat, 2001-03-24
This Episode's Sketches Include:Oscar MedleyCrouching Cops/Hidden BadgesAndy Griffith 2001Lorraine in HollywoodThe Other OscarsMen Mars Women Venus Cybill HellAlmost Famous 2 with Patrick FugitReal CastawayEncore - Wizard of ...
Episode #618
WatchedS06E18: Episode #618
Aired: Sat, 2001-03-10
This Episode's Sketches Include:NegrosolE.R. et alFightin' Ron at Principal's1-800-FERTILEBuenos Dias San Diego 2: O-TownReality Check - Black HistoryDebra's GardenENCORE - Star Wars '99 (#503)Green Day "Warning"
Episode #617
WatchedS06E17: Episode #617
Aired: Sat, 2001-02-24
This Episode's Sketches Include:Posin'Regis - Celebrity MillionaireMrs. Campbell in D.C.Marvin Tikvah - Secretary's DayTony Hawk - Will's Little SisterBernard's Last DayJay Z "I Just Wanna Love You"Encore - Politically Incorr...
Episode #616
WatchedS06E16: Episode #616
Aired: Sat, 2001-02-17
This Episode's Sketches Include:Bobby Brown's CribN'Sync MovieTRL #1 Country SlammerRusty & Freddie Prinze Jr.Grammy's with ClintonTRL #2 Sorry Mrs. JacksonTRL #3 Britney SpearsAlly McBealNelly Performs "Ride Wit Me"Caution! ...
Episode #615
WatchedS06E15: Episode #615
Aired: Sat, 2001-02-10
This Episode's Sketches Include:ChavezRemember DenzelStuart Tooth FairyBrightling Bon VoyageTrina's ValentinePacific West AirHandicapped ParkingEncore-Stick Chicks (#503)
Episode #614
WatchedS06E14: Episode #614
Aired: Sat, 2001-02-03
This Episode's Sketches Include:I'm Sorry Mrs. JacksonWest WingMr. De NiroDepressed Again (Tow Truck 2)Radio Shack #1Child GeniusRadio Shack #2Rusty At "Angel"Radio Shack #3Incubus Performs "Drive"Encore-The Zapruder Films (#...
Episode #613
WatchedS06E13: Episode #613
Aired: Sat, 2001-01-27
Sketches include "Dude, Where's Air Force One", "Superbore No More #1", "Superbore No More #2", "The Breakup", "Superbore No More #3", "What Men Want", "Put Down the Gun", "Antonia - Help Wanted", "Kirk the Waiter", "Pot Luck...
Episode #612
WatchedS06E12: Episode #612
Aired: Sat, 2001-01-20
This Episode's Sketches Include:George Bush SpeechLa Isla de GilliganThe Land That I LoveLoopgarue & Hulahoop - MoviesCrack House CallsClinton FarewellMelanie's Recovery JournalEncore - Swan Noir (423)Vitamin C Performs "Itch...
Episode #611
WatchedS06E11: Episode #611
Aired: Sat, 2001-01-13
This Episode's Sketches Include:This Week in Latin History - PinataGap Troll TrialBunifa on RegisGay Mob BossLennox Lewis Runner #1Lennox Lewis Runner #2Mr. Graham/ Jane PauleyPay Per ViewFrancesco's Date Dot ComEncore-Rocket...
Episode #610
WatchedS06E10: Episode #610
Aired: Sat, 2000-12-16
This Episode's Sketches Include:This We Promise YouEdMore Oscar Gold for RandyAlex's WishHow The Grinch Stole ChristNight Before Dolemite #1Night Before Dolemite #2Billboard Awards - Las VegasFunky Xmas StoryEverclear "When A...
Episode #609
WatchedS06E09: Episode #609
Aired: Sat, 2000-12-09
This Episode's Sketches Include:Arnold Clone MovieBoogie BassDepressed Persian Tow Truck ManPsychicRichard Lewis Backstage #1Shaunda- Rock & HarpistDrop in Sketch-Oval OfficeRichard Lewis Backstage #2Tiger's Caublasion Eatery...
Episode #608
WatchedS06E08: Episode #608
Aired: Sat, 2000-11-25
This Episode's Sketches Include:The Cut AwayHammertimeLida & Melina-FirefightersHospitalStuart Kidnapped #1Stuart Kidnapped #2The "Grinch" PremiereLoopgarue & HulahoopCypress Hill Performs "Superstar"Cypress Hill Performs "Be...
Episode #607
WatchedS06E07: Episode #607
Aired: Sat, 2000-11-18
This Episode's Sketches Include:Li'l Kim Nookie SalonLucky-Hillary Clinton VersionWin Your Land BackGirly TimeTrina's ThanksgivingAlison-Shrinky DinkBirth Control PilgrimThis Cold House #1Outkast Performs "B.O.B."This Cold Ho...
Episode #606
WatchedS06E06: Episode #606
Aired: Sat, 2000-11-11
This Episode's Sketches Include:Nelson's PeopleNYPD BlueMandy Moore & MickeyLorraine Mini-GolfLittlest HoochieCharlie's Angels PremiereSwan-CustomsMandy Moore SketchMannequin Manslaughter 2Mandy Moore Performs "Candy"
Episode #605
WatchedS06E05: Episode #605
Aired: Sat, 2000-11-04
This Episode's Sketches Include:Country SlammerSteven Segal VotingAl Gore and MoBill's New JobReading CabooseChyna and the RockOffice Fightin'Reality CheckJib Jab Animation
Episode #604
WatchedS06E04: Episode #604
Aired: Sat, 2000-10-28
This Episode's Sketches Include:Halloween with CherPenny Marshall Project-ExorcistHalloween with EnriqueEdward: GeometryHalloween with Macy GraySpring MistHalloween with AngelinaJolieEarly ShowHalloween with Jeneane GarofaloA...
Episode #603
WatchedS06E03: Episode #603
Aired: Sat, 2000-10-21
This Episode's Sketches Include:CozFox NFL AuditionsDatelineLarry Lamont-Pizza PartyBunifa-SurvivorSexual HarrassmentLiterally 3Barenaked Ladies PerformFanatic (MAD Encore)
Episode #602
WatchedS06E02: Episode #602
Aired: Sat, 2000-10-14
This Episode's Sketches Include:My Movies-MadonnaWhitney Screws Up ClassicsLetterman-Meg RyanUn Hombre, Dos MujeresYou, Your Body & YouStuart at Grandma's with Kathy BatesStripperElvis & the BandMeet the Parents (N.Y. Premier...
Episode #601
WatchedS06E01: Episode #601
Aired: Sat, 2000-10-07
This Episode's Sketches Include:"Justin's Crib""Sisqo: The Wrong Song""Vagina Monologues""Will's Little Sis Party""Regis Live with Cassidy and Cody""Marvin Tikvah Nude""Lida and Melina Say What""Sex and the City"No Doubt Perf...

Season 5

Episode #525
WatchedS05E25: Episode #525
Aired: Sat, 2000-05-20
This Episode's Sketches Include:Love ConnectionPaul's CrushBrightlings GreetingsBunifa vs. KatishaThanksgiving Heaters BrokeMartin Takes a PitchNo Blacks on TV ScreenAs the Ankle TurnsTrina My HomeThe Wizard of Oz Lost ClipsM...
Episode #524
WatchedS05E24: Episode #524
Aired: Sat, 2000-05-13
This Episode's Sketches Include:Show Open-Will Hits Big TimeAfro PuffsLaVerne & Shirley 2000A. Spears Show-ShaloubLiterally-Doing it AgainEncore-Lick My Baby Back Behind (Making the Video)Catherine O'HaraReading Caboose 4 w/ ...
Episode #523
WatchedS05E23: Episode #523
Aired: Sat, 2000-05-06
This Episode's Sketches Include:Show Open w/ Susan SarandonRusty 18th Bday Party 1Rusty 18th Bday Party 2Zapruder Home MoviesPreviously on SwanSwan the ConclusionStorytime w/ James BrownSusan Sarandon TagLay Down LorraineShow...
Episode #522
WatchedS05E22: Episode #522
Aired: Sat, 2000-04-29
This Episode's Sketches Include:Show Open w/ David ArquetteThe Soprano Family FeudMickey in the Waiting RoomMelina & Lida Big BoysStuart at Mommy's WorkGood Morning BoulderPower FriendsGoo Goo Dolls "Broadway"Show Close w/ Wi...
Episode #521
WatchedS05E21: Episode #521
Aired: Sat, 2000-04-15
This Episode's Sketches Include:We're Sending Up the ListThe Jewel ShowSleepoverAntiques Road Show 1Fanatic-Shania TwainAntiques Road Show 2To My SisterAntiques Road Show 3Alison-Musical ChairsAntonia PerfumeBunifa-Judge Joe ...
Episode #520
WatchedS05E20: Episode #520
Aired: Sat, 2000-04-08
This Episode's Sketches Include:Celine Dion FarewellShatner's Sperm BankConversations With Elvis 1Stick Chicks 2-Big BangConversations With Elvis 2Mahir I Kiss YouConversations With Elvis 3Phoney PhuneralCreed "Higher"Knight ...
Episode #519
WatchedS05E19: Episode #519
Aired: Sat, 2000-03-18
This Episode's Sketches Include:One That I LoveSpishak Home TheaterSteven Segal Letterbox '00Reality Check 5- OscarsSpice Girl InterruptedWizard of Oz Lost FootageElvis Planet of the ApesMaster P's TheaterMarc Anthony Perform...
Episode #518
WatchedS05E18: Episode #518
Aired: Sat, 2000-02-26
This Episode's Sketches Include:Malcolm X in the MiddlePaul Timberman's Unitool 2000Lorraine All You Can EatLaw & OrderBar Fightin'Swan Taxi"Maybe Someday," The CureTouched by an AtheistClose- "Inbetween Days," The Cure
Episode #517
WatchedS05E17: Episode #517
Aired: Sat, 2000-02-19
This Episode's Sketches Include:Show Open-Seth GreenThe SyndromeRusty at a BarBrightling GreetingsDisney SinglesDolemite ReturnsEarth, Wind, & Fire PerformanceShow Close-Michael
Episode #516
WatchedS05E16: Episode #516
Aired: Sat, 2000-02-12
This Episode's Sketches Include:Regis Runner #1Reality Check IIIRegis Runner #2Reading Caboose II (David James Elliott)Regis Runner #3Who Wants to be the President?Regis Runner #4Stuart at the Pet ShopMannequin ManslaughterQ-...
Episode #515
WatchedS05E15: Episode #515
Aired: Sat, 2000-02-05
This Episode's Sketches Include:Show Open- LorraineBeing James BrownLida & Melina WeddingSniggers #1Will's Little Sister VideoSniggers #2Swan HomecomingSniggers #3Bunifa's Driving TestThird Eye Blind PerformanceFunky Walker-C...
Episode #514
WatchedS05E14: Episode #514
Aired: Sat, 2000-01-29
This Episode's Sketches Include:Show Open- Jesse JacksonBlind DateRocket Revengers in ExcitocolorHatman WilliamsStick Chicks IIICaptain Kirk ShowReading Caboose III (Tim Robbins)Good JobMADClassic- Vista Card Militia (113)Sho...
Episode #513
WatchedS05E13: Episode #513
Aired: Sat, 2000-01-15
This Episode's Sketches Include:Show Open-Etheridge and CrosbyMambo #6Angela's Ashes, the Game!Smith Comma John #1Marvin Tikvah at YogaGrease SpoofSmith Comma John #2INT- Car NightSmith Comma John #3Mistake of Your LifeShorty...
Episode #512
WatchedS05E12: Episode #512
Aired: Sat, 2000-01-08
This Episode's Sketches Include:Show Open- Steven SeagalNicky Malone, Teenage PresidentReality Check IIMonica Lewinsky HandbagsWill & Alex: Billboard Awards #1Second Hand LorraineThe 3 Tenors and 98 DegreesWill & Alex: Billbo...
Episode #511
WatchedS05E11: Episode #511
Aired: Sat, 1999-12-11
This Episode's Sketches Include:Show Open-X-mas SwandieI Saw Santa ClausMariah MisadventureRooftop MemoriesDarlene McBride's X-mas AlbumMartin Lawrence's Brushes with Death 4Stuart X-mas with Deborah HarryBlondie PerformanceA...
Episode #510
WatchedS05E10: Episode #510
Aired: Sat, 1999-11-27
This Episode's Sketches Include:Show Open-AriesTinsel TalkLida & Melina meet RickyMartial LawDevon's CreekGap Troll TraineeBuenas Dias, San DiegoHospital SceneShow Close-Nelson
Episode #509
WatchedS05E09: Episode #509
Aired: Sat, 1999-11-20
This Episode's Sketches Include:Show Open-Lida & MelinaG ThangThanksgiving and the Heater's BrokeWill & Alex: Bond PremiereDolemite vs. Blackbelt JonesYou are the One that I LoveAntonia PotteryMADClassic-Bris-O-Tine (412)Show...
Episode #508
WatchedS05E08: Episode #508
Aired: Sat, 1999-11-13
This Episode's Sketches Include:Fight Like A Girl ClubWho Wants to Be a Millionaire? #1Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? #2Reality CheckReading CabooseUBS-Mitch PileggiWho Wants to Be a Millionaire? #3Wedding NightInside the Act...
The 100th Episode
WatchedS05E07: The 100th Episode
Aired: Sat, 1999-11-06
This Episode's Sketches Include:Show Open-100th EpisodeI Love Lucy-The RevengeMAD Clip #1- Cabana Chat-Pool BoyMAD Clip #2- OJ BloopersSwan-AirplaneMAD Clip #3- Greatest Action Story Ever ToldBlue HeatMAD Clip #4- KlumpsStuar...
Episode #506
WatchedS05E06: Episode #506
Aired: Sat, 1999-10-30
This Episode's Sketches Include:Show Open-MickeyThe Today ShowIlleana Douglas Runner #1Vancome HalloweenIlleana Douglas Runner #2Hoppy Potty VideoRichard Simmons' DreamMakerIlleana Douglas Runner #3Illeana Douglas Runner #4Le...
Episode #505
WatchedS05E05: Episode #505
Aired: Sat, 1999-10-23
This Episode's Sketches Include:Show Open-Nicole, Will, AriesThe Amazing Mr. HestonDJ Kid Sasso Bumper #1Melina & Lida Beauty PageantDJ Kid Sasso Bumper #2Sasso Gets His Job BackSteven Seagal meets the Dalai LamaMickey's Fear...
Episode #504
WatchedS05E04: Episode #504
Aired: Sat, 1999-10-16
This Episode's Sketches Include:Show Open-Jesse VenturaScared StraightMeet Hoppy PottyRusty, Peer CounselorParty All the TimeKenny's New ShowHillary's Listening TourJackMAD Classic:Cat WomanShow Close-Alex
Episode #503
WatchedS05E03: Episode #503
Aired: Sat, 1999-10-09
This Episode's Sketches Include:Show Open-RickNo Blacks on the TV ScreenPolitically IncorrectSlap HappyStick ChicksStar Wars '99 MisadventureFather & Son CompetitionBunifa at the MallMAD Classic: CLOPS IIISpy vs. Spy-Air Atta...
Episode #502
WatchedS05E02: Episode #502
Aired: Sat, 1999-10-02
This Episode's Sketches Include:Show Open-Mo with PromosThe TenorsThe Pepsi SenseLida & Melina meet Ricky MartinA Lesson from KosovoHollywood SquaresSwan Going HomeMusical Guest: Busta RhymesMAD Classic: Little Hassan TaylorS...
Episode #501
WatchedS05E01: Episode #501
Aired: Sat, 1999-09-25
This Episode's Sketches Include:Show Open-ExtravaganzaBlair Witch ReportTee Hee Hee ShirtsPretty White Kids with ProblemsPWKWP Video (w/Lisa Loeb)Stuart's Wishing WellMaking the Video: Britney SpearsMAD at the EmmysTae-Bo: Th...

Season 4

Episode #425
WatchedS04E25: Episode #425
Aired: Sat, 1999-05-22
Sketches include "Hey, It's Ice!", "Aussie Hunter #4-Gorilla", "The Greatest Competitors of All", "Spore Attack '99", "Aussie Hunter #5-Elephant", "Vancome-MADtv Misadventure", "Aussie Hunter #6-Ants", "An Actor's Nightmare",...
Episode #424
WatchedS04E24: Episode #424
Aired: Sat, 1999-05-15
This Episode's Sketches Include:Open-StuartWho's Idea was This Anyway?ShhhSnapshot Stories: MoFANatic Donny OsmondLorraine at the Market #1Falconman and BirdboyLorraine at the Market #2MADtv Classic: R&B MeetingLorraine at th...
Episode #423
WatchedS04E23: Episode #423
Aired: Sat, 1999-05-08
This Episode's Sketches Include:Open-Kenny & JamesJeffersons '99Swan NoirAussie Hunter-CrocodileSylviaAussie Hunter-SharkSnapshot Stories: DebraRocket Revengers-AtlanticaRolling ThunderAussie Hunter-CheetahMADtv Classic: Swit...
Episode #422
WatchedS04E22: Episode #422
Aired: Sat, 1999-05-01
This Episode's Sketches Include:Open-Swan & SpringerEstrella ViajeErascists-Behind the MusicSpishak 1 out of 10Melina and Lida on SpringerRosie & HowardLorraine buys a CarShaunda-Holding TankBunifa & SpringerClose-Andrew
Episode #421
WatchedS04E21: Episode #421
Aired: Sat, 1999-04-10
This Episode's Sketches Include:Open-BunifaUrge-AwayMy Gay DadFired UpRubbermanCLOPS IV-All new CLOPSCoffee Guy: StarstrucksKenny's Testicle ExamRocket Revengers-Super GermanTammany-the DateMADtv Classic-KlumpsSpy vs. Spy: An...
Episode #420
WatchedS04E20: Episode #420
Aired: Sat, 1999-03-27
This Episode's Sketches Include:Open-Swan MagicHoneydipper DanYassir Arafat's Party Tricks #1I know What you NeedHeroin PMYassir Arafat's Party Tricks #2Rusty does a CommercialCatwoman CableHappy Folger WeddingYassir Arafat's...
Episode #419
WatchedS04E19: Episode #419
Aired: Sat, 1999-03-13
This Episode's Sketches Include:Open-CherGap TysonTodos en la FamiliaUBS-JaqStuart plays Tee-BallSnapshot Stories: Aries & MikeFelicitySinging TelegramErascists-St. Patrick's DayLi'l Nestor-Ice SkatingArma Get-It-OnMADtv Clas...
Episode #418
WatchedS04E18: Episode #418
Aired: Sat, 1999-02-27
This Episode's Sketches Include:Open-Aries and NicolePaul Timberman's WorkshopVancome VideoDishing the DirtWelfareArm Wrestling Grudge MatchStuart PhotographerSon of DolemiteSpy vs Spy: Mirror over FireplaceClose- MoWrestling...
Episode #417
WatchedS04E17: Episode #417
Aired: Sat, 1999-02-20
Sketches include "Open-Swan Sings Theme", "Ally McMeal", "Turbohaler" 1, "Goodnight Dad", "Patch Kevorkian", "Turbohaler 2", "Threshold", "Turbohaler 3", "Change of Heart", "Blameless in Boulder", "Courthouse Steps", "Stepmom...
Episode #416
WatchedS04E16: Episode #416
Aired: Sat, 1999-02-13
Sketches include "Open-Rusty", "Magic PSA", "Bunifa's Dating Game", "Swan at the Movies #1", "Tres Companeros", "Swan at the Movies #2", "Harrison Ford", "Old Man Sasso-Valentine's Day", "Rocky Runner #1", "Cooking for One", ...
Episode #415
WatchedS04E15: Episode #415
Aired: Sat, 1999-02-06
This Episode's Sketches Include:Open-KennyAntonia PerfumeRandy Newman-Behind the MusicBunifa and the BurgerThe Artist formerly known as the Prince of EgyptBret Hart Sketch Gone BadStuart Goes to the DoctorWash MeOdd Couple II...
Episode #414
WatchedS04E14: Episode #414
Aired: Sat, 1999-01-30
This Episode's Sketches Include:Open-KeanuJust DialAntonia Referee #1SnowflakeAntonia Referee #2RiverboyAntonia Referee #3Vancome VendorKenny's Half-TimeGap TrollSpy vs. Spy-Air AttackMADtv Classic: Cocoa & LeBlancClose-Will
Episode #413
WatchedS04E13: Episode #413
Aired: Sat, 1999-01-16
This Episode's Sketches Include:Open-James BrownSpishak RazorCeline Dion #1Introducing BunifaCeline Dion #2Celine Dion #3Will's Little SisterSnapshot Stories: NicoleLowered Expectations: GenaSwan ATM ScamLowered Expectations:...
Episode #412
WatchedS04E12: Episode #412
Aired: Sat, 1999-01-09
This Episode's Sketches Include:Open-Jesse VenturaHead of the FamilyComedy of Steven SeagalSaturnologyShaunda-Ladies RoomComedy of Keanu ReevesRiggs & Murtaugh-HospitalDawson's CribBris-O-TineAt home with Ellen and AnneMADtv ...
Episode #411
WatchedS04E11: Episode #411
Aired: Sat, 1998-12-12
This Episode's Sketches Include:Open-Ellen and AnneYule BlazersA Very Rusty Christmas #1Swan-Sharpest ImageA Very Rusty Christmas #2Paul Timberman's Xmas WorkshopA Very Rusty Christmas #3Stuart Christmas PageantOld Man Sasso-...
Episode #410
WatchedS04E10: Episode #410
Aired: Sat, 1998-12-05
This Episode's Sketches Include:Open-Shaquille O'NealErascists-Middle EastComedy of Riggs & MurtaughForgive or ForgetMeet Jo' Black MamaPass It OnRick's Dating GameComedy of Kenny & PappyLowered Expectations: DeniseToby Braga...
Episode #409
WatchedS04E09: Episode #409
Aired: Sat, 1998-11-21
This Episode's Sketches Include:Open-Stuart & MomOne True ImpactThanksgiving Memories --JaqKenny & James ThanksgivingThanksgiving Memories--Lida & MolinaNot Another BiteSnapshot StoriesThanksgiving Memories--Ms. SwanStuart's ...
Episode #408
WatchedS04E08: Episode #408
Aired: Sat, 1998-11-14
This Episode's Sketches Include:Open-Nic CageVancome Game Show: Tcha, You Know What?Clinton Commemorative PlatesLove of My LifeJames Brown: 1000 FacesRusty: College BowlBladesAntonia: Switched at BirthDad DanceMADClassic: Ter...
Episode #407
WatchedS04E07: Episode #407
Aired: Sat, 1998-11-07
This Episode's Sketches Include:Open-Coffee GuyLittle Hassan TaylorSaving Ryan's PrivatesJohnson JeoPartyLowered Expectations: Marilyn MansonIntensityMelina & Lida's BeautyLowered Expectations: Stuart & MomHMOOld Man SassoMAD...
Episode #406
WatchedS04E06: Episode #406
Aired: Sat, 1998-10-31
This Episode's Sketches Include:KISS Open/VancomeSwan HalloweenKISS Action FiguresMad-O-Ween #1Kenny DuetsMad-O-Ween #2Mad-O-Ween #3Stuart HalloweenMad-O-Ween #4KISS My ParentsMad-O-Ween #5KISS Vs. MichaelMad-O-Ween EpilogueL...
Episode #405
WatchedS04E05: Episode #405
Aired: Mon, 1998-10-12
This Episode's Sketches Include:UBS OpenSwan-NotizedSprtiz-a-MistTalking American: MonicaLily: Dead BodyTrina & the Baby ShowerOh, Hercules w/Kevin SorboThe Negotiator 2MADClassic: Olsen TwinsSpy Vs Spy: Bucket BrigadeHorde N...
Episode #404
WatchedS04E04: Episode #404
Aired: Sat, 1998-10-03
This Episode's Sketches Include:H90210Mark & Sammy #1He Got GayNutsMark & Sammy #2Donnie & Marie #1Just Between Us GirlsSirDonnie & Marie #2Judge MagicMark & Sammy #3Pudding ProblemDonnie & Marie #3MADClassic: South ParknutsS...
Episode #403
WatchedS04E03: Episode #403
Aired: Sat, 1998-09-26
This Episode's Sketches Include:Steven Seagal's AmericaVirtual HillsUBS StudLorraine Runner #1Dick Van Dyke '98Omni BowlLorraine Runner #2Stuart Gets LostMADClassic: Dentist in a BoxLorraine Runner #3Spy Vs. Spy - Embassy
Episode #402
WatchedS04E02: Episode #402
Aired: Sat, 1998-09-19
This Episode's Sketches Include:Open - Howard SternSiegfried & Roy: Glitter on the StreetsMeatbeatersMarvin Tikvah's WorkoutCop on the BeatJC PennyCookin' with Kenny and JamesRocket RevengersThe SurvivorMADClassic: Gangsta Sh...
Episode #401
WatchedS04E01: Episode #401
Aired: Sat, 1998-09-12
This Episode's Sketches Include:Open- Ms SwanThere's Something About MonicaKeanu Reeves School of ActingAl Gore: Sex-U-UpNerve Gas976-SWANSonny's Widow & Cher ShowGlen AKA RustyFunky Walker: Vivica FoxSpy Vs. Spy: Cactus (205...