Terry Wilson in Wagon Train

Terry Wilson


Terry Wilson

Season 8

The Jarbo Pierce Story
WatchedS08E26: The Jarbo Pierce Story
Aired: Sun, 1965-05-02
Charlie Wooster tells about his younger days in Pierce's Bend when he worked for Jarbo Pierce at a trading post.
The Silver Lady
WatchedS08E25: The Silver Lady
Aired: Sun, 1965-04-25
Hawks is fascinated by the story Coop is telling about the Earp brothers and a lady who dies in a stage coach wreck that was hauling a cargo of silver.
The Indian Girl Story
WatchedS08E24: The Indian Girl Story
Aired: Sun, 1965-04-18
The Katy Piper Story
WatchedS08E23: The Katy Piper Story
Aired: Sun, 1965-04-11
The Betsy Blee Smith Story
WatchedS08E22: The Betsy Blee Smith Story
Aired: Sun, 1965-03-28
The Captain Sam Story
WatchedS08E21: The Captain Sam Story
Aired: Sun, 1965-03-21
The Miss Mary Lee McIntosh Story
WatchedS08E20: The Miss Mary Lee McIntosh Story
Aired: Sun, 1965-02-28
The Bonnie Brooke Story
WatchedS08E19: The Bonnie Brooke Story
Aired: Sun, 1965-02-21
WatchedS08E18: Herman
Aired: Sun, 1965-02-14
The Isaiah Quickfox Story
WatchedS08E17: The Isaiah Quickfox Story
Aired: Sun, 1965-01-31
The Wanda Snow Story
WatchedS08E16: The Wanda Snow Story
Aired: Sun, 1965-01-17
The Chottsie Gubenheimer Story
WatchedS08E15: The Chottsie Gubenheimer Story
Aired: Sun, 1965-01-10
The Echo Pass Story
WatchedS08E14: The Echo Pass Story
Aired: Sun, 1965-01-03
The Story of Hector Heatherington
WatchedS08E13: The Story of Hector Heatherington
Aired: Sun, 1964-12-20
Little Girl Lost
WatchedS08E12: Little Girl Lost
Aired: Sun, 1964-12-13
The Clay Shelby Story
WatchedS08E11: The Clay Shelby Story
Aired: Sun, 1964-12-06
The Richard Bloodgood Story
WatchedS08E10: The Richard Bloodgood Story
Aired: Sun, 1964-11-29
The Nancy Styles Story
WatchedS08E09: The Nancy Styles Story
Aired: Sun, 1964-11-22
Those Who Stay Behind
WatchedS08E08: Those Who Stay Behind
Aired: Sun, 1964-11-08
The Alice Whitetree Story
WatchedS08E07: The Alice Whitetree Story
Aired: Sun, 1964-11-01
The Brian Conlin Story
WatchedS08E06: The Brian Conlin Story
Aired: Sun, 1964-10-25
The Barbara Lindquist Story
WatchedS08E05: The Barbara Lindquist Story
Aired: Sun, 1964-10-18
The Race Town Story
WatchedS08E04: The Race Town Story
Aired: Sun, 1964-10-11
The John Gillman Story
WatchedS08E03: The John Gillman Story
Aired: Sun, 1964-10-04
The Hide Hunters
WatchedS08E02: The Hide Hunters
Aired: Sun, 1964-09-27
The Bob Stuart Story
WatchedS08E01: The Bob Stuart Story
Aired: Sun, 1964-09-20

Season 7

Last Circle Up
WatchedS07E32: Last Circle Up
Aired: Mon, 1964-04-27
The Zebedee Titus Story
WatchedS07E31: The Zebedee Titus Story
Aired: Mon, 1964-04-20
The Link Cheney Story
WatchedS07E30: The Link Cheney Story
Aired: Mon, 1964-04-13
The Stark Bluff Story
WatchedS07E29: The Stark Bluff Story
Aired: Mon, 1964-04-06
The Santiago Quesada Story
WatchedS07E28: The Santiago Quesada Story
Aired: Mon, 1964-03-30
The Whipping
WatchedS07E27: The Whipping
Aired: Mon, 1964-03-23
The Ben Engel Story
WatchedS07E26: The Ben Engel Story
Aired: Mon, 1964-03-16
The Duncan McIvor Story
WatchedS07E25: The Duncan McIvor Story
Aired: Mon, 1964-03-09
The Trace McCloud Story
WatchedS07E24: The Trace McCloud Story
Aired: Mon, 1964-03-02
The Pearlie Garnet Story
WatchedS07E23: The Pearlie Garnet Story
Aired: Mon, 1964-02-24
The Melanie Craig Story
WatchedS07E22: The Melanie Craig Story
Aired: Mon, 1964-02-17
The Andrew Elliott Story
WatchedS07E21: The Andrew Elliott Story
Aired: Mon, 1964-02-10
The Grover Allen Story
WatchedS07E20: The Grover Allen Story
Aired: Mon, 1964-02-03
The Kate Crawley Story
WatchedS07E19: The Kate Crawley Story
Aired: Mon, 1964-01-27
The Geneva Balfour Story
WatchedS07E18: The Geneva Balfour Story
Aired: Mon, 1964-01-20
The Jed Whitmore Story
WatchedS07E17: The Jed Whitmore Story
Aired: Mon, 1964-01-13
The Michael Malone Story
WatchedS07E16: The Michael Malone Story
Aired: Mon, 1964-01-06
The Fenton Canaby Story
WatchedS07E15: The Fenton Canaby Story
Aired: Mon, 1963-12-30
The Cassie Vance Story
WatchedS07E14: The Cassie Vance Story
Aired: Mon, 1963-12-23
The Story of Cain
WatchedS07E13: The Story of Cain
Aired: Mon, 1963-12-16
The Bleeker Story
WatchedS07E12: The Bleeker Story
Aired: Mon, 1963-12-09
The Sandra Cummings Story
WatchedS07E11: The Sandra Cummings Story
Aired: Mon, 1963-12-02
The Kitty Pryer Story
WatchedS07E10: The Kitty Pryer Story
Aired: Mon, 1963-11-18
The Eli Bancroft Story
WatchedS07E09: The Eli Bancroft Story
Aired: Mon, 1963-11-11
The Sam Pulaski Story
WatchedS07E08: The Sam Pulaski Story
Aired: Mon, 1963-11-04
The Sam Spicer Story
WatchedS07E07: The Sam Spicer Story
Aired: Mon, 1963-10-28
The Myra Marshall Story
WatchedS07E06: The Myra Marshall Story
Aired: Mon, 1963-10-21
Cooper Smith accompanies Grace Marshall to try to save her sister Myra from a life of degradation.
The Robert Harrison Clarke Story
WatchedS07E05: The Robert Harrison Clarke Story
Aired: Mon, 1963-10-14
Robert Harrison Clarke is a London news correspondent out to prove that thriller dime novels glorifying the Wild West are false. He learns a lot about the West and the men who live there.
The Widow O'Rourke Story
WatchedS07E04: The Widow O'Rourke Story
Aired: Mon, 1963-10-07
Cooper Smith fights his way into a guarded compound to try to save his captured friends, who are prisoners of the Widow O'Rourke.
The Gus Morgan Story
WatchedS07E03: The Gus Morgan Story
Aired: Mon, 1963-09-30
The Fort Pierce Story
WatchedS07E02: The Fort Pierce Story
Aired: Mon, 1963-09-23
The Molly Kincaid Story
WatchedS07E01: The Molly Kincaid Story
Aired: Mon, 1963-09-16

Season 6

The Barnaby West Story
WatchedS06E37: The Barnaby West Story
Aired: Wed, 1963-06-05
The Jim Whitlow Story
WatchedS06E36: The Jim Whitlow Story
Aired: Wed, 1963-05-29
The Antone Rose Story
WatchedS06E35: The Antone Rose Story
Aired: Wed, 1963-05-22
Alias Bill Hawks
WatchedS06E34: Alias Bill Hawks
Aired: Wed, 1963-05-15
The David Garner Story
WatchedS06E33: The David Garner Story
Aired: Wed, 1963-05-08
The Clarence Mullins Story
WatchedS06E32: The Clarence Mullins Story
Aired: Wed, 1963-05-01
The Tom O'Neal Story
WatchedS06E31: The Tom O'Neal Story
Aired: Wed, 1963-04-24
The Blane Wessels Story
WatchedS06E30: The Blane Wessels Story
Aired: Wed, 1963-04-17
Heather and Hamish
WatchedS06E29: Heather and Hamish
Aired: Wed, 1963-04-10
The Tom Tuesday Story
WatchedS06E28: The Tom Tuesday Story
Aired: Mon, 1963-03-25
The Adam MacKenzie Story
WatchedS06E27: The Adam MacKenzie Story
Aired: Wed, 1963-03-27
The Michael McGoo Story
WatchedS06E26: The Michael McGoo Story
Aired: Wed, 1963-03-20
The Annie Duggan Story
WatchedS06E25: The Annie Duggan Story
Aired: Wed, 1963-03-13
The Emmett Lawton Story
WatchedS06E24: The Emmett Lawton Story
Aired: Wed, 1963-03-06
The Sara Proctor Story
WatchedS06E23: The Sara Proctor Story
Aired: Wed, 1963-02-27
Charlie Wooster - Outlaw
WatchedS06E22: Charlie Wooster - Outlaw
Aired: Wed, 1963-02-20
The Lily Legend Story
WatchedS06E21: The Lily Legend Story
Aired: Wed, 1963-02-13
The Hollister John Garrison Story
WatchedS06E20: The Hollister John Garrison Story
Aired: Wed, 1963-02-06
The Naomi Kaylor Story
WatchedS06E19: The Naomi Kaylor Story
Aired: Wed, 1963-01-30
The Johnny Masters Story
WatchedS06E18: The Johnny Masters Story
Aired: Wed, 1963-01-16
The Davey Baxter Story
WatchedS06E17: The Davey Baxter Story
Aired: Wed, 1963-01-09
The Abel Weatherly Story
WatchedS06E16: The Abel Weatherly Story
Aired: Wed, 1963-01-02
The Sam Darland Story
WatchedS06E15: The Sam Darland Story
Aired: Wed, 1962-12-26
The Donna Fuller Story
WatchedS06E14: The Donna Fuller Story
Aired: Wed, 1962-12-19
The Orly French Story
WatchedS06E13: The Orly French Story
Aired: Wed, 1962-12-12
The Eve Newhope Story
WatchedS06E12: The Eve Newhope Story
Aired: Wed, 1962-12-05
The Kurt Davos Story
WatchedS06E11: The Kurt Davos Story
Aired: Wed, 1962-11-28
The John Bernard Story
WatchedS06E10: The John Bernard Story
Aired: Wed, 1962-11-21
The Levy-McGowan Story
WatchedS06E09: The Levy-McGowan Story
Aired: Wed, 1962-11-14
The Shiloh Degnan Story
WatchedS06E08: The Shiloh Degnan Story
Aired: Wed, 1962-11-07
The Lisa Raincloud Story
WatchedS06E07: The Lisa Raincloud Story
Aired: Wed, 1962-10-31
Hawks, wounded and taken prisoner by the Indians, falls in love with one of his captors Lisa Raincloud.
The Mavis Grant Story
WatchedS06E06: The Mavis Grant Story
Aired: Wed, 1962-10-24
The John Augustus Story
WatchedS06E05: The John Augustus Story
Aired: Wed, 1962-10-17
The Martin Gatsby Story
WatchedS06E04: The Martin Gatsby Story
Aired: Wed, 1962-10-10
The Madame Sagittarius Story
WatchedS06E03: The Madame Sagittarius Story
Aired: Wed, 1962-10-03
Madam Sagittarius has a reputation as a con woman. The rest of the passengers on the train snub her because of this. Charley Wooster, often left out on a limb himself, feels sorry for her and takes her under his wing. It is t...
The Caroline Casteel Story
WatchedS06E02: The Caroline Casteel Story
Aired: Wed, 1962-09-26
Wagon Train Mutiny
WatchedS06E01: Wagon Train Mutiny
Aired: Wed, 1962-09-19
The wagon train comes across a devastated wagon party where they find Renaldo, a wounded member of the attacking comancheros who was left to die by his comrades.

Season 5

The Heather Mahoney Story
WatchedS05E37: The Heather Mahoney Story
Aired: Wed, 1962-06-13
The wagon train reaches its Sacramento destination and Christopher Hale falls in love with Heather Mahoney, a pretty widow from the upper crust of Sacramento society. He must decide whether to give up his life as a wagonmaste...
The Hiram Winthrop Story
WatchedS05E36: The Hiram Winthrop Story
Aired: Wed, 1962-06-06
The John Turnbull Story
WatchedS05E35: The John Turnbull Story
Aired: Wed, 1962-05-30
The Frank Carter Story
WatchedS05E34: The Frank Carter Story
Aired: Wed, 1962-05-23
The Nancy Davis Story
WatchedS05E33: The Nancy Davis Story
Aired: Wed, 1962-05-16
The Mary Beckett Story
WatchedS05E32: The Mary Beckett Story
Aired: Wed, 1962-05-09
The Jud Steele Story
WatchedS05E31: The Jud Steele Story
Aired: Wed, 1962-05-02
The Terry Morrell Story
WatchedS05E30: The Terry Morrell Story
Aired: Wed, 1962-04-25
The Levi Hale Story
WatchedS05E29: The Levi Hale Story
Aired: Wed, 1962-04-18
The Cole Crawford Story
WatchedS05E28: The Cole Crawford Story
Aired: Wed, 1962-04-11
Cole and Helen Crawford are newlyweds who have joined the wagon train. It is long before problems get started. An old friend of Helen's shows up and wants her to go away with him.
The Swamp Devil
WatchedS05E27: The Swamp Devil
Aired: Wed, 1962-04-04
The George B. Hanrahan Story
WatchedS05E26: The George B. Hanrahan Story
Aired: Wed, 1962-03-28
The Baylor Crowfoot Story
WatchedS05E25: The Baylor Crowfoot Story
Aired: Wed, 1962-03-21
The Amos Gibbons Story
WatchedS05E24: The Amos Gibbons Story
Aired: Wed, 1962-03-14
The Charley Shutup Story
WatchedS05E23: The Charley Shutup Story
Aired: Wed, 1962-03-07
The Lieutenant Burton Story
WatchedS05E22: The Lieutenant Burton Story
Aired: Wed, 1962-02-28
The Daniel Clay Story
WatchedS05E21: The Daniel Clay Story
Aired: Wed, 1962-02-21
The Jeff Hartfield Story
WatchedS05E20: The Jeff Hartfield Story
Aired: Wed, 1962-02-14
The Lonnie Fallon Story
WatchedS05E19: The Lonnie Fallon Story
Aired: Wed, 1962-02-07
The Dr. Denker Story
WatchedS05E18: The Dr. Denker Story
Aired: Wed, 1962-01-31
Flint finds a young boy who witnessed the murder of his father and cannot speak. Dr. Denker, a traveling salesman, seems to know something about the murder but also seems to have something to hide.
The Malachi Hobart Story
WatchedS05E17: The Malachi Hobart Story
Aired: Wed, 1962-01-24
An old con man trys to fleece the wagon train members of money by pretending to be a preacher trying to raise funds to build a church. He is outfoxed by Duke but redeems himself by aiding a dying woman.
The Hobie Redman Story
WatchedS05E16: The Hobie Redman Story
Aired: Wed, 1962-01-17
The Dick Pederson Story
WatchedS05E15: The Dick Pederson Story
Aired: Wed, 1962-01-10
The Martin Onyx Story
WatchedS05E14: The Martin Onyx Story
Aired: Wed, 1962-01-03
WatchedS05E13: Clyde
Aired: Wed, 1961-12-27
The Bettina May Story
WatchedS05E12: The Bettina May Story
Aired: Wed, 1961-12-20
The Traitor
WatchedS05E11: The Traitor
Aired: Wed, 1961-12-13
Flint McCullough's involvement in a horse-stealing operation proves that he's "gone bad." Reluctantly, Chris Hale sentences him to 20 lashes and permanent banishment from the wagon train. Bill Hawks refuses to flog his friend...
The Lizabeth Ann Calhoun Story
WatchedS05E10: The Lizabeth Ann Calhoun Story
Aired: Wed, 1961-12-06
The Bruce Saybrook Story
WatchedS05E09: The Bruce Saybrook Story
Aired: Wed, 1961-11-22
The Mark Miner Story
WatchedS05E08: The Mark Miner Story
Aired: Wed, 1961-11-15
The people on the wagon train are getting upset. Their belongings are beginning to disappear and they suspect a thief is among them. All the evidence seems to point to Duke.
The Artie Matthewson Story
WatchedS05E07: The Artie Matthewson Story
Aired: Wed, 1961-11-08
The Jenna Douglas Story
WatchedS05E06: The Jenna Douglas Story
Aired: Wed, 1961-11-01
The Clementine Jones Story
WatchedS05E05: The Clementine Jones Story
Aired: Wed, 1961-10-25
The Selena Hartnell Story
WatchedS05E04: The Selena Hartnell Story
Aired: Wed, 1961-10-18
The Maud Frazer Story
WatchedS05E03: The Maud Frazer Story
Aired: Wed, 1961-10-11
Flint is out scouting and meets up with an all female wagon train. Maud is the wagonmistress and she cannot be convinced that it isn't safe for them to cross Indian country alone. Flint tries to convince her to join the his w...
The Kitty Albright Story
WatchedS05E02: The Kitty Albright Story
Aired: Wed, 1961-10-04
Kitty Allbright is a nurse who joins the wagon train. She soon becomes concerned about the people's poor sanitation habits.
The Captain Dan Brady Story
WatchedS05E01: The Captain Dan Brady Story
Aired: Thu, 1961-09-07

Season 4

The Don Alvarado Story
WatchedS04E38: The Don Alvarado Story
Aired: Wed, 1961-06-21
The Ah Chong Story
WatchedS04E37: The Ah Chong Story
Aired: Wed, 1961-06-14
Wagon to Fort Anderson
WatchedS04E36: Wagon to Fort Anderson
Aired: Wed, 1961-06-07
The Janet Hale Story
WatchedS04E35: The Janet Hale Story
Aired: Wed, 1961-05-31
A flashback episode - Chris Hale's duties as wagonmaster require him to leave his family in their prairie home.
The Chalice
WatchedS04E34: The Chalice
Aired: Wed, 1961-05-24
The Eleanor Culhane Story
WatchedS04E33: The Eleanor Culhane Story
Aired: Wed, 1961-05-17
The Jim Bridger Story
WatchedS04E32: The Jim Bridger Story
Aired: Wed, 1961-05-10
The Will Santee Story
WatchedS04E31: The Will Santee Story
Aired: Wed, 1961-05-03
The Duke Shannon Story
WatchedS04E30: The Duke Shannon Story
Aired: Wed, 1961-04-26
The Joe Muharich Story
WatchedS04E29: The Joe Muharich Story
Aired: Wed, 1961-04-19
The Saul Bevins Story
WatchedS04E28: The Saul Bevins Story
Aired: Wed, 1961-04-12
The Nellie Jefferson Story
WatchedS04E27: The Nellie Jefferson Story
Aired: Wed, 1961-04-05
Famous actress Nellie jefferson joins the wagon train and Wooster is absolutely enthralled with her and will go to any length to please her. Chris and Flint are very worried about Wooster's behaviour. Gradually Nellie begins ...
The Tiburcio Mendez Story
WatchedS04E26: The Tiburcio Mendez Story
Aired: Wed, 1961-03-22
The Christopher Hale Story
WatchedS04E25: The Christopher Hale Story
Aired: Wed, 1961-03-15
The Nancy Palmer Story
WatchedS04E24: The Nancy Palmer Story
Aired: Tue, 1961-03-07
The Jed Polke Story
WatchedS04E23: The Jed Polke Story
Aired: Wed, 1961-03-01
The Beth Pearson Story
WatchedS04E22: The Beth Pearson Story
Aired: Wed, 1961-02-22
The Odyssey of Flint McCullough
WatchedS04E21: The Odyssey of Flint McCullough
Aired: Wed, 1961-02-15
The Path of the Serpent
WatchedS04E20: The Path of the Serpent
Aired: Wed, 1961-02-08
The Prarie Story
WatchedS04E19: The Prarie Story
Aired: Wed, 1961-02-01
The Weight of Command
WatchedS04E18: The Weight of Command
Aired: Wed, 1961-01-25
The Sam Elder Story
WatchedS04E17: The Sam Elder Story
Aired: Wed, 1961-01-18
The Patience Miller Story
WatchedS04E16: The Patience Miller Story
Aired: Wed, 1961-01-11
The Earl Packer Story
WatchedS04E15: The Earl Packer Story
Aired: Wed, 1961-01-04
The Jeremy Dow Story
WatchedS04E14: The Jeremy Dow Story
Aired: Wed, 1960-12-28
Jeremy Dow, a drunk, joins the wagon train as a driver for the Millikan wagon when Clete breaks his leg. As the episode unfolds Jeremy's story unfolds. He forms a relationship with the boy Bruce Millikan and teaches him many ...
The Roger Bigelow Story
WatchedS04E13: The Roger Bigelow Story
Aired: Wed, 1960-12-21
The River Crossing
WatchedS04E12: The River Crossing
Aired: Wed, 1960-12-14
The Candy O'Hara Story
WatchedS04E11: The Candy O'Hara Story
Aired: Wed, 1960-12-07
The Jane Hawkins Story
WatchedS04E10: The Jane Hawkins Story
Aired: Wed, 1960-11-30
The Colter Craven Story
WatchedS04E09: The Colter Craven Story
Aired: Wed, 1960-11-23
The Bleymier Story
WatchedS04E08: The Bleymier Story
Aired: Wed, 1960-11-16
The Cathy Eckhart Story
WatchedS04E07: The Cathy Eckhart Story
Aired: Wed, 1960-11-09
The Princess of a Lost Tribe
WatchedS04E06: The Princess of a Lost Tribe
Aired: Wed, 1960-11-02
The Jose Morales Story
WatchedS04E05: The Jose Morales Story
Aired: Wed, 1960-10-26
The Allison Justis Story
WatchedS04E04: The Allison Justis Story
Aired: Wed, 1960-10-19
McCullough shoots and kills a man trying to steal one of the wagon train's horses. He finds that the man is the husband of a former sweetheart, Allison Justis.McCullough takes the body back to the nearby town, and finds that ...
The Albert Farnsworth Story
WatchedS04E03: The Albert Farnsworth Story
Aired: Wed, 1960-10-12
The Horace Best Story
WatchedS04E02: The Horace Best Story
Aired: Wed, 1960-10-05
Wagons Ho!
WatchedS04E01: Wagons Ho!
Aired: Wed, 1960-09-28

Season 3

The Shad Bennington Story
WatchedS03E37: The Shad Bennington Story
Aired: Wed, 1960-06-22
The Sam Livingston Story
WatchedS03E36: The Sam Livingston Story
Aired: Wed, 1960-06-15
The Charlene Brenton Story
WatchedS03E35: The Charlene Brenton Story
Aired: Wed, 1960-06-08
The Luke Grant Story
WatchedS03E34: The Luke Grant Story
Aired: Wed, 1960-06-01
A dying man is found in the desert by a group of Mojaves. They bring him to the wagon train and a woman recognizes him as a minister she once knew.
The Dr. Swift McCloud Story
WatchedS03E33: The Dr. Swift McCloud Story
Aired: Wed, 1960-05-25
A native returning from medical school is rejected by his tribe and by travelers they've attacked.
The Dick Jarvis Story
WatchedS03E32: The Dick Jarvis Story
Aired: Wed, 1960-05-18
An orphan holds a grudge against other young people on the train because they all have families.
The Countess Baranof Story
WatchedS03E31: The Countess Baranof Story
Aired: Wed, 1960-05-11
The wagon train is too slow for a countess who wants to reach Alaska before its sale by Russia to the United States.
Trial for Murder (2)
WatchedS03E30: Trial for Murder (2)
Aired: Wed, 1960-05-04
A conviction seems likely for confessed murderer Brad Mason, but the defense plans to produce the dead man's wife as a surprise witness.
Trial for Murder (1)
WatchedS03E29: Trial for Murder (1)
Aired: Wed, 1960-04-27
A wagoner has been clubbed to death and evidence points to a drunkard.
The Amos Gibbon Story
WatchedS03E28: The Amos Gibbon Story
Aired: Wed, 1960-04-20
Flint tries to stop a man who has been taking prisoners and forcing them into slave labor.
The Jonas Murdock Story
WatchedS03E27: The Jonas Murdock Story
Aired: Wed, 1960-04-13
A mountaineer causes trouble for the wagon train when he defies the no-hunting edict of a local Native chief.
The Maggie Hamilton Story
WatchedS03E26: The Maggie Hamilton Story
Aired: Wed, 1960-04-06
A spoiled girl has a dangerous fit of temper and runs off to the hills to sulk.
The Joshua Gilliam Story
WatchedS03E25: The Joshua Gilliam Story
Aired: Wed, 1960-03-30
A conman has plans to become the wagon train's schoolteacher.
The Christine Elliot Story
WatchedS03E24: The Christine Elliot Story
Aired: Wed, 1960-03-23
A woman struggles to conceal 12 runaways from an orphan director.
The Alexander Portlass Story
WatchedS03E23: The Alexander Portlass Story
Aired: Wed, 1960-03-16
A British archaeologist in search of fame and immortality teams up with a band of outlaws to hunt for Aztec treasures, which he plans to take to the British museum. They kidnap Flint and force him to act as their guide.
The Tracy Sadler Story
WatchedS03E22: The Tracy Sadler Story
Aired: Wed, 1960-03-09
Tracy Sadler is looking for her son, born while she was in prison.
The Tom Tuckett Story
WatchedS03E21: The Tom Tuckett Story
Aired: Wed, 1960-03-02
Traitor Nat Burkett risks being captured to see a young man who once helped him escape.
The Ricky and Laura Bell Story
WatchedS03E20: The Ricky and Laura Bell Story
Aired: Wed, 1960-02-24
Ricky Bell resents the attention his wife gives their infant son.
The Benjamin Burns Story
WatchedS03E19: The Benjamin Burns Story
Aired: Wed, 1960-02-17
Flint searches for a legendary mountain spring to quench a real water shortage.
The Clayton Tucker Story
WatchedS03E18: The Clayton Tucker Story
Aired: Wed, 1960-02-10
A small party, crossing the desert to rendezvous with the wagon train, must go alone after their scout dies of snakebite.
The Larry Hanify Story
WatchedS03E17: The Larry Hanify Story
Aired: Wed, 1960-01-27
Flint promises a dying friend that he will look after the man's son, a wild young man who has been in trouble with the law all his life. Flint's faith in the young man soon turns to doubt.
The Marie Brandt Story
WatchedS03E16: The Marie Brandt Story
Aired: Wed, 1960-01-20
Orobio da Costa wants to know why Widow Brandt is bitter toward men.
The Colonel Harris Story
WatchedS03E15: The Colonel Harris Story
Aired: Wed, 1960-01-13
Flint looks forward to a reunion with two old friends. However, he soon learns that the two are on the verge of a senseless fight.
The Lita Foladaire Story
WatchedS03E14: The Lita Foladaire Story
Aired: Wed, 1960-01-06
Adams looks for the man responsible for killing a friend's wife.
The Ruth Marshall Story
WatchedS03E13: The Ruth Marshall Story
Aired: Wed, 1959-12-30
As the wagon train moves through Sioux territory, a man named Marshall asks for help in finding his daughter, Ruth, who apparently was taken by Indians following a raid eleven years ago. The girl would now be 19 years old. Fl...
The St. Nicholas Story
WatchedS03E12: The St. Nicholas Story
Aired: Wed, 1959-12-23
The train camps for Christmas Eve, and young Jimmy Sherman wanders away and meets a native boy.
The Vittorio Bottecelli Story
WatchedS03E11: The Vittorio Bottecelli Story
Aired: Wed, 1959-12-16
An Italian duke charms all the wagon train women, but not their husbands.
The Danny Benedict Story
WatchedS03E10: The Danny Benedict Story
Aired: Wed, 1959-12-02
Adams finds a boy in hostile country, but the boy refuses to ride to Fort Stoneham.
The Jess MacAbbee Story
WatchedS03E09: The Jess MacAbbee Story
Aired: Wed, 1959-11-25
A rancher tries to hide his five beautiful daughters from Flint.
The Felizia Kingdom Story
WatchedS03E08: The Felizia Kingdom Story
Aired: Sun, 1959-11-08
Flint is held captive at the ranch of Felizia Kingdom.
The Cappy Darrin Story
WatchedS03E07: The Cappy Darrin Story
Aired: Wed, 1959-11-11
An old riverboat captain and his grandson join the train. But they depart abruptly as they near their destination.
The Martha Barnham Story
WatchedS03E06: The Martha Barnham Story
Aired: Wed, 1959-11-04
Flint McCullough and a Sioux arrive at the fort and a woman accuses Flint of being a renegade. Later she asks for Flint's help in getting her fiance back from the Indians.
The Elizabeth McQueeny Story
WatchedS03E05: The Elizabeth McQueeny Story
Aired: Wed, 1959-10-28
A woman joins the wagon train with a group of girls, claiming that she's heading west to start a school.
The Estaban Zamora Story
WatchedS03E04: The Estaban Zamora Story
Aired: Wed, 1959-10-21
A westward-bound immigrant is determined to avenge the death of his youngest son.
The C.L. Harding Story
WatchedS03E03: The C.L. Harding Story
Aired: Wed, 1959-10-14
A woman reporter is assigned to travel with the train. Soon she has started a suffrage movement among the wives.
The Greenhorn Story
WatchedS03E02: The Greenhorn Story
Aired: Wed, 1959-10-07
The Stagecoach Story
WatchedS03E01: The Stagecoach Story
Aired: Wed, 1959-09-30

Season 2

The Jenny Tannen Story
WatchedS02E38: The Jenny Tannen Story
Aired: Wed, 1959-06-24
The Steele Family
WatchedS02E37: The Steele Family
Aired: Wed, 1959-06-17
The Rodney Lawrence Story
WatchedS02E36: The Rodney Lawrence Story
Aired: Wed, 1959-06-10
The Andrew Hale Story
WatchedS02E35: The Andrew Hale Story
Aired: Wed, 1959-06-03
The Jose Maria Moran Story
WatchedS02E34: The Jose Maria Moran Story
Aired: Wed, 1959-05-27
Chuck Wooster, Wagonmaster
WatchedS02E33: Chuck Wooster, Wagonmaster
Aired: Wed, 1959-05-20
During a blizzard the wagon train is stopped at a mountain pass. Flint, the Major, Hawks and others disappear without a trace, leaving Charlie to run things and try to get the train to another pass further south, before every...
The Steve Campden Story
WatchedS02E32: The Steve Campden Story
Aired: Wed, 1959-05-13
The Kate Parker Story
WatchedS02E31: The Kate Parker Story
Aired: Wed, 1959-05-06
The Duke LeMay Story
WatchedS02E30: The Duke LeMay Story
Aired: Wed, 1959-04-29
The Clara Duncan Story
WatchedS02E29: The Clara Duncan Story
Aired: Wed, 1959-04-22
The Vincent Eaglewood Story
WatchedS02E28: The Vincent Eaglewood Story
Aired: Wed, 1959-04-15
The Swift Cloud Story
WatchedS02E27: The Swift Cloud Story
Aired: Wed, 1959-04-08
The Matthew Lowry Story
WatchedS02E26: The Matthew Lowry Story
Aired: Wed, 1959-04-01
The Sister Rita Story
WatchedS02E25: The Sister Rita Story
Aired: Wed, 1959-03-25
The Conchita Vasquez Story
WatchedS02E24: The Conchita Vasquez Story
Aired: Wed, 1959-03-18
The Vivian Carter Story
WatchedS02E23: The Vivian Carter Story
Aired: Wed, 1959-03-11
The Jasper Cato Story
WatchedS02E22: The Jasper Cato Story
Aired: Wed, 1959-03-04
The Annie Griffith Story
WatchedS02E21: The Annie Griffith Story
Aired: Wed, 1959-02-25
The Old Man Charvanaugh Story
WatchedS02E20: The Old Man Charvanaugh Story
Aired: Wed, 1959-02-18
The Last Man
WatchedS02E19: The Last Man
Aired: Wed, 1959-02-11
The Ella Linstrom Story
WatchedS02E18: The Ella Linstrom Story
Aired: Wed, 1959-02-04
On the trip to California, Ella Linstrom's husband dies, leaving her to care for their seven children.
The Ben Courtney Story
WatchedS02E17: The Ben Courtney Story
Aired: Wed, 1959-01-28
The Hunter Malloy Story
WatchedS02E16: The Hunter Malloy Story
Aired: Wed, 1959-01-21
The Flint McCullough Story
WatchedS02E15: The Flint McCullough Story
Aired: Wed, 1959-01-14
The Kitty Angel Story
WatchedS02E14: The Kitty Angel Story
Aired: Wed, 1959-01-07
The Dick Richardson Story
WatchedS02E13: The Dick Richardson Story
Aired: Wed, 1958-12-31
The Mary Ellen Thomas Story
WatchedS02E12: The Mary Ellen Thomas Story
Aired: Wed, 1958-12-24
The Beauty Jamison Story
WatchedS02E11: The Beauty Jamison Story
Aired: Wed, 1958-12-17
The Tent City Story
WatchedS02E10: The Tent City Story
Aired: Wed, 1958-12-10
The Sakae Ito Story
WatchedS02E09: The Sakae Ito Story
Aired: Wed, 1958-12-03
The Millie Davis Story
WatchedS02E08: The Millie Davis Story
Aired: Wed, 1958-11-26
The Bije Wilcox Story
WatchedS02E07: The Bije Wilcox Story
Aired: Wed, 1958-11-19
The Doctor Willoughby Story
WatchedS02E06: The Doctor Willoughby Story
Aired: Sat, 1958-11-15
Dr. Carol Willoughby is determined to practice medicine in a western town and joins the wagon train. A badly injured Indian Chief is brought to the doctor and she must save his life or the Indians will attack the wagon train.
The Liam Fitzmorgan Story
WatchedS02E05: The Liam Fitzmorgan Story
Aired: Tue, 1958-10-28
Liam Fitzmorgan is an Irish freedom fighter and he has been ordered to find a traitor to their cause. He has heard that the man he is after is on the wagon train and he joins up to look for him.
The Tobias Jones Story
WatchedS02E04: The Tobias Jones Story
Aired: Wed, 1958-10-22
Midge is a young orphan girl and has decided to attach herself to Tobias Jones, a homeless drifter. The two of them stow away on Seth's wagon. When Seth discovers them, he puts them to work to earn their keep. The other membe...
The Jennifer Churchill Story
WatchedS02E03: The Jennifer Churchill Story
Aired: Wed, 1958-10-15
Jennifer Churchill is running away from her father and a marriage she doesn't want so she joins the wagon train. Flint discovers that her father is offering a large reward for her and he tries to help her escape.
The Juan Ortega Story
WatchedS02E02: The Juan Ortega Story
Aired: Wed, 1958-10-08
Juan Ortega is found suffering from shock after seeing his father lynched by three men. Adams and McCullough take the boy with them. Along the route of the wagon train they also find a man who has been tortured by Indians and...
Around the Horn
WatchedS02E01: Around the Horn
Aired: Wed, 1958-10-01
After crossing the country with the wagon train and looking for a good time in San Francisco, Wooster, Hawks and Seth Adams are shanghaied and end up on board a schooner heading for New Orleans by way of South American.

Season 1

The Sacramento Story
WatchedS01E39: The Sacramento Story
Aired: Wed, 1958-06-25
The wagon train reaches it's final destination, Sacramento, California. Maxwell Revere and his daughter Julie are eager to see the ranch he bought several years ago and but have never seen. Flint goes along to help them locat...
The Monty Britton Story
WatchedS01E38: The Monty Britton Story
Aired: Wed, 1958-06-18
Seth sends Flint out looking for water because the train is running dangerously low. When Flint doesn't come back, Seth goes looking for him and finds him delirious and the water hole poisoned. Their last hope is Fort Paiute ...
The John Wilbot Story
WatchedS01E37: The John Wilbot Story
Aired: Wed, 1958-06-11
Flint and Seth are always argueing about who works harder. So in an attempt to settle it, they temporarily switch jobs. Flint ends up in the middle of things when an Abolitionist violently accuses a schoolmaster with a limp o...
The Cassie Tanner Story
WatchedS01E36: The Cassie Tanner Story
Aired: Wed, 1958-06-04
Flint rescues Cassie Tanner, a rough outspoken young woman, from an Indian attack. She decides to accept Flint's invitation to join the wagon train. One look at Seth Adams and she decides that he is the man for her.
The Rex Montana Story
WatchedS01E35: The Rex Montana Story
Aired: Wed, 1958-05-28
Rex Montana and his Wild West show join the wagon train. Rex's reputation is based on his bravery, but Seth and Flint soon suspect that his reputation might be a bit overstated.
The Ruttledge Munroe Story
WatchedS01E34: The Ruttledge Munroe Story
Aired: Wed, 1958-05-21
Adams takes Ruttledge Monroe into the wagon train when the boy loses his horse. Monroe later shoots two men who are trying to rob the train. He offers his protection to young Ruth Hadley and her baby, but Ruth is terrified of...
The Dan Hogan Story
WatchedS01E33: The Dan Hogan Story
Aired: Wed, 1958-05-14
The wagon train is stopping off at a small town called "Sweet Sabbath". Sweet by name, but not by nature, the name belies it's true, tough, character. Here the Major comes across an old friend, ex- New York cop and sometime p...
The Charles Maury Story
WatchedS01E32: The Charles Maury Story
Aired: Wed, 1958-05-07
A young southern belle with romantic notions about a guerrilla band of Rebel soldiers led by Charles Maury, gets a hard lesson in reality when she leaves the wagon train to join up with them.
The Major Adams Story (2)
WatchedS01E31: The Major Adams Story (2)
Aired: Wed, 1958-04-30
The second episode of Major Adams life story takes place after the Civil War when he has decided to earn his living taking wagon trains across America. On one trip, one of his passengers turns out to be his old girlfriend Rai...
The Major Adams Story (1)
WatchedS01E30: The Major Adams Story (1)
Aired: Wed, 1958-04-23
The first part of Major Adams own story begins just before the outbreak of the American Civil War and finishes at the war's end. By then the Major has met Charlie Wooster and Bill Hawkes, but there is some unfinished business...
The Daniel Barrister Story
WatchedS01E29: The Daniel Barrister Story
Aired: Wed, 1958-04-16
Daniel Barrister is a God fearing man whose wife is badly injured in an accident on the trail. Daniel puts his faith in the Lord as the one great healer to heal his wife, but her condition gradually worsens. When infection se...
The Sally Potter Story
WatchedS01E28: The Sally Potter Story
Aired: Wed, 1958-04-09
Sally Potter is young, pretty and single. She doesn't want to cause trouble, but trouble seems to follow her around. Man trouble.
The Sarah Drummond Story
WatchedS01E27: The Sarah Drummond Story
Aired: Wed, 1958-04-02
When Flint takes shelter from a storm, he finds a husband and wife being torn apart by hatred and intolerance. To repay their kindnes to him, he takes it upon himself to bring them back together again.
A Man Called Horse
WatchedS01E26: A Man Called Horse
Aired: Wed, 1958-03-26
A white man dressed as an Indian and caring for a sick elderly Indian woman are unusual additions to the Wagon Train. Quietly the man tells Flint and the Major his story as Wooster tends to the woman.
The Marie Dupree Story
WatchedS01E25: The Marie Dupree Story
Aired: Wed, 1958-03-19
Marie Dupree finds there is a high price to pay when she plays one man off against the other to win her affections.
The Bernal Sierra Story
WatchedS01E24: The Bernal Sierra Story
Aired: Wed, 1958-03-12
There is trouble in store when the Major accepts Bernal Sierra onto the train fresh from the wars in Mexico. He is on a mission to find a cache of stolen gold and it isn't long before he has some suspects on the train well wi...
The Mark Hanford Story
WatchedS01E23: The Mark Hanford Story
Aired: Wed, 1958-02-26
Flint finds himself in the middle of a family feud that threatens to spill over into a full scale Indian blood war. The trouble starts when Mark Hanford returns home to his father's ranch after receiving a priviledged educati...
The Bill Tawnee Story
WatchedS01E22: The Bill Tawnee Story
Aired: Wed, 1958-02-12
The Major finds a lone wagon on the trail. Inside is a man he recognises as Bill Tawnee, once Indian Scout to General Sherman during the Civil War and much decorated for bravery. With him is his wife and baby. Bill is sufferi...
The Annie MacGregor Story
WatchedS01E21: The Annie MacGregor Story
Aired: Wed, 1958-02-05
The Clan MacGregor are moving west, complete with bagpipes, kilts and a stubborn streak not to give up their old way of life. The friction this causes with the rest of the train results in the MacGregors going their separate ...
The Dora Gray Story
WatchedS01E20: The Dora Gray Story
Aired: Wed, 1958-01-29
Flint is riding ahead of the train with Bill Hawkes when they hear gunshots. Heading in the direction the shots have come from they soon find the evidence of an Indian raid on a small camp site. While Flint is looking around...
The Honorable Don Charlie Story
WatchedS01E19: The Honorable Don Charlie Story
Aired: Wed, 1958-01-22
Major Adams is intrusted with getting socialite Julie Wharton safely to San Francisco. His plans nearly come to naught, however, when ageing Lothario the Honourable Don Charlie (at least that is one of the names he uses) trie...
The Gabe Carswell Story
WatchedS01E18: The Gabe Carswell Story
Aired: Wed, 1958-01-15
Gabe Carswell is a legendary scout who chooses to live with the Arapaho indians for over twenty years. During that time he marries an Arapaho squaw. They have one son. Sadly, Carswell's wife dies when her son is still a baby ...
The Jesse Cowan Story
WatchedS01E17: The Jesse Cowan Story
Aired: Wed, 1958-01-08
Two brothers return to their home after the civil war to find their home and family wiped out. Their family, the Cowans, had long been feuding with a neighbouring family, the Beals, and so the Beal family are the prime suspec...
The Luke O'Malley Story
WatchedS01E16: The Luke O'Malley Story
Aired: Wed, 1958-01-01
Flint is in town at a saloon. He is standing by the bar when a man seated at a nearby table with a deck of cards in his hand, asks Flint if he wants to play a hand. Flint declines. The bartender remarks that he thought the ga...
The Cliff Grundy Story
WatchedS01E15: The Cliff Grundy Story
Aired: Wed, 1957-12-25
When a rifle shot sounds ahead of the train Flint McCullough rides out to investigate. He expects to find trouble - and so he does, of a sort. He finds an old friend from his civil war days, Cliff Grundy. Now there isn't a lo...
The Julia Gage Story
WatchedS01E14: The Julia Gage Story
Aired: Wed, 1957-12-18
Julia Gage is travelling west with her father. Early on in the trip it is obvious that she is an independent woman, who, although single, won't become any man's doormat. Along the way her father dies of fever and she is left ...
The Clara Beauchamp Story
WatchedS01E13: The Clara Beauchamp Story
Aired: Wed, 1957-12-11
A small group of cavalry men are on their way to their new post at a remote fort. At a small distance from the fort they tangle with two Indian Braves out hunting, unaware that their new commanding officer has worked out an a...
The Riley Gratton Story
WatchedS01E12: The Riley Gratton Story
Aired: Wed, 1957-12-04
The train is halted. Flint McCullough is away, scouting. Then in rides a rangy young man with the gift of the gab who fought alongside the Major during the war. The Major takes a shine to him and invites him to stay, which su...
The Zeke Thomas Story
WatchedS01E11: The Zeke Thomas Story
Aired: Wed, 1957-11-27
Flint is out scouting with another member of the train, Zeke Thomas. They are looking for a watering place that the train used the previous year. What they find is that where a bare watering hole once was, now stood a town. T...
The Mary Halstead Story
WatchedS01E10: The Mary Halstead Story
Aired: Wed, 1957-11-20
Mary Halstead is an elderly woman stricken with a terminal illness and a guilty conscience. She cannot do anything about the illness but she believes she can salve her conscience if she can find the son she abandoned as a chi...
The Charles Avery Story
WatchedS01E09: The Charles Avery Story
Aired: Wed, 1957-11-13
The wagon train is making it's way steadily westward when the peace is disturbed by the sound of shooting. Seth Adams delegates scout Flint McCullough to find out what is wrong. When Seth catches up with the scout he finds h...
The John Darro Story
WatchedS01E08: The John Darro Story
Aired: Wed, 1957-11-06
There is a little boy on the wagon train named Bobby who worships his father, John Darro. Darro was badly injured during the civil war and now walks with a limp. To his son, this is as good as a medal as regards a testament t...
The Emily Rossiter Story
WatchedS01E07: The Emily Rossiter Story
Aired: Wed, 1957-10-30
It is still early days on the wagon train trail. So when one morning the body of one of the men is discovered and money and a land deed stolen, and the evidence points to Indians, Flint won't believe it. He can't convince the...
The Nels Stack Story
WatchedS01E06: The Nels Stack Story
Aired: Wed, 1957-10-23
Like the Major, Nelson Stack is an ex-army office from the Confederate army. Since the war, though, he has become a pacifist. That, together with the fact that he has more wagons and stock than most on the train, hasn't endea...
The Les Rand Story
WatchedS01E05: The Les Rand Story
Aired: Wed, 1957-10-16
Charlie Wooster, cook to Major Adams, is badly injured when he becomes trapped under a wagon. The train doesn't have a doctor but Flint thinks there is a town a couple of days ride away which does. The Major duly sends him on...
The Ruth Owens Story
WatchedS01E04: The Ruth Owens Story
Aired: Wed, 1957-10-09
Ruth Owens, her little girl and her second husband are journeying west with the train. Her husband is a teacher and they seem like any other average couple on the train.The weather has turned hot and the train has hit a dry p...
The John Cameron Story
WatchedS01E03: The John Cameron Story
Aired: Wed, 1957-10-02
The wagon train is moving west at last. Among the travellers are John Cameron and his wife, Julie. Cameron is a quiet, reserved man; an ex-banker from Philadelphia. Julie is younger and vivacious. Their marriage is not happy....
The Jean LeBec Story
WatchedS01E02: The Jean LeBec Story
Aired: Wed, 1957-09-25
Before the Civil War Jean Le Bec was a young musician with a special talent for the violin. His family were too poor to pay for his musical studies so he was sponsored by a rich southern family. The daughter was called Mary. ...
The Willy Moran Story
WatchedS01E01: The Willy Moran Story
Aired: Wed, 1957-09-18
Major Adams is keen to get the Wagon Train under way, but one of the wagons is missing a driver. Adams is arguing with the owner to pull his wagon out of line when Willy Moran is thrown out of the nearby saloon and lands prac...