Wanda De Jesus in CSI: Miami

Wanda De Jesus

Born: 1960-08-26


Wanda De Jesus

Season 1

Simple Man
WatchedS01E17: Simple Man
Aired: Mon, 2003-02-24
Horatio is preparing to testify at a murder trial, though when he receives new information that may prove the man innocent, he realizes that there is a serial killer on the loose. Now, CSI must find the real suspect in order...
WatchedS01E13: Bunk
Aired: Mon, 2003-01-27
CSI must investigate the deaths of a married couple when they mysteriously died in their home, though the investigation soon leads to a chemical manufacturing company. Meanwhile, an old woman at a retirement home is found de...
Entrance Wound
WatchedS01E12: Entrance Wound
Aired: Mon, 2003-01-06
When two people discover a dead prostitute in their bungalow, CSI is called in to investigate. However, despite the fact that she was stabbed over twenty times, there is little evidence to be found at the scene. Meanwhile, ...
Camp Fear
WatchedS01E11: Camp Fear
Aired: Mon, 2002-12-16
When a young model is found dead in the vicinity of a juvenile detention camp for troubled girls, CSI is called in to figure out what happened. Meanwhile, Delko and Speedle must figure out what happened to a man who seemed t...
A Horrible Mind
WatchedS01E10: A Horrible Mind
Aired: Mon, 2002-11-25
CSI is called in to investigate the death of a college professor, who was brutally beaten and tied to a tree. Meanwhile, Delko and Megan must figure out what happened to a car that was found in the water, though when they di...
Kill Zone
WatchedS01E09: Kill Zone
Aired: Mon, 2002-11-18
CSI has been called in to investigate a shooting, though they soon suspect that the suspect is a trained sniper, as each victim was taken down with a single shot. However, when more victims start getting killed, Horatio and ...
WatchedS01E08: Slaughterhouse
Aired: Mon, 2002-11-11
CSI has been called to a horrendous scene; an entire family has been killed, with the exception of a blood-soaked toddler and the toddler’s father, who is in intensive care. Horatio must try to find the evidence to brin...
WatchedS01E07: Breathless
Aired: Mon, 2002-11-04
A male stripper has been found dead shortly after performing at a private party, and Speedle, Horatio and Calleigh must figure out the reasons behind his death. Meanwhile, Eric and Megan try to discover what happened to a sw...
Ashes to Ashes
WatchedS01E05: Ashes to Ashes
Aired: Mon, 2002-10-21
A priest has been found dead, having been beaten and shot, so Megan, Calleigh and Speedle work to figure out the reasons behind his death. Meanwhile, Horatio and Eric attempt to figure out why a vehicle exploded, which kille...
Wet Foot/Dry Foot
WatchedS01E03: Wet Foot/Dry Foot
Aired: Mon, 2002-10-07
A group of fishermen have discovered what seems to be a human torso in a shark that they caught, so CSI is called in to investigate. However, what at first doesn’t seem to be a crime turns into a true mystery, as the vi...