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America's Funniest Home Videos
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Viewers from around America send in funny moments captured (or staged) by their own video cameras. Results are often painful to watch. :-)

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America's Funniest Home Videos has been on the air since January 1990, with 462 episodes aired. It can be watched on ABC at 19:00 (GMT-5 +DST) on Thursdays .

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Season 26, Episode 1
WatchedS26E01: Season 26, Episode 1
Airs: Sun, 2015-10-11
Season 25, Episode 23
WatchedS25E23: Season 25, Episode 23
Aired: Sun, 2015-05-17
Season 25, Episode 22
WatchedS25E22: Season 25, Episode 22
Aired: Sun, 2015-05-10
Season 25, Episode 21
WatchedS25E21: Season 25, Episode 21
Aired: Sun, 2015-05-03
Season 25, Episode 20
WatchedS25E20: Season 25, Episode 20
Aired: Sun, 2015-04-26
Season 25, Episode 19
WatchedS25E19: Season 25, Episode 19
Aired: Sun, 2015-04-19
Season 25, Episode 18
WatchedS25E18: Season 25, Episode 18
Aired: Sun, 2015-04-12
Season 25, Episode 17
WatchedS25E17: Season 25, Episode 17
Aired: Sun, 2015-03-22
Season 25, Episode 16
WatchedS25E16: Season 25, Episode 16
Aired: Sun, 2015-03-15
Season 25, Episode 15
WatchedS25E15: Season 25, Episode 15
Aired: Sun, 2015-03-08
AFV's 25th Anniversary Celebrity Celebration
WatchedS25E14: AFV's 25th Anniversary Celebrity Celebration
Aired: Sun, 2015-02-15
Season 25, Episode 13
WatchedS25E13: Season 25, Episode 13
Aired: Sun, 2015-02-08
Season 25, Episode 12
WatchedS25E12: Season 25, Episode 12
Aired: Sun, 2015-01-25
Season 25, Episode 11
WatchedS25E11: Season 25, Episode 11
Aired: Sun, 2015-01-18
Season 25, Episode 10
WatchedS25E10: Season 25, Episode 10
Aired: Sun, 2015-01-11
Season 25, Episode 9
WatchedS25E09: Season 25, Episode 9
Aired: Sun, 2015-01-04
Season 25, Episode 8
WatchedS25E08: Season 25, Episode 8
Aired: Sun, 2014-12-07
Season 25, Episode 7
WatchedS25E07: Season 25, Episode 7
Aired: Sun, 2014-11-30
Season 25, Episode 6
WatchedS25E06: Season 25, Episode 6
Aired: Sun, 2014-11-23
Season 25, Episode 5
WatchedS25E05: Season 25, Episode 5
Aired: Sun, 2014-11-16
Season 25, Episode 4
WatchedS25E04: Season 25, Episode 4
Aired: Sun, 2014-11-09
Season 25, Episode 3
WatchedS25E03: Season 25, Episode 3
Aired: Sun, 2014-11-02
Season 25, Episode 2
WatchedS25E02: Season 25, Episode 2
Aired: Sun, 2014-10-19
Season 25, Episode 1
WatchedS25E01: Season 25, Episode 1
Aired: Sun, 2014-10-12
Season 24, Episode 22
WatchedS24E22: Season 24, Episode 22
Aired: Sun, 2014-05-18
Season 24, Episode 21
WatchedS24E21: Season 24, Episode 21
Aired: Sun, 2014-05-11
Season 24, Episode 20
WatchedS24E20: Season 24, Episode 20
Aired: Sun, 2014-05-04
Season 24, Episode 19
WatchedS24E19: Season 24, Episode 19
Aired: Sun, 2014-04-27
Season 24, Episode 18
WatchedS24E18: Season 24, Episode 18
Aired: Sun, 2014-04-13
Season 24, Episode 17
WatchedS24E17: Season 24, Episode 17
Aired: Sun, 2014-04-06
Season 24, Episode 16
WatchedS24E16: Season 24, Episode 16
Aired: Sun, 2014-03-30
Season 24, Episode 15
WatchedS24E15: Season 24, Episode 15
Aired: Sun, 2014-03-23
Season 24, Episode 14
WatchedS24E14: Season 24, Episode 14
Aired: Sun, 2014-03-16
Season 24, Episode 13
WatchedS24E13: Season 24, Episode 13
Aired: Sun, 2014-01-26
Season 24, Episode 12
WatchedS24E12: Season 24, Episode 12
Aired: Sun, 2014-01-12
Season 24, Episode 11
WatchedS24E11: Season 24, Episode 11
Aired: Sun, 2014-01-05
Season 24, Episode 10
WatchedS24E10: Season 24, Episode 10
Aired: Sun, 2013-12-15
Season 24, Episode 9
WatchedS24E09: Season 24, Episode 9
Aired: Sun, 2013-12-08
Season 24, Episode 8
WatchedS24E08: Season 24, Episode 8
Aired: Sun, 2013-12-01
Season 24, Episode 7
WatchedS24E07: Season 24, Episode 7
Aired: Sun, 2013-11-24
Season 24, Episode 6
WatchedS24E06: Season 24, Episode 6
Aired: Sun, 2013-11-17
Season 24, Episode 5
WatchedS24E05: Season 24, Episode 5
Aired: Sun, 2013-11-10
Season 24, Episode 4
WatchedS24E04: Season 24, Episode 4
Aired: Sun, 2013-11-03
Season 24, Episode 3
WatchedS24E03: Season 24, Episode 3
Aired: Sun, 2013-10-27
Season 24, Episode 2
WatchedS24E02: Season 24, Episode 2
Aired: Sun, 2013-10-20
Season 24, Episode 1
WatchedS24E01: Season 24, Episode 1
Aired: Sun, 2013-10-13
Season 23, Episode 22
WatchedS23E22: Season 23, Episode 22
Aired: Sun, 2013-05-19
Season 23, Episode 21
WatchedS23E21: Season 23, Episode 21
Aired: Sun, 2013-05-12
Season 23, Episode 20
WatchedS23E20: Season 23, Episode 20
Aired: Sun, 2013-05-05
Season 23, Episode 19
WatchedS23E19: Season 23, Episode 19
Aired: Sun, 2013-04-28
Season 23, Episode 18
WatchedS23E18: Season 23, Episode 18
Aired: Sun, 2013-04-21
Season 23, Episode 17
WatchedS23E17: Season 23, Episode 17
Aired: Sun, 2013-03-24
This week's highlights include videos of a little boy confessing to his mom that he said he was sick to get out of going to school, parents giving a little girl a pet hamster as a gift and being shocked when they discover it ...
Season 23, Episode 16
WatchedS23E16: Season 23, Episode 16
Aired: Sun, 2013-03-10
Clips include a dog calling his owner by his name; a man who gets a surprise from his grandson; dogs walking on two legs; and a marathon runner who shocks his girlfriend during a race. Also: Host Tom Bergeron plays "Say What?...
Season 23, Episode 15
WatchedS23E15: Season 23, Episode 15
Aired: Sun, 2013-03-03
Clips include a wedding proposal on the beach spoiled by a wave; "Name That Sound"; a dog's reaction to a woman's engagement ring; and unusual events at the zoo. Also: Host Tom Bergeron plays "Foot, Face or Fanny?"
Season 23, Episode 14
WatchedS23E14: Season 23, Episode 14
Aired: Sun, 2013-02-17
Clips competing for the second $100,000 prize of the season include a girl who changes the ending of a nursery rhyme; two sisters recording a video for their father; a girl who thinks she's talking to Santa Claus on the phone...
Season 23, Episode 13
WatchedS23E13: Season 23, Episode 13
Aired: Sun, 2013-02-10
This week's highlights include videos of a determined teenager who repeatedly attempts a handspring with hilarious results, a package of cats and dogs making mischief together, a foolhardy doctor who tries to pop a wheelie in...
Season 23, Episode 12
WatchedS23E12: Season 23, Episode 12
Aired: Sun, 2013-01-20
Clips include cooking mishaps; a teen waxing her lip for the first time; a dog that can't be kept out of the garbage; and "people getting hit with hammers" vs. "dogs that think they are swimming." Also: Host Tom Bergeron play...
Season 23, Episode 11
WatchedS23E11: Season 23, Episode 11
Aired: Sun, 2013-01-13
Clips include a dog captivated by an aquarium at a dental office; a man finding a squirrel's nuts in his golf bag; and kids' reactions to announcements that they're going to have a new sibling. Also: Host Tom Bergeron plays "...
Season 23, Episode 10
WatchedS23E10: Season 23, Episode 10
Aired: Sun, 2012-12-09
Clips include kids who get excited on the way to the beach; women reacting to a snake in their living room; a family's missing TV remote control that shows up as a Christmas present; and a music montage of cats. Also: Host To...
Season 23, Episode 9
WatchedS23E09: Season 23, Episode 9
Aired: Sun, 2012-12-02
Clips include victims of "wet willies"; a round of "Name That Sound"; and a bear breaking into a car and ruining the interior. Also: Host Tom Bergeron plays "Too Far, Too Short, Just Right?"
Season 23, Episode 8
WatchedS23E08: Season 23, Episode 8
Aired: Sun, 2012-11-25
Clips include grouchy little dogs; practical jokes that backfire; and animals that appear to be dancing. Also: Host Tom Bergeron plays "What's Makin' That Racket?" with "Dancing With the Stars" judge Carrie Ann Inaba.
Season 23, Episode 7
WatchedS23E07: Season 23, Episode 7
Aired: Sun, 2012-11-18
Clips competing for the first $100,000 prize of the season include a dog howling through a toilet-paper tube; a boy hiding his dad's credit cards; a 3-year-old practicing her flashcards; a dog running off with a camera; a boy...
Season 23, Episode 6
WatchedS23E06: Season 23, Episode 6
Aired: Sun, 2012-11-11
Clips in the show's 500th episode include a montage of wedding mishaps; a woman finding half of a $20 bill in her dog's mouth; and a teen gushing over Prince William after she had dental surgery. Also: Host Tom Bergeron plays...
Season 23, Episode 5
WatchedS23E05: Season 23, Episode 5
Aired: Sun, 2012-11-04
Clips include people dressed as superheroes; reactions to pregnancy announcements; and pets that can "talk." Also: Host Tom Bergeron plays "Pick the Real Video."
Season 23, Episode 4
WatchedS23E04: Season 23, Episode 4
Aired: Sun, 2012-10-28
Clips include dogs in Halloween costumes; and a boy's question about his grandmother's weight. Also: Host Tom Bergeron plays "Head, Gut or Groin?"
Season 23, Episode 3
WatchedS23E03: Season 23, Episode 3
Aired: Sun, 2012-10-21
Clips include scenes at a dog park; an oblivious family's embarrassing behavior caught on camera; and a hen that has been sitting on light bulbs. Also: Host Tom Bergeron plays "Who's Goin' In?"
Season 23, Episode 2
WatchedS23E02: Season 23, Episode 2
Aired: Sun, 2012-10-14
Clips include a boy who receives a Justin Bieber doll as a present; a married couple's mishap with their wedding cake; and a boy who ties his loose tooth to an anvil. Also: Host Tom Bergeron plays "Who's Makin' That Racket?"
Season 23, Episode 1
WatchedS23E01: Season 23, Episode 1
Aired: Sun, 2012-10-07
Clips for the 23rd-season premiere include strange animal sounds; eye-opening amusement-park rides; a goldfish burial in a toilet carried out by youngsters; and "delivery-room fainters" vs. "straws getting stuck in weird plac...
Season 22, Episode 23
WatchedS22E23: Season 22, Episode 23
Aired: Sun, 2012-05-20
The conclusion of the 22nd-season finale features the announcement of the winner of the grand prize, a membership in the Disney Vacation Club, which offers the victor a choice of worldwide travel destinations for 40 years. To...
Season 22, Episode 22
WatchedS22E22: Season 22, Episode 22
Aired: Sun, 2012-05-13
In Part 1 of the 22nd-season finale, three $100,000 winners vie for the grand prize of a membership in the Disney Vacation Club, which offers the victor a choice of worldwide travel destinations for 40 years. Tom Bergeron hos...
Season 22, Episode 21
WatchedS22E21: Season 22, Episode 21
Aired: Sun, 2012-05-06
Clips competing for the final $100,000 prize of the season include a 4-year-old eating kumquats for the first time; an English bulldog doing sit-ups; a little girl with a hula hoop; a person's attempts to wake a friend; and a...
Season 22, Episode 20
WatchedS22E20: Season 22, Episode 20
Aired: Sun, 2012-04-29
Clips include flatulent babies; a boy who misses George Washington; and a kid's reaction to an amusement-park ride. Also: Host Tom Bergeron plays "Too Far, Too Short, Just Right" and "Name That Sound."
Season 22, Episode 19
WatchedS22E19: Season 22, Episode 19
Aired: Sun, 2012-04-15
Clips include funny remarks by kids; "unsuccessful pool sliders" vs. "referees getting pummeled"; and a boy's disappointment with a Christmas present. Also: Host Tom Bergeron plays "What Would a Geezer Do?"
Season 22, Episode 18
WatchedS22E18: Season 22, Episode 18
Aired: Sun, 2012-03-25
Season 22, Episode 17
WatchedS22E17: Season 22, Episode 17
Aired: Sun, 2012-03-18
Included: hundreds of table-tennis balls dropping on a man as part of a prank; a surprised groom trying to remove his wife's garter; a man getting a nasty shock from a squirrel. Also: a game of "Name That Sound."
Season 22, Episode 16
WatchedS22E16: Season 22, Episode 16
Aired: Sun, 2012-03-11
Clips include cats and dogs that don't get along; a prank involving a bucket of water and an unsuspecting roommate; "Dogs Eating Ice Cream" vs. "Dudes Getting Hit by Fish"; and practical jokes that backfire. Also: a game of "...
Season 22, Episode 15
WatchedS22E15: Season 22, Episode 15
Aired: Sun, 2012-03-04
Clips competing for the second $100,000 prize of the season include a dog's response to hearing its name; a birthday girl who notices a candle is missing from her cake; a man watching football with his sleeping baby; a boy's ...
Season 22, Episode 14
WatchedS22E14: Season 22, Episode 14
Aired: Sun, 2012-02-19
Highlights include a game of "Name That Sound"; a toddler's reaction to a telephone's ring; and a prank on a sleeping woman with a live lobster. Also: Host Tom Bergeron plays "Pick the Real Video."
Season 22, Episode 13
WatchedS22E13: Season 22, Episode 13
Aired: Sun, 2012-02-12
Clips include mishaps caught on security cameras; parents who find their son's pajamas stuffed with toys; and "angry deer" vs. "dudes in Speedos." Also: Host Tom Bergeron plays "Too Far? Too Short? Or Just Right?"
Season 22, Episode 12
WatchedS22E12: Season 22, Episode 12
Aired: Sun, 2012-01-29
Clips include wedding snafus; animals on the attack; and a girl whose hair gets caught in an electric mixer. Also: Host Tom Bergeron plays "Flip, Slip or Censorship."
Season 22, Episode 11
WatchedS22E11: Season 22, Episode 11
Aired: Sun, 2012-01-22
Clips include football mishaps; shark encounters; and "Dog Park." Also: Host Tom Bergeron plays "Pick the Real Video."
Season 22, Episode 10
WatchedS22E10: Season 22, Episode 10
Aired: Sun, 2012-01-15
Season 22, Episode 9
WatchedS22E09: Season 22, Episode 9
Aired: Sun, 2012-01-08
Clips include kids saying funny things; "guys with their pants on fire" vs. "dogs with itchy poopers"; people being scared; and a dog caught with his head in a snack container. Also: Host Tom Bergeron plays "Hit, Miss or Disg...
Season 22, Episode 8
WatchedS22E08: Season 22, Episode 8
Aired: Thu, 2011-12-08
Season 22, Episode 7
WatchedS22E07: Season 22, Episode 7
Aired: Sun, 2011-12-04
Season 22, Episode 6
WatchedS22E06: Season 22, Episode 6
Aired: Sun, 2011-11-27
Season 22, Episode 5
WatchedS22E05: Season 22, Episode 5
Aired: Sun, 2011-11-13
Season 22, Episode 4
WatchedS22E04: Season 22, Episode 4
Aired: Sun, 2011-10-23
Season 22, Episode 3
WatchedS22E03: Season 22, Episode 3
Aired: Sun, 2011-10-16
Season 22, Episode 2
WatchedS22E02: Season 22, Episode 2
Aired: Sun, 2011-10-09
Season 22, Episode 1
WatchedS22E01: Season 22, Episode 1
Aired: Sun, 2011-10-02
Season 21, Episode 26
WatchedS21E26: Season 21, Episode 26
Aired: Sun, 2011-05-22
Season 21, Episode 25
WatchedS21E25: Season 21, Episode 25
Aired: Sun, 2011-05-15
Season 21, Episode 24
WatchedS21E24: Season 21, Episode 24
Aired: Sun, 2011-05-08
Season 21, Episode 23
WatchedS21E23: Season 21, Episode 23
Aired: Sun, 2011-05-01
Season 21, Episode 22
WatchedS21E22: Season 21, Episode 22
Aired: Sun, 2011-04-17
Season 21, Episode 21
WatchedS21E21: Season 21, Episode 21
Aired: Sun, 2011-04-03
Season 21, Episode 20
WatchedS21E20: Season 21, Episode 20
Aired: Sun, 2011-03-27
Season 21, Episode 19
WatchedS21E19: Season 21, Episode 19
Aired: Sun, 2011-03-13
Season 21, Episode 18
WatchedS21E18: Season 21, Episode 18
Aired: Sun, 2011-03-06
Season 21, Episode 17
WatchedS21E17: Season 21, Episode 17
Aired: Sun, 2011-02-20
Season 21, Episode 16
WatchedS21E16: Season 21, Episode 16
Aired: Sun, 2011-02-13
Season 21, Episode 15
WatchedS21E15: Season 21, Episode 15
Aired: Sun, 2011-02-06
Season 21, Episode 14
WatchedS21E14: Season 21, Episode 14
Aired: Sun, 2011-01-30
Season 21, Episode 13
WatchedS21E13: Season 21, Episode 13
Aired: Sun, 2011-01-23
Season 21, Episode 12
WatchedS21E12: Season 21, Episode 12
Aired: Sun, 2011-01-09
Season 21, Episode 11
WatchedS21E11: Season 21, Episode 11
Aired: Sun, 2011-01-02
Season 21, Episode 10
WatchedS21E10: Season 21, Episode 10
Aired: Sun, 2010-12-05
Season 21, Episode 9
WatchedS21E09: Season 21, Episode 9
Aired: Sun, 2010-11-21
Season 21, Episode 8
WatchedS21E08: Season 21, Episode 8
Aired: Sun, 2010-11-14
Season 21, Episode 7
WatchedS21E07: Season 21, Episode 7
Aired: Sun, 2010-11-07
Season 21, Episode 6
WatchedS21E06: Season 21, Episode 6
Aired: Sun, 2010-10-31
Season 21, Episode 5
WatchedS21E05: Season 21, Episode 5
Aired: Sun, 2010-10-24
Season 21, Episode 4
WatchedS21E04: Season 21, Episode 4
Aired: Sun, 2010-10-17
Season 21, Episode 3
WatchedS21E03: Season 21, Episode 3
Aired: Sun, 2010-10-10
Season 21, Episode 2
WatchedS21E02: Season 21, Episode 2
Aired: Sun, 2010-10-03
Season 21, Episode 1
WatchedS21E01: Season 21, Episode 1
Aired: Sun, 2010-09-26
Episode 2024
WatchedS20E24: Episode 2024
Aired: Sun, 2010-05-16
Episode 2023
WatchedS20E23: Episode 2023
Aired: Sun, 2010-05-09
Episode 2022
WatchedS20E22: Episode 2022
Aired: Sun, 2010-05-02
Episode 2021
WatchedS20E21: Episode 2021
Aired: Sun, 2010-04-25
Episode 2020
WatchedS20E20: Episode 2020
Aired: Sun, 2010-04-11
Videos submitted from New York, a courageous dog chases a lion, and a woman dances at a restaurant but can't stay on her feet.
Episode 2019
WatchedS20E19: Episode 2019
Aired: Sun, 2010-03-28
A collection of videos coming from New Jersey, and a look at Easter mishaps including an Easter egg hunt.
Episode 2018
WatchedS20E18: Episode 2018
Aired: Sun, 2010-03-14
People are tricked into thinking they have won the lottery, a father is frightened by a dead bat, and clips of dogs who have been trained to do things.
Episode 2017
WatchedS20E17: Episode 2017
Aired: Sun, 2010-02-28
A women dials 911 to get rid of an arachnid, a montage of dogs making weird noises, and a man gets a fright from a very lifelike bug.
Episode 2016
WatchedS20E16: Episode 2016
Aired: Sun, 2010-02-21
A collection of videos from Wisconsin, a fireman plays a trick on a colleague, and a kid's Halloween costume is torn to shreds by a canine.
Episode 2015
WatchedS20E15: Episode 2015
Aired: Sun, 2010-02-14
$100,000 is up for grabs as six previous winners compete against each other in order to take home the big prize.
Episode 2014
WatchedS20E14: Episode 2014
Aired: Sun, 2010-02-14
Videos include ones sent in from Washington, a sleep running dog, and children that come out with hilarious one liners.
Episode 2013
WatchedS20E13: Episode 2013
Aired: Sun, 2010-01-31
Birds attack people, a bear gets a taste of his own medicine, and a dog receives a treat from a cat.
Episode 2012
WatchedS20E12: Episode 2012
Aired: Sun, 2010-01-17
A whale gets peckish for a young child's snack, a boy gives a rather unusual toast, and people find out that they're having a baby.
Episode 2011
WatchedS20E11: Episode 2011
Aired: Sun, 2010-01-10
Featuring the Muppets, one girl has a legitimate 'dog ate my homework' excuse, a dog is intrigued by a cat appearing on a monitor, and some clips of wedding accidents.
Episode 2010
WatchedS20E10: Episode 2010
Aired: Sun, 2010-01-03
A cat gets hungry and attempts to eat a still warm cake, a collection of golfing videos, and highlights of videos sent in from Minnesota are on offer.
Episode 2010
WatchedS20E09: Episode 2010
Aired: Sun, 2009-12-13
A Christmas themed edition of the show including; a cunning young boy who manages to get hold of 'Santa's' cookies, a Santa who has to listen to a long wish list, and videos originating from North Carolina.
Episode 2008
WatchedS20E08: Episode 2008
Aired: Sun, 2009-11-29
This episode takes a look back at the best clips from the past 20 years, in celebration of it's two decade anniversary.
Episode 2007
WatchedS20E07: Episode 2007
Aired: Sun, 2009-11-15
Prizes galore are on offer in this episode with $100,000 up for grabs, and a 10 night Disnet cruise are given away. Videos include a science experiment gone wrong, a practical joke using a car alarm, and fun with a laser pen.
Episode 2006
WatchedS20E06: Episode 2006
Aired: Sun, 2009-11-08
Episode 2005
WatchedS20E05: Episode 2005
Aired: Sun, 2009-11-01
A selection of humorous kiddie one liners, little dogs doing interesting things, and Texas plays host to this week's clip montage.
Episode 2004
WatchedS20E04: Episode 2004
Aired: Sun, 2009-10-25
Kentucky is the lucky location of today's highlighted state, a man turns a fake proposal joke into a real one, and a collection of funny sleepers.
Episode 2003
WatchedS20E03: Episode 2003
Aired: Sun, 2009-10-18
Episode 2002
WatchedS20E02: Episode 2002
Aired: Sun, 2009-10-11
Episode 2001
WatchedS20E01: Episode 2001
Aired: Sun, 2009-10-04
The season kicks off with a robotic spider, an unfortunate tree accident causes a lot of damage, and a selection of clips based around the state of Florida.
Episode 1924
WatchedS19E24: Episode 1924
Aired: Fri, 2009-05-15
In the finale, this season's grand prize is given away to one of the three winners who won the cash prizes over the course of this season.
Episode 1923
WatchedS19E23: Episode 1923
Aired: Sun, 2009-05-10
A young lad gets a Lego brick stuck in his teeth, a child genius names all the presidents, and someone is tricked into thinking they won the lottery.
Episode 1922
WatchedS19E22: Episode 1922
Aired: Sun, 2009-05-03
Episode 1921
WatchedS19E21: Episode 1921
Aired: Sun, 2009-04-26
Episode 1920
WatchedS19E20: Episode 1920
Aired: Sun, 2009-04-19
A teenager gets more than he bargained for at a theme park, a woman helps a stranded squirrel, and couples propose to each other.
Episode 1919
WatchedS19E19: Episode 1919
Aired: Sun, 2009-03-29
Episode 1918
WatchedS19E18: Episode 1918
Aired: Sun, 2009-03-22
Episode 1917
WatchedS19E17: Episode 1917
Aired: Sun, 2009-03-15
Episode 1916
WatchedS19E16: Episode 1916
Aired: Sun, 2009-03-08
A girl is frightened by her boyfriend, a homemade volcano makes a mess, and kids try to get rid of their wobbly teeth.
Episode 1915
WatchedS19E15: Episode 1915
Aired: Sun, 2009-03-01
A young child makes a break for it, another $100,000 prize is given out, and a girl doesn't realise she's about to eat a radish.
Episode 1914
WatchedS19E14: Episode 1914
Aired: Sun, 2009-02-08
A set of baby's first word clips, a dog bearing a passing resemblance to ET, and some kids are shown the wonders of birth...
Episode 1913
WatchedS19E13: Episode 1913
Aired: Sun, 2009-01-25
A cat gets some revenge on a canine, a dog is caught red handed in a fridge, and a guy plays a practical joke on his family.
Episode 1912
WatchedS19E12: Episode 1912
Aired: Sun, 2009-01-18
Some children say who they want to be president, an email joke gets people scared, and a woman manages to put her bowling ball in the ceiling.
Episode 1911
WatchedS19E11: Episode 1911
Aired: Sun, 2009-01-11
A bloke has his unibrow waxed off, a dog that is able to smile when he's told to, and 4 toddlers dance to country music.
Episode 1910
WatchedS19E10: Episode 1910
Aired: Sun, 2009-01-04
There are some painful trampolining mishaps and a dog that has decided to trash a kitchen on offer today.
Episode 1909
WatchedS19E09: Episode 1909
Aired: Sun, 2008-12-14
A young kid escapes from his cot, another small child has difficulties with a hula hoop, and there's also a Barry Manilow impression on offer…minus the big nose.
Episode 1908
WatchedS19E08: Episode 1908
Aired: Tue, 2008-12-09
A selection of Christmas themed clips includes an unbalanced Santa, a kid who doesn't like his gifts, and a there's an unusual turn at a school play.
Episode 1907
WatchedS19E07: Episode 1907
Aired: Sun, 2008-11-30
A mischievous woman scares her kid by wearing a mask. A man gets caught in a fan, and some footballing accidents.
Episode 1906
WatchedS19E06: Episode 1906
Aired: Sun, 2008-11-09
A lady discovers a mouse in her kitchen and freaks out, an alligator squares off with a fisherman, and a montage of baseball highlights.
Episode 1905
WatchedS19E05: Episode 1905
Aired: Sun, 2008-11-02
A guy leaves the toilet with toilet roll attached to his foot, a young boy who sleeps upright, and a set of clips showing insane dance routines!
Episode 1904
WatchedS19E04: Episode 1904
Aired: Sun, 2008-10-26
A selection of birthday cake accidents, a musical number, and a squirrel gets loose in someone's home.
Episode 1903
WatchedS19E03: Episode 1903
Aired: Sun, 2008-10-19
A collection of wedding videos, a girl's parents find her hidden food stash, and some reactions to being told someone they know is pregnant.
Episode 1902
WatchedS19E02: Episode 1902
Aired: Sun, 2008-10-12
A teacher is the butt of some students' jokes, a bird takes pleasure in tormenting a man, and a guy gets his arm stuck in a car window.
Episode 1901
WatchedS19E01: Episode 1901
Aired: Sun, 2008-10-05
A young lad gets some help jumping from a diving board, some men get waxed, and a dog does whatever it takes to get away without washing.
Episode 1823
WatchedS18E23: Episode 1823
Aired: Fri, 2008-05-16
Episode 1822
WatchedS18E22: Episode 1822
Aired: Sun, 2008-05-11
In the season finale three more contestants are pitted against each other in order to win the top prize.
Episode 1821
WatchedS18E21: Episode 1821
Aired: Sun, 2008-05-04
A man records a beehive and gets more than he bargained for, a skydiver becomes nauseous on their descent, and there's also some clips about basketball.
Episode 1820
WatchedS18E20: Episode 1820
Aired: Sun, 2008-04-13
A dog takes on the role of Steve McQueen, two boys can't handle sour sweets, and a woman is frightened when she finds a mouse in her coffee.
Episode 1819
WatchedS18E19: Episode 1819
Aired: Sun, 2008-04-06
A young child gives his grandfather some lip, another dog gets into a refrigerator, and a man can't handle the beauty of birth...
Episode 1818
WatchedS18E18: Episode 1818
Aired: Sun, 2008-03-16
In the show's 400th episode there is a little girl making a mess with cooking ingredients, and a water slide that's being used indoors.
Episode 1817
WatchedS18E17: Episode 1817
Aired: Sun, 2008-03-09
An unfortunate lady eats a bug whilst on a rollercoaster, a bus is in danger as a buffalo tries to attack it, and a team mascot isn't sure what they have to do.
Episode 1816
WatchedS18E16: Episode 1816
Aired: Sun, 2008-03-02
Today's theme is based around mischievous animals as the clips include animals that steal things and a dog who manages to get into a fridge.
Episode 1815
WatchedS18E15: Episode 1815
Aired: Sun, 2008-02-17
Another $100,000 is up for grabs for one of the five contestants vying to win it.
Episode 1814
WatchedS18E14: Episode 1814
Aired: Sun, 2008-02-10
Included in the run down of practical jokes is Dracula coming out of his coffin, a guy that makes his son believe it's morning without having slept, and the Grim Reaper pays a visit.
Episode 1813
WatchedS18E13: Episode 1813
Aired: Sun, 2008-02-17
A man runs into trouble on a water slide, a dolphin is chased by a dog, and a mum is the butt of her son's practical joke.
Episode 1812
WatchedS18E12: Episode 1812
Aired: Sun, 2008-01-27
A hilarious clip of a guy on a roller coaster and a montage of trampoline accidents are all in this episode.
Episode 1811
WatchedS18E11: Episode 1811
Aired: Sun, 2008-01-13
A girl gets really upset after being surprised by her mum, a husband to be doesn't get his fiancée's name right, and some funny sayings by children.
Episode 1810
WatchedS18E10: Episode 1810
Aired: Sun, 2008-01-06
A girl gets a vegetable stuck on her nose and some sporting related problems are shown.
Episode 1809
WatchedS18E09: Episode 1809
Aired: Sun, 2007-12-16
A selection of Christmassy clips is on offer with a boy who doesn't use his hands to open presents and a set of Santa-gone-wrong videos.
Episode 1808
WatchedS18E08: Episode 1808
Aired: Sun, 2007-12-09
The first $100,000 is up for grabs as contestants come from all corners of the country to try to get their hands on it.
Episode 1807
WatchedS18E07: Episode 1807
Aired: Sun, 2007-12-02
A girl drops a hot drink on a sibling and another girl has a face mask on, made of something you wouldn't normally associate with beauty therapy.
Episode 1806
WatchedS18E06: Episode 1806
Aired: Sun, 2007-11-11
Tom presents his own home videos and a cat provides food for dogs...albeit very slowly!
Episode 1805
WatchedS18E05: Episode 1805
Aired: Sun, 2007-11-04
A man makes drink come out his nose, someone has the misfortune of being attacked by a crab, and cats and dogs fight it out.
Episode 1804
WatchedS18E04: Episode 1804
Aired: Sun, 2007-10-28
A large collection of people being scared by others in costumes are on offer in this episode.
Show 393
WatchedS18E03: Show 393
Aired: Sun, 2007-10-21
Young kids make a lot of mess, a parrot talks to a cat, and someone's work day hasn't gone very well...
Episode 1802
WatchedS18E02: Episode 1802
Aired: Sun, 2007-10-14
This episodes clips include a look at wacky dogs, birthday cake mayhem, a man who opens his door while in a car wash and mishaps at the playground.
Episode 1801
WatchedS18E01: Episode 1801
Aired: Sun, 2007-10-07
Clips include a tractor sinking in water, a newly-married couple falling down the church stairs, two guys breaking the ceiling lamp while playing with a football, a woman accidentally falling in a pool while walking backwards...
Episode No. 1726
WatchedS17E26: Episode No. 1726
Aired: Fri, 2007-05-18
Episode No. 1725
WatchedS17E25: Episode No. 1725
Aired: Sun, 2007-05-13
This year's top prize winners are back in order to win an even bigger prize - a holiday.
Episode No. 1724
WatchedS17E24: Episode No. 1724
Aired: Sun, 2007-05-06
This episode features clips including practical jokes, brothers and sisters fighting, above-average animals, people hanging out at the playground and more...
Episode No. 1723
WatchedS17E23: Episode No. 1723
Aired: Sun, 2007-04-29
The last $100,000 is given out to the winner of the latest contest, including a monkey at a safari park, fishing clips, and a dog that likes to stick out its tongue.
Episode No. 1722
WatchedS17E22: Episode No. 1722
Aired: Sun, 2007-04-22
A young girl gets her hair caught in a mixer, a husband to be answers his phone in the middle of the ceremony, and some baseball clips are on offer.
Episode No. 1721
WatchedS17E21: Episode No. 1721
Aired: Sun, 2007-04-15
A woman gets a clod head on a fun fair ride after losing her wig, whipped cream becomes the cause of a mess that a young child makes, and a montage of fishing accidents.
Episode No. 1720
WatchedS17E20: Episode No. 1720
Aired: Sun, 2007-04-01
A dog causes havoc in a garden and a nut becomes stuck to a man's lip.
Episode No. 1719
WatchedS17E19: Episode No. 1719
Aired: Sun, 2007-03-25
An unfortunate Christmas meal gets overcooked, some kids try to collect Easter eggs with some trouble, and some basketball clips.
Episode No. 1718
WatchedS17E18: Episode No. 1718
Aired: Sun, 2007-03-11
A collection of wedding highlights including a cat fight for the bouquet, and a clip involving the wedding band.
Episode No. 1717
WatchedS17E17: Episode No. 1717
Aired: Sun, 2007-03-04
A group of employees attack one of their peers and someone gets their tie stuck in a laminator.
Episode No. 1716
WatchedS17E16: Episode No. 1716
Aired: Sun, 2007-02-18
A young girl insults a cat, a collection of birthday clips, and a montage of practical jokes.
Episode No. 1715
WatchedS17E15: Episode No. 1715
Aired: Sun, 2007-01-28
A cheetah nearly gets into someone's car at a safari park, a teenager has trouble removing a pumpkin from his head, and a dog is obsessed with a piñata.
Episode No. 1714
WatchedS17E14: Episode No. 1714
Aired: Sun, 2007-01-21
The second $100,000 prize is given away to one of six lucky contestants.
Episode No. 1713
WatchedS17E13: Episode No. 1713
Aired: Tue, 2007-01-16
A homemade rocket attacks a car, a treadmill is too fast for one poor boy, and a muscle man jumps off stage.
Episode No. 1712
WatchedS17E12: Episode No. 1712
Aired: Sun, 2007-01-14
An acrobatic squirrel shows off his skills, a kneeboarder comes onto land, and a seagull wolfs down 4 hot dogs.
Episode No. 1711
WatchedS17E11: Episode No. 1711
Aired: Sun, 2007-01-07
A boy unknowingly ruins his birthday cake, a tipsy racoon can't walk in a straight line, and a girl is unaware she's about to get very wet!
Episode No. 1710
WatchedS17E10: Episode No. 1710
Aired: Sun, 2006-12-10
An unlucky Santa falls off stage, a Christmas tree ruins a family's meal, and a set of Christmas lights come down as they're switched on.
Episode No. 1709
WatchedS17E09: Episode No. 1709
Aired: Sun, 2006-11-26
Episode No. 1708
WatchedS17E08: Episode No. 1708
Aired: Sun, 2006-11-19
A selection of Thanksgiving clips, followed by a sportsman losing his trousers, and lastly an assortment of snow based videos.
Episode No. 1707
WatchedS17E07: Episode No. 1707
Aired: Sun, 2006-11-12
Six new contestants battle it out for a $100,000 prize fund.
Episode No. 1706
WatchedS17E06: Episode No. 1706
Aired: Sun, 2006-11-05
A man gets attacked by a rocket, a woman tells her husband she is having twins, and a collection of baseball clips.
Episode No. 1705
WatchedS17E05: Episode No. 1705
Aired: Sun, 2006-10-29
It's Halloween time which brings with it some holiday themed clips of people being scared by others in costumes.
Episode No. 1704
WatchedS17E04: Episode No. 1704
Aired: Sun, 2006-10-22
Tom presents his own favourite videos, a ship front is the unlucky recipient of a car, and some clever basketball moves are on show.
Episode No. 1703
WatchedS17E03: Episode No. 1703
Aired: Sun, 2006-10-15
Sporting accidents, a vicar who can't take the pressure of a wedding, and a man gets his back waxed by his children.
Episode No. 1702
WatchedS17E02: Episode No. 1702
Aired: Sun, 2006-10-08
A dog goes fishing, someone gets a bug stuck in their belly button, and a collection of wedding mishaps.
Episode No. 1701
WatchedS17E01: Episode No. 1701
Aired: Sun, 2006-10-01
A skydiver has second thoughts just as he's about to jump, a selection of crazy cats, and a resourceful dog are all included in the season premiere.
Show 365
WatchedS16E25: Show 365
Aired: Thu, 2006-06-15
In the season finale the theme is sporting calamities which includes football and golf mishaps.
Special Sports Edition
WatchedS16E24: Special Sports Edition
Aired: Thu, 2006-06-15
$250,000 is up for grabs as the 20 best videos from the series are shown with the top video taking home the prize money.
Show 363
WatchedS16E23: Show 363
Aired: Fri, 2006-05-19
The lucky winners from the season vie for an even bigger prize which only one of them can take home.
Show 362
WatchedS16E22: Show 362
Aired: Sun, 2006-05-07
The last $100,000 prize fund is up for grabs which involves, a singing girl, a fish that has a talent, and a cat who reacts weirdly to being touched.
Show 361
WatchedS16E21: Show 361
Aired: Sun, 2006-05-07
A guy doesn't notice what he's walking towards, employees take their frustrations out on things in the office, and a montage of bad hairdos.
Show 360
WatchedS16E20: Show 360
Aired: Sun, 2006-04-23
A dog gets ready to pounce when the icemaker gets turned on, a lady doing the limbo causes damage at a parking lot, and plenty of graduation problems.
Show 359
WatchedS16E19: Show 359
Aired: Sun, 2006-04-16
It's Easter time which brings with it a collection of Easter related mishaps.
Show 358
WatchedS16E18: Show 358
Aired: Sun, 2006-04-09
A woman is attacked by a crocodile, a puppy plays with a toilet roll, and a dog has a strange reaction to the word 'bath'.
Show 357
WatchedS16E17: Show 357
Aired: Sun, 2006-03-26
A kid loses a tooth in a pillow fight, a kid takes her mother maxi-pads and puts them to a creative use, and a teacher scares some pupils through the power of email.
Show 356
WatchedS16E16: Show 356
Aired: Fri, 2006-03-17
A postman is the unwilling recipient of a dog attack and an alligator has some golfers' ball and they try to get it back.
Show 355
WatchedS16E15: Show 355
Aired: Fri, 2006-03-03
A montage of funny animal clips, calamities at graduations, and a woman so surprised by her surprise party that she faints.
Show 354
WatchedS16E14: Show 354
Aired: Sun, 2006-02-26
The next $100,000 prize is given out to one lucky video entrant.
Show 353
WatchedS16E13: Show 353
Aired: Fri, 2006-02-24
A father and son try to think and act like a bee in order to get rid of a beehive, some hilarious wedding wishes, and talking animals are all on offer.
Show 352
WatchedS16E12: Show 352
Aired: Sun, 2006-02-19
Very young children get their first bites of real food, a selection of animal facial gestures, and a squirrel gets into someone's home.
Show 351
WatchedS16E11: Show 351
Aired: Sun, 2006-01-22
A hospital employee is frightened by the waking dead, a hose overpowers some firemen, and a bin man finds more than just rubbish.
Show 350
WatchedS16E10: Show 350
Aired: Sun, 2006-01-08
A battle between a crab and dog, a boy takes about planes, and a collection of high school capers.
Show 349
WatchedS16E09: Show 349
Aired: Sun, 2005-12-11
Viewers are given the chance to vote for the best video with a random online voter getting a free cruise for four people.
Show 348
WatchedS16E08: Show 348
Aired: Sun, 2005-12-04
A montage of practical joke clips and also plenty of animal fun is on display in this episode.
Show 347
WatchedS16E07: Show 347
Aired: Fri, 2005-12-02
A Christmas filled episode with crazy nativity plays, beauty pageants gone wrong, and kids opening presents provide some laughs.
Show 346
WatchedS16E06: Show 346
Aired: Sun, 2005-11-20
A wedding meal gets out of hand, some animals doing things they know they shouldn't, and a series of football mishaps are shown.
Show 345
WatchedS16E05: Show 345
Aired: Sun, 2005-11-13
A lion takes a shot at a passing car, a monkey gets some TLC from a child, and a seagull gets a sweet tooth.
Show 344
WatchedS16E04: Show 344
Aired: Sun, 2005-10-30
A guy scares his co-workers half to death and there is a collection of magic clips where things haven't turned out how they were supposed to.
Show 343
WatchedS16E03: Show 343
Aired: Sun, 2005-10-23
A guy has a shaving accident, a woman has a similar hair problem, and a kid has fun putting stuff in the toilet.
Show 342
WatchedS16E02: Show 342
Aired: Sun, 2005-10-09
A raccoon causes trouble once it gets into someone house, a man is unaware of a falling tree, and a small child has a problem getting his head out of the toilet...
Show 341
WatchedS16E01: Show 341
Aired: Sun, 2005-10-02
Animals caught on film pinching misc items, an animal display goes wrong, and a young lad makes a mess whilst cooking.
Show 340
WatchedS15E23: Show 340
Aired: Fri, 2005-05-13
Show 339
WatchedS15E22: Show 339
Aired: Sun, 2005-05-08
This year's top prize is a world tour around all the Disney theme parks. The three grand prize winners are back to try to win the big prize.
Show 338
WatchedS15E21: Show 338
Aired: Fri, 2005-04-29
The Muppets present their own Muppet 'home video' as well as a selection of other clips.
Show 337
WatchedS15E20: Show 337
Aired: Sun, 2005-04-24
It's up to the public vote as to who wins the final prize of the current season.
Show 336
WatchedS15E19: Show 336
Aired: Sun, 2005-04-17
A collection of clips revolving around getting out of sticky situations.
Show 335
WatchedS15E18: Show 335
Aired: Sun, 2005-04-10
A mum gets a shock when she finds her bath full of ducks and a dog makes clever use of a stool.
Show 334
WatchedS15E17: Show 334
Aired: Sun, 2005-04-03
A sheep cause mischief, kids going crazy whilst eating, and the Easter Bunny surprises a baby.
Show 333
WatchedS15E16: Show 333
Aired: Sun, 2005-03-27
A selection of animal clips including accidents whilst fishing, attacks by birds, and an ostrich who has a soft spot for shiny objects.
Show 332
WatchedS15E15: Show 332
Aired: Sun, 2005-03-20
The Homie Awards are given out for the best video in a number of categories include best stunt, actor/actress, and animal display.
Show 331
WatchedS15E14: Show 331
Aired: Wed, 2005-03-16
A dad has an unexpected reation to seeing dirty nappies, a wedding party are let loose on golf buggies, and a dog chases a mouse but causes destruction in the process.
Show 330
WatchedS15E13: Show 330
Aired: Wed, 2005-03-16
A huge spider scares a man, a collection of clips about cats, and a bear who likes to sleep in a hammock.
show 329
WatchedS15E12: show 329
Aired: Wed, 2005-03-02
Today's episode introduces some of the clips submitted in the Mini-Movie Contest and deliver some of the best videos yet.
Show 328
WatchedS15E11: Show 328
Aired: Fri, 2005-02-25
An expectant mother has to deal with her husband at the hospital, a postman struggles with a peacock, and there's some cool basketball moves.
Show 327
WatchedS15E10: Show 327
Aired: Sun, 2005-02-06
A cat has trouble demolishing a Christmas tree and there's plenty of snow related clips on show this week.
Show 326
WatchedS15E09: Show 326
Aired: Sun, 2005-01-30
Another seasonal selection of clips, this time based around the Thankgiving holiday.
Show 325
WatchedS15E08: Show 325
Aired: Sun, 2005-01-23
The winner of the best video is unveiled and will receive the $100,000 prize fund.
Show 324
WatchedS15E07: Show 324
Aired: Sun, 2005-01-09
A mother who is scared of snakes is the butt of a joke, a man unsuspectingly comes across an electrified fence, and a group of strange sneezes are on offer.
Show 323
WatchedS15E06: Show 323
Aired: Mon, 2004-12-20
As Halloween hits so do the funny holiday pranks as trick or treaters tease their unwilling subjects, a family get a visit from a moose, and a beehive causes someone some difficulty.
Show 322
WatchedS15E05: Show 322
Aired: Sun, 2004-10-24
A group of ostriches corner a woman, kids having difficulty eating spaghetti, and a montage of people playing on tree ropes.
Show 321
WatchedS15E04: Show 321
Aired: Sun, 2004-10-17
A lobster puts up a good fight against a chef, a selection of people snoring in their sleep, and a canine creating chaos.
Show 320
WatchedS15E03: Show 320
Aired: Sun, 2004-10-10
Someone gets attacked by a yoyo, a guy gets a big surprise when he looks at an ultrasound, and a selection of pinata incidents.
Show 319
WatchedS15E02: Show 319
Aired: Sun, 2004-10-03
A collection of summery clips including a barbecue with a live animal living in it, a boy washes the dishes in his own way, and someone is the butt of a practical joke.
Show 318
WatchedS15E01: Show 318
Aired: Sun, 2004-09-26
A human bears the brunt of an angry cat, fishing will never be the same again, and a boy has a go at 'breaking' his guitar.
Episode 317
WatchedS14E22: Episode 317
Aired: Sun, 2004-05-23
Some of the most hilarious clips of the season are in the running for the $100,000 grand prize, including "Bike Yikes," where a little boy's bike stunt hits him where it really hurts; "Captain Cardboard," silly home movies th...
Episode 316
WatchedS14E21: Episode 316
Aired: Sun, 2004-05-16
A "No Brain, No Pain" episode salutes knuckleheads everywhere, including one overwhelmed bride who forgets her new husband's name; groomsmen with a big surprise for a bride and groom at their reception when they drop their dr...
Episode 315
WatchedS14E20: Episode 315
Aired: Sun, 2004-05-02
Hilarious clips from the world of parenting highlight this episode, including dads' reactions when they're forced to do the dirty work - changing diapers; siblings' surprise when they find out there's going to be a new additi...
Episode 314
WatchedS14E19: Episode 314
Aired: Sun, 2004-04-18
Clips of great basketball shots and funny skateboarding feats; a package of hilarious wedding moments, including a groom who yawns during his own nuptials; and a husband and wife bickering over just how to work the video came...
Episode 313
WatchedS14E18: Episode 313
Aired: Sun, 2004-04-11
Video highlights include surveillance camera footage that captures what happens when the roof really does falls in; kittens doing the funniest things; a montage of would-be winners' reactions to prank lotto tickets; hilarious...
Episode 312
WatchedS14E17: Episode 312
Aired: Sun, 2004-03-28
Funny practical jokes, including one woman giving her hubby a chilly wake up call; canines doing the craziest things, including a bulldog who skateboards like a pro; gaseous kids; unsuccessful aviation; "Tom's Home Videos"; b...
Episode 311
WatchedS14E16: Episode 311
Aired: Sun, 2004-03-21
What bored kids do; learning can be painful; a boy who's not pleased when he learns he's getting a little sister; people who lack even one good idea; the perils of weightlifting; the top reasons why cats really are better tha...
Episode 310
WatchedS14E15: Episode 310
Aired: Sun, 2004-03-14
Something scares everyone; troubled animals; a scary bear; payback; underwear; Monday mishaps; wedding clips; slow motion; a prank on a firefighter; man vs. duck in slow motion; a tricked office worker.
Episode 309
WatchedS14E14: Episode 309
Aired: Sun, 2004-03-07
Teeth removal; zooming in; bike acciddents; weather conditions; "23 Wake Ups In 40 Seconds"; messy children; wedding proposals; animal escapes; baseball .Finalists: 'Tooth From a Youth' (Winner), 'Little Runaway' (2nd Place),...
Episode 308
WatchedS14E13: Episode 308
Aired: Sun, 2004-02-22
Videos of a cat who sings duets with his owner, a little boy who stuffs an amazing amount of spaghetti up his nose, a piñata party gone amok and a mouthy little old lady minister who has the last word at a noisy wedding are ...
Episode 307
WatchedS14E12: Episode 307
Aired: Sun, 2004-02-15
Hunky carpenter Ty Pennington of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" and "Trading Spaces" guest stars on a "home deconstruction" episode that will include videos of home repairs gone horribly wrong. Ty will also build a special ...
Episode 306
WatchedS14E11: Episode 306
Aired: Sat, 2004-02-07
It's an "All Animal Extravaganza," as a special edition of America's Funniest Home Videos goes to the dogs, the cats and just about every critter in-between for a collection of hilarious videos. Guest stars from the San Diego...
Episode 305
WatchedS14E10: Episode 305
Aired: Sun, 2004-01-25
Weddings gone wrong; babies doing the darndest things; funny signs; a teenage boy having a really bad hair day after his buddies decide to give him a haircut.
Episode 304
WatchedS14E09: Episode 304
Aired: Sun, 2004-01-11
Clips of animals causing chaos at home; "Nincompoop Corner"; a man who goes for a boat ride and loses his dentures along the way; sports mishaps; Fake Dinosaurs VS. Dudes In Drag; Innocent Bystaners; "Thanks for Helping, Now ...
Episode 303
WatchedS14E08: Episode 303
Aired: Sun, 2003-12-07
Fake lotto tickets; "Not So Wise Men"; People who display their emotions well; A school Christmas performance featuring kids who can't spell; People who need to take a Christmas refresher course; "Wet Nosed Wonders"; 34 Sneez...
Episode 302
WatchedS14E07: Episode 302
Aired: Sun, 2003-11-30
Bad luck magnets; friendly accidents; jumps; "Nincompoop Corner"; a man grapples with a bee hive; the difference between man and animal; "26 Spritzes In 24 Seconds"; the first time curiosity ever cleaned the cat; funny accide...
AFV's 300th Episode (2)
WatchedS14E06: AFV's 300th Episode (2)
Aired: Sun, 2003-11-09
Ladies clips; "Kitten Kaboodle", the classic cat clips; More "Greatest Groin Clips"; Wedding faints; Kids that should be listened to; "Tom's Home Movies"; Bathroom humor; Sara Rue and Andy Dick from Less Than Perfect tell eve...
AFV's 300th Episode (1)
WatchedS14E05: AFV's 300th Episode (1)
Aired: Sun, 2003-11-02
Clips from over a decade of embarrassing moments; Boneheads from the past; "The Greatest Groin Hits"; Ice/snow hits, falls, and rolls; Jim Belushi and Courtney Thorne-Smith from According To Jim wish AFV a haapy 300th episode...
Episode 299
WatchedS14E04: Episode 299
Aired: Sun, 2003-10-19
People pull scary practical jokes; Stage mess-ups and stage falls; Things animals shouldn't be allowed to do; A grizzly bear sucks on a passifier that was dropped into his tank; Parents who are were proud of their kids; An in...
Episode 298
WatchedS14E03: Episode 298
Aired: Sun, 2003-10-12
People who don't focus; Low-tech accidents; Wacky animals to the sound of 'Not Unusual' by Tom Jones; "Tom's Home Movies"; A human and a bear have a stand-off over who's going to get the pickup truck; People reliving their ch...
Episode 297
WatchedS14E02: Episode 297
Aired: Sun, 2003-10-05
People being surprised; the world's largest third grader; a montage of people falling to "Jump Jive An' Wail"; a limousine driver who needs to go back to driving school; sibling rivarly, including a little girl trying to box ...
Episode 296
WatchedS14E01: Episode 296
Aired: Sun, 2003-09-28
The 14th-season premiere introduces "Thought Bubble Theater," where videos are paused and pop-up bubbles reveal participants' thoughts. Also: a man's attempt to uproot a tree by tying it to his car; "31 Trampoline Mishaps In ...
Show 295
WatchedS13E27: Show 295
Aired: Fri, 2003-05-09
The $100,000 grand-prize winner is named in this two-hour episode, which includes clips of a young girl's reaction to a boy's sneeze at a recital; and a bulldog attacking a pair of slippers.
America's Funniest Families
WatchedS13E26: America's Funniest Families
Aired: Tue, 2003-05-20
Bob Saget hosts these embarrassingly funny home videos. Clips of grampa with a stripper, a knockout birthday surprise, motor-boat mishaps, and much more.
America's Funniest Pets
WatchedS13E25: America's Funniest Pets
Aired: Tue, 2003-05-20
Show 295
WatchedS13E24: Show 295
Aired: Fri, 2003-05-09
Special "home movies"; sporting accidents; man with a "weight" problem.
Show 294
WatchedS13E23: Show 294
Aired: Fri, 2003-05-02
Show 293
WatchedS13E22: Show 293
Aired: Fri, 2003-04-25
A squirrel takes a ride on a spinning bird feeder; a child takes a spill on Easter; people do comical things while sleeping.
Show 292
WatchedS13E21: Show 292
Aired: Fri, 2003-04-04
A montage of funny pinata accidents; yo-yo attacks; a man gets the surprise of his life when he views his wife's ultrasound.
Show 291
WatchedS13E20: Show 291
Aired: Fri, 2003-03-28
Show 290
WatchedS13E19: Show 290
Aired: Fri, 2003-03-21
Show 289
WatchedS13E18: Show 289
Aired: Fri, 2003-03-07
Show 288
WatchedS13E17: Show 288
Aired: Fri, 2003-02-21
Show 287
WatchedS13E16: Show 287
Aired: Fri, 2003-02-14
Show 286
WatchedS13E15: Show 286
Aired: Fri, 2003-02-07
Performers blunder on stage; animal mishaps.
Show 285
WatchedS13E14: Show 285
Aired: Fri, 2003-01-31
Show 284
WatchedS13E13: Show 284
Aired: Fri, 2003-01-24
Football mishaps and blunders are the catch of the day, as videos featuring a player knocking over a referee and a deer interrupting a game; a sleeping man getting shaving-creamed; clips of amazing dog tricks; football kids; ...
Show 283
WatchedS13E12: Show 283
Aired: Fri, 2003-01-10
A dog breaks through a wall; A fish tries to jump into a little boy's mouth; Sports-themed mishaps; Keeping your inner-child; D-fence!; Persistence; Property damage; A flower girl stomps a bug on the bride's dress; Turtles Th...
Show 282
WatchedS13E11: Show 282
Aired: Fri, 2002-12-13
A Christmas-themed episode includes mishaps involving Santa; kids' reactions to gifts; a Santa who falls asleep as kids give him their gift lists; a toy glider hitting someone in the head. Also: a parachutist lands near a sea...
Show 281
WatchedS13E10: Show 281
Aired: Fri, 2002-11-29
Show 280
WatchedS13E09: Show 280
Aired: Fri, 2002-11-22
Thanksgiving Day blunders; a cake spontaneously combusts; a baby shows disgust over some food.
Show 279
WatchedS13E08: Show 279
Aired: Fri, 2002-11-15
Show 278
WatchedS13E07: Show 278
Aired: Fri, 2002-11-08
A man scares his wife with a stuffed squirrel; girls are embarrassed when caught dancing and singing; a nude man sleds in snow. Also: wedding mishaps.
Show 277
WatchedS13E06: Show 277
Aired: Fri, 2002-11-01
Videos featuring karate cut-ups, husband-and-wife mishaps and close encounters with dinosaurs.
Show 276
WatchedS13E05: Show 276
Aired: Fri, 2002-10-25
A squirrel trapped inside a house--with a dog chasing it; Things about kids that their parents aren't proud of; Falls in the water; People acting like the costumes they're wearing; A ferret who throws himself out; Toilet humo...
Show 275
WatchedS13E04: Show 275
Aired: Fri, 2002-10-18
Show 274
WatchedS13E03: Show 274
Aired: Fri, 2002-10-11
A boy blows out his birthday candles with a party noisemaker; pets undergo treatments at a spa. Also: a music montage of aerial mishaps. Host: Tom Bergeron.
Show 273
WatchedS13E02: Show 273
Aired: Fri, 2002-10-04
Videos featuring a monkey stealing a man's watch, a funeral for a fish and wedding day blunders will all be seen on the hilarious comedy-reality series.
Show 272
WatchedS13E01: Show 272
Aired: Fri, 2002-09-27
Show 272
WatchedS12E25: Show 272
Aired: Fri, 2002-05-24
A celebrity panel picks favorite videos submitted over the past 12 seasons, with the audience choosing the best of the best as the winner.
Show 271
WatchedS12E24: Show 271
Aired: unknown
Episode 271
Show 270
WatchedS12E23: Show 270
Aired: unknown
Show 269
WatchedS12E22: Show 269
Aired: unknown
Show 268
WatchedS12E21: Show 268
Aired: unknown
Show 267
WatchedS12E20: Show 267
Aired: unknown
Show 266
WatchedS12E19: Show 266
Aired: unknown
Show 265
WatchedS12E18: Show 265
Aired: unknown
Show 264
WatchedS12E17: Show 264
Aired: unknown
Episode 264 of AFHV
Show 263
WatchedS12E16: Show 263
Aired: unknown
Episode 363 of AFHV
Show 262
WatchedS12E15: Show 262
Aired: Fri, 2002-05-17
Show 261
WatchedS12E14: Show 261
Aired: Fri, 2002-05-10
Show 260
WatchedS12E13: Show 260
Aired: Thu, 2002-05-02
Show 259
WatchedS12E12: Show 259
Aired: Fri, 2002-04-26
Show 258
WatchedS12E11: Show 258
Aired: Fri, 2002-04-19
Show 257
WatchedS12E10: Show 257
Aired: Fri, 2002-04-12
Show 256
WatchedS12E09: Show 256
Aired: Thu, 2002-04-04
Show 255
WatchedS12E08: Show 255
Aired: Fri, 2002-03-29
Show 254
WatchedS12E07: Show 254
Aired: Fri, 2002-03-22
Previous $10,000 winners compete for $100,000 grand prize.
Show 253
WatchedS12E06: Show 253
Aired: Fri, 2002-03-15
Vacation follies; wedding proposal in an operating room; diaper-changing adventure.
Show 252
WatchedS12E05: Show 252
Aired: Fri, 2002-03-08
Dog-show etiquette; surprise party; precarious situations.
Show 251
WatchedS12E04: Show 251
Aired: Fri, 2002-03-01
Hockey blunders; party surprises; tribute to movies.
Show 250
WatchedS12E03: Show 250
Aired: Fri, 2002-02-15
Troublesome camels; a woman encounters a crocodile; musical tribute to motorcycles.
Show 249
WatchedS12E02: Show 249
Aired: Fri, 2002-02-08
A man snowboards nude; dogs chase runners.
Show 248
WatchedS12E01: Show 248
Aired: Fri, 2002-01-04
Ice-skating follies; giggling babies; parrot.
America's Funniest Home Videos: Nincompoop-a-rama
WatchedS11E17: America's Funniest Home Videos: Nincompoop-a-rama
Aired: Thu, 2001-04-12
Show 247
WatchedS11E15: Show 247
Aired: unknown
Show 246
WatchedS11E14: Show 246
Aired: Fri, 2001-12-07
Show 245
WatchedS11E13: Show 245
Aired: Fri, 2001-11-30
Show 244
WatchedS11E12: Show 244
Aired: Fri, 2001-11-23
Show 243
WatchedS11E11: Show 243
Aired: Sat, 2001-10-27
Show 242
WatchedS11E10: Show 242
Aired: Fri, 2001-10-19
Show 241
WatchedS11E09: Show 241
Aired: Sun, 2001-03-04
Show 240
WatchedS11E08: Show 240
Aired: Sat, 2001-02-03
Show 239
WatchedS11E07: Show 239
Aired: Fri, 2001-08-31
Show 238
WatchedS11E06: Show 238
Aired: Fri, 2001-08-24
Show 237
WatchedS11E05: Show 237
Aired: Fri, 2001-08-17
Show 236
WatchedS11E04: Show 236
Aired: Fri, 2001-08-10
Show 235
WatchedS11E03: Show 235
Aired: Fri, 2001-08-03
Show 234
WatchedS11E02: Show 234
Aired: Fri, 2001-07-27
Show 233
WatchedS11E01: Show 233
Aired: Fri, 2001-07-20
Common household accidents; a dog catches hockey pucks; a woman deals with the cameraman who woke her.
Show 232
WatchedS10E15: Show 232
Aired: unknown
Show 231
WatchedS10E14: Show 231
Aired: unknown
Show 230
WatchedS10E13: Show 230
Aired: unknown
Show 229
WatchedS10E12: Show 229
Aired: unknown
Show 228
WatchedS10E11: Show 228
Aired: unknown
Show 227
WatchedS10E10: Show 227
Aired: unknown
Show 226
WatchedS10E09: Show 226
Aired: unknown
Show 225
WatchedS10E08: Show 225
Aired: unknown
Show 224
WatchedS10E07: Show 224
Aired: unknown
Show 223
WatchedS10E06: Show 223
Aired: unknown
Show 222
WatchedS10E05: Show 222
Aired: unknown
Show 221
WatchedS10E04: Show 221
Aired: unknown
Show 220
WatchedS10E03: Show 220
Aired: unknown
Show 219
WatchedS10E02: Show 219
Aired: unknown
Show 218
WatchedS10E01: Show 218
Aired: unknown
America's Funniest Home Videos: Animal Antics
WatchedS09E23: America's Funniest Home Videos: Animal Antics
Aired: Tue, 1999-07-20
America's Funniest Home Videos: Family Follies
WatchedS09E22: America's Funniest Home Videos: Family Follies
Aired: Tue, 1999-07-20
Show 217
WatchedS09E20: Show 217
Aired: unknown
For the first time,you'll see some of the video clips that are so wild & crazy they could not be shown on tv! This special look at one of the most popular shows of all-time is great fun for the whole family and will leave you...
Show 216
WatchedS09E19: Show 216
Aired: unknown
Show 215
WatchedS09E18: Show 215
Aired: unknown
Show 214
WatchedS09E17: Show 214
Aired: unknown
Show 213
WatchedS09E16: Show 213
Aired: unknown
Show 212
WatchedS09E15: Show 212
Aired: unknown
Show 211
WatchedS09E14: Show 211
Aired: unknown
Show 210
WatchedS09E13: Show 210
Aired: unknown
Show 209
WatchedS09E12: Show 209
Aired: unknown
Show 208
WatchedS09E11: Show 208
Aired: unknown
Show 207
WatchedS09E10: Show 207
Aired: unknown
Show 206
WatchedS09E09: Show 206
Aired: unknown
Show 205
WatchedS09E08: Show 205
Aired: unknown
Show 204
WatchedS09E07: Show 204
Aired: unknown
Show 203
WatchedS09E06: Show 203
Aired: unknown
Show 202
WatchedS09E05: Show 202
Aired: unknown
Show 200 (2)
WatchedS09E04: Show 200 (2)
Aired: unknown
Show 200 (1)
WatchedS09E03: Show 200 (1)
Aired: unknown
Show 199
WatchedS09E02: Show 199
Aired: unknown
Show 198
WatchedS09E01: Show 198
Aired: Fri, 1998-01-09
Show 197
WatchedS08E21: Show 197
Aired: Sun, 1997-05-18
Show 196
WatchedS08E20: Show 196
Aired: unknown
Show 195
WatchedS08E19: Show 195
Aired: unknown
Show 194
WatchedS08E18: Show 194
Aired: unknown
Show 193
WatchedS08E17: Show 193
Aired: unknown
Show 192
WatchedS08E16: Show 192
Aired: unknown
Show 191
WatchedS08E15: Show 191
Aired: unknown
Show 190
WatchedS08E14: Show 190
Aired: unknown
Show 189
WatchedS08E13: Show 189
Aired: unknown
Show 188
WatchedS08E12: Show 188
Aired: unknown
Show 187
WatchedS08E11: Show 187
Aired: unknown
Show 186
WatchedS08E10: Show 186
Aired: unknown
Show 185
WatchedS08E09: Show 185
Aired: unknown
Show 184
WatchedS08E08: Show 184
Aired: unknown
Show 183
WatchedS08E07: Show 183
Aired: unknown
Show 182
WatchedS08E06: Show 182
Aired: unknown
Show 181
WatchedS08E05: Show 181
Aired: unknown
Show 180
WatchedS08E04: Show 180
Aired: unknown
Show 179
WatchedS08E03: Show 179
Aired: unknown
Show 178
WatchedS08E02: Show 178
Aired: unknown
Show 177
WatchedS08E01: Show 177
Aired: Sun, 1996-09-22
Show 176
WatchedS07E21: Show 176
Aired: Sun, 1996-05-19
In This Episode The Cast Of Full House Appears on The show for a Reunion. Includes Rat in Chinesse Food, Scared Dog. The Top 3 Finalists Were3rd Place- Modeler Falls Over2nd Place- Fake Snake Scarier1st Place- Kid Breaks Loll...
Show 175
WatchedS07E20: Show 175
Aired: unknown
Show 174
WatchedS07E19: Show 174
Aired: unknown
Show 173
WatchedS07E18: Show 173
Aired: unknown
Show 172
WatchedS07E17: Show 172
Aired: unknown
Show 171
WatchedS07E16: Show 171
Aired: unknown
Show 170
WatchedS07E15: Show 170
Aired: unknown
Show 169
WatchedS07E14: Show 169
Aired: unknown
Show 168
WatchedS07E13: Show 168
Aired: unknown
Show 167
WatchedS07E12: Show 167
Aired: unknown
Show 166
WatchedS07E11: Show 166
Aired: unknown
Show 165
WatchedS07E10: Show 165
Aired: unknown
Show 164
WatchedS07E09: Show 164
Aired: unknown
Show 163
WatchedS07E08: Show 163
Aired: unknown
Show 162
WatchedS07E07: Show 162
Aired: unknown
Show 161
WatchedS07E06: Show 161
Aired: unknown
Show 160
WatchedS07E05: Show 160
Aired: unknown
Show 159
WatchedS07E04: Show 159
Aired: unknown
Show 158
WatchedS07E03: Show 158
Aired: unknown
Show 157
WatchedS07E02: Show 157
Aired: unknown
Show 156
WatchedS07E01: Show 156
Aired: Sun, 1995-09-17
Show 155
WatchedS06E19: Show 155
Aired: Sun, 1995-05-21
Show 154
WatchedS06E18: Show 154
Aired: unknown
Show 153
WatchedS06E17: Show 153
Aired: Sun, 1995-02-26
Show 152
WatchedS06E16: Show 152
Aired: unknown
Show 151
WatchedS06E15: Show 151
Aired: unknown
Show 150
WatchedS06E14: Show 150
Aired: unknown
Show 149
WatchedS06E13: Show 149
Aired: unknown
Show 148
WatchedS06E12: Show 148
Aired: unknown
Show 147
WatchedS06E11: Show 147
Aired: unknown
Show 146
WatchedS06E10: Show 146
Aired: unknown
Show 145
WatchedS06E09: Show 145
Aired: unknown
Show 144
WatchedS06E08: Show 144
Aired: unknown
Show 143
WatchedS06E07: Show 143
Aired: unknown
Show 142
WatchedS06E06: Show 142
Aired: Sun, 1994-10-23
Show 141
WatchedS06E05: Show 141
Aired: unknown
Show 140
WatchedS06E04: Show 140
Aired: unknown
Show 139
WatchedS06E03: Show 139
Aired: unknown
Show 138
WatchedS06E02: Show 138
Aired: unknown
Show 137
WatchedS06E01: Show 137
Aired: Sun, 1994-09-18
Show 136
WatchedS05E45: Show 136
Aired: unknown
Show 135
WatchedS05E44: Show 135
Aired: unknown
Show 134
WatchedS05E43: Show 134
Aired: unknown
Show 133
WatchedS05E42: Show 133
Aired: unknown
Show 132
WatchedS05E41: Show 132
Aired: unknown
Show 131
WatchedS05E40: Show 131
Aired: unknown
Show 130
WatchedS05E39: Show 130
Aired: unknown
Show 129
WatchedS05E38: Show 129
Aired: unknown
Show 128
WatchedS05E37: Show 128
Aired: unknown
Show 127
WatchedS05E36: Show 127
Aired: unknown
Show 126
WatchedS05E35: Show 126
Aired: unknown
Show 125
WatchedS05E34: Show 125
Aired: unknown
Show 124
WatchedS05E33: Show 124
Aired: unknown
Show 123
WatchedS05E32: Show 123
Aired: unknown
Show 122
WatchedS05E31: Show 122
Aired: unknown
Show 121
WatchedS05E30: Show 121
Aired: unknown
Show 120
WatchedS05E29: Show 120
Aired: unknown
Show 119
WatchedS05E28: Show 119
Aired: unknown
Show 118
WatchedS05E27: Show 118
Aired: unknown
Show 117
WatchedS05E26: Show 117
Aired: unknown
Show 116
WatchedS05E25: Show 116
Aired: unknown
Show 115
WatchedS05E24: Show 115
Aired: unknown
Show 114
WatchedS05E23: Show 114
Aired: unknown
Show 113
WatchedS05E22: Show 113
Aired: Sun, 1994-05-22
Five finalists vie for a $100,000 grand prize.
Show 112
WatchedS05E21: Show 112
Aired: Sun, 1994-05-01
Mother in drain; oven as a musical instrument; canine disrespect for the president.
Show 111
WatchedS05E20: Show 111
Aired: Sun, 1994-03-27
Cockatiels fight; grandmother tends bar at wedding; Candace Cameron.
Show 110
WatchedS05E19: Show 110
Aired: Sun, 1994-03-13
Cat's affection for pot-bellied pig; bunnies and brides; practical jokes.
Show 109
WatchedS05E18: Show 109
Aired: Sun, 1994-02-27
Young patriot pretends to be Thomas Jefferson; mother's china meets son's karate kick.
Show 108
WatchedS05E17: Show 108
Aired: unknown
Show 107
WatchedS05E16: Show 107
Aired: Sun, 1994-02-06
Six finalists vie for the grand prize; "backward classics"; animal videos.
Show 106
WatchedS05E15: Show 106
Aired: Sun, 1994-01-23
Limbo dancer; hungry parrot; duck towing service.
Show 105
WatchedS05E14: Show 105
Aired: Sun, 1994-01-09
Determined bicyclist; Dracula seems to bite man; cat on drums; creative egg-cracking.
Show 104
WatchedS05E13: Show 104
Aired: Sun, 1994-01-02
Unhappy birthday boy; startled Hawaiian visitor; dog gets wet.
Show 103
WatchedS05E12: Show 103
Aired: Sun, 1993-12-12
Children who don't like Christmas; cracking eggs.
Show 102
WatchedS05E11: Show 102
Aired: Sun, 1993-11-28
Thanksgiving salute; boy regrets mimicking sister; bird watches television.
Show 100 (2)
WatchedS05E10: Show 100 (2)
Aired: Sun, 1993-11-21
The show's 100th episode is a retrospective of memorable video clips.
Show 100 (1)
WatchedS05E09: Show 100 (1)
Aired: Sun, 1993-11-21
The show's 100th episode is a retrospective of memorable video clips.
Show 99
WatchedS05E08: Show 99
Aired: Sun, 1993-11-14
Seven videos vie for the $100,000 grand award.
Show 98
WatchedS05E07: Show 98
Aired: Sun, 1993-11-07
Cat attacks stuffed dog; scene-stealing little sister; backyard pilot.
Show 97
WatchedS05E06: Show 97
Aired: Sun, 1993-10-31
Halloween scares; Biting turtle; mother is caught in tire; raft becomes airborne.
Show 96
WatchedS05E05: Show 96
Aired: Sun, 1993-10-17
World Series salute; showering horse; dogs brush their teeth.
Show 95
WatchedS05E04: Show 95
Aired: Sun, 1993-10-10
Ocean wave soaks guitarist during taping of video; skater loses wheels.
Show 94
WatchedS05E03: Show 94
Aired: Sun, 1993-10-03
Tot is interviewed during beauty pageant; parakeet wears toilet-paper tube.
Show 93
WatchedS05E02: Show 93
Aired: Sun, 1993-09-26
"Crazy Cats"; graduation clips, including a bloody nose that interrupts a valedictorian's speech; goat mugs for hunters.
Show 92
WatchedS05E01: Show 92
Aired: Sun, 1993-09-19
Toy car dizzies tot; Rottweiler snarls at reflection.
Show 91
WatchedS04E25: Show 91
Aired: Sun, 1993-05-16
Seven finalists compete for the $100,000 grand prize.
Show 90
WatchedS04E24: Show 90
Aired: Sun, 1993-05-09
Child has a bad haircut; bride has an ill-fitting gown; Mother's Day tribute.
Show 89
WatchedS04E23: Show 89
Aired: Sun, 1993-05-02
Kitten limbo; dog at a wedding; children share lunch; dog chases its tail; personal grooming.
Show 88
WatchedS04E22: Show 88
Aired: Sun, 1993-04-18
Baby sleeping; dog jumps through screen door; firefighter.
Show 87
WatchedS04E21: Show 87
Aired: Sun, 1993-03-28
Bride flubs vows; tot streaks; trooper has uniform problems.
Show 86
WatchedS04E20: Show 86
Aired: Sun, 1993-03-21
Boy, 3, sinks putt; girl gets her first bra for Christmas; domino puzzle.
Show 85
WatchedS04E19: Show 85
Aired: Sun, 1993-03-14
A man and son vie in rocking-horse race; praying mantis scares girl; infant actor.
Show 84
WatchedS04E18: Show 84
Aired: Sun, 1993-02-28
Toddlers perch atop washer; boy gets his head stuck; surprise Christmas presents.
Show 83
WatchedS04E17: Show 83
Aired: Sun, 1993-02-21
Nine videos vie for the $100,000 grand prize.
Show 82
WatchedS04E16: Show 82
Aired: Sun, 1993-02-14
Beachcomber; insect distracts performer; tot applies icing to face.
Show 81
WatchedS04E15: Show 81
Aired: Sun, 1993-01-24
Crab on sunbather; tot tries to teach newborn tricks; lyrical raccoon.
Show 80
WatchedS04E14: Show 80
Aired: Sun, 1993-01-10
Owner plays with chihuahua's tail; Army shaving-cream prank.
Show 79
WatchedS04E13: Show 79
Aired: Sun, 1993-01-03
Performer, 6, perseveres after costume fails; 5-year-old sneezes on cake.
Show 78
WatchedS04E12: Show 78
Aired: Sun, 1992-12-20
Show 77
WatchedS04E11: Show 77
Aired: Sun, 1992-12-13
Bride plays drums at reception; bald guy parodies hair ads.
Show 76
WatchedS04E10: Show 76
Aired: Sun, 1992-11-29
Child's hidden-camera trick goes awry; tot rides vacuum.
Show 75
WatchedS04E09: Show 75
Aired: Sun, 1992-11-22
Football hero overshoots huddle; nun plays baseball; landscaped marriage proposal.
Show 74
WatchedS04E08: Show 74
Aired: Sun, 1992-11-15
Cranky baby responds to music; tot describes loss of bandage.
Show 73
WatchedS04E07: Show 73
Aired: Sun, 1992-11-08
Six finalists vie for a $100,000 grand prize.
Show 72
WatchedS04E06: Show 72
Aired: Sun, 1992-11-01
Mother's barnyard sounds soothe baby; retiring dean's speech; Halloween surprise.
Show 71
WatchedS04E05: Show 71
Aired: Sun, 1992-10-25
Child dumps ice water down classmate's pants; four dogs chase one stick.
Show 70
WatchedS04E04: Show 70
Aired: Sun, 1992-10-18
Young batter needs time-out; ice cream truck passes by toddlers; persistent woodpecker; duckling walks on treadmill.
Show 69
WatchedS04E03: Show 69
Aired: Sun, 1992-09-27
Cherubs take bubble bath; car bucks driver; puppy sleeps through concerto.
Show 68
WatchedS04E02: Show 68
Aired: Sun, 1992-10-04
Carload of dogs; goat hits the skids; kindergarten graduation. Durring This episode the 100,000 grand price is award and John and Dave from Full House come to present the winner with a 100,000 check.
Show 67
WatchedS04E01: Show 67
Aired: Sun, 1992-09-20
Show 66
WatchedS03E25: Show 66
Aired: Sun, 1992-05-17
Seven finalists vie for a $100,000 grand prize.
Show 65
WatchedS03E24: Show 65
Aired: Sun, 1992-05-10
Performers' gaffes; boy mimics grandfather.
Show 64
WatchedS03E23: Show 64
Aired: Sun, 1992-05-03
Dancers; gymnast flops; children in how-to clips.
Show 63
WatchedS03E22: Show 63
Aired: Sun, 1992-04-26
Clips of basketball players; man vs. dog; giant baby confronts dinosaur.
Show 62
WatchedS03E21: Show 62
Aired: Sun, 1992-04-05
Toddlers look for Easter eggs; cat bloopers; boxer and punching bag.
Show 61
WatchedS03E20: Show 61
Aired: unknown
Show 60
WatchedS03E19: Show 60
Aired: Sun, 1992-03-15
Show 59
WatchedS03E18: Show 59
Aired: Sun, 1992-03-01
Show 58
WatchedS03E17: Show 58
Aired: Sun, 1992-05-17
The $100,000 grand prize is awarded.
Show 57
WatchedS03E16: Show 57
Aired: unknown
Show 56
WatchedS03E15: Show 56
Aired: Sun, 1992-02-02
Girl makes mess blowing out candles; tent-pitchers brave wind.
Show 55
WatchedS03E14: Show 55
Aired: Sun, 1992-01-19
Horses take the plunge; cat capers; slippery football.
Show 54
WatchedS03E13: Show 54
Aired: Sun, 1992-01-05
Children react to Christmas gifts; hogs infiltrate picnic table.
Show 53
WatchedS03E12: Show 53
Aired: Sun, 1991-12-22
High jump; water-skier proposes; girl comments on friend's breath.
Show 52
WatchedS03E11: Show 52
Aired: Sun, 1991-12-08
Show 51
WatchedS03E10: Show 51
Aired: Sun, 1991-11-24
Jumping horse prefers to walk; bat swallows ball; cat plays golf.
Show 50
WatchedS03E09: Show 50
Aired: Sun, 1991-11-17
The $100,000 grand prize is awarded to one of eight finalists.
Show 49
WatchedS03E08: Show 49
Aired: Sun, 1991-11-10
Children and baths; rabbit with a human's foot; troops go swimming.
Show 48
WatchedS03E07: Show 48
Aired: Sun, 1991-11-03
Man vs. goat; tot intrigued by reflection; TV-ad marriage proposal.
Show 47
WatchedS03E06: Show 47
Aired: Sun, 1991-10-27
Boy with a Davy Crockett cap; dragon that falls apart; dancing faces and belly.
Show 46
WatchedS03E05: Show 46
Aired: Sun, 1991-10-20
Show 45
WatchedS03E04: Show 45
Aired: Sun, 1991-10-13
Bride and groom in a shower; horses vs. riders; partygoer misses chair.
Show 44
WatchedS03E03: Show 44
Aired: Sun, 1991-10-06
Dancing blunders; dogs upstage owners; willing guitarist.
Show 43
WatchedS03E02: Show 43
Aired: Sun, 1991-09-29
Oddball clarinetist; canoe in rapids; human aerosol can.
Show 42
WatchedS03E01: Show 42
Aired: Sun, 1991-09-22
Amateur baseball gaffes; owner/pet look-alikes.
Show 41
WatchedS02E25: Show 41
Aired: Sun, 1991-05-12
Grand-prize winner is announced.
Show 40
WatchedS02E24: Show 40
Aired: Sun, 1991-05-05
Girl throws away money; stuck boat owner; wedding gaffes.
Show 39
WatchedS02E23: Show 39
Aired: Sun, 1991-04-28
Tug-of-war between teens and an elephant; military antics.
Show 38
WatchedS02E22: Show 38
Aired: Sun, 1991-04-07
Toddler helps mother clean; dog surprises owner; hamster calisthenics.
Show 37
WatchedS02E21: Show 37
Aired: Sun, 1991-03-17
Canine exploits; rubber hamburgers; dancing janitor.
Show 36
WatchedS02E20: Show 36
Aired: Sun, 1991-03-10
Rider can't mount mule; bridegrooms flub vows; cat escapades.
Show 35
WatchedS02E19: Show 35
Aired: Sun, 1991-02-24
Teen primping; wrestler in trouble; little girl and big punching bag.
Show 34
WatchedS02E18: Show 34
Aired: Sun, 1991-02-17
Cat climbs wall; dog goes through wall; owner/pet resemblance.
Show 33
WatchedS02E17: Show 33
Aired: Sun, 1991-02-10
Karate master; zealous Frisbee-catching dog; blowing out birthday candles.
Show 32
WatchedS02E16: Show 32
Aired: Sun, 1991-02-03
Finalists vie for the grand prize.
Show 31
WatchedS02E15: Show 31
Aired: Sun, 1991-01-20
Tricks with a cue stick; stripper salesman.
Show 30
WatchedS02E14: Show 30
Aired: Sun, 1991-01-13
Overzealous martial-artists; erratic golfers; sleigh-riding dog.
Show 29
WatchedS02E13: Show 29
Aired: Sun, 1991-01-06
Track and field competitors; bullfighter's costume change.
Show 28
WatchedS02E12: Show 28
Aired: Sun, 1990-12-16
Girl fishes without tackle; holiday gaffes; musical pets; a man plays amateur matador; a boy makes sure he's heard at a school assembly; and a family is prevented from gobbling Thanksgiving dinner when their plates go flying.
Show 27
WatchedS02E11: Show 27
Aired: Sun, 1990-12-02
Marriage proposal at a public meeting; monkey antics; contentious cats compete to eat; a lizard in a VCR puts on a show for its unwitting host; a vacation's a snore for two snoozing husbands; and golf goof-ups.
Show 26
WatchedS02E10: Show 26
Aired: Sun, 1990-11-25
Monkey antics; a girl gives lots of thanks at a holiday dinner; a video inspired by the horror film "Psycho" that features a pseudo Saget; shy boy; monkey business in a wild-animal park; and doggy disguises.
Show 25
WatchedS02E09: Show 25
Aired: Sun, 1990-11-18
Boxers knock each other out; a dog shoots hoops; stuffing a chicken; a juggler spins pot tops; young "Batman."
Show 24
WatchedS02E08: Show 24
Aired: Sun, 1990-11-11
Seven finalists vie for the grand prize; clips from past shows, including a toddler who touts his knowledge of the Presidents, a girl who's caught hiding her carrots, and blundering brothers.
Show 23
WatchedS02E07: Show 23
Aired: Sun, 1990-11-04
Show 22
WatchedS02E06: Show 22
Aired: Sun, 1990-10-28
Sky divers; near-miss landings; cat bloopers; ballroom dancing.
Show 21
WatchedS02E05: Show 21
Aired: Sun, 1990-10-14
Springboard daredevils; golf gaffes; wall-walking baby.
Show 20
WatchedS02E04: Show 20
Aired: Sun, 1990-10-07
Dog hoses a man down; "singing" horse.
Show 19
WatchedS02E03: Show 19
Aired: Sun, 1990-09-30
Violin player; canoe goes under; feline follies; toddlers eating. Videos feature a cocky raccoon, an out-of-control camper, amazing acrobatics and flying trick-or-treaters.
Show 18
WatchedS02E02: Show 18
Aired: Sun, 1990-09-23
Bride reconsiders; man and beached boat. A youngster fumes after taking a spill in his wagon; a man pays dearly for showing off in a hot tub; a Disney character scares a toddler; a videotape of food-carrying ants includes hum...
Show 17
WatchedS02E01: Show 17
Aired: Sun, 1990-09-16
A pet dog is extremely frightened of a pair of doggy slippers; a snake attacks an intrusive camcorder; a car crashes a family cookout; a frightened goat plays dead; a woman slugs a cameraman. Also: dancing caterpillars.
Show 16
WatchedS01E16: Show 16
Aired: Sun, 1990-05-20
The grand prize winner is selected. Possible winners include a boy dealing with trick candles; a dog that says "mama"; kids sledding into their houses; and a woman caught in a dishwasher. Kids doing and saying the darnedest t...
Show 15
WatchedS01E15: Show 15
Aired: Sun, 1990-05-13
Show 14
WatchedS01E14: Show 14
Aired: Sun, 1990-05-06
A ballerina gets wrapped up in her work...and the stage curtain; basketball plays, including donkey basketball; young entertainers; toddlers talk; the ups and downs of yo-yoing. A chauffeur sees more than he should; a kid is ...
Show 13
WatchedS01E13: Show 13
Aired: Sun, 1990-04-29
Finalists: 'Love Bird', 'Baby Who Says I Love You', and 'Man Who Sings the National Anthem'.
Show 12
WatchedS01E12: Show 12
Aired: Sun, 1990-04-15
A biker dog rides his very own hog; a beauty contestant comes up with an appropriate malapropism; a groom reveals what he thinks of his bride's gown at the altar.
Show 11
WatchedS01E11: Show 11
Aired: Sun, 1990-04-08
An 11-year-old reacts when she gets her first bra as a present; toddlers dance on a washing machine. Also: a surprise Christmas reunion.
Show 10
WatchedS01E10: Show 10
Aired: Sun, 1990-04-01
A cop caught with his zipper down; a bride with a cold; exercise mishaps; an unusual wedding wish.
Show 9
WatchedS01E09: Show 9
Aired: Sun, 1990-03-18
Clips of a pillow fight at 30,000 feet; a father who shocks a bride by modeling his bikini tux at the reception; and a riotous parody of packaged vacation tours.
Show 8
WatchedS01E08: Show 8
Aired: Sun, 1990-03-11
A swimming pool breaking and spilling its contents; Mickey Mouse falling off a float in a parade; wedding bloopers; water-ski mishaps.
Show 7
WatchedS01E07: Show 7
Aired: Sun, 1990-03-04
Clips of a baptism minister with slippery mitts; a greenskeeper who sabotages a graduation; Jackie Chan wannabes; a game of human tee-ball; a pet monkey's strange habit. Also: oddball talents; amusing mishaps.
Show 6
WatchedS01E06: Show 6
Aired: Sun, 1990-02-18
A "seat-splitting" montage set to James Brown's "Hot Pants" features a weightlifter, a biker and a man hanging by his underwear. Also: a dog scratches its owner's back; a woman does jumping jacks while bowling.
Show 5
WatchedS01E05: Show 5
Aired: Sun, 1990-02-11
A bridal party gets sprinkled, but not by rice; a little boy expresses a strange career choice. Also: camera-shy dogs and horses; frolicking farm animals.
Show 4
WatchedS01E04: Show 4
Aired: Sun, 1990-02-04
A man recruiting fellow airplane passengers to help him propose to a woman waiting to greet him in the terminal; a sky diver who leaps with a lawn chair; skiing a flooded street; entries featuring babies' first tastes of diff...
Show 3
WatchedS01E03: Show 3
Aired: Sun, 1990-01-28
Blowing out birthday candles; baby plays the drums. A moving sidewalk proves troublesome; a tot's remark amuses his parents; a finger serves as a hummingbird feeder; a jet-ski crashes into a dock. Also: unusual household hint...
Show 2
WatchedS01E02: Show 2
Aired: Sun, 1990-01-21
A biker dog rides his very own hog; a beauty contestant comes up with an appropriate malapropism; a groom reveals what he thinks of his bride's gown at the altar.
Show 1
WatchedS01E01: Show 1
Aired: Sun, 1990-01-14
Woman catches her hair in the dishwasher and her husband, instead of helping, turns on the camera and makes fun of her; hammock falls; wedding problems; funny annimals; wild sports moments; fence falls victim to a backyard fo...
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