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After Hiccup and his Night Fury companion, Toothless, saved the people of Berk by defeating the Red Death, they inspired the Vikings of Berk to make peace with the dragons. However, Hiccup learns that the co-habitation is far from harmonious with Viking ignorance and the Dragons' instincts threatening to destroy the alliance. To solve the problem, Hiccup's father, Stoick the Vast, organizes the Berk Dragon Academy where his son and friends can learn all about Dragons. Even as grumpy doubters like Mildew and villains like Alvin the Treacherous oppose them, the Viking teens of Berk and their dragons dedicate themselves to achieving a vital understanding.

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Dreamwork's Dragons has been on the air since August 2012, with 53 episodes aired. It can be watched on Netflix at 12:00 (GMT-5 +DST) on Thursdays .

Genres: Adventure, Animation General

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Total Nightmare
WatchedS03E13: Total Nightmare
Aired: Fri, 2015-06-26
The Next Big Sting
WatchedS03E12: The Next Big Sting
Aired: Fri, 2015-06-26
Have Dragon Will Travel, Pt.2
WatchedS03E11: Have Dragon Will Travel, Pt.2
Aired: Fri, 2015-06-26
Have Dragon Will Travel, Pt.1
WatchedS03E10: Have Dragon Will Travel, Pt.1
Aired: Fri, 2015-06-26
Quake, Rattle and Roll
WatchedS03E09: Quake, Rattle and Roll
Aired: Fri, 2015-06-26
Crushing It
WatchedS03E08: Crushing It
Aired: Fri, 2015-06-26
Reign of Fireworms
WatchedS03E07: Reign of Fireworms
Aired: Fri, 2015-06-26
Gone Gustav Gone
WatchedS03E06: Gone Gustav Gone
Aired: Fri, 2015-06-26
Big Man on Berk
WatchedS03E05: Big Man on Berk
Aired: Fri, 2015-06-26
When Darkness Falls
WatchedS03E04: When Darkness Falls
Aired: Fri, 2015-06-26
Imperfect Harmony
WatchedS03E03: Imperfect Harmony
Aired: Fri, 2015-06-26
Dragon Eye of the Beholder (2)
WatchedS03E02: Dragon Eye of the Beholder (2)
Aired: Fri, 2015-06-26
Dragon Eye of the Beholder (1)
WatchedS03E01: Dragon Eye of the Beholder (1)
Aired: Fri, 2015-06-26
Cast Out, Part II
WatchedS02E20: Cast Out, Part II
Aired: Wed, 2014-03-05
Alvin helps Hiccup rescue Stoick from Dagur.
Cast Out, Part I
WatchedS02E19: Cast Out, Part I
Aired: Wed, 2014-02-26
Snotlout is expelled from the academy, and Alvin returns to make amends.
Bing! Bang! Boom!
WatchedS02E18: Bing! Bang! Boom!
Aired: Wed, 2014-02-19
Thunderdrums attack Berk, and only Thornado can stop them.
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
WatchedS02E17: Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
Aired: Wed, 2014-02-12
Dragons steal all the metal in town.
The Eel Effect
WatchedS02E16: The Eel Effect
Aired: Wed, 2014-02-05
Toothless catches a dangerous flu that is making its way through Berk.
A Tale of Two Dragons
WatchedS02E15: A Tale of Two Dragons
Aired: Wed, 2014-01-29
Hookfang and Stormfly fight as the town prepares for harvest.
WatchedS02E14: Frozen
Aired: Wed, 2014-01-22
Speed Stingers infest Berk during an ice storm, driving away the inhabitants of the village.
Free Scauldy
WatchedS02E13: Free Scauldy
Aired: Wed, 2014-01-15
The gang must heal and return a dragon to the ocean before it falls victim to the elements.
The Flight Stuff
WatchedS02E12: The Flight Stuff
Aired: Wed, 2014-01-08
Gustav tries to fill in for Snotlout at the Dragon Academy.
A View to a Skrill - Part II
WatchedS02E11: A View to a Skrill - Part II
Aired: Thu, 2013-12-05
Tuffnut helps the gang rescue a Skrill.
A View to a Skrill - Part I
WatchedS02E10: A View to a Skrill - Part I
Aired: Thu, 2013-12-05
The gang must save a Skrill from the Beserkers.
Zippleback Down
WatchedS02E09: Zippleback Down
Aired: Thu, 2013-11-21
While searching for traps, Tuffnut, Barf and Belch get trapped themselves... and a forest fire is approaching.
Appetite for Destruction
WatchedS02E08: Appetite for Destruction
Aired: Thu, 2013-11-14
When different species of dragons are found on Dragon Island, the kids suspect that the Screaming Death might be back and it’s up to an unlikely hero to save the day.
Worst in Show
WatchedS02E07: Worst in Show
Aired: Thu, 2013-11-07
A Terrible Terror training competition leads to a heated rivalry, while Alvin plots against Berk.
Fright of Passage
WatchedS02E06: Fright of Passage
Aired: Thu, 2013-10-24
Hiccup and Astrid are on a mission to stop the dragon that visits Berk every 10 years and terrorizes the residents.
Race to Fireworm Island
WatchedS02E05: Race to Fireworm Island
Aired: Thu, 2013-10-17
The gang look for a cure for Hookfang after he loses his ability to catch fire.
Tunnel Vision
WatchedS02E04: Tunnel Vision
Aired: Thu, 2013-10-10
Hiccup discovers that a water shortage in Berk has been caused by the Outcasts' plan to hide Whispering Death eggs under Berk.
The Night and the Fury
WatchedS02E03: The Night and the Fury
Aired: Thu, 2013-10-03
The kids encounter Dagur while on a training mission.
The Iron Gronckle
WatchedS02E02: The Iron Gronckle
Aired: Thu, 2013-09-26
Meatlug ingests magnetic rocks, causing destruction throughout the town.
Live and Let Fly
WatchedS02E01: Live and Let Fly
Aired: Thu, 2013-09-19
When the Outcast prepares to attack, Hiccup and the other secretly create a club to defend against the intruders.
We Are A Family: Part 2
WatchedS01E20: We Are A Family: Part 2
Aired: Wed, 2013-03-20
Conclusion. Hiccup and Toothless hatch an escape plan after being trapped on Outcast Island.
We Are A Family: Part 1
WatchedS01E19: We Are A Family: Part 1
Aired: Wed, 2013-03-13
Hiccup and Toothless look for Night Furies.
Gem of a Different Color
WatchedS01E18: Gem of a Different Color
Aired: Wed, 2013-03-06
Fishlegs discovers a gem that is of great value to a flock of dangerous Changewings.
Breakneck Bog
WatchedS01E17: Breakneck Bog
Aired: Wed, 2013-02-27
The gang visit a haunted bog to retrieve a lost gift for Hiccup.
Defiant One
WatchedS01E16: Defiant One
Aired: Wed, 2013-02-20
Hiccup and Snotlout face difficulties getting home from Outcast Island.
WatchedS01E15: Twinsanity
Aired: Wed, 2013-02-13
The gang meet a pretty stranger who has a secret.
What Flies Beneath
WatchedS01E14: What Flies Beneath
Aired: Wed, 2013-02-06
Toothless meets a former rival.
When Lightning Strikes
WatchedS01E13: When Lightning Strikes
Aired: Wed, 2012-12-05
Toothless will be spooked by something
WatchedS01E12: Thawfest
Aired: Wed, 2012-11-28
Hiccup takes on Snotlout at the Thaw Games.
Heather Report (2)
WatchedS01E11: Heather Report (2)
Aired: Wed, 2012-11-21
Conclusion. The gang attempt to rescue Heather's parents.
Heather Report (1)
WatchedS01E10: Heather Report (1)
Aired: Wed, 2012-11-14
Hiccup meets a mysterious girl named Heather.
Dragon Flower
WatchedS01E09: Dragon Flower
Aired: Wed, 2012-10-17
When the dragons fall mysteriously ill, the teens must work together to save them.
Portrait of Hiccup as a Buff Young Man
WatchedS01E08: Portrait of Hiccup as a Buff Young Man
Aired: Wed, 2012-10-10
Hiccup wants to impress his dad by going on a perilous treasure hunt.
How To Pick Your Dragon
WatchedS01E07: How To Pick Your Dragon
Aired: Wed, 2012-10-03
Stoick asks Hiccup for dragon flying lessons. The preview shows Stoick trying to fly (poorly) on Toothless through Berk. Later on in the series, Stoick is seen riding what appears to be the Thunderdrum "Thornado".
Alvin and the Outcasts (2)
WatchedS01E06: Alvin and the Outcasts (2)
Aired: Tue, 2012-09-25
Alvin and the Outcasts invade while Berk is vulnerable after losing its armory and dragons.
In Dragons We Trust (1)
WatchedS01E05: In Dragons We Trust (1)
Aired: Tue, 2012-09-18
The dragons are falsely accused of vandalism and banished from Berk, leaving the island vulnerable to an attack by Alvin and the Outcasts.
The Terrible Twos
WatchedS01E04: The Terrible Twos
Aired: Tue, 2012-09-11
Hiccup finds an injured baby dragon, and Toothless does not warm up to the energetic newcomer. The baby's angry mother, meanwhile, makes her way toward Berk to find her lost son.
Animal House
WatchedS01E03: Animal House
Aired: Tue, 2012-09-04
The dragons unintentionally reduce Berk's food productivity by still scaring the living daylights out of the local livestock, and with the first winter storm coming, the dragon-riding Viking youths of Berk must try and famili...
Viking for Hire
WatchedS01E02: Viking for Hire
Aired: Tue, 2012-08-07
The peace with the dragons has put Gobber out of business, since his job was making weapons to fight dragons. Stoick asks Hiccup to help find a new job for him ... but unfortunately the only thing Gobber is good at is making ...
How to Start a Dragon Academy
WatchedS01E01: How to Start a Dragon Academy
Aired: Tue, 2012-08-07
The dragons are causing mayhem in Berk, and Stoick is thinking about putting them in cages. As a result, Hiccup needs to think of something to save the dragons.
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