Phyllis Coates in Gunsmoke

Phyllis Coates

Born: 1927-01-15


Phyllis Coates

Season 9

WatchedS09E34: Homecoming
Aired: Sat, 1964-05-23
Hector gets out of bed with his wife Edna, and sees some bum using his pump. The bum is Orval Bass, Edna's ex-husband. Seven years ago he killed the man Edna took up with. He's just got out of prison. Orval's son has taken...

Season 8

Phoebe Strunk
WatchedS08E09: Phoebe Strunk
Aired: Sat, 1962-11-10
Annie tells Mom and Dad she's going fishin'. Phoebe Strunk and her four sons, Oliver, Casper, Hulett and Simsie ride up. They rob them and put them in their wagon and burn it. Matt and Quint are returning from hunting, and...

Season 3

Wild West
WatchedS03E23: Wild West
Aired: Sat, 1958-02-15
Hattie throws in with two men to kill her husband and then sell his ranch for the money. Yorky Kelley sees the men ride off with his father and trails them till his horse breaks a leg. On the prarie Yorky finds Marshall Dillo...