Wynonna Judd in The Late Show with David Letterman

Wynonna Judd

Born: 1964-05-30


Wynonna Judd

Season 14

Show #2635
WatchedS14E26: Show #2635
Aired: Mon, 2006-10-09
Hartford-based meterologist Scot Haney interrupts Dave with a teaser for his five-day forecast; Tony crudely illustrates how North Korea's recent nuclear test will affect the US; Robin Williams discusses rehab and promotes "M...

Season 6

Show #1073
WatchedS06E08: Show #1073
Aired: Wed, 1998-09-09
Dave goes on a tirade about the CBS watermark on the lower right hand side of the screen. Later, Dave chats with the guy who caught Mark McGwire's 62nd Home Run ball.

Season 5

Show #0909
WatchedS05E47: Show #0909
Aired: Mon, 1997-11-17
Dave plugs the new CD "Live on Letterman," then goes door-to-door offering to rake leaves.

Season 4

Show #0704
WatchedS04E55: Show #0704
Aired: Mon, 1996-11-25
A "News in Review" segment is translated into Chinese, while Dave accidentally cuts himself while crawling under his desk.

Season 3

Larry King, Wynonna
WatchedS03E106: Larry King, Wynonna
Aired: Wed, 1996-02-21

Season 1

Stupid Human Tricks, Wynonna Judd, Laurence Fishburne
WatchedS01E117: Stupid Human Tricks, Wynonna Judd, Laurence Fishburne
Aired: Wed, 1994-02-23
Two guys pretending to be Dave and Paul ice skate; Laurence Fishburne promotes Searching for Bobby Fischer.