Tracee Ellis Ross in Girlfriends

Tracee Ellis Ross

Born: 1972-10-29


Tracee Ellis Ross

Tracee Ellis Ross is the daughter of singer Diana Ross and her Ross' first husband, Robert Ellis Silberstein. She is a graduate of both Brown University and the highly esteemed William Esper Acting Studio. Before becoming an actress, Tracee had a successful career as a fashion model and, later, as a fashion editor for Mirabella and New York Magazine.


Season 8

Stand and Deliver
WatchedS08E13: Stand and Deliver
Aired: Mon, 2008-02-11
Maya tries to help Joan with her streets smart when students at Aaron's old school give Joan a hard time while trying to read a letter he's sent to his former students, Meanwhile, Lynn turns in sub-par songs in attempt to get...
What's Black-A-Lackin'?
WatchedS08E12: What's Black-A-Lackin'?
Aired: Mon, 2008-02-11
Lynn gets upset when she learns that the reason her record label is pushing back the release of her album is to promote another upcoming artist, Chrisette Michele and decides to confront her label only to learn that the reaso...
Adapt to Adopt
WatchedS08E11: Adapt to Adopt
Aired: Mon, 2008-02-04
Maya and Darnell romanticize the idea of adopting a child after attending a group for adoptive parents.
Deck the Halls With Bags and Folly
WatchedS08E10: Deck the Halls With Bags and Folly
Aired: Mon, 2007-12-10
Joan plans a Christmas party at her old law firm in efforts to help raise money for the support group she has recently enrolled in for the families of those in Iraq, Meanwhile, William tries to get Monica in the holiday spiri...
R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Find Out What It Means To William
WatchedS08E09: R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Find Out What It Means To William"
Aired: Mon, 2007-11-26
William considers leaving the law firm after feeling disrespected, causing Monica to worry that William won't be able to support their baby. Meanwhile, A neighbor enlists Maya to write an a piece in the neighborhood newslette...
Save The Last Dance
WatchedS08E08: Save The Last Dance
Aired: Mon, 2007-11-19
Joan, William and Maya try to dispel Lynn's comment about them being old by going out to local clubs with her and trying to keep up with the younger crowd. Meanwhile, Lynn runs into Xander, who is still mad at her for canceli...
Snap Back
WatchedS08E07: Snap Back
Aired: Mon, 2007-11-12
When Darnell confronts Maya about not dealing with her recent loss he learns shocking news that Maya has been taking pills to help her deal with it. Meanwhile, At an Erykah Badu concert with Joan, Lynn's manager informs her a...
Spree to Be Free
WatchedS08E06: Spree to Be Free
Aired: Mon, 2007-11-05
After still being convinced that Maya is not dealing with her loss, Joan decides to take Maya on a shopping spree to help her recover but surprisingly, Joan realizes that she is the one who needs therapy because of Aaron depa...
Good Grief
WatchedS08E05: Good Grief
Aired: Mon, 2007-10-29
After having her miscarriage, Joan and Lynn worry that Maya is in denial and not dealing with her grief when Maya suspects Darnell of blaming her for it. Also, William and Monica prepare for their first dinner party. Meanwhil...
Losing It
WatchedS08E04: Losing It
Aired: Mon, 2007-10-22
While experiencing writers block, Maya avoids her manager as her deadline approaches to complete her second book. Later, Maya learns that there may be some complications with her pregnancy and the doctor advises her to take i...
Where Did Lynn-digo?
WatchedS08E03: Where Did Lynn-digo?
Aired: Mon, 2007-10-15
Lynn must decide whether to perform at a rally to raise awareness to save the environment; requested by a student she met at UCLA, named Xander or perform at the House of Blues, where her manager booked for her to perform. M...
Baghdad, My Bad
WatchedS08E02: Baghdad, My Bad
Aired: Mon, 2007-10-08
Joan runs away to Mexico with Aaron in attempts to keep him from leaving to Iraq. While in Mexico, Aaron realizes that he cannot run from the war and the two of them decide that they should get married before he departures. M...
Range of Emotions
WatchedS08E01: Range of Emotions
Aired: Mon, 2007-10-01
Joan causes a dispute between herself and Aaron after purchasing an expensive kitchen range for their new house and not discussing it over with him. After they defuse their feud, Aaron receives unexpected news. Meanwhile, Lyn...

Season 7

It's Been Determined
WatchedS07E22: It's Been Determined
Aired: Mon, 2007-05-07
Maya and Darnell find thier dream home and must debate on whether to buy it or Darnell's old garage. Joan deals with feelings about Aaron and Brock as Aaron decides on his future.
To Be Determined…
WatchedS07E21: To Be Determined…
Aired: Mon, 2007-05-07
Joan unexpectedly proposes to Aaron, but when he stumbles on his response, Joan decides the relationship is over and walks away. Meanwhile Maya and Darnell find their dream house, but when Darnell gets a chance to buy the gar...
A House Divided
WatchedS07E20: A House Divided
Aired: Mon, 2007-04-30
When Lynn's new boyfriend Eldon, finds himself at odds with the church members over his choice of having Lynn as a girlfriend, he is faced with a tough decision. Meanwhile, Joan pressures Aaron into buying a house, which lead...
A Dingo Ate My Dream House
WatchedS07E19: A Dingo Ate My Dream House
Aired: Mon, 2007-04-23
Tired of all the inconveniences of living in the suburbs, Darnell suggests to Maya they should move back to the city, but Maya disagrees and does not want to give up her new home. When Joan and Lynn pressure Maya for the real...
Operation Does She Yield
WatchedS07E18: Operation Does She Yield
Aired: Mon, 2007-03-26
Worried about William's state after his breakup with Monica, Maya, Joan and Lynn go to Chicago to persuade Monica to get back together with William. When they arrive, they soon discover that Monica has been cut off from her f...
Church Lady
WatchedS07E17: Church Lady
Aired: Mon, 2007-03-19
Lynn continues to work at the church with Eldon and the children's choir, even though they have decided to end their short affair. Later, Joan and Maya get Lynn to admit she still has feelings for Eldon and is secretly hoping...
What Had Happened Was....
WatchedS07E16: What Had Happened Was....
Aired: Mon, 2007-02-26
After Aaron and Joan experience an uncomfortable moment when they run into one of Aaron's ex-girlfriends, they decide to discuss their past relationships with one another to avoid future awkward moments. However, when Aaron i...
Willie He or Won't He III: This Time It's Personal
WatchedS07E15: Willie He or Won't He III: This Time It's Personal
Aired: Mon, 2007-02-19
William and Monica's wedded bliss comes to a halt when William has too much to drink at their wedding reception and reveals that he had doubts about marrying her. Humiliated by William's comments, Monica wonders if she should...
Time to Man Up
WatchedS07E14: Time to Man Up
Aired: Mon, 2007-02-12
During an evening out, Maya and Darnell befriend Alicia and Ray, a new couple living in their neighborhood. When Maya witness an intense moment between the couple, she suspects that Ray is abusing Alicia. Darnell accuses Maya...
Hot For Preacher
WatchedS07E13: Hot For Preacher
Aired: Mon, 2007-02-05
When Lynn meets Eldon Perry, an attractive guy at a club where she is singing, but she becomes conflicted about dating him when she discovers he is a Baptist minister. Meanwhile, Joan tries to convince Maya to call a truce wi...
I Want My Baby Back
WatchedS07E12: I Want My Baby Back
Aired: Mon, 2007-01-29
Maya fears that Jabari is growing up too fast after she and Darnell witness an interaction between him and a young girl. Meanwhile, Joan is uncomfortable using the bathroom at Aaron's house because she wants to maintain a sen...
Wrong Side of the Tracks
WatchedS07E11: Wrong Side of the Tracks
Aired: Mon, 2007-01-22
Lynn is crushed when she receives a call from Big Boi saying that he is at a creative crossroads with the record company and he won't be able to use her music. Lynn is devastated by the news and begins to consider leaving Los...
I'll Have A Blue Line Christmas
WatchedS07E10: I'll Have A Blue Line Christmas
Aired: Mon, 2006-12-11
Aaron Waters, the man Joan flirted with in New Orleans, comes home to California and starts dating her, and Joan is so amazed at how well things are going that she anticipates something going wrong. Meanwhile, Maya and Darnel...
He Had A Dream
WatchedS07E09: He Had A Dream
Aired: Mon, 2006-11-27
Maya begins to struggle with the responsibilities of homeownership and taking care of Jabari while Darnell is in Florida working for NASCAR. During a phone conversation, Maya and Darnell end up in a fight and Maya becomes hys...
WatchedS07E08: Karaoke-Dokee
Aired: Mon, 2006-11-20
Joan and Maya discover that Lynn is singing for money on the street and at a Karaoke bar. They try to suggesting other ways to help launch her music career, but Lynn tells them to stop meddling. Later, Lynn receives several c...
Just Joan
WatchedS07E07: Just Joan
Aired: Mon, 2006-11-13
When Joan complains about the dating scene and her social life, Maya challenges her to empower herself, accept her singleness and go out to a trendy restaurant alone. Meanwhile, William must figure out how to keep Monica from...
If You Can't Stand The Heat, Get Out Of The Boonies
WatchedS07E06: If You Can't Stand The Heat, Get Out Of The Boonies
Aired: Mon, 2006-11-06
Maya discovers Jabari has been skipping school and has plagiarized a major writing assignment. When Lynn suggests that Jabari may be "acting out" because of his new suburban environment, Maya disagrees and insists that she is...
Everybody Hates Monica
WatchedS07E05: Everybody Hates Monica
Aired: Mon, 2006-10-30
Joan learns that Maya and Lynn did not tell her about a recent outing they had with Toni, who was in town for a brief visit. Joan explains to them that there is no need to keep things secret from her because she is over the w...
Hustle & Dough
WatchedS07E04: Hustle & Dough
Aired: Mon, 2006-10-23
In trying to seriously pursue her music career, Lynn informs the girls that she is performing at a local club during "open mic" night. While waiting at the club Lynn meets a record executive who offers to help her with her ca...
Bad Blood
WatchedS07E03: Bad Blood
Aired: Mon, 2006-10-16
Joan starts to realize that Maya's house has become the hang-out spot and that she is longer the center of the friendship. Later, Joan's doctor tells her that her cholesterol is too high, so she decides to have personal train...
In Too Deep
WatchedS07E02: In Too Deep
Aired: Mon, 2006-10-09
Joan returns to work at the J-Spot only to find that William has put Monica in charge of managing the bar to get her out of his hair. When Joan confronts William about Monica's new position, he reveals that he has made a mist...
After The Storm
WatchedS07E01: After The Storm
Aired: Mon, 2006-10-02
On Joan's last day in New Orleans volunteering helping the victims of Hurricane Katrina, she meets Aaron, a fellow volunteer who asks her out. When Joan arrives in L.A. she is determined to repair her relationship with Maya, ...

Season 6

Ain't Nothing Over There
WatchedS06E22: Ain't Nothing Over There
Aired: Mon, 2006-05-08
Toni and Todd prepare for the custody battle, William runs into Monica and insist to rekindle the old flame, Maya learns of Darnell's offer to Florida to join a pit crew, and Joan's night ends as bad as the next day begins.
Party Over Here
WatchedS06E21: Party Over Here
Aired: Mon, 2006-05-08
Maya moves into her apartment, Toni and Todd try to come to a settlement, William pursues Monica, Joan attends an A list party, and Lynn writes a song revolving around the girls and how the four are drifting apart.
I Don't Wanna Be A Player No More
WatchedS06E20: I Don't Wanna Be A Player No More
Aired: Mon, 2006-05-01
Joan finally decides to break it off with Derek and Curtis, Meanwhile, Toni gets thrown into jail after having a fight with Tammy, who allegedly set her up to get carjacked.
It's Raining Men
WatchedS06E19: It's Raining Men
Aired: Mon, 2006-04-24
Joan dates three men all at once. William reunites with his old girlfriend Monica.
The Game
WatchedS06E18: The Game
Aired: Mon, 2006-04-17
An aspiring med student wants to give up her future for a pro athlete. Possibly the pilot episode for the "Girlfriends" spin off.
I'll Be There for You... But Not Right Now
WatchedS06E17: I'll Be There for You... But Not Right Now
Aired: Mon, 2006-03-27
Maya and Darnell ask Toni to help them find a home, but she neglects them when dates with an old boyfriend add to her already hectic life. Meanwhile, Joan keeps canceling planned outings with William to attend celebrity-fille...
Game Over
WatchedS06E16: Game Over
Aired: Mon, 2006-02-27
Toni turns to Joan for support when the increasingly difficult custody battle strains her finances. However, Joan's improved social standing makes it impossible for Toni to rely on her. Joan accuses Toni of jealousy, and th...
Oh, Hell Yes: The Seminar
WatchedS06E15: Oh, Hell Yes: The Seminar
Aired: Mon, 2006-02-20
Maya conducts a seminar in the hopes of increasing book sales.
Work in Progress
WatchedS06E14: Work in Progress
Aired: Mon, 2006-02-13
Darnell feels emasculated after Maya must pay for a dinner out because his credit card was rejected. However, after a talk with the girls, he decides to take advantage of Maya's financial success by selling his share of the ...
The It Girl
WatchedS06E13: The It Girl
Aired: Mon, 2006-02-06
Joan makes a connection with a writer who is researching the J-Spot as part of an article about the hottest night spots in Los Angeles. However, she fears that their personal relationship is responsible when she unexpectedly...
The Music In Me
WatchedS06E12: The Music In Me
Aired: Mon, 2006-01-16
Lynn's friends note that she and Jennifer have become increasingly dependent on each other, and warn her to correct this problem. Lynn becomes extremely depressed after a therapist convinces Jennifer to end the co-dependent ...
All God's Children
WatchedS06E11: All God's Children
Aired: Mon, 2005-12-12
My Business, Not Your Business
WatchedS06E10: My Business, Not Your Business
Aired: Mon, 2005-11-28
After intense discussion with her friends (including a generous offer of financial assistance from Maya and Lynn), Joan finally decides to shut down the J-Spot. However, William urges her to re-consider after he finds some s...
Sleeping Dogs
WatchedS06E09: Sleeping Dogs
Aired: Mon, 2005-11-21
Maya convinces a reluctant Darnell to spend the evening with her friends. He ends up having a good time, as he and William square off against the girls in a "battle of the sexes." After Joan claims she would be willing to d...
Hot Girl on Girl Action
WatchedS06E08: Hot Girl on Girl Action
Aired: Mon, 2005-11-14
Jennifer refuses to put up with any more of Lynn's attempts to dodge sex. Lynn shocks her friends by announcing that she plans to go through with it. Meanwhile, the girls interfere with William's relationship with his new g...
Trial and Errors
WatchedS06E07: Trial and Errors
Aired: Mon, 2005-11-07
William recommends that Toni work things out with Todd before the case goes to court, but they are unable to come to an agreement. Toni goes into the hearing to determine temporary custody with a completely incompetent lawye...
Everything Old Is New Again
WatchedS06E06: Everything Old Is New Again
Aired: Mon, 2005-10-24
Judging Edward
WatchedS06E05: Judging Edward
Aired: Mon, 2005-10-17
When his mother undergoes an operation, William flies home to be by her side and must deal with his gruff and overbearing father, who refuses to offer his approval for anything William does. Meanwhile, Toni makes the girls f...
Latching on and Lashing Out
WatchedS06E04: Latching on and Lashing Out
Aired: Mon, 2005-10-10
Darnell moves into the apartment directly across from Maya. They continue to deal with control issues, as Darnell objects when Maya implements a three-month "no sex" rule and tries to goad him into attending a party at Joan'...
And Nanny Makes Three
WatchedS06E03: And Nanny Makes Three
Aired: Mon, 2005-10-03
Toni wants to hire a nanny to help care for Morgan, but Todd convinces her that they should wait until after they have bonded with their daughter. Toni has great difficulty adjusting to motherhood, but pushes Todd away when ...
Odds & Ends (2)
WatchedS06E02: Odds & Ends (2)
Aired: Mon, 2005-09-26
Maya and Darnell continue to bicker. They ultimately decide to stay married, but date each other so that they can make a fresh start. Toni and Todd re-consider their divorce, but eventually realize that it is the best thing...
Fits & Starts (1)
WatchedS06E01: Fits & Starts (1)
Aired: Mon, 2005-09-19
Following their reunion at his wedding, Maya and Darnell remarry in Las Vegas. However, they soon begin to bicker over their living arrangements. Todd refuses Toni's request for a divorce, insisting that they must stay toge...

Season 5

…With a Twist
WatchedS05E22: …With a Twist
Aired: Mon, 2005-05-23
Following Darnell's drunken love declaration, Maya enlists the help of Joan and William as she plans to break up his wedding. However, she soon has second thoughts. Joan tries to talk some sense into Darnell in the bathroom...
Wedding on the Rocks
WatchedS05E21: Wedding on the Rocks
Aired: Mon, 2005-05-16
After Darnell reveals that he has failed to get a band for his wedding (which is just two days away), Maya recommends that he hire Lynn's band. However, Lena is not impressed after hearing the group perform, and lashes out a...
The Bridges of Fresno County
WatchedS05E20: The Bridges of Fresno County
Aired: Mon, 2005-05-09
Toni is surprisingly excited about a visit from her mother, as she hopes to be pampered before having her baby. However, she soon learns that her mother actually came to town because she recently received a letter from an "o...
WatchedS05E19: Finn-ished
Aired: Mon, 2005-05-02
After sleeping with bandmate Finn, Lynn believes that she can deal with an open relationship, but becomes extremely jealous whenever she sees him with other women. Meanwhile, Joan forces William to attend Toni's baby shower,...
Kids Say the Darndest Things
WatchedS05E18: Kids Say the Darndest Things
Aired: Mon, 2005-04-25
Jabari becomes extremely sullen and disrespectful, and begins talking back to his parents. After he runs away from Joan's house while she is watching him, Maya and Darnell finally learn the source of Jabari's anger: he is u...
Good News, Bad News
WatchedS05E17: Good News, Bad News
Aired: Mon, 2005-03-28
Following a fight with his father, Lynn's brother Matthew shows up and asks to stay with her while he pursues his music career. She tries to help him when he freezes during an audition, but winds up being offered the job as ...
See J-Spot Run
WatchedS05E16: See J-Spot Run
Aired: Mon, 2005-02-28
Joan struggles to take care of last-minute details for the opening of her restaurant, including trying to secure a celebrity to make an appearance. Things grow more complicated after her publicist quits. Although she claims...
The Way We Were
WatchedS05E15: The Way We Were
Aired: Mon, 2005-02-21
Maya has her first book signing, and her friends and family come to the store to offer their support. Joan, Lynn and Toni also read excerpts from Oh, Hell Yes. Maya is surprised and pleased when Darnell stops by to get a co...
Great Sexpectations
WatchedS05E14: Great Sexpectations
Aired: Mon, 2005-02-14
As Valentine's Day arrives, William is very excited because he and Joan have been dating for three months and can now sleep together. Although William is anxious to get to it right away, Joan insists on planning a romantic e...
All in a Panic
WatchedS05E13: All in a Panic
Aired: Mon, 2005-02-07
Toni reluctantly signs her divorce papers, and accepts a date from a persistent ex-flame after he kisses her. Maya, certain that Toni isn't over Todd, asks Todd to intervene in the hopes that they can give their marriage ano...
P.D.A. - D.O.A.
WatchedS05E12: P.D.A. - D.O.A.
Aired: Mon, 2005-01-03
Maya and Toni question William and Joan's relationship because of their refusal to show affection in front of others. The couple gives holding hands in public a try, but soon runs into Joan's ex Brock. William is perturbed ...
All the Creatures Were Stirring
WatchedS05E11: All the Creatures Were Stirring
Aired: Mon, 2004-12-13
William surprises Joan with a romantic Christmas getaway in Puerto Rico, but they wind up stuck at a seedy motel after a blizzard strands them in Cincinnati during a layover. Meanwhile, Lynn, Maya and Toni take advantage of ...
Porn to Write
WatchedS05E10: Porn to Write
Aired: Mon, 2004-11-29
With her bills piling up, Maya is forced to consider a job writing for a porn publisher (which already employs Lynn). She turns down the position due to moral objections and resumes selling her book on the street. When she ...
Who's Your Daddy?
WatchedS05E09: Who's Your Daddy?
Aired: Mon, 2004-11-22
Lynn is excited about a visit from her birth father, Ken, and his wife. Her adoptive father fears that he is losing his daughter and flies into town at the same time. Lynn grows frustrated because Ken doesn't spend any time...
When Hearts Attack (2)
WatchedS05E08: When Hearts Attack (2)
Aired: Mon, 2004-11-15
Joan believes that she has had a heart attack, although the doctor insists that the episode was only an arithmia. Joan's mother explains that she did not sleep with William; she had gone to his house to talk, and was in a ro...
The Mother of All Episodes (1)
WatchedS05E07: The Mother of All Episodes (1)
Aired: Mon, 2004-11-08
Joan's mother makes a surprise visit and constantly criticizes her, particularly about anything regarding her decision to open the restaurant. Joan grows fed up with her lack of support and tells her off, prompting Carol to ...
Too Big for Her Britches
WatchedS05E06: Too Big for Her Britches
Aired: Mon, 2004-10-25
After learning that her agent has secured her a three-book deal, Maya becomes even more negligent in her duties as William's assistant. He finally ends up firing her. Maya then learns that her publishing company is being bo...
Maybe Baby
WatchedS05E05: Maybe Baby
Aired: Mon, 2004-10-18
Toni repeatedly tries to seduce Todd when he returns to L.A. for her three-month check-up. He instead tells her that he has consulted a lawyer and wants a divorce. Joan suggests that she re-consider her priorities and face ...
The J-Spot
WatchedS05E04: The J-Spot
Aired: Mon, 2004-10-11
Joan decides to open her own restaurant. William is offended when Joan fails to share the news with him, as he instead hears it from two junior partners at the firm. Joan responds by taking William to task for reuniting wit...
A Mile in Her Loubous
WatchedS05E03: A Mile in Her Loubous
Aired: Mon, 2004-10-04
Maya's cousin Ronnie is offended after she hires an agent. Upset that Maya refuses to acknowledge his role in her success, Ronnie demands ten percent of her $25,000 advance for writing the book. Joan has an awkward run-in w...
The Rabbit Died
WatchedS05E02: The Rabbit Died
Aired: Mon, 2004-09-27
Toni's friends refuse to believe that she is pregnant, as they are certain it is all part of a ploy to win back Todd. Even after Toni shows them an ultrasound and experiences morning sickness, they still believe that she is ...
L.A. Bound
WatchedS05E01: L.A. Bound
Aired: Mon, 2004-09-20
Joan tries to confess her feelings for William, but knocks on the wrong door and winds up on the run from a crazed lesbian who thinks that Joan stole her girlfriend. Joan is repeatedly thwarted in her efforts to try to share...

Season 4

New York Unbound (2)
WatchedS04E24: New York Unbound (2)
Aired: Mon, 2004-05-24
Maya learns that the publisher wants to sanitize her book to make it more accessible to white readers. She convinces her editor to stand up for her vision and get the original version of the book released. She succeeds, and...
New York Bound (1)
WatchedS04E23: New York Bound (1)
Aired: Mon, 2004-05-24
Maya self-publishes her book, Oh, Hell Yes, and sells it on the streets, where it is a tremendous success. Ronnie tells her that a major publisher wants to offer her a five-figure deal to release the book. Toni repeatedly t...
Love Thy Neighbor
WatchedS04E22: Love Thy Neighbor
Aired: Mon, 2004-05-17
Maya's neighbor, Jalen, tells her that he would like to begin dating. She turns him down because she feels that she has too much going on in her life for a relationship. William writes to the child he sponsors, Pepito, about...
Just the Three of Us
WatchedS04E21: Just the Three of Us
Aired: Mon, 2004-05-10
Toni has an apparent breakthrough in therapy. When Dr. Miller asks with whom she would want to be stranded on a deserted island, she picks Joan and realizes from her explanation that it is because she loves her. Maya complet...
A Partnerless Partner
WatchedS04E20: A Partnerless Partner
Aired: Mon, 2004-05-03
William is made a senior partner in the law firm. He is thrilled about this, as is Maya, who will now get a substantial raise. He brings a beautiful date to the party honoring his promotion. Joan comments that he now has e...
He Loves Her, He Loves Me Not
WatchedS04E19: He Loves Her, He Loves Me Not
Aired: Mon, 2004-04-26
Joan feels bad about the way the girls have treated William's past girlfriends and decides to go out of her way to make Donna feel welcome. She hosts a dinner to give them a chance to get to know her. Donna is unnerved by t...
Wieners and Losers
WatchedS04E18: Wieners and Losers
Aired: Mon, 2004-04-12
The newly unemployed Joan cannot stand the idea of just sitting back and relaxing, and drives her friends crazy by constantly cooking and knitting for them. She goes to the mall, and winds up taking a job at Wienercycle. He...
Love, Peace and Hair Grease
WatchedS04E17: Love, Peace and Hair Grease
Aired: Mon, 2004-03-29
Joan grows increasingly bored with her job. William notes that she doesn't hold the passion for the law that is required to truly succeed in their profession. Maya receives a D+ for an essay about her personal experiences, b...
On the Couch
WatchedS04E16: On the Couch
Aired: Mon, 2004-03-01
Toni continues to see her therapist, Dr. Miller. Rather than following the doctor's advice and writing a letter to her mother detailing her grievances against her, Toni instead brings her mother to her sessions. Veretta sta...
Good Catch or Bad Hop?
WatchedS04E15: Good Catch or Bad Hop?
Aired: Mon, 2004-02-23
Maya and her friends enjoy perks such as limo rides and entry to exclusive clubs, courtesy of her baseball player beau, Alex. She is reluctant to refer to him as her boyfriend, and bristles when he repeatedly makes up excuse...
Leggo My Ego
WatchedS04E14: Leggo My Ego
Aired: Mon, 2004-02-16
Joan's procrastination puts her job in jeopardy when she doesn't act quickly enough toward securing donations for a charity auction, which she has agreed to arrange for her boss. William seeks revenge after Lynn uses a photo ...
Comedy of Eros
WatchedS04E13: Comedy of Eros
Aired: Mon, 2004-02-09
Toni refuses to believe Joan's claims that she isn't upset about spending Valentine's Day alone, and insists on constantly trying to cheer her up. She follows Joan to the movies and annoys everyone by talking loudly and givi...
Prophet and Loss
WatchedS04E12: Prophet and Loss
Aired: Mon, 2004-01-12
A stranger stops Joan on the street and tells her, "You made the right decision." He claims to be a psychic, and manages to convince Joan that he is for real. She takes his words as a sign that she was right to break up wit...
Merry Ex-mas
WatchedS04E11: Merry Ex-mas
Aired: Mon, 2003-12-15
Maya invites Darnell's girlfriend, Lena, to her Christmas party in an effort to be civil. However, she grows jealous and gets Jalen to pose as her boyfriend. She is also furious when Lena gets Jabari a Game Cube (he wasn't ...
Don't You Want Me Baby?
WatchedS04E10: Don't You Want Me Baby?
Aired: Mon, 2003-11-24
Toni is furious to discover that Todd failed to deliver a message from a remorseful Greg before the wedding. Claiming that she needs closure but actually hoping to rub her happiness in Greg's face, she insists that she needs...
Between Brock and a Hard Place
WatchedS04E09: Between Brock and a Hard Place
Aired: Mon, 2003-11-17
Joan's enthusiasm about her new engagement is tempered when she learns that Brock doesn't want to have children, but she decides to relax and just focus on the immediate future. William, determined to beat Joan to the altar, ...
Viva Las Vegas
WatchedS04E08: Viva Las Vegas
Aired: Mon, 2003-11-10
After Brock invites Joan to join her for a weekend in Las Vegas, she is convinced that he plans to pop the question. She brags about this constantly to her friends, but isn't so sure that she is really ready for marriage. S...
And Baby Makes Four
WatchedS04E07: And Baby Makes Four
Aired: Mon, 2003-11-03
William convinces Joan to host a baby shower for his sister, Linda; and her partner, Kira. Kira's water breaks during the event. William wants to take her to the hospital, but they insist on having a midwife conduct a home ...
Inherit the Lynn
WatchedS04E06: Inherit the Lynn
Aired: Mon, 2003-10-20
Maya learns that tuition has increased substantially, and she doesn't have enough money to cover it. William tries to give her the money by pretending she has received it from the firm's continuing education plan, but she tu...
Hopelessly Devoted to Two
WatchedS04E05: Hopelessly Devoted to Two
Aired: Mon, 2003-10-13
Joan finds herself in a bind when she is forced to agree to a dinner with both Ellis and Brock. She does not know how to handle the situation, although she insists that she is going to stay with Ellis. Joan winds up sharing...
You Ain't Gotta Go Home but...You Know the Rest
WatchedS04E04: You Ain't Gotta Go Home but...You Know the Rest
Aired: Mon, 2003-10-06
Toni's brother Antoine comes to town for a weekend rendezvous with Maya, but soon spooks her by declaring his love and announcing that he will not return to Boston. When she rejects him, he locks himself in the bathroom and ...
Snoop, There It Is
WatchedS04E03: Snoop, There It Is
Aired: Mon, 2003-09-29
After nine months of celibacy, Lynn becomes fed up and grows suspicious of Sivad. She contacts his ex-girlfriend in the hopes of gaining some insight into his behavior. Meanwhile, despite her debt, Toni is determined to acq...
If It's Broke, Fix It
WatchedS04E02: If It's Broke, Fix It
Aired: Mon, 2003-09-22
Toni refuses to speak to Todd because she is up in arms about his debt and feels betrayed by the fact that he failed to disclose this information sooner. While at the spa with Joan, Toni's ring is apparently repossessed by a...
Some Enchanted Evening
WatchedS04E01: Some Enchanted Evening
Aired: Mon, 2003-09-15
Joan enjoys relative peace in her relationship with Ellis. However, she establishes a strong connection with a stranger whom she meets when they duck into the same doorway during a rainstorm. She is later surprised to find ...

Season 3

Wedding (2)
WatchedS03E25: Wedding (2)
Aired: Mon, 2003-05-19
Joan tries desperately to get Toni to forgive her and allow her to be a bridesmaid. However, it remains to be seen if there will even be a wedding, as Todd walks out on Toni because of her selfishness. Meanwhile, Lynn objec...
Wedding (1)
WatchedS03E24: Wedding (1)
Aired: Mon, 2003-05-19
Joan promises to support Toni as the wedding approaches, but repeatedly neglects her in order to deal with her latest drama involving Ellis, who has failed to tell her that the mother of his child has been cast as his love in...
The Fast Track & the Furious
WatchedS03E23: The Fast Track & the Furious
Aired: Mon, 2003-05-12
Lynn persuades Toni to accompany her to Virginia, where she seeks Sandy's help before a presentation aimed at receiving a grant for her AIDS documentary. During the visit, Lynn meets her grandmother and learns a shocking sec...
Blood Is Thicker Than Liquor (a.k.a. Blood Is Thicker Than Water)
WatchedS03E22: Blood Is Thicker Than Liquor (a.k.a. Blood Is Thicker Than Water)
Aired: Mon, 2003-05-05
Toni's family comes to town, and Toni worries that her mother will embarrass her in front of Todd's parents by voicing her objections to their Jewish background. Mrs. Childs becomes dejected about the bickering between Toni ...
Too Much Sharin'
WatchedS03E21: Too Much Sharin'
Aired: Mon, 2003-04-28
William and Sharon decide to continue their relationship, even after he re-joins the firm. Joan discovers that the two are together, and inadvertently blabs about it to Sharon in a moment of anger. Sharon breaks up with Wil...
Where Everyone Knows My Name
WatchedS03E20: Where Everyone Knows My Name
Aired: Mon, 2003-04-21
Maya makes her friends feel guilty about leaving her alone as they spend time with their significant others. She convinces them to accompany her to a hangout in her old neighborhood, where she runs into Darnell. She is dist...
The Pact
WatchedS03E19: The Pact
Aired: Mon, 2003-03-17
Lynn and Maya confront Joan about her jealousy and overall bad attitude regarding Toni's wedding. Joan is upset when Toni announces that Reesie Jackson, her college roommate, is coming to town to be a bridesmaid.
Runaway Bridesmaid
WatchedS03E18: Runaway Bridesmaid
Aired: Mon, 2003-02-24
Joan becomes jealous over Toni's engagement, and takes out all her frustration on Ellis, whom she begins blaming for all of her problems. She also resumes training for the Los Angeles Marathon just weeks before the event in ...
A Stiff Good Man Is Easy to Find
WatchedS03E17: A Stiff Good Man Is Easy to Find
Aired: Mon, 2003-02-24
Toni and Todd's relationship is thrown into flux after she inadvertently mentions marriage. When Toni goes into hiding, Todd seeks the assistance of her friends, who convince him that Toni loves him and help him confront his...
Sex, Lies and Books
WatchedS03E16: Sex, Lies and Books
Aired: Mon, 2003-02-17
Maya becomes depressed and lonely after moving into a new apartment, despite the presence of a handsome and friendly neighbor. Toni and Todd take her on a double date with a friend of his, with disastrous results. William t...
Happy Valentine's Day...Baby?
WatchedS03E15: Happy Valentine's Day...Baby?
Aired: Mon, 2003-02-10
Ellis goes all out to give Joan a magical Valentine's Day, but the couple's future is put in jeopardy when he learns that his ex-girlfriend is about to have their child. Toni finds her Valentine's Day card from Todd offensiv...
Single Mama Drama
WatchedS03E14: Single Mama Drama
Aired: Mon, 2003-02-03
Maya befriends a fellow single mother, a janitor at the law firm's building. They quickly make a connection, but Joan finds the woman's attitude irritating; and fears that her example could negatively impact Maya's relations...
Howdy Partner
WatchedS03E13: Howdy Partner
Aired: Tue, 2003-01-07
Joan and William vie for a senior partner position, and are shocked when the firm instead brings in an outsider, Sharon Upton Farley. They plan to demonstrate their outrage by walking out, but only one of them follows throug...
Take This Poem and Call Me in the Morning
WatchedS03E12: Take This Poem and Call Me in the Morning
Aired: Mon, 2003-01-06
Lynn finds herself extremely attracted to a poet, and is stunned to learn that he has been celibate for five years. Ellis refuses to leave the house after fans on the Internet trash him and label him a sellout. William trie...
Santa v. Monica
WatchedS03E11: Santa v. Monica
Aired: Mon, 2002-12-16
William agrees to dress as Santa Claus on Christmas Eve in the hopes of restoring Jabari's belief in Santa (something that seems to concern Joan just a little too much). However, Monica arranges for him to host the annual Ch...
A Little Romance
WatchedS03E10: A Little Romance
Aired: Mon, 2002-11-25
Toni realizes she has fallen for Todd after he protects her during an altercation with a man on the street, but is still reluctant to date him because of his size. Joan is appalled when Ellis rates her only a 5.5 on looks on...
The Mommy Returns
WatchedS03E09: The Mommy Returns
Aired: Mon, 2002-11-18
Lynn meets her biological mother, Sandy, who suddenly appears at Joan's house. Although the two initially become friends, Lynn soon becomes embarrassed by some of Sandy's behavior. However, Lynn becomes intrigued by a docum...
Handling Baggage
WatchedS03E08: Handling Baggage
Aired: Mon, 2002-11-11
Maya's cousin Ronnie and his boyfriend, Peaches, tell Maya that they have spotted Darnell in a compromising position with a woman at the Red Lobster. It is the same woman that Joan once saw with Darnell years earlier. Maya ...
Blinded by the Lights
WatchedS03E07: Blinded by the Lights
Aired: Mon, 2002-11-04
Joan is excited when Ellis invites her to the premiere of his new movie, but he refuses to let her walk the red carpet with him (or sit with him at the film) because he wants to preserve his "bachelor" image. Ellis tries to ...
Invasion of the Gold Digger
WatchedS03E06: Invasion of the Gold Digger
Aired: Mon, 2002-10-28
The girls instantly detest William's demanding girlfriend, Monica. Joan in particular is up in arms after Monica convinces William to renege on a promise to make her co-counsel for a big case because he would look better in ...
Don't Leave Me a Loan
WatchedS03E05: Don't Leave Me a Loan
Aired: Mon, 2002-10-21
After Lynn's unpaid loan has a negative effect on their credit, Lynn's parents pressure her to get a job and pay them back. Lynn's friends "help" her prepare for her interviews--by wrestling her to the ground and forcing her...
Star Craving Mad
WatchedS03E04: Star Craving Mad
Aired: Mon, 2002-10-14
Joan has several run-ins with an actor at the gym, but finds herself attracted to him. However, she re-considers her decision to date Ellis after discovering that he has lied to her. William's sister comes out to him, then ...
Secrets and Eyes
WatchedS03E03: Secrets and Eyes
Aired: Mon, 2002-10-07
Toni objects when Joan plans a birthday party for her. In the midst of their argument, Toni inadvertently reveals that she has been lying about her age for years. Joan and company tease Toni relentlessly about being older, ...
Getting Our Act Together
WatchedS03E02: Getting Our Act Together
Aired: Mon, 2002-09-30
Maya and Darnell seek marriage counseling from their minister. They find the counseling pointless, but engage in an afternoon tryst that has an overly enthusiastic Maya convinced that they are going to reunite soon. Lynn fi...
Coming to Terms
WatchedS03E01: Coming to Terms
Aired: Mon, 2002-09-23
Joan fears she has hit an all-time low after she holds a "Bring Your Ex" party, but doesn't get a single phone number. She eventually winds up swearing off men to train for a marathon. Maya still struggles to get Darnell to...

Season 2

Into the Woods
WatchedS02E22: Into the Woods
Aired: Mon, 2002-05-20
Joan decides to waive her "three-month" rule and sleep with Chris, but then receives a phone call from Sean. When she learns that Sean is back in town, she dumps Chris and expects to reunite with Sean. However, he stuns her...
Just Dessert
WatchedS02E21: Just Dessert
Aired: Mon, 2002-05-13
Lynn moves in with William, and soon suggests that they take their minds off their recent break-ups by becoming "sex buddies." Joan is adamantly opposed to this, and warns that it will soon blow up in their faces. Shelby re...
My Mother, Myself
WatchedS02E20: My Mother, Myself
Aired: Mon, 2002-05-06
Maya is stunned to learn that her mother has decided to sell her house and move away with her boyfriend. Toni's mother surprises her by coming to town for Joan's Mother's Day brunch. William eagerly anticipates a visit from...
X Does Not Mark the Spot
WatchedS02E19: X Does Not Mark the Spot
Aired: Mon, 2002-04-29
Joan engages in surprisingly risky behavior after she begins dating a younger man, Chris. However, her friends urge her to re-consider the relationship after she inadvertently takes ecstasy at a night club. Meanwhile, Toni ...
Taming of the Realtess
WatchedS02E18: Taming of the Realtess
Aired: Mon, 2002-03-25
Toni opens her real estate office and hires Lynn as her temporary assistant. However, Lynn quits after Toni proves to be too demanding a taskmaster. Toni quickly finds a very efficient replacement, but she also leaves when ...
Childs in Charge
WatchedS02E17: Childs in Charge
Aired: Mon, 2002-03-18
Toni plans to open her own real estate office, but Joan's efforts to encourage her to be practical wind up putting a damper on her enthusiasm. Toni accuses Joan of failing to support her dreams, although Joan insists that sh...
Take Me Out After the Ballgame
WatchedS02E16: Take Me Out After the Ballgame
Aired: Mon, 2002-03-04
Joan is the subject of office gossip and jokes after she begins dating a younger man who works in the mail room. She is embarrassed by the attention, and winds up hurting Chris's feelings. William is upset when Chris usurps...
Can't Stan Ya!
WatchedS02E15: Can't Stan Ya!
Aired: Mon, 2002-02-25
After an uncomfortable kiss, Maya realizes that she was wrong to get involved with Stan, and wants to stop seeing him. Stan, however, reveals that he has fallen head over heels, and refuses to give up on her. He seeks reven...
Willie or Won't He II: The Last Chapter?
WatchedS02E14: Willie or Won't He II: The Last Chapter?
Aired: Mon, 2002-02-11
With the wedding rapidly approaching, Yvonne is stunned to learn that William hasn't even told his mother of her existence. He insists that she is too judgmental and would interfere. Yvonne forces William to call his mother...
Sister, Sistah
WatchedS02E13: Sister, Sistah
Aired: Mon, 2002-02-04
Lynn's sister Tanya comes to town to help celebrate the anniversary of Lynn's adoption. Tanya, who is white, has immersed herself in African-American culture. Maya quickly befriends Tanya, but Joan and Toni grow annoyed wit...
I Have a Dream House
WatchedS02E12: I Have a Dream House
Aired: Mon, 2002-01-21
Yvonne accuses William of trying to control her after he surprises her by buying a house for the two of them. Joan objects to the firm's policy regarding Martin Luther King Day, as they insist on remaining open for the day. ...
You Better Watch Out
WatchedS02E11: You Better Watch Out
Aired: Mon, 2001-12-17
Stan gives Maya an expensive watch for Christmas. Joan tells her to give it back to him, but she refuses. When Darnell sees the watch, Maya claims it is a gift from Joan, leaving him infuriated. Meanwhile, Vosco finally pa...
Mom's the Word
WatchedS02E10: Mom's the Word
Aired: Mon, 2001-11-19
Joan hooks up with a famous actor at the bar, but her friends tease her about the fact that he will only give her his pager number. Joan manages to pry his home number from him, but panics when he doesn't immediately call he...
Maya Takes a Stan
WatchedS02E09: Maya Takes a Stan
Aired: Mon, 2001-11-12
Maya befriends Stan, a man she meets at the office and helps get a job. He encourages her aspirations to return to school. Maya initially tries to fix up Joan and Stan, but soon grows jealous. Toni joins a protest against ...
Joan's Birthday Suit
WatchedS02E08: Joan's Birthday Suit
Aired: Mon, 2001-11-05
On her 30th birthday, Joan grows depressed at the realization that she hasn't had a lot of excitement in her life. She determines that she will live life to its fullest in her thirties, and demonstrates her new philosophy by...
Trick or Truth
WatchedS02E07: Trick or Truth
Aired: Mon, 2001-10-29
Toni suffers a breakdown after Greg cheats on her, then reveals that he only took her back so that he could get revenge against her. Lynn and Maya try to help her pick up the pieces, but Joan is less than sympathetic. Witho...
Willie or Won't He?
WatchedS02E06: Willie or Won't He?
Aired: Mon, 2001-10-15
Yvonne panics when William seems hesitant to set a wedding date, as she fears that he is getting cold feet. A very reluctant Joan finds herself caught in the middle of the couple's relationship problems. After a chance meet...
WatchedS02E05: Buh-Bye
Aired: Mon, 2001-10-08
After learning that Toni has shared details of her private life (her break-up with Sean and his sex addiction) with her boss, Mr. Swedelson, a fed-up Joan ends their friendship. Toni, who has just been fired, continually ple...
WatchedS02E04: Un-Treatable
Aired: Mon, 2001-10-01
Darnell is upset with Maya for buying an expensive dress at her friends' behest, and again when she returns it. He sees this as a sign that she doesn't trust him to provide for her financially. Sean has difficulty battling ...
A Full Court Conspiracy
WatchedS02E03: A Full Court Conspiracy
Aired: Mon, 2001-09-24
Joan takes shots from her friends and is labeled a "sell-out" by the black community after she and William represent a beverage company suing a basketball star for accusing it of racism. Joan faces a larger moral dilemma aft...
Just Say No
WatchedS02E02: Just Say No
Aired: Mon, 2001-09-17
Joan lies to Dr. Bales about ending her relationship with Toni, but he runs into them having lunch together. Toni is furious to learn that Joan has been talking to a therapist about her, and orders Joan to end their sessions...
The Fallout
WatchedS02E01: The Fallout
Aired: Mon, 2001-09-10
Joan forgives Toni for slapping her in Jamaica and trying to seduce Sean, much to the shock and dismay of Maya and Lynn (who has returned from Jamaica). When Joan's hair begins to fall out due to stress, she sees a therapist...

Season 1

WatchedS01E22: Jamaic-Up?
Aired: Mon, 2001-05-14
Toni remains in a state of despair over her split with Greg, while a guilt-ridden Joan continues to keep her involvement in the break-up a secret. She confesses to Greg, who still wants nothing to do with Toni. William worr...
Loose Lips Sink Relationships
WatchedS01E21: Loose Lips Sink Relationships
Aired: Mon, 2001-05-07
After Toni accepts Clay's marriage proposal, a disapproving Joan advises her to look into her heart, as she believes that Greg is the one she really loves. Toni comes to agree with her, and tells Clay that she cannot marry h...
The Burning Vagina Monologues
WatchedS01E20: The Burning Vagina Monologues
Aired: Mon, 2001-04-30
Toni cheats on Greg with Clay and winds up contracting chlamydia. Joan frets about the fact that Sean has yet to tell her that he loves her, especially after he reveals that he has been offered a six-month job in New York. ...
A Kiss Before Lying
WatchedS01E19: A Kiss Before Lying
Aired: Mon, 2001-04-16
Sean grows uncomfortable with Joan's relationship with Davis, as he feels that she flirts with him too much. After she confesses that they once shared a kiss, Sean upsets Joan by ordering her to stay away from Davis and 847 ...
WatchedS01E18: Diss-regard
Aired: Mon, 2001-03-12
Maya checks into the hospital to undergo surgery for the removal of a fibroid tumor. Joan's friends (especially Lynn) question her priorities when she decides to leave Maya's bedside to attend an important business dinner wi...
The Declaration of Lynndependence
WatchedS01E17: The Declaration of Lynndependence
Aired: Mon, 2001-03-05
After discovering that Lynn has applied for yet another grad school program, Joan and Toni determine that they must end their financial support and force her to get a job and go out into the real world. However, Joan has dif...
Friends, Colleagues, Brothers
WatchedS01E16: Friends, Colleagues, Brothers
Aired: Mon, 2001-02-26
Joan becomes fed up with the "boys' club" mentality at work, as her opinions are ignored and she is passed over for important cases. When she believes that William has deliberately stolen her idea, she blows up at him in fro...
Old Dog
WatchedS01E15: Old Dog
Aired: Mon, 2001-02-19
Joan decides to waive her "three-month rule" and sleep with Sean, but finds that the results are extremely disappointing. She seeks her friends' advice on how to help Sean improve his performance. Maya, with help from Toni,...
Bad Timing
WatchedS01E14: Bad Timing
Aired: Mon, 2001-02-12
Joan is upset when Sean must go out of town for Valentine's Day. Her frustration grows when she is unable to get in touch with him. Davis, who has recently reunited with his fiancée, stuns Joan by kissing her and offering ...
They've Gotta Have It
WatchedS01E13: They've Gotta Have It
Aired: Mon, 2001-02-05
Joan grows impatient with Sean, who refuses to kiss or touch her. After discussing a number of possible explanations with her friends, she finally pushes Sean for the reason behind his cold behavior. Joan is taken aback whe...
The List
WatchedS01E12: The List
Aired: Mon, 2001-01-15
The girls and William make lists of the qualities they want in their ideal partners. When everyone goes to an art gallery, Joan is amazed to find a man who meets all of her qualifications, but her friends later warn her that...
The Importance of Being Frank
WatchedS01E11: The Importance of Being Frank
Aired: Mon, 2000-12-11
Joan begins dating a client, Frank Anderson. Everything seems to be going well until a crazed woman shows up at the office looking for Joan. She tells Maya and Lynn that she trailed her husband to Joan's house. Joan angril...
Never a Bridesmaid
WatchedS01E10: Never a Bridesmaid
Aired: Mon, 2000-11-27
Maya and Darnell plan to renew their wedding vows, and Joan agrees to hold the event at her house. However, Joan constantly disagrees with Maya's choices and tries to mold the event into her own dream wedding. Maya tells Jo...
Fried Turkey
WatchedS01E09: Fried Turkey
Aired: Mon, 2000-11-20
Joan finds herself alone on Thanksgiving after everyone makes other plans for the holiday. After dining at 847, she meets Davis's friend Preston Hall, a handsome and highly successful attorney. Joan invites him back to her ...
Pregnant Pause
WatchedS01E08: Pregnant Pause
Aired: Mon, 2000-11-13
Joan turns to her friends for support when she fears that she might be pregnant. When a test turns out positive, she tries to cope with her fears about impending motherhood. Meanwhile, Lynn recalls memories of her "white" c...
Everything Fishy Ain't Fish
WatchedS01E07: Everything Fishy Ain't Fish
Aired: Mon, 2000-11-06
Joan sees Maya's husband, Darnell, in a possibly compromising situation with another woman. Her gut tells her that something may be going on, but she agonizes over whether to share this information with Maya. Meanwhile, Ton...
The Remains of the Date
WatchedS01E06: The Remains of the Date
Aired: Mon, 2000-10-30
Joan plans an elaborate scheme to get revenge on William for the latest in a series of Halloween pranks. Toni is put off when her date asks her to engage in a threesome--with a stuffed animal.
I Pity the Fool
WatchedS01E05: I Pity the Fool
Aired: Mon, 2000-10-09
Joan grows tired of the clingy Marcus and plans to break up with him, but only winds up complicating the situation by having "pity sex" with him. The girls try to help her out by bombarding Marcus with negative facts about J...
WatchedS01E04: Hip-Ocracy
Aired: Mon, 2000-10-02
Joan, Toni and Lynn set up dates with men they met over the Internet. Lynn's guy never shows up (his parole was denied), while Toni rejects hers because his skin is too dark. Although conspiracy theorist Maya warns that he ...
WatchedS01E03: Girlfrenzy
Aired: Mon, 2000-09-25
Toni and Maya get into another argument before an evening out, in part because Toni refuses to believe that Maya can get the girls into an exclusive club. Toni tries to gain admission to the club and fails. Maya shows up an...
One Night Stand?
WatchedS01E02: One Night Stand?
Aired: Mon, 2000-09-18
After Joan reveals that she hasn't had sex in a year, her friends push her to go for a one-night stand. Joan is reluctant because she generally doesn't sleep with anyone until she has been in a relationship for three months,...
Toe Sucking
WatchedS01E01: Toe Sucking
Aired: Mon, 2000-09-11
Joan Clayton, a successful attorney, prepares to celebrate her 29th birthday (although she claims to be 26 to make her achievements seem more impressive). Toni, Joan's best friend, begins dating Charles, a venture capitalist...