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Tyra Banks

Born: 1973-12-04


Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks grew up in Inglewood, California. Her parents are Carolyn London (a photographer) and Don Banks. Her parents divorced when she was six years old and she regards her mum as her best friend.

She began her television career as an actress with recurring roles in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Felicity. She starred in the Disney made-for-television movie, Life. Tyra's film experience includes leading roles in John Singleton's Higher Learning and Jerry Bruckheimer's Coyote Ugly.

Tyra began her modeling career in Europe and
evolved into a world-renowned supermodel who has become a pioneer in the industry. She was the first African-American woman to grace the covers of GQ, Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue and the Victoria's Secret catalog. In 1997, she received the prestigious Michael Award for Supermodel of the Year. She later secured an exclusive contract with Victoria's Secret. In addition, Banks has been contracted by Swatch and Cover Girl, and has appeared in ad campaigns for Nike, Pepsi, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren and Dolce & Gabbana.

Tyra also authored Tyra's Beauty Inside & Out, published by Harper Collins (1998).

Tyra founded T-Zone, an annual weeklong summer camp experience, which is a leadership and life skills development program for primarily disadvantaged teen girls in the greater Los Angeles area. As of 2005, more than 240 girls have gone through the program. In addition, Tyra established "The Tyra Banks Scholarship" in 1994, a fund that grants African-American girls the opportunity to attend her alma mater, Immaculate Heart High School, an all-girls private school in Los Angeles.

Tyra is creator and executive producer of America's Next Top Model which currently airs on UPN. She is also the founder and CEO of Ty Ty Baby Productions.

Source: TV.com

Season 4

Rosie O'Donnell
WatchedS04E100: Rosie O'Donnell
Aired: Thu, 2009-02-26
Rosie O'Donnell and her "America" co-star Philip Johnson are guests.
Overweight Teens
WatchedS04E99: Overweight Teens
Aired: Wed, 2009-02-25
Childhood obesity is discussed. Dr. Jorge Cruise and Cheetah Girl Sabrina Bryan are guests.
Psychic Twin Sisters/Real Housewives NYC/True Beauty
WatchedS04E98: Psychic Twin Sisters/Real Housewives NYC/True Beauty
Aired: Tue, 2009-02-24
Psychic twin sisters make predictions; the cast of "Real Housewives of New York City"; the winner of "True Beauty."
True Beauty Finale Party
WatchedS04E97: True Beauty Finale Party
Aired: Mon, 2009-02-23
The cast of "True Beauty" are guests.
Slumdog Millionaire/Make-a-Wish Kids
WatchedS04E96: Slumdog Millionaire/Make-a-Wish Kids
Aired: Fri, 2009-02-20
"Slumdog Millionaire" cast members are interviewed. Also: Tyra grants a wish for three Make-a-Wish children.
I Hate Being Gay
WatchedS04E95: I Hate Being Gay
Aired: Wed, 2009-02-18
Hating being gay is discussed.
The Black Man: Racism and Reality
WatchedS04E94: The Black Man: Racism and Reality
Aired: Tue, 2009-02-17
Racism and Barack Obama's presidency are discussed. Finesse Mitchell and Dr. Michael Dyson are guests.
The Secret Life of the American Teenager
WatchedS04E93: The Secret Life of the American Teenager
Aired: Mon, 2009-02-16
"The Secret Life of the American Teenager" cast members are interviewed.
Tyra's Biggest Date in the World
WatchedS04E92: Tyra's Biggest Date in the World
Aired: Fri, 2009-02-13
Tyra sets up an audience full of single women with Valentine's Day dates. Danielle Kyrillos of "Daily Candy" is a guest.
Beauty Across America
WatchedS04E91: Beauty Across America
Aired: Thu, 2009-02-12
Beauty secrets are discussed. Actress Aishwarya Rai of "The Pink Panther 2" is a guest.
He's Just Not That Into You
WatchedS04E90: He's Just Not That Into You
Aired: Wed, 2009-02-11
Women who make excuses for their man's bad behavior and what men are and aren't looking for in a relationship are discussed. Ant, Finesse Mitchell and Matt Bean are guests.
Wing Women
WatchedS04E89: Wing Women
Aired: Mon, 2009-02-09
Wing women, who help a man meet other women, are discussed.
Crack the Diet Code
WatchedS04E88: Crack the Diet Code
Aired: Fri, 2009-02-06
Diets are discussed, including "The Skinny Bitch Diet," "The Power Strike Workout," "Joy's Life Diet" and "The Four-Day Diet."
Mama's Boys
WatchedS04E87: Mama's Boys
Aired: Wed, 2009-02-04
Mama's boys are discussed.
Mom Police
WatchedS04E86: Mom Police
Aired: Mon, 2009-02-02
Topic: parents who snoop on their teenagers.
YouTube Kids
WatchedS04E85: YouTube Kids
Aired: Fri, 2009-01-30
Meet the people behind some of the most popular YouTube videos! The 9-year-old "Cuppy Cake Song" singer performs a duet with Tyra you can't miss! Then, a group of Cyber Stars do a dance rendition of Beyonc
Tyra's Inauguration Tribute & Confessions of a Teen Idol
WatchedS04E84: Tyra's Inauguration Tribute & Confessions of a Teen Idol
Aired: Thu, 2009-01-29
Scott Baio and the cast of VH1's new reality show, "Confessions of a Teen Idol" stop by to talk about their glory days -- and trying to get back into the spotlight. Then, Tyra gives us the inside scoop on what it was like to ...
WatchedS04E83: Boyfriend-aholic
Aired: Wed, 2009-01-28
Meet women addicted to relationships, and find out how you can break your fear of being alone. Plus, Tyra answers questions she's never been asked!
Divorce Party
WatchedS04E82: Divorce Party
Aired: Tue, 2009-01-27
What do you do when you get divorced? Throw yourself a party, of course! "The Tyra Show" is hosting a divorce party for an entire studio audience filled with recently divorced women who want to celebrate their freedom! Find o...
Whitney Port, The Bad Girls Club and True Beauty Cast-Offs
WatchedS04E81: Whitney Port, The Bad Girls Club and True Beauty Cast-Offs
Aired: Mon, 2009-01-26
Reality TV star Whitney Port stops by to talk about her new MTV show, "The City." Whitney dishes on her relationship with Lauren Conrad and the difference between dating East Coast vs. West Coast guys. Plus, the new cast of "...
MTV Bisexual Twins/Dr. Drew Sober House
WatchedS04E80: MTV Bisexual Twins/Dr. Drew Sober House
Aired: Fri, 2009-01-23
Vicki and Rikki Ikki of "A Double Shot at Love" are guests and bisexuality is discussed. Dr. Drew is also a guest and discusses his show "Celebrity Rehab Presents Sober House."
I'm Gay for Pay
WatchedS04E79: I'm Gay for Pay
Aired: Thu, 2009-01-22
Meet the straight men who make a lucrative living pretending to be gay -- and the women they date. Straight men who are in relationships and even have children will talk about being gay for pay. Then, one of the most popular ...
Bizarre Eating Habits
WatchedS04E78: Bizarre Eating Habits
Aired: Wed, 2009-01-21
Guests talk about their bizarre, non-food eating habits. Meet a pregnant woman who is addicted to eating baby powder, and a college student who eats her own scabs. Plus, meet a Freegan who searches through dumpsters for every...
Player HateHer
WatchedS04E77: Player HateHer
Aired: Tue, 2009-01-20
You've heard of "Frenemies," but what do you call those friends you love to hate? Player HateHERs -- women who are best friends, but hate one another at the same time. Meet a girl who is hating on her best friend for dating h...
Guest Updates
WatchedS04E76: Guest Updates
Aired: Mon, 2009-01-19
Former guests return to share how their lives have changed since they first appeared on the show. Find out if the mother who bleached her son's skin has changed her ways. Plus, a former escort confronts the man who got her in...
Gay Truth Booth
WatchedS04E75: Gay Truth Booth
Aired: Thu, 2009-01-15
Gay men telling women the truth is discussed.
The Internet Has Taken Over My Life
WatchedS04E74: The Internet Has Taken Over My Life
Aired: Wed, 2009-01-14
Internet addiction is discussed.
WatchedS04E73: Womanizer
Aired: Tue, 2009-01-13
Womanizing is discussed.
I'm an Outcast Because I'm Overweight
WatchedS04E72: I'm an Outcast Because I'm Overweight
Aired: Mon, 2009-01-12
Discrimination based on weight is discussed.
Psychic Kids
WatchedS04E71: Psychic Kids
Aired: Wed, 2009-01-07
Kids who claim to have psychic abilities and their families are guests. Medium Allison DuBois puts the kids through their paces.
Put a Ring on It
WatchedS04E70: Put a Ring on It
Aired: Tue, 2009-01-06
Marriage proposals are discussed. A woman who is airing a personal ad during the Super Bowl hoping to snag a husband is a guest.
True Beauty
WatchedS04E69: True Beauty
Aired: Mon, 2009-01-05
Tyra discusses her reality show "True Beauty" with executive producer Aston Kutcher and judges Vanessa Minnillo and Nole Marin.
Holiday Show
WatchedS04E68: Holiday Show
Aired: Thu, 2008-12-18
A holiday-themed show features advice on buying gifts and entertaining. Guests include chef Sandra Lee, Dr. Gadget and editor Danielle Kyrillos (the Daily Candy).
Trust Your Dating Instincts
WatchedS04E67: Trust Your Dating Instincts
Aired: Wed, 2008-12-17
Dating instincts are tested.
Fantasy Makeovers
WatchedS04E66: Fantasy Makeovers
Aired: Mon, 2008-12-15
Tyra gives makeovers to women who work for selfless causes. McKey ("America's Next Top Model") is a guest.
Ludacris/Carson Kressley
WatchedS04E65: Ludacris/Carson Kressley
Aired: Wed, 2008-12-10
Ludacris and Carson Kressley are guests.
Brandy & Patti LaBelle
WatchedS04E64: Brandy & Patti LaBelle
Aired: Mon, 2008-12-08
Brandy and Patti LaBelle are guests.
Alicia Keys
WatchedS04E63: Alicia Keys
Aired: Fri, 2008-12-05
Alicia Keys discusses her work with Keep a Child Alive, an organization that provides assistance to people living with HIV and AIDS.
The Biggest Loser
WatchedS04E62: The Biggest Loser
Aired: Wed, 2008-12-03
Five "Biggest Loser" contestants get makeovers.
Ripped From the Headlines: Teen Edition
WatchedS04E61: Ripped From the Headlines: Teen Edition
Aired: Tue, 2008-12-02
Ordinary teens who have become the subject of news stories are guests.
Modelville 4
WatchedS04E60: Modelville 4
Aired: Mon, 2008-12-01
A winner is named in a contest featuring former "America's Next Top Model" contestants competing on "Tyra" for a modeling contract.
Twilight, The Clique & Eve
WatchedS04E59: Twilight, The Clique & Eve
Aired: Fri, 2008-11-28
A look at "Twilight" and "The Clique." Also: Rapper Eve shows her clothing line.
WatchedS04E58: Beyonc
Aired: Wed, 2008-11-26
Rock Your Ugly
WatchedS04E57: Rock Your Ugly
Aired: Tue, 2008-11-25
Alternate meanings for the word "ugly" are explored.
Focus Group Your Life
WatchedS04E56: Focus Group Your Life
Aired: Mon, 2008-11-24
Tyra convenes a focus group to help a woman learn why she has dating problems.
Kids Talent Scams Exposed
WatchedS04E55: Kids Talent Scams Exposed
Aired: Fri, 2008-11-21
Topic: Child talent scams.
Don't Ruin My Gay Wedding
WatchedS04E54: Don't Ruin My Gay Wedding
Aired: Thu, 2008-11-20
Topic: people who refuse to attend a family member's same-sex wedding.
He Said, She Said, You Decide!
WatchedS04E53: He Said, She Said, You Decide!
Aired: Wed, 2008-11-19
Couples present their disagreements to an online panel.
WatchedS04E52: Isis
Aired: Tue, 2008-11-18
"America's Next Top Model" contestants are guests.
WatchedS04E51: Porntown
Aired: Mon, 2008-11-17
The pornography industry is examined.
Tyra Show Survey
WatchedS04E50: Tyra Show Survey
Aired: Fri, 2008-11-14
The results of a survey given to 10,000 young women. Topics featured include sexuality, drugs and drinking.
50 Cent and Seann William Scott
WatchedS04E49: 50 Cent and Seann William Scott
Aired: Thu, 2008-11-13
Seann William Scott talks about his movie "Role Models." Also: 50 Cent discusses his album "Before I Self-Destruct."
The Truth About Lying
WatchedS04E48: The Truth About Lying
Aired: Wed, 2008-11-12
Lying is discussed.
Guess My Race
WatchedS04E47: Guess My Race
Aired: Tue, 2008-11-11
Biracial people discuss their experiences.
Ashley Madison
WatchedS04E46: Ashley Madison
Aired: Mon, 2008-11-10
A dating service for people who want to have a discreet affair is discussed by members and its founder.
Miley Cyrus/Samuel L. Jackson
WatchedS04E45: Miley Cyrus/Samuel L. Jackson
Aired: Fri, 2008-11-07
Miley Cyrus; Samuel L. Jackson.
Wishes & Dreams
WatchedS04E44: Wishes & Dreams
Aired: Thu, 2008-11-06
Tyra makes viewers' wishes come true.
Modelville 3
WatchedS04E43: Modelville 3
Aired: Wed, 2008-11-05
Contestants from "America's Next Top Model" are guests.
Pregnancy Intervention
WatchedS04E42: Pregnancy Intervention
Aired: Tue, 2008-11-04
Interventions for pregnant women who continue to smoke or take drugs.
Virginity Auction
WatchedS04E41: Virginity Auction
Aired: Mon, 2008-11-03
Guest include a 22-year-old who says she is auctioning off her virginity.
WatchedS04E40: Vampires
Aired: Fri, 2008-10-31
Topic: vampires.
My Man Is Still Hooked on His Ex
WatchedS04E39: My Man Is Still Hooked on His Ex
Aired: Thu, 2008-10-30
Remaining friends with an ex, and how such a friendship can affect a new relationship.
Joe Francis
WatchedS04E38: Joe Francis
Aired: Wed, 2008-10-29
Joe Francis, founder of the "Girls Gone Wild" video empire.
T.I./Real Housewives of Atlanta
WatchedS04E37: T.I./Real Housewives of Atlanta
Aired: Tue, 2008-10-28
T.I.; cast members from "The Real Housewives of Atlanta."
Big Ones vs. Small Ones
WatchedS04E36: Big Ones vs. Small Ones
Aired: Mon, 2008-10-27
Body image is discussed.
Tina Knowles
WatchedS04E35: Tina Knowles
Aired: Fri, 2008-10-24
Fashion designer Tina Knowles (Beyonc
WatchedS04E34: Bromance
Aired: Thu, 2008-10-23
Close bonds between male friends are discussed.
Stylista/LL Cool J
WatchedS04E33: Stylista/LL Cool J
Aired: Wed, 2008-10-22
Guests include LL Cool J and Elle magazine's Joe Zee and Anne Slowey.
Modelville 2
WatchedS04E32: Modelville 2
Aired: Tue, 2008-10-21
"America's Next Top Model" contestants are guests.
I Suffer From a Sex Addiction
WatchedS04E31: I Suffer From a Sex Addiction
Aired: Mon, 2008-10-20
Sex addiction is discussed.
Child Brides
WatchedS04E30: Child Brides
Aired: Fri, 2008-10-17
Tyra talks to teenage girls who are engaged.
Age Defying Makeovers
WatchedS04E29: Age Defying Makeovers
Aired: Thu, 2008-10-16
Age-defying makeovers are given by stylist Robert Verdi, makeup artist Mally Roncal and hairstylist Edward Tricomi.
Top Models/Leighton Meesler: Stories of Abuse
WatchedS04E28: Top Models/Leighton Meesler: Stories of Abuse
Aired: Wed, 2008-10-15
Abuse is discussed. Guests include Leighton Meester, Sandy "Pepa" Denton and "America's Next Top Model" contestants Dominique, Jaslene, Kimberly and Marvita.
Shattered Sisterhood
WatchedS04E27: Shattered Sisterhood
Aired: Tue, 2008-10-14
Rivalry between sisters is discussed.
Paris Hilton
WatchedS04E26: Paris Hilton
Aired: Mon, 2008-10-13
Paris Hilton discusses her life and career, including her new reality show.
I Lost Weight and Lost My Friends
WatchedS04E25: I Lost Weight and Lost My Friends
Aired: Fri, 2008-10-10
Weight loss and its effect on friendships are discussed.
Janet Jackson
WatchedS04E24: Janet Jackson
Aired: Thu, 2008-10-09
Tyra visits Janet Jackson on tour in Las Vegas.
Ne-Yo/Modelville Introduction
WatchedS04E23: Ne-Yo/Modelville Introduction
Aired: Wed, 2008-10-08
Ne-Yo performs and is interviewed. Also a look at former "America's Next Top Model" contestants pursuing modeling careers.
Freakin' Fabulous
WatchedS04E22: Freakin' Fabulous
Aired: Tue, 2008-10-07
Clinton Kelly ("What Not to Wear") is a guest.
Soccer Moms, Weekend Strippers
WatchedS04E21: Soccer Moms, Weekend Strippers
Aired: Mon, 2008-10-06
Mothers who work in the adult-entertainment industry and their daughters are guests.
Brooke Hogan/Wayne Brady
WatchedS04E20: Brooke Hogan/Wayne Brady
Aired: Fri, 2008-10-03
Brooke Hogan and Wayne Brady are guests.
Open Marriages
WatchedS04E19: Open Marriages
Aired: Thu, 2008-10-02
Open marriages are discussed.
America's Next Top Model
WatchedS04E18: America's Next Top Model
Aired: Wed, 2008-10-01
An "America's Next Top Model" Cycle 10 reunion.
Girl on Girl Kissing
WatchedS04E17: Girl on Girl Kissing
Aired: Tue, 2008-09-30
Sexual experimentation is discussed.
Tyra Opposite Day
WatchedS04E16: Tyra Opposite Day
Aired: Mon, 2008-09-29
Opposite day features a backward dress, a makeover, and an unusual fashion show.
Girl Fights
WatchedS04E15: Girl Fights
Aired: Fri, 2008-09-26
Fights between young women are discussed.
My Best Friend Poaches My Men
WatchedS04E14: My Best Friend Poaches My Men
Aired: Thu, 2008-09-25
Having a man stolen by a friend is discussed.
WatchedS04E13: Shopaholics
Aired: Wed, 2008-09-24
Addiction to shopping is discussed.
Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian
WatchedS04E12: Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian
Aired: Tue, 2008-09-23
Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian are guests.
Sex in Tyra's City
WatchedS04E11: Sex in Tyra's City
Aired: Mon, 2008-09-22
Sex is discussed.
Fashion Week
WatchedS04E10: Fashion Week
Aired: Fri, 2008-09-19
A look at the "Wizard of Oz"-themed Fashion Week in New York City with Jay Manuel.
Teen Pregnancy Epidemic
WatchedS04E09: Teen Pregnancy Epidemic
Aired: Thu, 2008-09-18
Teen pregnancy is discussed with Dr. Lisa Boesky.
YouTube Made Me Famous
WatchedS04E08: YouTube Made Me Famous
Aired: Wed, 2008-09-17
YouTube stars are guests, including dancer Matt Harding.
Recessionista: Queen of Cheap
WatchedS04E07: Recessionista: Queen of Cheap
Aired: Tue, 2008-09-16
Fashion on a budget is discussed with reporter Jill Martin and Howard Stern's fianc
Escaping the Sex Industry
WatchedS04E06: Escaping the Sex Industry
Aired: Mon, 2008-09-15
Tyra talks to women in the sex industry about escaping the life.
Solange Knowles and Single Moms
WatchedS04E05: Solange Knowles and Single Moms
Aired: Fri, 2008-09-12
Solange Knowles performs and discusses her career and being a single mother. Also: other single mothers.
Black Model Tribute
WatchedS04E04: Black Model Tribute
Aired: Thu, 2008-09-11
A tribute to black models, with guests Beverly Johnson, Veronica Webb, Selita Ebanks, Toccara Jones and Chanel Iman.
Bleaching for Beauty
WatchedS04E03: Bleaching for Beauty
Aired: Wed, 2008-09-10
Tyra talks to black women who bleach their skin.
Pay It Forward
WatchedS04E02: Pay It Forward
Aired: Tue, 2008-09-09
Tyra and Fatima Siad of America's Next Top Model do good deeds for fans.
Raw and Exposed
WatchedS04E01: Raw and Exposed
Aired: Mon, 2008-09-08
Helping women see their true beauty. Jay Manuel is a guest.

Season 3

Carnie Wilson &
WatchedS03E158: Carnie Wilson & "Embracing Your Big Fat Ass"
Aired: Mon, 2008-06-09
Tips on simplifying life.
Dr. Drew Rehab Update
WatchedS03E157: Dr. Drew Rehab Update
Aired: Fri, 2008-05-30
Tyra talks to women who have come to accept their fuller figures. Guests include singer Carnie Wilson; Laura Banks and Janette Barber, the authors of a humorous self-help book; and Chloe Marshall, a plus-size beauty-pageant c...
How I Changed My Life
WatchedS03E156: How I Changed My Life
Aired: Thu, 2008-05-29
Updates on "Celebrity Rehab" patients from Dr. Drew.
Find My Glam a Man
WatchedS03E155: Find My Glam a Man
Aired: Wed, 2008-05-28
Guests from past episodes who have changed their lives return to tell their stories.
Stars on Top
WatchedS03E154: Stars on Top
Aired: Tue, 2008-05-27
Tyra tries to find men for two members of her glam squad, and their friends and family members offer advice on which potential dates to select.
Where Have All the Good Black Men Gone
WatchedS03E153: Where Have All the Good Black Men Gone
Aired: Fri, 2008-05-23
Ne-Yo; Natasha Bedingfield; Deion and Pilar Sanders.
Summer Spectacular
WatchedS03E152: Summer Spectacular
Aired: Thu, 2008-05-22
Stereotypes about black men are discussed with Finesse Mitchell. Also: Lyfe Jennings performs.
Porn Against My Will
WatchedS03E151: Porn Against My Will
Aired: Wed, 2008-05-21
Summer tips from Tyra, Elle magazine's Joe Zee, volleyball star Gabrielle Reece and dating coach Matt Titus.
Extreme Dieting
WatchedS03E150: Extreme Dieting
Aired: Tue, 2008-05-20
People who unknowingly became Internet porn stars are guests.
Insider Tips With Mr and Miss J
WatchedS03E149: Insider Tips With Mr and Miss J
Aired: Mon, 2008-05-19
Eating disorders are discussed.
My Spouse Is Hotter Than Me
WatchedS03E148: My Spouse Is Hotter Than Me
Aired: Fri, 2008-05-16
Beauty tips from J. Alexander and Jay Manuel.
Gays in the Ghetto
WatchedS03E147: Gays in the Ghetto
Aired: Thu, 2008-05-15
The perception that one member of a couple is more attractive than the other is discussed.
Top Model Awards: The Fiercee Awards
WatchedS03E146: Top Model Awards: The Fiercee Awards
Aired: Wed, 2008-05-14
Gay bashing in the ghetto is discussed by modeling instructor Benny Ninja and others.
Sexless Marriages
WatchedS03E145: Sexless Marriages
Aired: Tue, 2008-05-13
Fiercee Awards are given out to "America's Next Top Model" contestants for "Ugliest Cry," "Makeover Meltdown," "Craziest Phone Call," "Worst Walks and Wipeouts" and "Most Dramatic Exit." Carol Alt is given a Lifetime Achievem...
Predators Revealed
WatchedS03E144: Predators Revealed
Aired: Mon, 2008-05-12
Sexless marriages and intimacy issues are discussed.
Top Model Judges Unedited
WatchedS03E143: Top Model Judges Unedited
Aired: Fri, 2008-05-09
Tyra interviews sex offenders.
How Freaky Are We?
WatchedS03E142: How Freaky Are We?
Aired: Thu, 2008-05-08
Guests include "America's Next Top Model" judges Nigel Barker and Paulina Porizkova.
Glamour Show
WatchedS03E141: Glamour Show
Aired: Wed, 2008-05-07
Sexual fetishes.
Party Girl Rehab
WatchedS03E140: Party Girl Rehab
Aired: Tue, 2008-05-06
Glamour tips.
After the Moment of Truth
WatchedS03E139: After the Moment of Truth
Aired: Mon, 2008-05-05
Three party girls face an intervention with their families, Dr. Drew and "Celebrity Rehab" veteran Mary Carey.
Swap Your Boyfriend for a Night
WatchedS03E138: Swap Your Boyfriend for a Night
Aired: Fri, 2008-05-02
Tyra talks to guests who appeared on "Moment of Truth" to find out how it affected their lives. Included: an appearance by series host Mark L. Walberg.
Tyra Goes Back to School
WatchedS03E137: Tyra Goes Back to School
Aired: Thu, 2008-05-01
A couple date other people to test the strength of their relationship.
Tyra's 500th Episode Spectacular
WatchedS03E136: Tyra's 500th Episode Spectacular
Aired: Wed, 2008-04-30
Tyra speaks to high-school students about their issues. Guests include Jaslene Gonzalez from "America's Next Top Model."
Heidi and Spencer / Miss USA 2008
WatchedS03E135: Heidi and Spencer / Miss USA 2008
Aired: Tue, 2008-04-29
Tyra's 500th episode features appearances by Clay Aiken, New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, and Claire, Jaslene and Saleisha from "America's Next Top Model." Also: messages from celebrities and clips from past shows.
Women's First Night as Prostitutes
WatchedS03E134: Women's First Night as Prostitutes
Aired: Mon, 2008-04-28
Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt ("The Hills"); Miss USA 2008 Crystle Stewart.
WatchedS03E133: Fat-Sploitation
Aired: Fri, 2008-04-25
Cameras follow women through their first experiences as prostitutes at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, a legal brothel in Nevada. Also: an interview with Dennis Hof, the brothel's owner.
Do Light Skinned Blacks Have It Easier?
WatchedS03E132: Do Light Skinned Blacks Have It Easier?
Aired: Thu, 2008-04-24
Women of size are guests.
Malibu on the Move
WatchedS03E131: Malibu on the Move
Aired: Wed, 2008-04-23
Skin tone is discussed. Guests include Whitney, Eugena, Felicia and Noelle from "America's Next Top Model."
Court Shows
WatchedS03E130: Court Shows
Aired: Tue, 2008-04-22
Guests include Toni Braxton, former "America's Next Top Model" contestant Heather Kuzmich and three women who've dedicated their lives to service.
Beauty Tips From Around the World
WatchedS03E129: Beauty Tips From Around the World
Aired: Mon, 2008-04-21
Tyra talks to TV judges, including Joe Brown, Alex Ferrer, Glenda Hatchett, Cristina Perez, Lynn Toler and David Young.
Style Your Life
WatchedS03E128: Style Your Life
Aired: Fri, 2008-04-18
Beauty secrets from around the world are discussed. Makeup artist Mally Roncal offers advice.
Prom Nightmares
WatchedS03E127: Prom Nightmares
Aired: Thu, 2008-04-17
Style is discussed by Stacy London ("What Not to Wear"), chef Sandra Lee and Kelly Edwards ("Design on a Dime").
True Confessions of the Male Mind
WatchedS03E126: True Confessions of the Male Mind
Aired: Wed, 2008-04-16
Proms are discussed by Brittany Snow and Idris Elba ("Prom Night") and singer Leona Lewis.
Guess My Salary
WatchedS03E125: Guess My Salary
Aired: Tue, 2008-04-15
Men answer questions about love, sex and the female body. Author Matt Titus ("Why Hasn't He Called?") offers insights.
Amazing Moms
WatchedS03E124: Amazing Moms
Aired: Mon, 2008-04-14
Salaries are discussed, and financial expert Lynnette Khalfani offers advice.
WatchedS03E123: Intervention
Aired: Fri, 2008-04-11
Guests include a woman who is 28 inches tall and gave birth to an 18-inch baby. Her husband and daughters also appear. Also: singer Wendy Wilson talks about appearing on "Supernanny."
Secret Sex Lives of Men
WatchedS03E122: Secret Sex Lives of Men
Aired: Thu, 2008-04-10
Women from the show "Intervention" discuss fighting their addictions.
5 Ways to Win Him Back
WatchedS03E121: 5 Ways to Win Him Back
Aired: Wed, 2008-04-09
Men who cheat on their wives and girlfriends are discussed. Guests include Jason Itzler and brothel owner Dennis Hof.
Sex in Schools
WatchedS03E120: Sex in Schools
Aired: Tue, 2008-04-08
Repairing a damaged relationship is discussed.
Label Mania
WatchedS03E119: Label Mania
Aired: Mon, 2008-04-07
Sex on high-school campuses is discussed. Dr. Garry Corgiat weighs in.
Stripper Summit
WatchedS03E118: Stripper Summit
Aired: Tue, 2008-04-01
Brand-name items and whether they are worth the price is discussed.
Tori Spelling and the Princess Life
WatchedS03E117: Tori Spelling and the Princess Life
Aired: Mon, 2008-03-31
Strippers and women who visit strip clubs are guests.
MTV Hour
WatchedS03E116: MTV Hour
Aired: Wed, 2008-03-26
Tori Spelling discusses her first marriage and the inheritance her father left her. Also: children's wardrobe stylists.
High School Confidential
WatchedS03E115: High School Confidential
Aired: Tue, 2008-03-25
Guests include JC Chasez; Danity Kane; Day26; Iconic; and Domenico Nesci.
Surprising Celebrity Updates
WatchedS03E114: Surprising Celebrity Updates
Aired: Mon, 2008-03-24
Six young women featured in the documentary "High School Confidential" discuss pressures they have faced.
This Not That
WatchedS03E113: This Not That
Aired: Mon, 2008-03-17
Steve Harvey cohosts with Tyra. Gary Coleman and Ron Lester are guests.
Curves Spectacular
WatchedS03E112: Curves Spectacular
Aired: Fri, 2008-03-14
A look at everyday choices involving diet, money, communication and fashion decisions. Editor David Zinczenko offers advice.
Danielle Fishel and Jordin Sparks
WatchedS03E111: Danielle Fishel and Jordin Sparks
Aired: Thu, 2008-03-13
The five women who took the Curves challenge discuss their journey to a healthier life.
Ray J and the Dos and Don'ts of Dating
WatchedS03E110: Ray J and the Dos and Don'ts of Dating
Aired: Mon, 2008-03-10
Danielle Fishel; Jordin Sparks.
How Old Do I Look?
WatchedS03E109: How Old Do I Look?
Aired: Wed, 2008-03-05
Ray J discusses dating dos and don'ts. Also: A professional matchmaker also offers dating tips.
Janet Jackson
WatchedS03E108: Janet Jackson
Aired: Tue, 2008-03-04
Topic: aging. Included: Coming to terms with getting older and tips on looking great at any age. Charla Krupp ("How Not to Look Old") offers tips.
Stuck in a Single Rut
WatchedS03E107: Stuck in a Single Rut
Aired: Mon, 2008-03-03
Janet Jackson is the guest.
Mike Huckabee
WatchedS03E106: Mike Huckabee
Aired: Fri, 2008-02-29
Dating strategies are discussed. Patti Stanger ("Millionaire Matchmaker") is a guest.
Science of Romance
WatchedS03E105: Science of Romance
Aired: Thu, 2008-02-28
Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee discusses the issues.
Violent Girl Syndrome
WatchedS03E104: Violent Girl Syndrome
Aired: Wed, 2008-02-27
The science of romance is discussed. Included: the role that the senses play in attraction.
Transitions (a.k.a. Inside the Operating Room for a Sex Change)
WatchedS03E103: Transitions (a.k.a. Inside the Operating Room for a Sex Change)
Aired: Tue, 2008-02-26
Women confront their anger. Dr. Garry Corgiat offers advice.
Black Women State of the Union 2008
WatchedS03E102: Black Women State of the Union 2008
Aired: Mon, 2008-02-25
Transgender surgery is discussed.
4 Ways to Deal with a Cheater
WatchedS03E101: 4 Ways to Deal with a Cheater
Aired: Fri, 2008-02-22
A discussion of black women with Monique Coleman ("High School Musical") and editor Angela Burt-Murray.
The Breast Show Ever
WatchedS03E100: The Breast Show Ever
Aired: Thu, 2008-02-21
Ways to deal with a cheater, including revenge, forgiveness and denial, are discussed.
Insider Secrets of America's Next Top Model
WatchedS03E99: Insider Secrets of America's Next Top Model
Aired: Wed, 2008-02-20
Topic: breasts. Included: breast reduction, breast enlargement, breast health and finding the perfect fit in a bra.
Race and Names: The Turning Point
WatchedS03E98: Race and Names: The Turning Point
Aired: Tue, 2008-02-19
Tyra celebrates "America's Next Top Model" and talks to former contestants.
People Magazine and Trading Weights
WatchedS03E97: People Magazine and Trading Weights
Aired: Mon, 2008-02-18
Weight loss is discussed. Included: two people who each lost over 100 pounds.
Motherhood at Any Cost
WatchedS03E96: Motherhood at Any Cost
Aired: Fri, 2008-02-15
Women who have had trouble becoming pregnant and their partners tell their stories. Included: Trista and Ryan Sutter ("The Bachelorette").
Will You Marry Me
WatchedS03E95: Will You Marry Me
Aired: Thu, 2008-02-14
Viewers propose marriage on camera, and magazine editor Matt Bean offers tips on proposals.
Tyra Takes Fashion Week: Part Deux
WatchedS03E94: Tyra Takes Fashion Week: Part Deux
Aired: Wed, 2008-02-13
A backstage look at fashion shows at New York's Bryant Park.
WatchedS03E93: "Bad Girls Club" and "Wife Swap"
Aired: Tue, 2008-02-12
Cast members from "The Bad Girls Club" and "Wife Swap" discuss their experiences on the shows.
Teen Pregnancy
WatchedS03E92: Teen Pregnancy
Aired: Mon, 2008-02-11
Teen pregnancies are discussed. Dr. Robbi Ludwig offers advice.
Bedroom Secrets with Sue Johanson
WatchedS03E91: Bedroom Secrets with Sue Johanson
Aired: Fri, 2008-02-08
Sex expert Sue Johanson.
Unlikely Love
WatchedS03E90: Unlikely Love
Aired: Thu, 2008-02-07
Unusual love stories.
Tyra's Moment of Truth
WatchedS03E89: Tyra's Moment of Truth
Aired: Wed, 2008-02-06
A "Moment of Truth" episode with the game show's host, Mark L. Walberg.
Back to Basic Beauty Secrets
WatchedS03E88: Back to Basic Beauty Secrets
Aired: Tue, 2008-02-05
Basic beauty tips focus on wardrobe, makeup and underwear choices.
Cyber Bullying
WatchedS03E87: Cyber Bullying
Aired: Mon, 2008-02-04
A town hall discussion of cyber bullying.
Jessica Alba
WatchedS03E86: Jessica Alba
Aired: Fri, 2008-02-01
Jessica Alba and Alessandro Nivola ("The Eye").
Mary J. Blige and Diane Lane
WatchedS03E85: Mary J. Blige and Diane Lane
Aired: Thu, 2008-01-31
Mary J. Blige performs and talks with Tyra. Also: Diane Lane discusses "Untraceable."
Dreams Come True
WatchedS03E84: Dreams Come True
Aired: Wed, 2008-01-30
Tyra makes dreams come true for a group of girls who want to meet her and follow in her modeling footsteps, a mother whose daughter needs dental care, and a mother and daughter who are unable to afford a vacation.
WatchedS03E83: Singlesville
Aired: Tue, 2008-01-29
Relationship preconceptions are discussed.
Addicted Moms - Families in Turmoil
WatchedS03E82: Addicted Moms - Families in Turmoil
Aired: Mon, 2008-01-28
Mothers with addiction problems are discussed. Also: Mario talks about his struggles with his mother's addiction.
John Edwards
WatchedS03E81: John Edwards
Aired: Fri, 2008-01-25
John Edwards discusses his campaign for president.
Plastic Surgery Nightmares
WatchedS03E80: Plastic Surgery Nightmares
Aired: Thu, 2008-01-24
Plastic surgery nightmares are discussed. Plastic surgeon Dr. Jay Calvert is a guest.
Resolution Re-Do (a.k.a. New Year's Weight Loss Resolution)
WatchedS03E79: Resolution Re-Do (a.k.a. New Year's Weight Loss Resolution)
Aired: Wed, 2008-01-23
Keeping New Year's weight-loss resolutions, with tips from trainer Bob Harper and "Biggest Loser" contestants Bill and Jim Germanakos.
How to Get Off Your Butt
WatchedS03E78: How to Get Off Your Butt
Aired: Tue, 2008-01-22
Jared Weiss ("Tim Gunn's Guide to Style") walks the audience through empowering exercises.
Mother/Daughter Body Bond
WatchedS03E77: Mother/Daughter Body Bond
Aired: Mon, 2008-01-21
Body-image issues between mothers and daughters are discussed.
Hillary Clinton
WatchedS03E76: Hillary Clinton
Aired: Fri, 2008-01-18
Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) discusses topics including health care, the war in Iraq, her daughter and her relationship with her husband.
5 Ways to Get Over Being Dumped
WatchedS03E75: 5 Ways to Get Over Being Dumped
Aired: Thu, 2008-01-17
Advice on getting over a breakup.
Sex SOS: Can My Sex Problem Be Solved?
WatchedS03E74: Sex SOS: Can My Sex Problem Be Solved?
Aired: Wed, 2008-01-16
Dr. Drew Pinsky fields questions about sex from the studio audience.
Dangers of the Hook-Up
WatchedS03E73: Dangers of the Hook-Up
Aired: Tue, 2008-01-15
Casual sex is discussed.
What Men Really Want
WatchedS03E72: What Men Really Want
Aired: Mon, 2008-01-14
Exploring what men want from women, and what they notice about them.
Sibling Birth Order Controversy
WatchedS03E71: Sibling Birth Order Controversy
Aired: Thu, 2008-01-10
A look at how birth order affects personality traits.
Celeb Rehab
WatchedS03E70: Celeb Rehab
Aired: Wed, 2008-01-09
Dr. Drew Pinsky, Brigitte Nielsen and Jessica Sierra talk about getting sober.
Decode Your Dude
WatchedS03E68: Decode Your Dude
Aired: Mon, 2008-01-07
Women discuss their transgressions.
This Could Kill You
WatchedS03E67: This Could Kill You
Aired: Fri, 2008-01-04
A discussion on understanding men.
Reputation Rehab
WatchedS03E66: Reputation Rehab
Aired: Thu, 2008-01-03
Dangerous products are discussed.
Transgender Triumphs: Thank You Tyra
WatchedS03E65: Transgender Triumphs: Thank You Tyra
Aired: Wed, 2008-01-02
Updates on transgendered guests from past shows. Margaret Cho makes an appearance.
From Struggles to Stardom
WatchedS03E64: From Struggles to Stardom
Aired: Thu, 2007-12-20
Steve Harvey, Sandra Lee and Brooke Burke discuss the trials they had to overcome in order to achieve success.
Holiday With the Stars
WatchedS03E63: Holiday With the Stars
Aired: Wed, 2007-12-19
Amanda Bynes and Wyclef Jean appear.
Holiday Show
WatchedS03E62: Holiday Show
Aired: Tue, 2007-12-18
Boyz II Men perform. Guests include hairstylist Edward Tricomi, makeup artist Mally Roncal, party planner Cathy Riva and chef Rocco DiSpirito.
The Truth Behind the Tiara
WatchedS03E61: The Truth Behind the Tiara
Aired: Tue, 2007-12-11
Pageant ethics are discussed by 2008 Miss Puerto Rico Universe Ingrid Marie Rivera, former Miss USA Shanna Moakler and Court TV's Ashleigh Banfield.
Sex Advice from the Stars
WatchedS03E60: Sex Advice from the Stars
Aired: Mon, 2007-12-03
Bow Wow, Eve, Omarion and Dita Von Teese offer sex advice. Bow Wow and Omarion also perform
Sex Slaves Uncovered
WatchedS03E59: Sex Slaves Uncovered
Aired: Fri, 2007-11-30
The sex slave industry is discussed with activists including Susan Sarandon, Somaly Mam and Michael Cory Davis.
The Dirty Little Secrets of Motherhood
WatchedS03E58: The Dirty Little Secrets of Motherhood
Aired: Thu, 2007-11-29
The dark side of being a new mother is discussed.
Is My Guy a Cheater?
WatchedS03E57: Is My Guy a Cheater?
Aired: Wed, 2007-11-28
Infidelity is discussed.
WatchedS03E56: Trantasia
Aired: Tue, 2007-11-27
Transsexual beauty pageants are discussed by participants.
Alicia Keys Hour
WatchedS03E55: Alicia Keys Hour
Aired: Mon, 2007-11-26
Alicia Keys performs and answers questions.
Mandy Moore Hour
WatchedS03E54: Mandy Moore Hour
Aired: Fri, 2007-11-23
Mandy Moore performs
Beyoncé: Behind the Scenes
WatchedS03E53: Beyoncé: Behind the Scenes
Aired: Wed, 2007-11-21
Tyra goes on tour with Beyonc
Trading Faces
WatchedS03E52: Trading Faces
Aired: Tue, 2007-11-20
The psychology of attractiveness is discussed.
How Men of Different Races View Sex
WatchedS03E51: How Men of Different Races View Sex
Aired: Mon, 2007-11-19
Stereotypes about sex in men of different races are discussed.
Chris Brown
WatchedS03E50: Chris Brown
Aired: Fri, 2007-11-16
Chris Brown performs
WatchedS03E49: Having "That Talk" With Your Kid
Aired: Thu, 2007-11-15
How to talk to your children about sex is discussed. Human sexuality professor Robin Sawyer offers advice.
Guess My Weight
WatchedS03E48: Guess My Weight
Aired: Wed, 2007-11-14
Body image is discussed. Designer and former fit model Paige Adams-Geller and fitness consultant Ashley Borden are guests.
Dating Undercover
WatchedS03E47: Dating Undercover
Aired: Tue, 2007-11-13
A look at ways women put themselves in compromising positions while dating.
Bisexuality & Tila Tequila
WatchedS03E46: Bisexuality & Tila Tequila
Aired: Mon, 2007-11-12
Bisexuality is discussed. Singer Tila Tequila is a guest.
NYC Working Women Makeovers
WatchedS03E45: NYC Working Women Makeovers
Aired: Fri, 2007-11-09
Tyra makes over working women from New York.
Seven Ways to Keep Your Lover
WatchedS03E44: Seven Ways to Keep Your Lover
Aired: Thu, 2007-11-08
Relationship advice.
What Would You Do?
WatchedS03E43: What Would You Do?
Aired: Wed, 2007-11-07
Hidden cameras show how people respond when faced with an ethical dilemma.
Tyra, I Need to Know
WatchedS03E42: Tyra, I Need to Know
Aired: Tue, 2007-11-06
Viewers confront their personal demons. Dr. Garry Corgiat offers advice.
What's Up Down There?
WatchedS03E41: What's Up Down There?
Aired: Mon, 2007-11-05
Tyra holds a
Bodyville: Women and Body Image Pt. 2
WatchedS03E40: Bodyville: Women and Body Image Pt. 2
Aired: Fri, 2007-11-02
Body image is discussed among women. Part two of two.
Bodyville: Women and Body Image Pt. 1
WatchedS03E39: Bodyville: Women and Body Image Pt. 1
Aired: Thu, 2007-11-01
Body image is discussed among women. Part one of two.
Tailored By Tyra: Home Edition
WatchedS03E38: Tailored By Tyra: Home Edition
Aired: Wed, 2007-10-31
Tyra makes over viewers' living spaces.
Travel 101
WatchedS03E37: Travel 101
Aired: Tue, 2007-10-30
Tyra's travel tips.
Inside the Secret World of Purity Balls
WatchedS03E36: Inside the Secret World of Purity Balls
Aired: Mon, 2007-10-29
A look at the purity ball, a dance for fathers and daughters at which the girls vow to remain virgins until they marry.
Keyshia Cole, Rihanna & the cast of
WatchedS03E35: Keyshia Cole, Rihanna & the cast of "Gossip Girl"
Aired: Fri, 2007-10-26
Keyshia Cole performs
When Will I Die?
WatchedS03E34: When Will I Die?
Aired: Thu, 2007-10-25
Factors that affect life span are discussed.
Wayne Brady and Rosie Perez
WatchedS03E33: Wayne Brady and Rosie Perez
Aired: Wed, 2007-10-24
Wayne Brady discusses his divorce; Rosie Perez talks about her Broadway play
Lance Bass
WatchedS03E32: Lance Bass
Aired: Tue, 2007-10-23
Lance Bass discusses his sexuality. His former girlfriend Danielle Fishel also appears.
The New Sex in the City
WatchedS03E31: The New Sex in the City
Aired: Mon, 2007-10-22
Promiscuity is discussed.
High-Tech Harassment
WatchedS03E30: High-Tech Harassment
Aired: Fri, 2007-10-19
Harassment using high-tech devices is discussed.
Alyssa Milano, Randy Jackson and Molly Sims
WatchedS03E29: Alyssa Milano, Randy Jackson and Molly Sims
Aired: Thu, 2007-10-18
Randy Jackson; Alyssa Milano; and Molly Sims are guests.
will.i.a.m and Debi Mazar
WatchedS03E28: will.i.a.m and Debi Mazar
Aired: Wed, 2007-10-17
Debi Mazur. Also: will.i.am performs
Do-It-Yourself Makeover
WatchedS03E27: Do-It-Yourself Makeover
Aired: Tue, 2007-10-16
Do it yourself makeovers featured include hair highlighting, bikini waxing, makeup application, hanging wallpaper, cake decorating and making tufted headboards.
The Science of Gaydar
WatchedS03E26: The Science of Gaydar
Aired: Mon, 2007-10-15
Gaydar, a sort of sixth sense for telling who's gay, is discussed.
Superstar Stylist Rachel Zoe
WatchedS03E25: Superstar Stylist Rachel Zoe
Aired: Fri, 2007-10-12
Tips from stylist-to-the-stars Rachel Zoe.
Salt-N-Pepa & Frenemies Face Off
WatchedS03E24: Salt-N-Pepa & Frenemies Face Off
Aired: Thu, 2007-10-11
Melissa Etheridge
WatchedS03E23: Melissa Etheridge
Aired: Wed, 2007-10-10
Melissa Etheridge discusses her new autobiographical CD, her work with Al Gore on
All-Star Baby Style
WatchedS03E22: All-Star Baby Style
Aired: Tue, 2007-10-09
A look at luxuries enjoyed by children of celebrities.
Women & Porn
WatchedS03E21: Women & Porn
Aired: Mon, 2007-10-08
Pornography is discussed. Candida Royalle, a director of couples-oriented adult films, is a guest.
It's Chic to Be Geek
WatchedS03E20: It's Chic to Be Geek
Aired: Fri, 2007-10-05
Geek chic is discussed.
Model Blackouts
WatchedS03E19: Model Blackouts
Aired: Thu, 2007-10-04
The recent lack of black models is discussed by models Chanel Iman and Alek Wek, and designers Traver Rains and Richie Rich.
12 Commandments of High and Low
WatchedS03E18: 12 Commandments of High and Low
Aired: Wed, 2007-10-03
Tips on when to splurge and when to skimp.
Senator Barack Obama
WatchedS03E16: Senator Barack Obama
Aired: Mon, 2007-10-01
Barack Obama discusses his presidential campaign.
Ciara/NASCAR's Jimmie Johnson
WatchedS03E15: Ciara/NASCAR's Jimmie Johnson
Aired: Fri, 2007-09-28
Ciara; NASCAR's Jimmie Johnson.
Tyra's Finishing School
WatchedS03E14: Tyra's Finishing School
Aired: Thu, 2007-09-27
Tips on etiquette. Lizzie Post, the great-great-granddaughter of etiquette expert Emily Post, is the guest.
15 Things You Must Buy for Fall
WatchedS03E13: 15 Things You Must Buy for Fall
Aired: Wed, 2007-09-26
A look at 15 fashion trends that will be must-haves for fall.
Are You Doomed for Divorce?
WatchedS03E12: Are You Doomed for Divorce?
Aired: Tue, 2007-09-25
Two couples are counseled on whether or not to marry.
Martina McBride / Star Jones
WatchedS03E11: Martina McBride / Star Jones
Aired: Mon, 2007-09-24
Star Jones talks about her gastric bypass surgery and Martina McBride surprises a fan with a
Tori Spelling and Mission: Man Band
WatchedS03E10: Tori Spelling and Mission: Man Band
Aired: Fri, 2007-09-21
Tori Spelling and husband Dean McDermott; Chris Kirkpatrick, Jeff Timmons and Rich Cronin of
Guess My Age
WatchedS03E09: Guess My Age
Aired: Thu, 2007-09-20
A show about ageless beauty.
Tyra's Photography Class
WatchedS03E08: Tyra's Photography Class
Aired: Wed, 2007-09-19
Photographer Jim DeYonker; rapper Lil Mama, who performs
Tyra Takes Fashion Week
WatchedS03E07: Tyra Takes Fashion Week
Aired: Tue, 2007-09-18
Fashion designers display their latest lines and Tyra presents an award at VH1's
Vanessa Hudgens / Lauren Conrad
WatchedS03E06: Vanessa Hudgens / Lauren Conrad
Aired: Mon, 2007-09-17
Vanessa Hudgens (
How to Spot a Fake
WatchedS03E05: How to Spot a Fake
Aired: Fri, 2007-09-14
How to spot a knockoff purse, a fake diamond and a fake hair weave.
Kim Kardashian / Good Charlotte
WatchedS03E04: Kim Kardashian / Good Charlotte
Aired: Thu, 2007-09-13
Kim Kardashian. Good Charlotte perform
WatchedS03E03: Teenville
Aired: Wed, 2007-09-12
Teenagers and how they make judgments.
15 Rules You Should Completely Ignore
WatchedS03E02: 15 Rules You Should Completely Ignore
Aired: Tue, 2007-09-11
A look at 15 life rules to ignore. Also: Dr. Garry Corgiat discusses the value of gossiping.
Premiere Show
WatchedS03E01: Premiere Show
Aired: Mon, 2007-09-10
Tyra moves her show to New York, welcomes guest Rihanna and makes over a day-care center.

Season 2

I Bought My Bride
WatchedS02E166: I Bought My Bride
Aired: Wed, 2007-08-08
Weight loss drugs are discussed.
Tyra Investigates
WatchedS02E165: Tyra Investigates
Aired: Mon, 2007-07-30
Domestic violence in the gay community is discussed by Dr. Michelle Golland.
Tyra's Beauty Tips Bonanza
WatchedS02E164: Tyra's Beauty Tips Bonanza
Aired: Thu, 2007-07-19
Triple threat finalists from Tyra's "Little Kids, Big Talent" competition.
Tyra's People Magazine Cover Update
WatchedS02E163: Tyra's People Magazine Cover Update
Aired: Tue, 2007-07-17
All of your questions answered by a panel of Tyra's favorite experts.
So What!
WatchedS02E162: So What!
Aired: Fri, 2007-07-13
Body image is discussed, with advice from self-esteem expert Jessica Weiner.
Cutting Room Floor
WatchedS02E161: Cutting Room Floor
Aired: Wed, 2007-07-11
Clips from shows discussing racial issues are shown.
The Best of Amazing Transformations
WatchedS02E160: The Best of Amazing Transformations
Aired: Thu, 2007-07-05
Exclusive clips from Tyra's behind the scenes shows.
When Good Friends Go Bad
WatchedS02E159: When Good Friends Go Bad
Aired: Fri, 2007-06-22
Tyra discusses mail-order brides.
Kathy Griffin & Gene Simmons
WatchedS02E158: Kathy Griffin & Gene Simmons
Aired: Tue, 2007-06-12
Highlights of investigative episodes from the past season.
Best of Social Experiments
WatchedS02E157: Best of Social Experiments
Aired: Mon, 2007-06-11
Tyra, Allure editor-in-chief Linda Wells, Cosmopolitan executive editor Michele Promaulayko and Glamour editor Ashley Baker offer beauty tips.
I've Always Wanted to...
WatchedS02E156: I've Always Wanted to...
Aired: Wed, 2007-05-30
Tyra discusses the tabloids that called her fat and promotes her So What! movement to empower women to accept their bodies.
Plastic Surgery Update
WatchedS02E155: Plastic Surgery Update
Aired: Fri, 2007-05-25
A look at outtakes from past episodes.
Random Acts of Tyra
WatchedS02E154: Random Acts of Tyra
Aired: Thu, 2007-05-24
A look at Tyra's favorite makeovers from the past season.
WatchedS02E153: Cosmopolitan
Aired: Wed, 2007-05-23
A look at friendship, betrayal and the breakdown of relationships. Dr. Michelle Callahan offers advice.
Tyra Goes to Rehab
WatchedS02E152: Tyra Goes to Rehab
Aired: Tue, 2007-05-22
Tyra talks with Kathy Griffin, Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed.
Focus on Race: Beauty Across Cultures
WatchedS02E151: Focus on Race: Beauty Across Cultures
Aired: Mon, 2007-05-21
Social experiments involving attractiveness, intoxication, popularity, money and gender.
Tailored By Tyra 2
WatchedS02E150: Tailored By Tyra 2
Aired: Fri, 2007-05-18
Updates on past guests who had plastic surgery.
Dorm Porn
WatchedS02E149: Dorm Porn
Aired: Thu, 2007-05-17
Tyra helps an aspiring model, a woman who lost everything in Hurricane Katrina and a high-school student with 10 siblings who can't afford a prom dress.
WatchedS02E148: Re-Do
Aired: Wed, 2007-05-16
Cosmopolitan executive editor Michele Promaulayko discusses massage tips, how to tell what a man is thinking, and advice for makeup and wardrobe malfunctions.
Cyber Girls and Angry Wives
WatchedS02E147: Cyber Girls and Angry Wives
Aired: Tue, 2007-05-15
Tyra visits the Malibu rehab facility 'Promises'. Also: Miss USA 2006 Tara Conner discusses recovery in the public eye.
Paparazzi: Behind the Lens
WatchedS02E146: Paparazzi: Behind the Lens
Aired: Mon, 2007-05-14
A look at how different races define beauty.
Dating Outside Your Comfort Zone
WatchedS02E145: Dating Outside Your Comfort Zone
Aired: Fri, 2007-05-11
Four viewers receive total makeovers to improve their style.
Church of Thin
WatchedS02E144: Church of Thin
Aired: Thu, 2007-05-10
Dorm-room pornography is discussed.
Tyra Cleans Out Her Closet
WatchedS02E143: Tyra Cleans Out Her Closet
Aired: Wed, 2007-05-09
Helping viewers redesign an aspect of their lives. Actress Danielle Fishel is a guest.
In Love with a Transsexual
WatchedS02E142: In Love with a Transsexual
Aired: Tue, 2007-05-08
The impact of cybersex on relationships is discussed. Dr. Drew Pinsky offers insights.
Spring Break Unleashed
WatchedS02E141: Spring Break Unleashed
Aired: Mon, 2007-05-07
Paparazzi and the culture of celebrity are discussed.
How Far Would You Go to Be Popular?
WatchedS02E140: How Far Would You Go to Be Popular?
Aired: Fri, 2007-05-04
Dating comfort zones are discussed. Guests include a lesbian looking to give men a chance.
Hilary Duff Plus, Former Teen Stars Tiffany and Maureen McCormick (Marcia Brady) Reveal All!
WatchedS02E139: Hilary Duff Plus, Former Teen Stars Tiffany and Maureen McCormick (Marcia B...
Aired: Thu, 2007-05-03
A faith-based diet plan is discussed by Gwen Shamblin author of "The Weigh Down Diet".
Focus on Race: Kids & Race
WatchedS02E138: Focus on Race: Kids & Race
Aired: Wed, 2007-05-02
Tyra sells designer clothes, personal items and prize packages to raise money for her charity, TZONE.
Tyra Investigates the Hollywood Casting Couch
WatchedS02E137: Tyra Investigates the Hollywood Casting Couch
Aired: Tue, 2007-05-01
Tyra talks to people who are in relationships with a transsexual.
Hot Legs
WatchedS02E136: Hot Legs
Aired: Mon, 2007-04-30
Beyoncè Inspired Makeovers
WatchedS02E135: Beyoncè Inspired Makeovers
Aired: Fri, 2007-04-27
Discussion of the length teens go to become popular.
So What's Up
WatchedS02E134: So What's Up
Aired: Thu, 2007-04-26
Hilary Duff; animal expert Jarod Miller; and
Sizzlin' for Summer
WatchedS02E133: Sizzlin' for Summer
Aired: Wed, 2007-04-25
Kids and racial stereotypes are discussed.
It Girl
WatchedS02E132: It Girl
Aired: Tue, 2007-04-24
The potential hazards of the Hollywood auditioning process are discussed with talent agent Monica Swann and actresses Christine Kludjian and Danielle Fishel.
Does Sexiness Get You Further?
WatchedS02E131: Does Sexiness Get You Further?
Aired: Mon, 2007-04-23
A discussion of legs with Stacy Keibler of "Dancing with the Stars", Marcella Reynolds of "Big Brother" and fitness trainer Catherine Chiarelli.
Hollywood Headlines
WatchedS02E130: Hollywood Headlines
Aired: Fri, 2007-04-20
Bloggin' Back
WatchedS02E129: Bloggin' Back
Aired: Thu, 2007-04-19
Body image is discussed with actresses Leah Remini and Danielle Fishel.
Addicted to Love
WatchedS02E128: Addicted to Love
Aired: Wed, 2007-04-18
Summer styles are discussed with Jacqui Stafford of "Shape" magazine, Kenneth Brown of "reDesign", chef David Myers and actress Rachelle Carson.
Primordial Dwarves
WatchedS02E127: Primordial Dwarves
Aired: Tue, 2007-04-17
Tyra discusses 'It Girls' with Erica Rose of "The Bachelor", Pumkin of "Flavor of Love", and Jane Bainter.
My Identical Twin Sister Is Now My Brother
WatchedS02E126: My Identical Twin Sister Is Now My Brother
Aired: Mon, 2007-04-16
Traci Bingham is a guest as Tyra discusses whether sex appeal leads to more success in life.
Dressing Sexy at Any Size
WatchedS02E125: Dressing Sexy at Any Size
Aired: Fri, 2007-04-13
Tyra discusses some of the biggest scandals in Hollywood. Attorney Gloria Allred guest stars.
Gay Athletes and Rappers: It's Not In to Be Out
WatchedS02E124: Gay Athletes and Rappers: It's Not In to Be Out
Aired: Thu, 2007-04-12
Bloggers from the Tyra Show website are guests.
Can You Handle Brutal Honesty?
WatchedS02E123: Can You Handle Brutal Honesty?
Aired: Wed, 2007-04-11
Tyra takes a further look into sex addiction. Dr. Drew Pinsky offers advice to help recovering addicts.
Doing What You've Always Wanted to Do
WatchedS02E122: Doing What You've Always Wanted to Do
Aired: Tue, 2007-04-10
Families with primordial dwarves discuss the challenges they face.
Kids Growing Up Too Quickly
WatchedS02E121: Kids Growing Up Too Quickly
Aired: Mon, 2007-04-09
Twins with gender issues discuss their situations.
Dr. Dorfman's Worst Smiles in America
WatchedS02E120: Dr. Dorfman's Worst Smiles in America
Aired: Fri, 2007-04-06
Dressing sexy at any size is discussed. Fashion designer Bradley Bayou talks about his book
WatchedS02E119: Grindhouse
Aired: Thu, 2007-04-05
Being gay in a homophobic community is discussed with retired NBA player John Amaechi, retired NFL player Esera Tuaolo and three gay rappers.
Terrence Howard,
WatchedS02E118: Terrence Howard, "Dancing with the Stars" Heather Mills and "Lost" star Nav...
Aired: Fri, 2007-03-30
Honesty and deception are discussed. Melissa Rivers, Ant and Vanilla Ice are guests.
Pro Athlete Groupies
WatchedS02E117: Pro Athlete Groupies
Aired: Mon, 2007-03-26
Tyra helps guests live out their dreams.
Miss USA Tara Conner
WatchedS02E116: Miss USA Tara Conner
Aired: Fri, 2007-03-23
Pressure on young girls to dress and act sexy. Body-image expert Jessica Weiner offers advice.
Chris Rock
WatchedS02E115: Chris Rock
Aired: Fri, 2007-03-16
A dentist, Dr. Dorfman, helps women that are ashamed of their smiles.
Anna Nicole's Assistant Speaks Out
WatchedS02E114: Anna Nicole's Assistant Speaks Out
Aired: Mon, 2007-03-12
Queen Latifah and the Cast of
WatchedS02E113: Queen Latifah and the Cast of "Life Support"
Aired: Fri, 2007-03-09
Terrence Howard talks about his new movie 'Pride'. Heather Mills talks about her triumphant struggle on 'Dancing with the Stars'. 'Lost' Star Naveen Andrews talks about 'Lost' and his upcoming movie.
Pregnancy Party
WatchedS02E112: Pregnancy Party
Aired: Thu, 2007-03-08
Miss USA 2006 Tara Conner talks about her struggles with alcohol and addiction. Randy Spelling, Sean Stewart and David Weintraub talk about their new tv show "Sons of Hollywood".
Focus on Race: Are Celebrities Immune?
WatchedS02E111: Focus on Race: Are Celebrities Immune?
Aired: Wed, 2007-03-07
Chris Rock, Gina Torres and Kerry Washington discuss their new movie, "I Think I Love My Wife".
The Bad Girls Club
WatchedS02E110: The Bad Girls Club
Aired: Tue, 2007-03-06
Anna Nicole Smith's former assistant Kimmie Walther and interior designer Bobby Trendy discuss the model's death. Also, Danny Bonaduce talks about his life. Ken Baker of US magazine discusses the nature of celebrities.
Supermodel and Actress Molly Sims and Inspirational Women
WatchedS02E109: Supermodel and Actress Molly Sims and Inspirational Women
Aired: Mon, 2007-03-05
Queen Latifah and cast members of her movie "Life Support" including Evan Ross, Tracee Ellis Ross and Rachel Nicks, as well as the film's director and writer, Nelson George are guests.
Getting Rid of Clutter and Chaos
WatchedS02E108: Getting Rid of Clutter and Chaos
Aired: Fri, 2007-03-02
Tyra throws a pregnancy party with Jillian Barberie and an audience full of pregnant women. Also, designer Liz Lange presents a maternity fashion show.
The Cast of Reno 911: Miami and Supermodel Niki Taylor
WatchedS02E107: The Cast of Reno 911: Miami and Supermodel Niki Taylor
Aired: Thu, 2007-03-01
Iman, Margaret Cho, Irene Bedard, and Shauna and Shannon Baker discuss racism in the entertainment world.
Tyra Enters an Eating Disorder Clinic
WatchedS02E106: Tyra Enters an Eating Disorder Clinic
Aired: Wed, 2007-02-28
The cast of
Cindy Crawford and American Idol's Katharine McPhee
WatchedS02E105: Cindy Crawford and American Idol's Katharine McPhee
Aired: Tue, 2007-02-27
Molly Sims talks about here southern ancestry and about the show Las Vegas. Also, a woman who lost 150 pounds and an anorexic learning to accept a much-needed weight gain.
Tyra's People Magazine Cover Update
WatchedS02E104: Tyra's People Magazine Cover Update
Aired: Mon, 2007-02-26
Tyra welcomes several 'experts' in clutter reduction, and chaos minimizers to help with the Spring cleaning!
Jennifer Hudson
WatchedS02E103: Jennifer Hudson
Aired: Fri, 2007-02-23
Tyra welcomes hot supermodel Niki Taylor, to talk about what it took for her to succeed; and the hilarious cast of Reno 911: Miami takes to the set to make you laugh.
Promiscuous Girls
WatchedS02E102: Promiscuous Girls
Aired: Thu, 2007-02-22
Tyra walks us through the daily life and times of those in an Eating Disorder Clinic.
Tyra's Spring Fashion Spectacular
WatchedS02E101: Tyra's Spring Fashion Spectacular
Aired: Wed, 2007-02-21
Tyra pays homage to one of the biggest supermodels in the world! She welcomes her role model, Cindy Crawford to discuss her life after modeling, family, and her business success.
Transgender Kids
WatchedS02E100: Transgender Kids
Aired: Tue, 2007-02-20
As you know by now, Tyra became the latest celebrity to receive criticism from the tabloids about her body. Undaunted by the nasty comments and name calling, Tyra confronted her critics with a cover story for People magazine ...
Sports Illustrated: Tyra's 10 Year Anniversary
WatchedS02E99: Sports Illustrated: Tyra's 10 Year Anniversary
Aired: Mon, 2007-02-19
Tyra welcomes Golden Globe winner, and Oscar nominee Jennifer Hudson on the eve of the Academy Awards show. The ladies discuss how her role in the smash hit Dream Girls changed her life.
WatchedS02E98: "Ghost Whisperer" / "The Hills"
Aired: Fri, 2007-02-16
Tyra poses the question of the day: 'Do guys really like promiscuous girls?' She talks to a panel of self-proclaimed, proud, promiscuous women, who find nothing wrong with being over-sexed and under-committed. They face off ...
Conjoined Twins – A Tyra Exclusive
WatchedS02E97: Conjoined Twins – A Tyra Exclusive
Aired: Thu, 2007-02-15
Tyra hand picks four women and gives them 'Tailored by Tyra' makeovers, with hot results! Tyra is in the driver's seat, deciding every aspect of their new looks. Watch as she tackles a woman who's style is stuck in the 1980s,...
America's Worst Hair
WatchedS02E96: America's Worst Hair
Aired: Wed, 2007-02-14
Tyra introduces us to children who were born as one gender physically, but strongly identify with the other. Examine the struggles of their parents and their own self esteem issues.
Trapped Inside Your House
WatchedS02E95: Trapped Inside Your House
Aired: Mon, 2007-02-12
Tyra celebrates the 10th anniversary of becoming the first and only African-American woman to be featured solo on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Tyra recreates the entire shoot, from the setting in the Bahamas, to the origi...
Fix It or Flaunt It
WatchedS02E94: Fix It or Flaunt It
Aired: Fri, 2007-02-09
Tyra gets to talk with the cast of two shows, Ghost Whisperer and The Hills. She asks Jeniffer Love Hewitt how she is able to stay away from gossip.
Teens in the Sex Trade
WatchedS02E93: Teens in the Sex Trade
Aired: Thu, 2007-02-08
Guests with conjoined twins are interviewed.
WatchedS02E92: "I Love New York" / "The Surreal Life Fame Games"
Aired: Wed, 2007-02-07
People who were nominated for
Beauty Disasters Exposed
WatchedS02E91: Beauty Disasters Exposed
Aired: Tue, 2007-02-06
The ladies in HBO's Cathouse, are interviewed.
Focus on Race: I Hate My Own Race
WatchedS02E90: Focus on Race: I Hate My Own Race
Aired: Mon, 2007-02-05
Women who have conditions such as extreme obesity, trimethylaminuria, body-dysmorphia disorder and halitosis talk about how they don't leave their houses.
LL Cool J and Danity Kane
WatchedS02E89: LL Cool J and Danity Kane
Aired: Fri, 2007-02-02
Tyra gives advice on whether to cover up or show your facial flaws.
Tyra Confronts Her Fat Tabloid Photos
WatchedS02E88: Tyra Confronts Her Fat Tabloid Photos
Aired: Thu, 2007-02-01
Teenage girls and boys talk about working in the porn industry.
Face the Truth – Ex-Files
WatchedS02E87: Face the Truth – Ex-Files
Aired: Wed, 2007-01-31
Tyra gets to talk to "New York", her mother Michelle, and 4 of the guys from her new reality show, I Love New York.Surreal Life Fame Games stars Vanilla Ice, Traci Bingham, Ron Jeremy, Sandy `Pepa' Denton, C.C. DeVille and Ch...
The Trumps
WatchedS02E86: The Trumps
Aired: Tue, 2007-01-30
Tyra welcomes women to the show today that have been victims of beauty procedures gone awry. From plastic surgery performed in Mexico that turned into a bacterial infection, to a young lady who is scarred from a simple twenty...
Mysterious Lives of Witches
WatchedS02E85: Mysterious Lives of Witches
Aired: Mon, 2007-01-29
Guests today say the are ashamed to be the race they are. Tyra talks with a black man who put make-up on to look like a white man for a day. A Native American girl bashes three Native Americans.
Tyra's Soap Opera Spectacular
WatchedS02E84: Tyra's Soap Opera Spectacular
Aired: Fri, 2007-01-26
Tyra gets to talk with LL Cool J and then gets the inside scoop with Danity Kane.
Women Who Cheat
WatchedS02E83: Women Who Cheat
Aired: Thu, 2007-01-25
Tyra discusses her recent photos in the tabloids. She talks to models with varying opinions on weight. She also talks to an anorexic mother of two.
Let's Get Tested: Tyra Takes an AIDS test
WatchedS02E82: Let's Get Tested: Tyra Takes an AIDS test
Aired: Wed, 2007-01-24
Women confront their exes to learn what they did to drive them away.
I'm 8 Years Old and Hate My Body
WatchedS02E81: I'm 8 Years Old and Hate My Body
Aired: Tue, 2007-01-23
Tyra discusses witchcraft and Satanism and goes inside a coven induction ceremony.
Princess of Cheap
WatchedS02E80: Princess of Cheap
Aired: Mon, 2007-01-22
Tyra visits the sets of
Tough Love with Dr. Garry
WatchedS02E79: Tough Love with Dr. Garry
Aired: Fri, 2007-01-19
Women who cheat on their significant others are discussed. Dr. Garry Corgiat is a guest.
Teens on the Edge: A Wake-Up Call
WatchedS02E78: Teens on the Edge: A Wake-Up Call
Aired: Thu, 2007-01-18
Tyra gets an HIV test along with four viewers. Dr. Garry Corgiat is a guest.
Diet Wars Part 2
WatchedS02E77: Diet Wars Part 2
Aired: Wed, 2007-01-17
Body image in children is discussed.
Princess of Cheap
WatchedS02E76: Princess of Cheap
Aired: Mon, 2007-01-22
Viewers compare penny-pinching secrets. Interior designer Kelley Moore and image consultant Kym Douglas are guests.
Livin' Large on Small Change
WatchedS02E75: Livin' Large on Small Change
Aired: Mon, 2007-01-15
Couples in crisis are counseled by Dr. Garry Corgiat.
Tyra and Maria Shriver: Empowering Women
WatchedS02E74: Tyra and Maria Shriver: Empowering Women
Aired: Fri, 2007-01-12
Teenage substance abuse is discussed. Dr. Drew Pinsky offers advice.
WatchedS02E73: "Stomp the Yard" Cast
Aired: Thu, 2007-01-11
Conclusion. A diet challenge, with Dr. Ian Smith, Jillian Michaels and Alissa Cohen.
Living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
WatchedS02E72: Living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Aired: Wed, 2007-01-10
Guests' secret lives are revealed. Dr. Garry Corgiat offers advice.
Coming Out Stories
WatchedS02E71: Coming Out Stories
Aired: Tue, 2007-01-09
Tips for living on a budget.
Everything a Woman Needs to Know
WatchedS02E70: Everything a Woman Needs to Know
Aired: Mon, 2007-01-08
Female empowerment is discussed. Guests include Maria Shriver, Dr. Michelle Callahan and author Jessica Weiner.
New Year, New You!
WatchedS02E69: New Year, New You!
Aired: Fri, 2006-12-29
Guests include
Holiday Reunions
WatchedS02E68: Holiday Reunions
Aired: Tue, 2006-12-19
Obsessive-compulsive disorder is discussed. Dr. Drew Pinsky is a guest.
Holiday Girl Party!
WatchedS02E67: Holiday Girl Party!
Aired: Mon, 2006-12-18
Gay and lesbian coming-out stories. Author Lauren Blitzer (
The Wayans Brothers, Dancing with the Stars and Fantasia
WatchedS02E66: The Wayans Brothers, Dancing with the Stars and Fantasia
Aired: Fri, 2006-12-15
Tips for busy women. Nutritionist Jorge Cruise and carpenter Carter Oosterhouse are guests.
Racial Injustices
WatchedS02E65: Racial Injustices
Aired: Mon, 2006-12-11
Comic Ant, singer Mikalah Gordon, hypnotist Kevin Stone and personal trainer Ashley Borden help audience members with New Year's resolutions. Also: Cassie performs
Thrust into the Spotlight
WatchedS02E64: Thrust into the Spotlight
Aired: Fri, 2006-12-08
Guests are reunited with long-lost loved ones.
Living Great in Your 20’s, 30’s and 40’s
WatchedS02E63: Living Great in Your 20’s, 30’s and 40’s
Aired: Thu, 2006-12-07
A holiday show in which single moms are given gifts and spa treatments. Also: Clay Aiken sings
Web Celebs
WatchedS02E62: Web Celebs
Aired: Wed, 2006-12-06
Shawn and Marlon Wayans; Joey Lawrence; Drew Lachey. Also: Fantasia performs
I’ve Always Wanted To…
WatchedS02E61: I’ve Always Wanted To…
Aired: Tue, 2006-12-05
People thrust into the media spotlight because of crimes involving family members are guests, including Owen LaFave, whose ex-wife Debra, a teacher, had an affair with a 14-year-old student; Russell Yates, whose ex-wife Andre...
Becoming Fearless
WatchedS02E60: Becoming Fearless
Aired: Mon, 2006-12-04
Fashion, finance and sex tips for women.
Secret Lives of Party Girls
WatchedS02E59: Secret Lives of Party Girls
Aired: Fri, 2006-12-01
A viral-video contest is judged by Web-site star Brooke Brodack, TV host Kevin Pereira and comedian Patrice O'Neal.
Jay Manuel and John Legend
WatchedS02E58: Jay Manuel and John Legend
Aired: Thu, 2006-11-30
Tyra grants wishes for viewers, including one for Sarah Ferguson, the duchess of York.
A Day in the Life of a Porn Star
WatchedS02E57: A Day in the Life of a Porn Star
Aired: Wed, 2006-11-29
A discussion of fear with guests Reichen Lehmkuhl (
Thick and Sexy Top Model
WatchedS02E56: Thick and Sexy Top Model
Aired: Tue, 2006-11-28
Party girls' lives are examined. Dr. Garry Corgiat offers analysis.
Sex 101 with Sue Johanson
WatchedS02E55: Sex 101 with Sue Johanson
Aired: Mon, 2006-11-27
John Legend performs
Beauty 911
WatchedS02E54: Beauty 911
Aired: Fri, 2006-11-24
A discussion of adult-film stars' lives with actresses Jessica Drake and Savannah and Sharon Mitchell, founder of the Adult Industry Medical Health Care Foundation.
Clay Aiken
WatchedS02E53: Clay Aiken
Aired: Wed, 2006-11-22
A modeling contest for plus-size women is held. Mia Tyler, Ruben Studdard and Joshua Morrow are the judges. Former
Do I Look Fat?
WatchedS02E52: Do I Look Fat?
Aired: Tue, 2006-11-21
Sex counselor Sue Johanson fields questions and gives viewers a sex test.
Janet Jackson
WatchedS02E51: Janet Jackson
Aired: Mon, 2006-11-20
Beauty tips from Tyra, Elle Macpherson and Jay Manuel.
WatchedS02E50: Diddy
Aired: Fri, 2006-11-17
Clay Aiken is interviewed and performs
Makeovers for Life: Meth Faces
WatchedS02E49: Makeovers for Life: Meth Faces
Aired: Thu, 2006-11-16
Body image is discussed. Guests include comedian Ant, lifestyle coach Ashley Borden and body activist Jessica Weiner.
Panty Party
WatchedS02E48: Panty Party
Aired: Wed, 2006-11-15
Janet Jackson is interviewed. Also: Jackson and Tyra visit a performing-arts high school.
Hilary and Fantasia
WatchedS02E47: Hilary and Fantasia
Aired: Tue, 2006-11-14
Diddy stops by.
Undercover: My Day as a Man
WatchedS02E46: Undercover: My Day as a Man
Aired: Mon, 2006-11-13
Four former meth addicts get makeovers to cover up the physical effects of the drug.
Mary J. Blige, Jada Pinkett Smith and Carol's Daughter
WatchedS02E45: Mary J. Blige, Jada Pinkett Smith and Carol's Daughter
Aired: Fri, 2006-11-10
Intimate apparel is discussed. Also: Kimberley Locke shows off full-figured lingerie.
Homelessness: It's Closer Than You Think
WatchedS02E44: Homelessness: It's Closer Than You Think
Aired: Thu, 2006-11-09
Hilary Duff and Fantasia Barrino stop by.
Professional Athletes & The Women Who Love Them
WatchedS02E43: Professional Athletes & The Women Who Love Them
Aired: Wed, 2006-11-08
Tyra undergoes a makeover to look like a male member of a rap star's entourage.
Focus On Race: Trading Races, Changing Lives
WatchedS02E42: Focus On Race: Trading Races, Changing Lives
Aired: Tue, 2006-11-07
Mary J. Blige and Jada Pinkett Smith appear on the show.
WatchedS02E41: Fergalicious
Aired: Mon, 2006-11-06
Pro athlete groupies are discussed. Guests include the NBA's Andrei Kirilenko and Doug Christie and their wives, and the cast of CW's
Tailored by Tyra Makeovers
WatchedS02E40: Tailored by Tyra Makeovers
Aired: Fri, 2006-11-03
Fergie and will.i.am from Black Eyed Peas perform and chat with Tyra.
Tyra Exposes Modeling Scams
WatchedS02E39: Tyra Exposes Modeling Scams
Aired: Thu, 2006-11-02
Tyra gives five young women makeovers.
Kevin Federline & Nelly Furtado
WatchedS02E38: Kevin Federline & Nelly Furtado
Aired: Wed, 2006-11-01
Scams in the modeling industry are explored. Included: A fake modeling agency is created to demonstrate how aspiring models are conned.
Tara Reid's Plastic Surgery Nightmare
WatchedS02E37: Tara Reid's Plastic Surgery Nightmare
Aired: Tue, 2006-10-31
Nelly Furtado is interviewed and performs. Also: An
Diet Wars
WatchedS02E36: Diet Wars
Aired: Mon, 2006-10-30
Tara Reid discusses her plastic-surgery problems; Ludacris talks about his new album and performs
What Men Really Think About Sex
WatchedS02E35: What Men Really Think About Sex
Aired: Fri, 2006-10-27
Diet specialists Dr. Ian Smith (
Am I A Lesbian?
WatchedS02E34: Am I A Lesbian?
Aired: Thu, 2006-10-26
Men's sexual attitudes are discussed. Dr. Drew Pinsky offers insights.
Glamour Magazine's Do's & Don'ts
WatchedS02E33: Glamour Magazine's Do's & Don'ts
Aired: Wed, 2006-10-25
Experimenting with lesbianism is discussed. Author Lauren Blitzer (
Does Attractiveness Get You Further?
WatchedS02E32: Does Attractiveness Get You Further?
Aired: Tue, 2006-10-24
Glamour magazine's Ashley Banter discusses fashion dos and don'ts.
The Hogan's & The Carters
WatchedS02E31: The Hogan's & The Carters
Aired: Mon, 2006-10-23
Whether attractive people are treated better by society is discussed.
Tyra’s Got Talent – I Wanna Be a Reality Superstar
WatchedS02E30: Tyra’s Got Talent – I Wanna Be a Reality Superstar
Aired: Fri, 2006-10-20
The casts of the reality series
Undiscovered Eating Disorders
WatchedS02E29: Undiscovered Eating Disorders
Aired: Thu, 2006-10-19
A talent contest for rejected reality-show hopefuls. Judges include Tyce Diorio, John Heffron, Toccara Jones and Carmen Rasmusen.
Are You Too Nice?
WatchedS02E28: Are You Too Nice?
Aired: Wed, 2006-10-18
Lesser-known eating disorders are discussed, and body activist Jessica Weiner offers advice.
Beauty Secrets from Allure Magazine
WatchedS02E27: Beauty Secrets from Allure Magazine
Aired: Tue, 2006-10-17
Being too nice is discussed. Also: Dr. Michelle Callahan visits a mom who has trouble enforcing her rules.
My Breasts Are A Burden
WatchedS02E26: My Breasts Are A Burden
Aired: Mon, 2006-10-16
Beauty tips from Linda Wells, editor in chief of Allure magazine and author of
Reality TV: Secrets Revealed
WatchedS02E25: Reality TV: Secrets Revealed
Aired: Fri, 2006-10-13
Women---and a man---who think their breasts are a hindrance are guests. Dr. Michelle Callahan and Dr. Jay Calvert offer advice.
Hate Crimes
WatchedS02E24: Hate Crimes
Aired: Thu, 2006-10-12
Reality-TV stars are guests, including Lloyd Eisler and Kristy Swanson (
Extreme Fashion & Odd Plastic Surgery
WatchedS02E23: Extreme Fashion & Odd Plastic Surgery
Aired: Wed, 2006-10-11
Hate crimes are examined. Homosexual singer Kevin Aviance, who was beaten in an alleged antigay attack in June 2006, is a guest. Dr. Michelle Callahan offers insights on hate.
Group Love
WatchedS02E22: Group Love
Aired: Tue, 2006-10-10
A look at unusual plastic-surgery procedures, including one that allows women to sport hard-to-wear shoes. Also: a woman who risks bankruptcy spending $3000-$5000 a month to dress her daughters in style.
Focus on Race: Interracial Dating
WatchedS02E21: Focus on Race: Interracial Dating
Aired: Mon, 2006-10-09
A look at polyamory, or group love.
Secrets of Your Favorite Child Stars
WatchedS02E20: Secrets of Your Favorite Child Stars
Aired: Fri, 2006-10-06
Interracial dating is discussed.
Giving It Up
WatchedS02E19: Giving It Up
Aired: Thu, 2006-10-05
Former child stars are guests, including Dustin Diamond (
Beautiful Women, Tortured Lives
WatchedS02E18: Beautiful Women, Tortured Lives
Aired: Wed, 2006-10-04
Addictions, vices and obsessions are examined.
Dating: The New Frontier
WatchedS02E17: Dating: The New Frontier
Aired: Tue, 2006-10-03
Life coach Paula White offers advice to troubled guests.
The Secret World of Prostitution
WatchedS02E16: The Secret World of Prostitution
Aired: Mon, 2006-10-02
Today's panel is singles that are out on the prowl. Tyra discusses the new ways to meet people, including: Speed dating, singles clubs & mixers, and internet romance.
So You Think You Can Dance/Celebrity Fit Club
WatchedS02E15: So You Think You Can Dance/Celebrity Fit Club
Aired: Fri, 2006-09-29
Tyra welcomes women that are high priced call girls, to lower street walkers, to discuss why they have chosen that path. They discuss the money, and the dangers of living life on the edge, and fields audience questions.
Morbidly Obese Teens
WatchedS02E14: Morbidly Obese Teens
Aired: Thu, 2006-09-28
Tyra welcomes the contestants from both of these reality shows, to discuss the training and hard work that it takes to pull a show like these off.
WatchedS02E13: Virginity
Aired: Wed, 2006-09-27
Tyra has a panel of virgins on, and discusses their decision to stay celibate until marriage.
American Idol Attacked: Celebrity Survivors
WatchedS02E12: American Idol Attacked: Celebrity Survivors
Aired: Tue, 2006-09-26
Mikalah Gordan (American Idol) discussed being robbed at gunpoint. Mia Tyler talked about her painful childhood and how she finds relief through myspace. Letoya, former Destiny Child member, was on talking about dealing wit...
What People Really Think About You
WatchedS02E11: What People Really Think About You
Aired: Mon, 2006-09-25
Tyra had 5 audience members come on stage and let everyone make appearance based judgements. One lady went to 3 interviews so everyone could help her discover what she was doing wrong, and another woman went on several dates...
Flavor Flav and His Women
WatchedS02E10: Flavor Flav and His Women
Aired: Fri, 2006-09-22
Flavor Flav discusses what he's looking for in a woman, introduces the remaining contestants from this season's
Celebrity Diet Secrets
WatchedS02E09: Celebrity Diet Secrets
Aired: Thu, 2006-09-21
Ryan Seacrest, Brooke Burke and Jessica Simpson's trainer Mike Alexander discuss weight loss and fitness.
Top Model Premiere Party
WatchedS02E08: Top Model Premiere Party
Aired: Wed, 2006-09-20
Contestants from the sixth season of
Breaking Up with Shannen
WatchedS02E07: Breaking Up with Shannen
Aired: Tue, 2006-09-19
Shannen Doherty talks about her reality show
Exclusive: Naomi Campbell's Former Assistant
WatchedS02E06: Exclusive: Naomi Campbell's Former Assistant
Aired: Mon, 2006-09-18
Naomi Campbell's former assistant Amanda Brack talks about the abuse she allegedly received from her employer. Also: Dr. Michelle Callahan talks to two guests about rage.
Beyoncé Bares All
WatchedS02E05: Beyoncé Bares All
Aired: Fri, 2006-09-15
Beyonce and her mother, Tina Knowles, are guests. Also: the singer performs
Secrets for Sensational Skin
WatchedS02E04: Secrets for Sensational Skin
Aired: Thu, 2006-09-14
Skin-care tips and myths are discussed.
Web of Lies: Online Sex Crimes Exposed
WatchedS02E03: Web of Lies: Online Sex Crimes Exposed
Aired: Wed, 2006-09-13
Child predators on the Internet and the tactics they use are examined.
Exclusive: Nicole Richie Sets the Record Straight
WatchedS02E02: Exclusive: Nicole Richie Sets the Record Straight
Aired: Tue, 2006-09-12
Nicole Richie and magazine editor Ken Baker are guests.
Racism: Who Has It Worse?
WatchedS02E01: Racism: Who Has It Worse?
Aired: Mon, 2006-09-11
A discussion of racism, with the audience divided into white, black, Muslim, Latino and Asian groups.

Season 1

Help Me, Tyra!
WatchedS01E168: Help Me, Tyra!
Aired: Fri, 2006-08-11
Clips of makeovers from past episodes.
Mother/Daughter Conflict
WatchedS01E167: Mother/Daughter Conflict
Aired: Tue, 2006-08-08
Clips from past episodes featuring model searches.
WatchedS01E166: Transsexuals
Aired: Wed, 2006-08-02
Guests ask loved ones to explain themselves. Also: two young women who started a clothing line.
Tyra Banks: Undercover
WatchedS01E165: Tyra Banks: Undercover
Aired: Mon, 2006-07-24
Amerie performs
Tyra's Favorite Moments
WatchedS01E164: Tyra's Favorite Moments
Aired: Fri, 2006-07-21
Rihanna performs
Model Madness!
WatchedS01E163: Model Madness!
Aired: Mon, 2006-07-17
Tyra's mom, Carolyn London, joins her to help mothers and daughters work out their issues. Also: a jilted bride and her best friend are treated to a glamorous photo shoot.
The Most Unbelievable Surprises of the Season
WatchedS01E162: The Most Unbelievable Surprises of the Season
Aired: Fri, 2006-07-07
Transsexuals and their family members are guests.
Abusive Teen Relationships: Part Two
WatchedS01E161: Abusive Teen Relationships: Part Two
Aired: Thu, 2006-07-06
Highlights from past shows, including appearances by Queen Latifah, Jillian Barberie, Amerie, Kimora Lee Simmons, Quentin Tarantino, Heidi Klum, Nick Cannon, and Carolyn London, Tyra's mother.
’Top Model’ Mania!
WatchedS01E160: ’Top Model’ Mania!
Aired: Mon, 2006-07-03
Clips of models who've appeared on the show, including Naomi Campbell, Iman, Twiggy, Beverly Johnson, Marcus Schenkenberg, Tyson Beckford, Rachel Hunter, Heidi Klum, Alessandra Ambrosio and Janice Dickinson.
Teens and Sex: Part Two
WatchedS01E159: Teens and Sex: Part Two
Aired: Fri, 2006-06-30
Highlights of the past season, including appearances by Queen Latifah, Eve, Michael Rapaport, Brandy, Amanda Bynes and Bow Wow.
Tyra Makes Headlines
WatchedS01E158: Tyra Makes Headlines
Aired: Thu, 2006-06-29
Abusive teen relationships are discussed.
Dangers of Plastic Surgery
WatchedS01E157: Dangers of Plastic Surgery
Aired: Wed, 2006-06-28
America's Next Top Model contestants are interviewed, and psychiatrist Keith Ablow uncovers painful truths in two contestants' lives.
Breaking Up is Hard to Do
WatchedS01E156: Breaking Up is Hard to Do
Aired: Thu, 2006-06-22
Tyra features another episode on teen sex.
High-Maintenance Women
WatchedS01E155: High-Maintenance Women
Aired: Tue, 2006-06-20
Highlights from past shows are featured. Included: Tyra confronting Naomi Campbell about their 14-year feud and an adult star about using the name Tyra Banxxx; Tyra getting into an argument with self-proclaimed
Forgive Me
WatchedS01E154: Forgive Me
Aired: Tue, 2006-06-13
Relationship advice is offered, including tips on how to keep a breakup from getting ugly.
One More Date With An Ex
WatchedS01E153: One More Date With An Ex
Aired: Thu, 2006-06-08
High-maintenance women are discussed.
I Love You But…
WatchedS01E152: I Love You But…
Aired: Wed, 2006-06-07
Guests apologize to loved ones they've wronged and ask for forgiveness. Also: an etiquette expert shows how to respect others with good manners.
Popular Guests Return
WatchedS01E151: Popular Guests Return
Aired: Tue, 2006-06-06
Couples who want to stay together but have one big issue tearing them apart are advised.
Why Men Cheat
WatchedS01E150: Why Men Cheat
Aired: Thu, 2006-06-01
The women who pledged to get fit on a January show return. Also: Christina Milian sings
The Prize Is Inside: The Big Reveal!
WatchedS01E149: The Prize Is Inside: The Big Reveal!
Aired: Thu, 2006-05-25
Guests include Venus Williams, race-car driver Danica Patrick and Jay Manuel (
It’s Your Lucky Day
WatchedS01E148: It’s Your Lucky Day
Aired: Wed, 2006-05-24
Examining the abundance of bacteria on everyday items, including makeup kits, sheets and remote controls.
Baby Got Bacteria
WatchedS01E147: Baby Got Bacteria
Aired: Tue, 2006-05-23
Kimora Lee Simmons is a guest.
The Fabulous Life of Kimora Lee Simmons
WatchedS01E146: The Fabulous Life of Kimora Lee Simmons
Aired: Mon, 2006-05-22
A search for a male underwear model, with judges Terri Seymour (
The 'Tyra' Show Male Model Search
WatchedS01E145: The 'Tyra' Show Male Model Search
Aired: Fri, 2006-05-19
Tyra visits a prison, where she's fingerprinted, strip-searched and talks to the inmates.
Tyra Investigates: Women in Prison
WatchedS01E144: Tyra Investigates: Women in Prison
Aired: Thu, 2006-05-18
Girls Gone Wild
WatchedS01E143: Girls Gone Wild
Aired: Wed, 2006-05-17
Tips on keeping wedding costs down.
Wedding for Less
WatchedS01E142: Wedding for Less
Aired: Tue, 2006-05-16
Teenage girls talk about what they do when their parents aren't watching.
The Secret Lives of Teen Girls
WatchedS01E141: The Secret Lives of Teen Girls
Aired: Mon, 2006-05-15
A Mother's Day episode. Guests include Tyra's mom; Mario Lopez and his mom; Holly Robinson Peete and her mom; and Mikalah Gordon (
Mother's Day Surprises
WatchedS01E140: Mother's Day Surprises
Aired: Fri, 2006-05-12
ANTM: Where Are They Now?
WatchedS01E139: ANTM: Where Are They Now?
Aired: Thu, 2006-05-11
Kimberley Locke (
Full-Figured Top Model
WatchedS01E138: Full-Figured Top Model
Aired: Wed, 2006-05-10
Updates on former guests who've had drastic cosmetic surgery.
Plastic Surgery Updates
WatchedS01E137: Plastic Surgery Updates
Aired: Tue, 2006-05-09
Bobby Brown and Lisa Rinna discuss their famous spouses, Whitney Houston and Harry Hamlin.
Bobby Brown
WatchedS01E136: Bobby Brown
Aired: Mon, 2006-05-08
Jenna Jameson talks about how she went from exotic dancer to head of a multimillion-dollar company. Also: women who throw in-home passion parties for a living; an erotic author; and women who make a living off sexy voices.
Unlikely Sex Stars
WatchedS01E135: Unlikely Sex Stars
Aired: Fri, 2006-05-05
A trip to Las Vegas, featuring a performance by Celine Dion. Also: Paula Abdul discusses her feelings about Simon Cowell; and Tyra shows Carrot Top how to get the best value at a buffet.
Tyra in Las Vegas
WatchedS01E134: Tyra in Las Vegas
Aired: Thu, 2006-05-04
Tyra pulls pranks on guests, and the Pussycat Dolls perform
Tyra Pranks
WatchedS01E133: Tyra Pranks
Aired: Wed, 2006-05-03
The mother of missing Alabama teen Natalee Holloway, Beth Twitty, discusses the case.
When Partying Turns Deadly
WatchedS01E132: When Partying Turns Deadly
Aired: Tue, 2006-05-02
Iman and Tyra share beauty secrets.
Tyra’s Makeup Secrets
WatchedS01E131: Tyra’s Makeup Secrets
Aired: Mon, 2006-05-01
A look at cosmetic-surgery options for the posterior, including implants, lifts and liposuction, as well as less invasive methods such as cellulite cream and shapers.
All About the Booty
WatchedS01E130: All About the Booty
Aired: Fri, 2006-04-28
Guests switch races.
Trading Races
WatchedS01E129: Trading Races
Aired: Thu, 2006-04-27
Self-defense tips for women.
60 Seconds to Save Your Life
WatchedS01E128: 60 Seconds to Save Your Life
Aired: Wed, 2006-04-26
Guest Janice Dickinson has a therapy session with Dr. Keith Ablow.
Deconstructing Janice Dickinson
WatchedS01E127: Deconstructing Janice Dickinson
Aired: Tue, 2006-04-25
America's celebrity obsession is discussed. Guests include Stacy Keibler (
Obsessed with Celebrities
WatchedS01E126: Obsessed with Celebrities
Aired: Mon, 2006-04-24
Sexually transmitted diseases are discussed.
The ABCs of STDs
WatchedS01E125: The ABCs of STDs
Aired: Fri, 2006-04-21
Women who deal with the same emotional issues as participants on
I Struggle With the Same Issues As the ‘Top Models’
WatchedS01E124: I Struggle With the Same Issues As the ‘Top Models’
Aired: Thu, 2006-04-20
Women who love gay men are guests.
Women Who Love Gay Men
WatchedS01E123: Women Who Love Gay Men
Aired: Wed, 2006-04-19
Abusive relationships are discussed with psychologist Michelle Callahan.
Abusive Relationships
WatchedS01E122: Abusive Relationships
Aired: Tue, 2006-04-18
Emme and Beverly Peele are guests on an episode about the downsides of modeling, including drug addiction, harassment and the pressure to be thin.
The Dangers of Modeling
WatchedS01E121: The Dangers of Modeling
Aired: Mon, 2006-04-17
Fathers and daughters from WE's TV series
WatchedS01E120: Teenzilla
Aired: Fri, 2006-04-14
Carmen Electra, Regina Hall and Simon Rex talk about Scary Movie 4. Also: Electra discusses a risqu
Carmen Electra and the cast of ‘Scary Movie 4’
WatchedS01E119: Carmen Electra and the cast of ‘Scary Movie 4’
Aired: Thu, 2006-04-13
Moguls, inventors and entrepreneurs, including Russell Simmons, share tips on financial success.
How To Get Rich
WatchedS01E118: How To Get Rich
Aired: Wed, 2006-04-12
Problems with exes are discussed.
The Ex-Factor
WatchedS01E117: The Ex-Factor
Aired: Tue, 2006-04-11
Eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia are discussed.
Deadly Eating Disorders
WatchedS01E116: Deadly Eating Disorders
Aired: Mon, 2006-04-10
Makeover tips from the book Foxy to Frumpy in 15 Minutes Flat: Style Advice for Every Woman.
Frumpy to Foxy Makeovers
WatchedS01E115: Frumpy to Foxy Makeovers
Aired: Fri, 2006-04-07
Guests confront atypical phobias, including the fear of clowns, garden gnomes, ovens and Styrofoam.
Unsual Phobias
WatchedS01E114: Unsual Phobias
Aired: Thu, 2006-04-06
Catching up with past guests.
Memorable Guests' Updates
WatchedS01E113: Memorable Guests' Updates
Aired: Wed, 2006-04-05
The popularity of the Web site MySpace is discussed with site members Jeremy Jackson and Christine Dolce. Also: Richard Rubin (Beauty and the Geek) helps Tyra create a profile for MySpace.
The Myspace Phenomenon
WatchedS01E112: The Myspace Phenomenon
Aired: Tue, 2006-04-04
Women whose lives changed because of a single photograph talk about their experiences.
Photo That Changed My Life
WatchedS01E111: Photo That Changed My Life
Aired: Mon, 2006-04-03
Women of various ethnicities discuss racial bias.
Lil' Kim/Black.White/America's Next Top Model Sneak Preview
WatchedS01E110: Lil' Kim/Black.White/America's Next Top Model Sneak Preview
Aired: Wed, 2006-03-08
Tyra helps guests get organized.
Do Over
WatchedS01E109: Do Over
Aired: Mon, 2006-03-06
Lisa Loeb talks about her E! reality show, #1 Single; an America's Next Top Model contestant with the worst photo in the show's history gets a reshoot; and Tyra finally lands her teenage dream job, working at Hot Dog on a Sti...
Secrets of Music Superstars
WatchedS01E108: Secrets of Music Superstars
Aired: Fri, 2006-03-03
John Legend and the Pussycat Dolls perform. Also: interviews with JoJo and Kelly Rowland.
Celebrity Fitness
WatchedS01E107: Celebrity Fitness
Aired: Thu, 2006-03-02
Celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak discusses fitness. Also: Yoanna House (America's Next Top Model) demonstrates her pilates routine.
Tyra Undercover: My Night As A Stripper
WatchedS01E106: Tyra Undercover: My Night As A Stripper
Aired: Wed, 2006-03-01
Tyra poses as a stripper to explore the world of topless clubs. Also: a couple whose relationship deteriorated because of the man's strip-club addiction.
Sex Ed 101 with Sue Johanson
WatchedS01E105: Sex Ed 101 with Sue Johanson
Aired: Tue, 2006-02-28
Sex expert Sue Johanson interprets the results of a sex survey and discusses all-things libidinal.
Queen Latifah
WatchedS01E104: Queen Latifah
Aired: Mon, 2006-02-27
Queen Latifah discusses her film projects.
American Idol Makeovers
WatchedS01E103: American Idol Makeovers
Aired: Fri, 2006-02-24
Former American Idol contestants are made over, including Ryan Starr, Tamyra Gray, Kimberly Caldwell, Mikalah Gordon, Matthew Rogers, Anthony Federov and Vonzell Solomon.
Tyler Perry: Madea’s Family Reunion
WatchedS01E102: Tyler Perry: Madea’s Family Reunion
Aired: Thu, 2006-02-23
An interview with writer-director Tyler Perry (Madea's Family Reunion). Also: appearances by cast members Boris Kodjoe, Blair Underwood, Lynn Whitfield, Rochelle Aytes and Lisa Arrindell Anderson.
The Dangers of Plastic Surgery
WatchedS01E101: The Dangers of Plastic Surgery
Aired: Wed, 2006-02-22
A look at the dangers of plastic surgery. Included: a woman who's had 19 cosmetic procedures; one whose breast augmentation disfigured her; and another almost killed by gastric-bypass surgery.
The Ladies of the Bunny Ranch Brothel
WatchedS01E100: The Ladies of the Bunny Ranch Brothel
Aired: Tue, 2006-02-21
An interview with the stars of Cathouse, the HBO series following the goings-on at a legal brothel in Nevada, as well as the brothel's owners.
All Access Pass with LL Cool J
WatchedS01E99: All Access Pass with LL Cool J
Aired: Mon, 2006-02-20
Tyra talks with LL Cool J; and goes to Mariah Carey's Grammy party for an interview with Britney Spears and Kevin Federline. Also: behind the scenes at The Price Is Right.
Behind the Scenes of Reality TV
WatchedS01E98: Behind the Scenes of Reality TV
Aired: Fri, 2006-02-17
Kathy Griffin and Jillian Barberie are guests.
Inside the Mind of Janice Dickinson
WatchedS01E97: Inside the Mind of Janice Dickinson
Aired: Thu, 2006-02-16
Janice Dickinson is interviewed and presents the winner of the transsexual modeling contest with a contract.
Celebrity Gastric Bypass Surgery
WatchedS01E96: Celebrity Gastric Bypass Surgery
Aired: Wed, 2006-02-15
Singer Carnie Wilson, actress Jackie Guerra (Selena) and radio personality Big Boy talk about gastric bypass surgery.
Tyra’s Valentine’s Day Extravaganza
WatchedS01E95: Tyra’s Valentine’s Day Extravaganza
Aired: Tue, 2006-02-14
A Valentine's Day show featuring Kristin Cavallari (Laguna Beach) and Steve Watson (Monster House).
Real Life Brokeback Mountain
WatchedS01E94: Real Life Brokeback Mountain
Aired: Mon, 2006-02-13
Gay-cowboy couples are Brokeback Mountain scenarios.
Transsexual Top Model
WatchedS01E93: Transsexual Top Model
Aired: Fri, 2006-02-10
A contest to find America's next transsexual top model with Janice Dickinson, James St. James and Kevin Aviance as judges.
I Can Do That
WatchedS01E92: I Can Do That
Aired: Thu, 2006-02-09
Tyra tries to be a Vegas showgirl; and helps a young woman battle Nick Cannon on his MTV show Wild N Out. Also: Cannon tries to host Tyra's show; a photographer does her first fashion photo shoot with Tyra modeling; and a wom...
Teens and Sex
WatchedS01E91: Teens and Sex
Aired: Wed, 2006-02-08
Teens talk about their sex lives.
Face Your Fears
WatchedS01E90: Face Your Fears
Aired: Tue, 2006-02-07
Tyra faces her biggest fears, dolphins and killer whales. Also: Alison Sweeney talks about her appearance on Fear Factor.
Eating Disorders
WatchedS01E89: Eating Disorders
Aired: Mon, 2006-02-06
Scarlett Pomers (Reba) talks about anorexia.
Woman Marries a 15-Year-Old Boy
WatchedS01E88: Woman Marries a 15-Year-Old Boy
Aired: Fri, 2006-02-03
A 37-year-old Georgia woman who married her son's 15-year-old best friend talks about her situation.
Do It For Less
WatchedS01E87: Do It For Less
Aired: Thu, 2006-02-02
Tips on saving money are offered. Included: a cheap room makeover; fashions under $100.
Paris: New Beginnings
WatchedS01E86: Paris: New Beginnings
Aired: Wed, 2006-02-01
Three guests are given the opportunity for a new start in Paris.
Ask My Mama
WatchedS01E85: Ask My Mama
Aired: Tue, 2006-01-31
Tyra's mother offers tips, tricks and advice.
Shocking Secrets of
WatchedS01E84: Shocking Secrets of "America’s Next Top Model: Cycle 5"
Aired: Mon, 2006-01-30
Contestants from Season 5 of America's Next Top Model reveal what wasn't seen on the show.
The Sisterhood
WatchedS01E83: The Sisterhood
Aired: Fri, 2006-01-27
Sisterhood and forgiveness are discussed.
Tyra’s Model Hunt
WatchedS01E82: Tyra’s Model Hunt
Aired: Thu, 2006-01-26
Tyra searches for prospective models in everyday places and sets them up with photo shoots.
I Want You Back
WatchedS01E81: I Want You Back
Aired: Wed, 2006-01-25
Guests try to win back a mate's trust after cheating.
Love the New Look, Hate the New You
WatchedS01E80: Love the New Look, Hate the New You
Aired: Tue, 2006-01-24
Guests who had drastic changes in appearance discuss how it affected their relationships.
Men Who Love Divas
WatchedS01E79: Men Who Love Divas
Aired: Mon, 2006-01-23
The Apprentice's Omarosa discusses why men love divas. Meanwhile, men show off their dogs.
Re-invent Yourself Makeovers
WatchedS01E78: Re-invent Yourself Makeovers
Aired: Fri, 2006-01-20
Guests are given makeovers.
Revealing Your True Self
WatchedS01E77: Revealing Your True Self
Aired: Thu, 2006-01-19
Guests reveal their secrets to friends and family.
Seth Green and 'The Biggest Loser'
WatchedS01E76: Seth Green and 'The Biggest Loser'
Aired: Wed, 2006-01-18
Guests include Seth Green and contestants from NBC's hit reality show The Biggest Loser.
'Top Models' Reveal the Whole Truth: Part 2
WatchedS01E75: 'Top Models' Reveal the Whole Truth: Part 2
Aired: Tue, 2006-01-17
Psychiatrist Keith Ablow offers advice to America's Next Top Model contestants on their personal issues.
The Prize Inside
WatchedS01E74: The Prize Inside
Aired: Mon, 2006-01-16
Women who are struggling with their weight are given weight-loss tips by celebrities.
Inside The Minds Of Men
WatchedS01E73: Inside The Minds Of Men
Aired: Thu, 2006-01-12
Men discuss their views on love, sex, and dating.
Addicted to Love
WatchedS01E72: Addicted to Love
Aired: Mon, 2006-01-09
Guests include women who want more attention, affection, and intimacy from their partners. Figure-flattering fashions are also discussed.
Fix It Or Flaunt It: Part II
WatchedS01E71: Fix It Or Flaunt It: Part II
Aired: Fri, 2006-01-06
Tyra helps guests work on fixing their flaws and problems.
Icons: Tarantino and Twiggy
WatchedS01E70: Icons: Tarantino and Twiggy
Aired: Thu, 2006-01-05
Actor Quentin Tarantino and Supermodel Twiggy are the guests of the day. Rapper Ray J performs.
'Top Model: Cycle 5' Fan Choice Awards
WatchedS01E69: 'Top Model: Cycle 5' Fan Choice Awards
Aired: Mon, 2006-01-02
Fans vote on the best moments of the 5th cycle of the hit show America's Next Top Model and the contestants of the show discuss each moment.
Mary J. Blige
WatchedS01E68: Mary J. Blige
Aired: Wed, 2005-12-21
Mary J. Blige performs and talks about love, life and success with Tyra.
A Star-Studded Holiday Celebration
WatchedS01E67: A Star-Studded Holiday Celebration
Aired: Tue, 2005-12-20
Faith Evans sings a song from her CD A Faithful Christmas. Other guests include entrepreneur Damon Dash and actors Tom Arnold and Eric Gores (The Kid and I).
Tyra Clause Is Coming To Town
WatchedS01E66: Tyra Clause Is Coming To Town
Aired: Mon, 2005-12-19
Tyra plays Santa and gives Christmas gifts out. She and her "Top Model" elves give tasty treats to shoppers at the mall and on the street.
Holiday Reunions
WatchedS01E65: Holiday Reunions
Aired: Fri, 2005-12-16
Guests are reunited with loved ones for the holidays.
Racism In America
WatchedS01E64: Racism In America
Aired: Thu, 2005-12-15
Tyra pulls out all the stops and lays it all on the line on Racism is discussed. The topics get heated and Tyra tries to bridge the gap between some guests.
My First...
WatchedS01E63: My First...
Aired: Mon, 2005-12-12
In an hour centered on firsts, Tyra is reunited with her first-kiss recipient. She also plays guitar for the first time with Gavin Rossdale's new band, Institute; and she and her mom help a young woman deal with her first bre...
Tyra's Most Popular Guests Returns
WatchedS01E62: Tyra's Most Popular Guests Returns
Aired: Fri, 2005-12-09
Who was your favorite Tyra guest? Were they funny? Inspiring? The season's most memorable guests return for a visit.
Married Too Soon?
WatchedS01E61: Married Too Soon?
Aired: Thu, 2005-12-08
Tyra talks to young couples whose relationships are in trouble, asking the question did they get married too soon?.
Heartfelt Surprises
WatchedS01E60: Heartfelt Surprises
Aired: Wed, 2005-12-07
Victims of tragedy are helped. Also, India.Arie performs a new song inspired by Hurricane Katrina.
Tyra Talks to Teens About Self Esteem
WatchedS01E58: Tyra Talks to Teens About Self Esteem
Aired: Mon, 2005-12-05
Tyra teams up with a clinical psychologist to try to help teens who have suffered a blow to their self-esteem get a better image of themselves.
'Top Models' Reveal The Whole Truth
WatchedS01E57: 'Top Models' Reveal The Whole Truth
Aired: Wed, 2005-11-30
Hear from your favorite
What's Sexy with Pamela Anderson
WatchedS01E56: What's Sexy with Pamela Anderson
Aired: Tue, 2005-11-29
Pam Anderson and her Stacked co-star Marissa Jaret Winokur dish on what
Video Vixen and Dennis Rodman Tell All
WatchedS01E55: Video Vixen and Dennis Rodman Tell All
Aired: Mon, 2005-11-28
Tyra interviews former music video star and author of the best-selling tell-all book, Confessions of a Video Vixen, Karrine Steffans. Hear all about her wild escapades and famous lovers. Bad boy of the NBA, Dennis Rodman sha...
So You Think You Can Model
WatchedS01E54: So You Think You Can Model
Aired: Fri, 2005-11-25
Tyra challenged viewers who said they had what it takes to win a
Tyra Banks: Swin Suit Edition
WatchedS01E53: Tyra Banks: Swin Suit Edition
Aired: Wed, 2005-11-23
Beach-vacation tips on looking good in a swimsuit, tanning and surfing. Also, designers take Tyra's fabric-free swimsuit challenge; and a woman who runs errands all day in a bikini is rewarded.
Is Monogamy Natrual?
WatchedS01E52: Is Monogamy Natrual?
Aired: Tue, 2005-11-22
Tyra leads the audience in a discussion about monogamy. Hugh Hefner and his three girlfriends make an appearance, and discuss how their relationship works for them.
Tyra's Last Walk
WatchedS01E51: Tyra's Last Walk
Aired: Mon, 2005-11-21
Tyra gives the audience an emotional backstage look at her final modeling job, the Victoria's Secret fashion show, where she received a special farewell gift.
Naomi Campbell
WatchedS01E50: Naomi Campbell
Aired: Fri, 2005-11-18
Tyra is joined by supermodel Naomi Campbell and the pair discusses their 14-year long feud for the first time. Tyra asks the audience to leave so she can confront Naomi one on one.
Hook Me Up Like A Star
WatchedS01E49: Hook Me Up Like A Star
Aired: Thu, 2005-11-17
Tyra surprises guests with the chance to live like a star with champagne, chauffeurs, and caviar! Fashion designer Nicky Hilton discusses her life, sister Paris, and she shows off some new fashions on audience member models.
Tyra Do It For Me
WatchedS01E48: Tyra Do It For Me
Aired: Wed, 2005-11-16
Guests ask Tyra to 'do it FOR them' and she becomes a waitress for one tired woman, and takes care of small children so an exhausted mom can enjoy some personal time. Plus, Jaime Pressly from the hit comedy My Name is Earl s...
Ask the Sexpert
WatchedS01E47: Ask the Sexpert
Aired: Tue, 2005-11-15
Tyra is joined by Oxygen channel 'sexpert', Sue Johanson, to answer all of you sex related questions. Plus, don
Facing The Truth
WatchedS01E46: Facing The Truth
Aired: Mon, 2005-11-14
Tyra undergoes therapy in front of the studio audience and millions of viewers, revealing some personal issues for the first time! She is joined by psychiatrist and best-selling author Dr. Keith Ablow.
Shocking Secrets of America's Next Top Model
WatchedS01E45: Shocking Secrets of America's Next Top Model
Aired: Fri, 2005-11-11
Hear about the stuff you didn
WatchedS01E44: Fanatics
Aired: Thu, 2005-11-10
Tyra surprises fans with a special face-to-face meeting with their idols, including Eve and the entire cast of her hit show, hip-hop hero Bow Wow, and Michael Rapaport from FOX
The Dark Side of Modeling
WatchedS01E43: The Dark Side of Modeling
Aired: Wed, 2005-11-09
Tyra is visted once again by the world
Drag Queen Makeovers
WatchedS01E42: Drag Queen Makeovers
Aired: Tue, 2005-11-08
Meet Tyra
Tyra Undercover and Overweight
WatchedS01E41: Tyra Undercover and Overweight
Aired: Mon, 2005-11-07
Tyra goes undercover as a 350-pound woman to see if overweight people are treated differently. She also talks with overweight women who face discrimination everyday because of their weight.
Fabulous Photo Friday
WatchedS01E40: Fabulous Photo Friday
Aired: Fri, 2005-11-04
Tyra shares her tips for taking a good picture, and directs guest's photo shoots to help them get their dream shot. Jay Manuel from
Secrets of The Supermodels
WatchedS01E39: Secrets of The Supermodels
Aired: Thu, 2005-11-03
Tyra is joined by some of the biggest supermodels in the world for a tell-all dish-fest! Heidi Klum, Beverly Johnson, Rachel Hunter, and the newest Victoria
Good Hair Day
WatchedS01E38: Good Hair Day
Aired: Wed, 2005-11-02
An episode about hair features R&B star Brandy, stylist Jonathan Antin (
Get Over It
WatchedS01E37: Get Over It
Aired: Tue, 2005-11-01
Tyra discusses
Tyra's Halloween Spook-tacular
WatchedS01E36: Tyra's Halloween Spook-tacular
Aired: Mon, 2005-10-31
Tyra dresses up as Paris Hilton for her spooky Halloween-themed episode. Tyra
Romance 101
WatchedS01E35: Romance 101
Aired: Fri, 2005-10-28
Learn how to spice up your love life! Couples discuss the secrets to their bedroom bliss like making an amateur adult film and swinging. A woman who doesn
Matchmaking Moms
WatchedS01E34: Matchmaking Moms
Aired: Thu, 2005-10-27
Does your mom hate the guys you date and love to play matchmaker? Tyra has a mother set her daughter up with a hottie and another guest attempts to mend the relationship with his girlfriend
Fueding Friends
WatchedS01E33: Fueding Friends
Aired: Wed, 2005-10-26
See what happens when women try to salvage friendships damaged by doing the unthinkable, like sleeping with your best friend
Should You Take Back A Cheater?
WatchedS01E32: Should You Take Back A Cheater?
Aired: Tue, 2005-10-25
What would you do to get back the man who cheated on you? One woman tells the details of her affair, and find out what happened to previous guests when they got home after confessing that they had an affair.
Cougars: On the Prowl for Younger Men
WatchedS01E31: Cougars: On the Prowl for Younger Men
Aired: Mon, 2005-10-24
Today Tyra talks about
Make A Difference Day
WatchedS01E30: Make A Difference Day
Aired: Fri, 2005-10-21
Tyra encourages everyone to give back to your community and participate in USA Weekend
Surprise Someone You Love
WatchedS01E29: Surprise Someone You Love
Aired: Thu, 2005-10-20
WatchedS01E28: Rematch
Aired: Wed, 2005-10-19
Guests set up their single friends with their exes! Tyra continues her search for guys that are 'keepers'. Plus, a special appearance by the latest girl to be kicked off of America
First Love, Last Chance
WatchedS01E27: First Love, Last Chance
Aired: Tue, 2005-10-18
Learn from a pair of private investigators who give tips on tell-tale signs of cheating and the list of the seven U.S. cites with the highest number of affairs. Tyra helps a couple get past the infidelity that has rocked the...
Made Over & Fixed Up
WatchedS01E26: Made Over & Fixed Up
Aired: Mon, 2005-10-17
Tyra and her team makeover three single ladies from the U.S. Air Force as well as a woman who is ready to start a new life after catching her fianc
WatchedS01E25: Reunions
Aired: Fri, 2005-10-14
Get ready to cry as Tyra reunites guests with loved ones. SELF Magazine helps three women achieve fierce new fitness looks and take a peek at Tyra
Why Did You Dump Me?
WatchedS01E24: Why Did You Dump Me?
Aired: Thu, 2005-10-13
Women confront the men that broke up with them and left with no explanation, to see if they can get any closure or an apology.
Tyra, Help Me Find My Mom A Man
WatchedS01E23: Tyra, Help Me Find My Mom A Man
Aired: Wed, 2005-10-12
First up, shocking secrets are revealed about Sarah
Couples Makeover
WatchedS01E22: Couples Makeover
Aired: Tue, 2005-10-11
You have seen makeover shows where guests are given new hairstyles and makeup to enhance their looks? Well today Tyra has a guest who wants help convincing his pageant queen fianc
Caught in the Act
WatchedS01E21: Caught in the Act
Aired: Mon, 2005-10-10
Suspicions of a cheating mate are minimal compared to the heartbreak of actually catching them in the act. Dr. Drew Pinsky, host of Loveline, shares his insights into the mind of a cheating man. Plus check out the latest ga...
Fix It, Or Flaunt It
WatchedS01E20: Fix It, Or Flaunt It
Aired: Fri, 2005-10-07
Tyra heads to the mall to ambush women and give out tips on fixing flaws. Tyra and
Changing Lives: Tyra Banks Confronts Tyra BanXXX
WatchedS01E19: Changing Lives: Tyra Banks Confronts Tyra BanXXX
Aired: Thu, 2005-10-06
Tyra confronts adult film star Tyra Banxxx and offers to help her change her life. Next, Tyra helps a mother and daughter repair their relationship after the mother apologizes for not being there for her daughter.
Queen of Cheap
WatchedS01E18: Queen of Cheap
Aired: Wed, 2005-10-05
Are You Dating A Disaster?
WatchedS01E17: Are You Dating A Disaster?
Aired: Tue, 2005-10-04
Tyra coaches a struggling single on a date and three former contestants from The Bachelor give advice to another desperate dater. Tyra teaches the audience about
The Relationship Test: Free Pass
WatchedS01E16: The Relationship Test: Free Pass
Aired: Mon, 2005-10-03
Tyra grants a
Strategic Shopping
WatchedS01E15: Strategic Shopping
Aired: Fri, 2005-09-30
Tyra gives shopping tips on how to get a designer look without spending a fortune. American Idol star and Lane Bryant model Kimberly Locke performs her newest hit single,
You're Not Who I Thought You Were
WatchedS01E14: You're Not Who I Thought You Were
Aired: Thu, 2005-09-29
Tyra helps couples who are dealing with major changes in their lives, including a couple whose financial problems are ruining their relationship, and a man who is ready to leave his girlfriend because she has gained so much w...
Tyra Plays Cupid
WatchedS01E13: Tyra Plays Cupid
Aired: Wed, 2005-09-28
Tyra plays matchmaker and sends a couple out on a blind date. Next Tyra surprises a fan by introducing her to her favorite R&B singer, Frankie J. Style Network
My Man Won't Commit
WatchedS01E12: My Man Won't Commit
Aired: Tue, 2005-09-27
Tyra discusses fear of commitment with couples and prods the men for answers.
Ty Surprise
WatchedS01E11: Ty Surprise
Aired: Mon, 2005-09-26
Tyra surprises an aspiring designer by modeling a gown she secretly had made from the designer
Fabulous Friday
WatchedS01E10: Fabulous Friday
Aired: Fri, 2005-09-23
Tyra celebrates the start of the weekend with a live DJ, and a dance-off with her guests Nick Cannon, star of MTV
Tyra, Help Me Talk To My Daughter
WatchedS01E09: Tyra, Help Me Talk To My Daughter
Aired: Thu, 2005-09-22
Tyra gives advice to mothers on repairing relationships with their teen daughters. Jenny McCarthy stops by to talk about the close bond she has with her mother.
America's Next Top Model Reunion
WatchedS01E08: America's Next Top Model Reunion
Aired: Wed, 2005-09-21
Former America
All About Breasts
WatchedS01E07: All About Breasts
Aired: Tue, 2005-09-20
Tyra has an on on-air sonogram to dispel rumors about the authenticity of her breasts and gives real women bra makeovers. Anna Nicole Smith and Ricardo Chayira from Desperate Housewives stop by to discuss the topic of the da...
Sex Trends
WatchedS01E05: Sex Trends
Aired: Fri, 2005-09-16
Tyra dishes the dirt on the latest trends in the bedroom from the recent virginity resurgence to the growing popularity of alternative lifestyles. Victoria
Should I Stay Or Should I Go?
WatchedS01E04: Should I Stay Or Should I Go?
Aired: Thu, 2005-09-15
Tyra helps a young couple make an attempt to mend their relationship after they have been apart for five months. Vivica A. Fox, star of Missing, struts her stuff on the runway and reveals a secret behind her tattoo.
Fierce for Fall
WatchedS01E03: Fierce for Fall
Aired: Wed, 2005-09-14
Tyra tracks this fall
Better Body Image
WatchedS01E02: Better Body Image
Aired: Tue, 2005-09-13
Tyra discusses the issue of body image and how it affects many women and distorts their perceptions of their bodies. Showtime At the Apollo host Mo
Premiere Show!
WatchedS01E01: Premiere Show!
Aired: Mon, 2005-09-12
In the premiere show, India. Arie perfroms the show's theme song and Tyra shows women at the DMV how to take a better driver's license photo.