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Nia Long


Nia Long

A charismatic actress who possesses equal parts beauty and talent, Nia Long became a fixture of many African-American ensemble films of the late 1990s. Born in Brooklyn, New York, on October 30, 1970, Long developed an interest in acting at an early age. She received training from Betty Bridges, mother of former child star Todd Bridges (best known for his role on the TV series Diff'rent Strokes.

Long got her start on TV, playing a character on the soap opera Guiding Light from 1991 to 1993. She earned her first helping of fame with her role on the popular sitcom Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, which cast her as Will Smith's love interest. The actress made her film debut in John Singleton's acclaimed Boyz 'N the Hood (1991), sharing the screen with the likes of Cuba Gooding Jr., Ice Cube, Angela Bassett, and Laurence Fishburne. She followed the film with Made in America (1993), a comedy that cast her as the daughter of Whoopi Goldberg and Ted Danson and also co-starred Will Smith.

Long subsequently established herself as a strong presence in romantic dramas and comedies, carving out a niche in such films as Soul Food (1997), Love Jones (1997) and The Best Man (1999). The actress also ventured into a number of other genres, as demonstrated by her roles in films ranging from supernatural horror Stigmata (1999) to big business crime drama The Boiler Room (2000) to inner-city police thriller In Too Deep (1999).

Long got a son, named Massai Zhivago Dorsey II, November 26, 2000, with Massay Z. Dorsey


Season 5

For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll
WatchedS05E25: For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll
Aired: Mon, 1995-05-15
Just before the wedding, as tempers heat up between Vy and Fred, Will gets cold feet about marrying Lisa whom he feels he may not really know. He will go through with the wedding as he is not the one with cold feet.
Love in an Elevator
WatchedS05E24: Love in an Elevator
Aired: Mon, 1995-05-08
While en route to his bachelor party, Will gets trapped in an elevator with the feuding Carlton and Jazz. While in the elevator his life with the women in his past flashes before him. Is Will making the right decision?
Cold Feet, Hot Body
WatchedS05E23: Cold Feet, Hot Body
Aired: Mon, 1995-05-01
It's double trouble for Will when a temptress schemes to make him forget his fiancée -- and also befriends Lisa. Can Will pass on the temptation? Will Lisa find out what her friend Denise is up to?
As the Will Turns
WatchedS05E20: As the Will Turns
Aired: Mon, 1995-04-10
Will inadvertently finds himself in the right place at the right time and lands a part in a daytime soap opera. Does Will keep the job or give it up on moral principles due to what he has to do.
The Wedding Show (Psyche!)
WatchedS05E18: The Wedding Show (Psyche!)
Aired: Mon, 1995-02-27
Will and Lisa have their hearts set on a small wedding, but plans get out of hand when Lisa's dad can't agree on the arrangements so the couple tries to elope to Las Vegas. Meanwhile, while Carlton helps Hilary with taxes, a ...
Will is From Mars...
WatchedS05E17: Will is From Mars...
Aired: Mon, 1995-02-20
Thanks to relationship counseling, Will and Lisa hope to move on up to a new understanding in preparation for marriage. Meanwhile Hilary wants Geoffrey to work at her new home. Geoffrey tells her he has a job but Hilary won't...
A Decent Proposal
WatchedS05E16: A Decent Proposal
Aired: Mon, 1995-02-13
After getting shot, Will proposes marriage to Lisa in a moment of vulnerability; but she shoots him down with no for an answer. Meanwhile, accident-prone Hilary prolongs Will's recovery. Will Will ever get out of the hospital...
Bullets Over Bel-Air
WatchedS05E15: Bullets Over Bel-Air
Aired: Mon, 1995-02-06
It's a Wonderful Lie
WatchedS05E14: It's a Wonderful Lie
Aired: Mon, 1995-01-23
Will and Lisa each lie about their evening plans. Both feel guilty about the lie. They then wind up at the same party. Ashley is found in the coat room with a football player. Will goes nuts.
Three's a Crowd
WatchedS05E13: Three's a Crowd
Aired: Mon, 1995-01-09
Will gets roped into a weekend ski trip with Carlton that quickly turns to disaster when their party arrives. Will had invited Lisa. Meanwhile, back home, Hilary prepares to leave the nest.
Same Game, Next Season
WatchedS05E12: Same Game, Next Season
Aired: Mon, 1994-12-12
Will tries to make a good impression on Fred, Lisa's father, but regrets it later. Hillary, Carlton, and Ashley look for Phil's will.
Will Steps Out
WatchedS05E11: Will Steps Out
Aired: Mon, 1994-11-28
While on a date with another woman, Will feels the power of love for Lisa. And, in a weighted suit, he feels what fitness guru Susan Powter hopes will be empathy for Uncle Philip. Will Will get caught in the suit by Lisa?
Will's Up a Dirt Road
WatchedS05E10: Will's Up a Dirt Road
Aired: Mon, 1994-11-21
Will tries his hand at journalism to prove something to Lisa, but his efforts get him sued for libel by Jay Leno. Will Will be able to weasle out of this situation?
Love Hurts
WatchedS05E09: Love Hurts
Aired: Mon, 1994-11-14
Lisa humiliates Will by knocking out a guy with her self-defense moves. Will sets out to prove he is The Man.
Will's Misery
WatchedS05E06: Will's Misery
Aired: Mon, 1994-10-17
Will may soon regret using one of his phony lines to snag a sorority recruit. Its hard to live up to what is said. Geoffrey considers legal action for an on-the-job injury. Will Geoffrey sue?

Season 2

She Ain't Heavy
WatchedS02E08: She Ain't Heavy
Aired: Mon, 1991-11-04