Walter Pidgeon in The Ed Sullivan Show

Walter Pidgeon

Born: 1970-01-01


Walter Pidgeon

Walter Davis (Pigeon) Pidgeon began his career, in entertainment, not as an actor, but as a vocalist. Pidgeon moved from his native Canada around 1920 to study voice at the New England Conservatory Of Music in Boston. After leaving the Conservatory, Pidgeon did musical theater for several years, before making his way to Hollywood. Pidgeon made a number of silent films, before the era of the talkie began in 1927. He was put under contract by MGM in 1937, but did not make top-billing in a film until he was cast in How Green Was My Valley, in 1941. However, Pidgeon never seemed to catch on with audiences in the leading man role. The one exception to this was his Academy Award nominated role opposite Greer Garson in Mrs. Miniver, in 1942. Pidgeon continued to make less than stellar films until 1956, when he left Hollywood to appear on stage again. Pidgeon did not make another film until 1961, after which time, he worked steadily as a character actor until he retired in the late 1970's. Walter Pidgeon died in 1984 from a stroke. He left behind a daughter, Edna Pidgeon Atkins, and two grandchildren, Pat and Pam.


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