Robert Culp in Rawhide

Robert Culp

Born: 1930-08-16


Robert Culp

Born to Crozie Culp and Bethel Collins in 1930 in Berkley California, Robert M. Culp had a normal life like other kids and went to The Collage of the Pacific as a teenager and graduated from that collage.

In 1957 he starred in his first television action/Western series called Trackdown where he played a Texas Ranger named Hoby Gilman, the show lasted for three years ending in 1959. Six years later in 1965 He stared in his second television show called I Spy, Robert was paired up with legendary actor Bill Cosby playing two undercover agents Kelly Robinson and Alexander Scott, That show would be Robert's most famous show and his character, Kelly Robinson would be his most noteable character ever.

Robert was married five times, he married his first wife Elayne Wilner in 1951 though it didn't last long for them as they divorced in 1964. He married again to his second wife Nancy Ashe Some time in 1965 but just like his first marriage it didn't last long, Nancy and Robert Divorced in 1966 though did have four childeren during their wedded bliss. A year later Robert married a third time to Frances Nuyen in 1967 it only lasted four years when they divorced in 1970. In 1971 he married a fourth time to Sheila Sullivan the marriage lasted through the 70's but ended in 1981, that same year he married his fifth wife Candace Faulkner, they have one daughter together and as of 2007 they are still married.

I Spy ended in 1968 but Robert stayed busy, he stared in a movie called Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice in 1969 along with many other movies and tv shows such as Columbo, Married Alive, The Name of the Game and Roots: The Next Generations. It wasn't until 1981 when he got his big break back into the television realm when he starred in The Greatest American Hero, he played tough-as-nails-by-the-book-FBI Agent Bill Maxwell who gets teamed up with a special education teacher named Ralph Hinkley after Ralph recives a supersuit with special powers from a bunch of green aliens. That show only lasted three years ending in 1983 but the character of Bill Maxwell will always be remembered by some Culp fans.


Season 3

Incident at the Top of the World
WatchedS03E12: Incident at the Top of the World
Aired: Fri, 1961-01-27
There's a new drover who has just spent five years in an army hospital and is addicted to morphine.