Tyler Kyte in Goosebumps

Tyler Kyte

Born: 1984-07-24


Tyler Kyte

Starting as a typical Canadian performer, Tyler Kyte made the traditional television rounds. There is barely a young Canadian talent who hasn't made a trip through 'Are You Afraid of the Dark?' and 'Goosebumps', including Tyler. But what seperates this actor is that he has made the successful leap to musical star.
Tyler's initial fame was sparked after two and a half years on one of Canada's most successful children's programs called 'Popular Mechanics for Kids'. Exploring the world around him with his co-stars Elisha Cuthbert (of '24' fame) and Vanessa Lengies (from 'American Dreams') was the focus point for this 30 minute syndicated show that appeared on Global Television in Canada, and Discovery Kids in the United States, not to mention being translated to several different languages and beamed around the globe.
After PMK's unfortunate end, Tyler went on to guest star on several other projects including Bobe Gale's 'Interstate 60', CTV's 'Instant Star' and several commercials which represent only a small percentage of his resume.
More recently Tyler has begun to perform his unique form of music at various clubs in the Toronto area. Taken from his record label "...and hailing from Lindsay, Ontario, 20 year old singer/songwriter Tyler Kyte has a voice that grabs you and won’t let go. Blessed with a distinct vibrato, and raspy tone reminiscent of Eddy Vedder and Michael Stipe, Tyler sings with a passion and emotion rarely heard. His songs combine the classic rock of Aerosmith and Pearl Jam, with a more rootsy, folk based approach, that could easily fill a stadium or a coffee house".
With almost unlimited potential that even blew this writer away during a live performance last month, Tyler Kyte's career can only move in one direction, and that is straight up! With the most heart-felt sincerity I wish Tyler the absolute best in the future. Keep up the great work!

Source: TV.com

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