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Forensic Files
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A series featuring detailed accounts on how notable crimes and diseases were solved through forensic science.

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Forensic Files first aired in April 1996 and was on the air for 15 years. It ended in June 2011 with 537 episodes aired.

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Freedom of Information
WatchedS06E29: Freedom of Information
Aired: Wed, 2006-12-20
Nice Threads
WatchedS06E28: Nice Threads
Aired: Wed, 2006-12-06
A young woman studying to be a Christian missionary was sexually assaulted and strangled with a bed sheet. A computer program was invented and used to make forensics history in examining fabric for evidence.
Grave Danger
WatchedS06E27: Grave Danger
Aired: Wed, 2006-12-13
The mysterious circumstances surrounding the alleged death of Clay Daniels lead investigators to believe that he may have faked his own death and murdered someone else in his place.
Mortal Sins
WatchedS06E26: Mortal Sins
Aired: Wed, 2006-12-06
Size Does Matter
WatchedS06E25: Size Does Matter
Aired: Tue, 2006-12-05
Dark Waters
WatchedS06E24: Dark Waters
Aired: Wed, 2006-11-15
A young is killed in a boating accident, and his friend is left critically injured. Investigators are able to use forensic evidence to track down the driver of the boat that led to this tragedy.
WatchedS06E23: Undertaken
Aired: Wed, 2006-11-08
A young man with a one million dollar life insurance policy was found dead under an abandoned car in a bad part of town late one night. Initially, it seemed to be an unfortunate hit and run accident. But, a closer examinatio...
Capitol Crimes
WatchedS06E22: Capitol Crimes
Aired: Wed, 2006-10-25
A hit and run that resulted in a man's death is investigated. The accident occurred late at night in Harrisburg, PA. Police try to track down the vehicle involved in the incident. When they found the car, it had been repai...
Weakest Link
WatchedS06E21: Weakest Link
Aired: Wed, 2006-10-18
Key Evidence
WatchedS06E20: Key Evidence
Aired: Wed, 2006-10-04
The murder of an off-duty policeman is investigated. Tiny fibers and an asthma inhaler provide forensics evidence, but would that be enough to put the killer behind bars?
Docktor Visit
WatchedS06E19: Docktor Visit
Aired: Wed, 2006-09-06
Shattered Dreams
WatchedS06E18: Shattered Dreams
Aired: Wed, 2006-08-23
Two bodies are found dead inside a car late one night. The only clues are a fingertip of a latex glove and a small piece of shattered glass.
Sunday's Wake
WatchedS06E17: Sunday's Wake
Aired: Wed, 2006-08-16
The death of a child who displayed flu-like symptoms leads to an international murder investigation.
Just Desserts
WatchedS06E16: Just Desserts
Aired: Wed, 2006-08-09
An innocent couple was found dead. The murderer tries to frame someone else, but instead, a Blizzard dessert treat helped investigators bring the killer to justice.
Going for Broke
WatchedS06E15: Going for Broke
Aired: Wed, 2006-07-26
After a Russian immigrant stockbroker is found dead, a strange phone call to his office is the only clue investigators have to go on.
Naughty or Nyce
WatchedS06E14: Naughty or Nyce
Aired: Wed, 2006-07-19
Could a few flecks of sawdust and a shoe print deam whether a death is an accident or a homicide?
Wood-be Killer
WatchedS06E13: Wood-be Killer
Aired: Wed, 2006-07-12
In trying to get rid of all the evidence did a killer accidentally leave behind some other kind of evidence that only a new technique is used for solving?
Raw Terror
WatchedS06E12: Raw Terror
Aired: Sat, 2006-07-08
The improper care of meat almost killed a boy. This story tells of this and the people who saved him. Watch Forensic Files to get the answer.
Wired for Disaster
WatchedS06E11: Wired for Disaster
Aired: Wed, 2006-06-21
The forensic scientists have to recreate a bomb which killed a woman to see if they can catch a killer.
To the Viktor
WatchedS06E10: To the Viktor
Aired: Wed, 2006-06-14
Three homicides on two continents appear to be professional executions.
High 'N' Dry
WatchedS06E09: High 'N' Dry
Aired: Wed, 2006-05-10
Murder on the Menu
WatchedS06E08: Murder on the Menu
Aired: Wed, 2006-04-26
Master Chef Jim Webb of the famous General Wayne Inn was found shot to death in his office one evening. One of his assistants later committed suicide. Investigators used forensic evidence to lead them to the truth of what h...
Bump in the Night
WatchedS06E07: Bump in the Night
Aired: Wed, 2006-04-05
The investigation of the murder of a man in his own bed while he was sleeping. Initially, the only clue investigators had to go on was a muddy shoe print outside the victim's home. Two suspects point the finger at each othe...
Penchant for Poison
WatchedS06E06: Penchant for Poison
Aired: Wed, 2006-03-22
One elderly woman with arsenic poisoning leads police to possible many victims. The only way to tell is to exume their bodies.
Signed, Sealed, and Delivered
WatchedS06E05: Signed, Sealed, and Delivered
Aired: Wed, 2006-05-24
Two men were convicted of intentionally shooting and killing a passenger in a moving car, their friend was granted immunity for testifying against them, and the case was closed.
Material Witness
WatchedS06E04: Material Witness
Aired: Wed, 2006-02-08
A teenager went missing after an evening of horseback riding.
One for the Road
WatchedS06E03: One for the Road
Aired: Sat, 2006-04-29
Will a video and a GPS solve the case of the missing woman heading for Florida on vacation? Did she disappear from her hotel room or did she never leave for her trip.
Moss, Not Grass
WatchedS06E02: Moss, Not Grass
Aired: Wed, 2006-01-11
A young woman was found dead on a golf course in the Bahamas.
Elemental Clue
WatchedS06E01: Elemental Clue
Aired: Wed, 2006-01-04
Two women turn up missing just months apart, and investigators suspect a serial killer may be responsible.
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