Monique Reynolds in The Cosby Show

Monique Reynolds


Monique Reynolds

Season 6

The Storyteller
WatchedS06E26: The Storyteller
Aired: Thu, 1990-05-03
The Huxtables eagerly anticipate a visit from Cliff's great aunt Gramtee, who is coming to town to celebrate her 98th birthday. She embarrasses Cliff with stories about his childhood, and mesmerizes the children by sharing a...
Elvin Pays for Dinner
WatchedS06E13: Elvin Pays for Dinner
Aired: Thu, 1990-01-04
Sondra and Elvin make plans to have dinner with his old friend from college and her sister. However, Sondra decides to stay home because she is preoccupied with her personal statement essay for law school applications. Elvi...
Cliff's Wet Adventure
WatchedS06E09: Cliff's Wet Adventure
Aired: Thu, 1989-11-16
The Huxtables host a large gathering for Thanksgiving dinner. Cliff must go to the market in the midst of a terrible storm to gather ingredients for the meal. Unfortunately, he keeps forgetting items on his list and getting...
Denise Kendall:  Babysitter
WatchedS06E06: Denise Kendall: Babysitter
Aired: Thu, 1989-10-26
While visiting the Huxtables, Sondra and Elvin discuss how exhausting it is to care for the twins. Denise believes that they are exaggerating, and doesn't think that looking after two babies is any harder than taking care of...
Surf's Up
WatchedS06E02: Surf's Up
Aired: Thu, 1989-09-28
Cliff buys a refrigerator for Theo's apartment. He is upset to learn that Clair has already been to the apartment, while Theo has failed to invite Cliff because he is worried that he will bore his friends. Cliff angrily hea...