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The Late Show with David Letterman
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The Late Show with David Letterman is an hour-long weeknight comedy and talk-show broadcast by CBS from the Ed Sullivan Theater on Broadway in New York City.

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The Late Show with David Letterman has been on the air since August 1993, with 4302 episodes aired. It can be watched on CBS at 23:35 (GMT-5 +DST) on Thursdays .

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Antonio Banderas, Jeffrey Ross
WatchedS08E197: Antonio Banderas, Jeffrey Ross
Aired: Fri, 2001-08-03
Nicole Kidman, Iggy Pop
WatchedS08E196: Nicole Kidman, Iggy Pop
Aired: Thu, 2001-08-02
Lance Armstrong, Thora Birch, Jamie O'Neal
WatchedS08E195: Lance Armstrong, Thora Birch, Jamie O'Neal
Aired: Wed, 2001-08-01
Sean Combs
WatchedS08E194: Sean Combs
Aired: Tue, 2001-07-31
Dave makes Rupert play a deli-themed version of "Beat the Clock." Later, after his conversation with Sean Combs goes longer than expected, Dave is forced to chat with newsanchor Daljit Dhaliwal for only a few seconds.
Kristin Davis, Nanci Griffith, Mark Borschardt
WatchedS08E193: Kristin Davis, Nanci Griffith, Mark Borschardt
Aired: Mon, 2001-07-30
Some guy dressed up as "Lance Armstrong" comes onstage on a bicycle and beats up Alan, then runs over to Hello Deli to pummel Rupert. Later, Dave shows photos of him stuffing Steph/Monty's face into a birthday cake, while fi...
Marilu Henner, Hugh Fink
WatchedS08E192: Marilu Henner, Hugh Fink
Aired: Fri, 2001-07-27
Mailbag: "How long has Paul been bald?" Dave fears that this might be a sensitive question, but Paul rubs his chin anyway. A flashback reveals that Paul used to have a long, wavy mane before an accident with Dave's chemistr...
Greg Kinnear, Afro Celt Sound System & Peter Gabriel
WatchedS08E191: Greg Kinnear, Afro Celt Sound System & Peter Gabriel
Aired: Thu, 2001-07-26
The tambourine player sitting in with the band beats up Alan; Dave shows another old comedy clip to kill time (Show #818, Dave's harassment of delivery people); Greg Kinnear tells Dave what it's like to pilot a single-engine ...
Mark Wahlberg, Michael Lomonaco, Tegan & Sara
WatchedS08E190: Mark Wahlberg, Michael Lomonaco, Tegan & Sara
Aired: Wed, 2001-07-25
Dave proudly announces that he's wearing orange socks tonight, but only so he can shove Steph's face into a birthday cake after the show; Alan gets beat up yet again, and remains bruised and bloodied for the rest of the show;...
Tom Selleck, David Rakoff
WatchedS08E189: Tom Selleck, David Rakoff
Aired: Tue, 2001-07-24
Delbert McClinton sits in; Steph/Monty (live via telephone from the 12th floor) discusses in length her plans from last weekend; Tom Selleck introduces an old movie clip of him, and then plays the ukulele.
Jeff Meyer, Christopher Walken, Widespread Panic
WatchedS08E188: Jeff Meyer, Christopher Walken, Widespread Panic
Aired: Mon, 2001-07-23
A celebration for Calvert's 80th birthday turns into an excuse for Dave to ignore him and flirt with the Hi-Ho girls; Dave chats with Jeff Meyer, who named a poplar tree after Daddy; Christopher Walken talks about his recent ...
Billy Crystal, Al Lubel
WatchedS08E187: Billy Crystal, Al Lubel
Aired: Fri, 2001-07-20
Dave brags about his mom's 80th birthday "whoop-tee-doo and grabass" this weekend; during Mailbag, Dave rescues Paul from The Man on Fire; Billy Crystal clobbers the guy who regularly beats up Alan.
Jon Favreau, The Holmes Brothers
WatchedS08E186: Jon Favreau, The Holmes Brothers
Aired: Thu, 2001-07-19
Another pizza for Alan results in another beating for Alan; Dave shows a photo of the FBI Building with the "I" missing; Joan Osbourne and The Holmes Brothers perform "Can't No Grave Hold My Body Down."
John McEnroe, Youssou N'Dour
WatchedS08E185: John McEnroe, Youssou N'Dour
Aired: Wed, 2001-07-18
Alan orders a pizza, and the delivery guy beats him up; live via satellite from the Indianapolis suburbs, Dorothy celebrates her 80th birthday with a Dave impersonator and a fridge full of Colt 45®; John McEnroe is interview...
Kelly Ripa, Bob Sarlotte
WatchedS08E184: Kelly Ripa, Bob Sarlotte
Aired: Tue, 2001-07-17
Alan is caught nibbling on a pizza, but surprisingly doesn't get beaten up; Dave makes a snarky comment about Jay Leno's chin; former David Letterman Show announcer Bob Sarlette talks football with Dave over the closing credi...
Piedmont Bird Callers, Hank Azaria, Maria McKee
WatchedS08E183: Piedmont Bird Callers, Hank Azaria, Maria McKee
Aired: Mon, 2001-07-16
Rather than come out of nowhere, Dave orders the muscle guy to pummel Alan; during a segment called "Summertime Leftovers," Dave once again shows footage of his "look-alike" (himself, circa his morning show) playing "Camptown...
Vince Vaughn, Elayne Boosler
WatchedS08E182: Vince Vaughn, Elayne Boosler
Aired: Fri, 2001-07-13
Dave introduces "live satellite feed" of President Bush staring of into space; during Mailbag, Alan throws one of tonight's letter writers (played by Jay Johnson) out of a fourth-story window; ten chefs present the Top Ten.
Juliana Marguiles, George Miller
WatchedS08E181: Juliana Marguiles, George Miller
Aired: Thu, 2001-07-12
Dave theorizes on the show's four Emmy nominations (announced earlier that day) - either no one's watching or the voters don't care anymore; for the second night in a row, Alan is beaten up by a guy twice his size; a comedy b...
Edward Norton, Dido
WatchedS08E180: Edward Norton, Dido
Aired: Wed, 2001-07-11
Dave grumbles about the lack of quality guests appearing on the show, during which Paul comments on his inappropriate question towards Julia Roberts ("Are you getting laid these days?") last night. Dave replies with "exclusi...
Julia Roberts, Travis
WatchedS08E179: Julia Roberts, Travis
Aired: Tue, 2001-07-10
Dave announces that Jude Brennan's cousin (a parasite expert) has told him that there's nothing to worry about. Also, on a remarkably star-studded night, Puff Daddy appears for a special Top Ten list, while Dave sees through...
Reese Witherspoon, Jonatha Brooke
WatchedS08E178: Reese Witherspoon, Jonatha Brooke
Aired: Mon, 2001-07-09
Dave announces that he may have parasites crawling around in his head, prompting Paul to call him a "maggot brain"; Dave and Steph/Monty go over vacation pictures; Dave confirms that he has parasites by taking a sentence on a...
Tony Danza, Nick DiPaolo
WatchedS08E177: Tony Danza, Nick DiPaolo
Aired: Fri, 2001-06-29
Mailbag: all of tonight's letters are read by James Earl Jones, George Clarke's flashback to a night of sex and gambling is sponsored by Donald Trump's Taj Mahal hotel, and an alleged Late Show writer is attacked by a bear.
Sean Hayes, Brian Wilson, Darrius Rucker, Matthew Sweet
WatchedS08E176: Sean Hayes, Brian Wilson, Darrius Rucker, Matthew Sweet
Aired: Thu, 2001-06-28
Dave goes on a spiel about the traffic on the interstate this morning; an "Incredible Dog Challenge" is held outside, with the winning dog jumping over a giant phony check for a million dollars; Brian Wilson, Darius Rucker, a...
Marlon Wayans, Alan Webb, Coldplay
WatchedS08E175: Marlon Wayans, Alan Webb, Coldplay
Aired: Wed, 2001-06-27
Dave's computer problems only get worse, as he couldn't name a certain part he needed, causing IBM to send him the wrong part. Also, Dave chats with prep athlete Alan Webb, the new national high school mile record holder.
Catherine Zeta-Jones, Depeche Mode
WatchedS08E174: Catherine Zeta-Jones, Depeche Mode
Aired: Tue, 2001-06-26
Dave continues to steam over his technological issues; Catherine Zeta-Jones calls Dave "Jay" and profusely apologizes; Depeche Mode performs "I Feel Loved."
John McCain, Shawn Wayans
WatchedS08E173: John McCain, Shawn Wayans
Aired: Mon, 2001-06-25
Dave has another rant about his computer problems, claiming that Late Show techno-guru Walter Kim keeps coming to his house on weekends to try to help, but he steers clear of insulting IBM because of an advertising agreement ...
Chris Elliot, Harry Hill
WatchedS08E172: Chris Elliot, Harry Hill
Aired: Fri, 2001-06-22
Mailbag: "What would you do if the world was coming to an end?" Dave admits he doesn't know much about this topic, so he introduces astrophysicist "Dr. Saul Perlmütter" (Gerard), who announces that the world will end somewh...
Ewan McGregor, Moby
WatchedS08E171: Ewan McGregor, Moby
Aired: Thu, 2001-06-21
Paul sits in the guest chair for five minutes so he can promote Cover Wars, a new game show he's hosting on VH1. Also, Alan announces that Epil stop n' spray is the new official sponsor of the Top Ten list, then shows video ...
Jimmy Kimmel, PJ Harvey
WatchedS08E170: Jimmy Kimmel, PJ Harvey
Aired: Wed, 2001-06-20
A remarkably slim and trim Biff introduces footage of him hanging out at the Grand Prix in Detroit. Also, Dave and Paul (of all people) talk about hair care, which proceeds into a new segment called "Hairpiece- Not a Hairpie...
Tom Arnold, David Sedaris
WatchedS08E169: Tom Arnold, David Sedaris
Aired: Tue, 2001-06-19
Team Rahal racer Kenny Brack inexpicably sits in on guitar, while David Sedaris reads a selection from his new book.
Dikenbe Mutombo, David Bowley, Cesaria Evora
WatchedS08E168: Dikenbe Mutombo, David Bowley, Cesaria Evora
Aired: Mon, 2001-06-18
After Paul admits that he doesn't recall what he looks like, Dave calls receptionist Art Kelly to ask if he's ever been formally introduced to the bandleader. Art doesn't give Dave a straight answer.
Jon Stewart, David Brenner
WatchedS08E167: Jon Stewart, David Brenner
Aired: Fri, 2001-06-15
Mailbag: "Can I host the show for a few minutes?" Sure enough, viewer Jason Lynch is hosting the show, while Dave sits in the green room watching Leno. Also, Paul admits that he just can't get the hang of one of Dave's favor...
Star Jones, blink-182
WatchedS08E166: Star Jones, blink-182
Aired: Thu, 2001-06-14
Dave continues to discuss the retirement of Bozo the Clown, but his remarks about big, red, ugly hair results in an inevitable hissy fit from Alan. Also, Dave honors the passing of Leonard Tepper with old clips of "Leonard T...
Kim Cattrell, Mary Chapin Carpenter
WatchedS08E165: Kim Cattrell, Mary Chapin Carpenter
Aired: Wed, 2001-06-13
Dave helps Paul with some computer problems; in honor of the coming demise of Bozo the Clown, Dave shows (bogus) footage of the kiddie show star; Tony Mendez tries to help NYC's reputation by going out and giving a tourist so...
Luke Perry, Jim White
WatchedS08E164: Luke Perry, Jim White
Aired: Tue, 2001-06-12
Paul wins the latest round of "Late Show Pay Phone Trifecta"; Dave chats with Steph/Monty via telephone to discuss a blind date that never happened; the "Top Ten Other Television Shows Produced by Saddam Hussein" is sponsored...
Marv Albert, Sugar Ray
WatchedS08E163: Marv Albert, Sugar Ray
Aired: Mon, 2001-06-11
Dave criticizes the Los Angeles Lakers' "pixie" jerseys; Dave shows news footage of a bear in somebody's swimming pool, and then claims it's his backyard; Paul introduces some dweeb bouncing on a giant red beach ball.
Andy Dick, Brian Regan
WatchedS08E162: Andy Dick, Brian Regan
Aired: Fri, 2001-06-08
During Mailbag, Dave is repelled by President Bush's daughter "Debbie" (Gerard); ten CBS affiliate weathermen present the Top Ten; Andy Dick promotes Go Fish.
Dan Rather, Elvis Costello & Anne Sofie von Otter
WatchedS08E161: Dan Rather, Elvis Costello & Anne Sofie von Otter
Aired: Thu, 2001-06-07
Dave drones on and on about a buzzkill staffer who declined Dave's offer of a free apple; in honor of this unknown staffer, Paul reprises his hit song "Lumpy Colon"; Dave repeats Rupert's very first "bothering people" bit fro...
Jimmy Fallon, The Black Crowes
WatchedS08E160: Jimmy Fallon, The Black Crowes
Aired: Wed, 2001-06-06
It's time for a segment called "For the Kids." George Clarke hogs the attention of an ice cream vendor, a Toys r Us employee takes a bow, Tony attempts to teach basic phrases in Spanish before going on another one of his rant...
David Duchovny, Trisha Yearwood
WatchedS08E159: David Duchovny, Trisha Yearwood
Aired: Tue, 2001-06-05
Paul accidentally interrupts the monologue by getting attacked by a bee and Dave gives him grief for the remainder of the show.
Helio Castroneves, Tom Dreesen, Lucinda Williams
WatchedS08E158: Helio Castroneves, Tom Dreesen, Lucinda Williams
Aired: Mon, 2001-06-04
Dave presents the new studio floor, which is now dark blue after several years of being crimson red; Dave admits he's having problems with his computer; Biff mentions that he's lost twenty pounds in the last month, then intro...
Danny DeVito, Larry Miller
WatchedS08E157: Danny DeVito, Larry Miller
Aired: Fri, 2001-05-25
Mailbag: "Have you ever seen the Monkey Man?" Dave introduces the Monkey Man, who as any keen-eyed viewer can attest, is actually Gerard Mulligan in disguise. Monkey Man shows us a clip what is supposed to be his footage of...
Tom Brokaw, Badly Drawn Boy
WatchedS08E156: Tom Brokaw, Badly Drawn Boy
Aired: Thu, 2001-05-24
Dave celebrates Bob Dylan's 60th birthday with concert footage of a very old man struggling to play the guitar; Tony Orlando interrupts Dave to sing an original number about Memorial Day; Badly Drawn Boy (aka Damon Gough) per...
Alec Baldwin, Yogi Berra
WatchedS08E155: Alec Baldwin, Yogi Berra
Aired: Wed, 2001-05-23
Ray Benson sits in; "NYPD Chief of Police" William DeLace gives tips to college grads; baseball great Lawrence "Yogi" Berra promotes his autobiography.
Stupid Human Tricks, Ellen DeGeneres
WatchedS08E154: Stupid Human Tricks, Ellen DeGeneres
Aired: Tue, 2001-05-22
Dave shows the audience his favorite (bogus) moment from last night's show: astronaut/billionaire Dennis Tito vaporizing Dave's head with his laser eyes. Also, Ellen Degeneres promotes an upcoming cable special, while a Stup...
Ray Romano, Dennis Tito
WatchedS08E153: Ray Romano, Dennis Tito
Aired: Mon, 2001-05-21
Buddy Guy sits in on guitar; Dave congratulates Regis on his much-deserved Daytime Emmy win; Steph/Monty tells an amusing story about her incontinent Doberman; Alan Kalter has a special message for the five wives of a recentl...
Kelsey Grammar, Smothers Brothers
WatchedS08E152: Kelsey Grammar, Smothers Brothers
Aired: Fri, 2001-05-18
Mailbag: harp player Gloria Agostini plays live accompaniment for the chin-rubbing flashbacks, Anton feeds his goldfish chips and salsa, and Tony ruins the season finale of The Sopranos by dropping the bombshell en espanol.
Andrea Noceti, Jack Hannah, Ricky Martin
WatchedS08E151: Andrea Noceti, Jack Hannah, Ricky Martin
Aired: Thu, 2001-05-17
A technical issue near Paul's keyboards is repaired in the middle of the first act; Dave mentions that a cover of The Weathergirls' "It's Raining Men" (written by Paul in 1983) is the #1 hit in the UK for the second week in a...
Mike Myers, David Byrne
WatchedS08E150: Mike Myers, David Byrne
Aired: Wed, 2001-05-16
Dave tells a string of "It's so dry…" jokes during the monologue; David Byrne performs "Like Humans Do."
John Travolta, R.E.M.
WatchedS08E149: John Travolta, R.E.M.
Aired: Tue, 2001-05-15
Returning to last night's controversy, Dave announces Miss Columbia 2001 will be a guest on Thursday's show, then profusely apologizes for the heroin-smuggling remark; Dave shows an ad for CNN's season-ending cliffhanger; R.E...
Charlie Sheen, Missy Elliot
WatchedS08E148: Charlie Sheen, Missy Elliot
Aired: Mon, 2001-05-14
Dave calls Art Kelly (the theater receptionist) about a possibly offensive joke from last Fridays' monologue involving Miss Columbia and having smuggling heroin as her talent. Dave apologizes (sort of) to a Columbian consula...
Heath Ledger, Lewis Black
WatchedS08E147: Heath Ledger, Lewis Black
Aired: Fri, 2001-05-11
Mailbag: "I'm going to see a movie this weekend. Which one should I see?" Dave introduces a segment called "Kenny Sheehan's Movie Review," during which the stagehand watches a movie, and then hates it so much he destroys the ...
Jenna Elfman, Destiny's Child
WatchedS08E146: Jenna Elfman, Destiny's Child
Aired: Thu, 2001-05-10
Dave rants about last night's Country Music Awards, claiming it's not "real country" anymore; Harold Larkin addresses an important labor issue until the whistle blows and he has to go back to work; Jenna Elfman tells a funny ...
Kid Scientists, Juliette Lewis
WatchedS08E145: Kid Scientists, Juliette Lewis
Aired: Wed, 2001-05-09
In her first appearance on the show, intuitive Deborah Lynn attempts to get George Clooney's phone number. She gives Dave a random number, but it's invalid. After the first commercial break, Dave asks her to find Pamela And...
Uma Thurman, Blues Traveler
WatchedS08E144: Uma Thurman, Blues Traveler
Aired: Tue, 2001-05-08
Tina Wesson, Kate Hudson, The Blind Boys of Alabama
WatchedS08E143: Tina Wesson, Kate Hudson, The Blind Boys of Alabama
Aired: Mon, 2001-05-07
Dave mentions the Kentucky Derby, then whines about not getting to hear Dave Johnson saying "…and down the stretch they come!" Luckily, the other Dave does it for Daddy by phone. Later, Dave (the host) chats with Survivor: ...
Joan Cusack, Andy Kindler
WatchedS08E142: Joan Cusack, Andy Kindler
Aired: Fri, 2001-05-04
Shuggie Otis sits in on guitar, and later the band performs his one and only hit, "Strawberry Letter 23." Also, during Mailbag, Gerard and his fake son Timmy comment on the pending writer's strike.
Bill Murray, Stevie Nicks
WatchedS08E141: Bill Murray, Stevie Nicks
Aired: Thu, 2001-05-03
Dave announces he's the real Survivor; all sixteen of the show's most recent contestants present the Top Ten; Stevie Nicks performs "Candlebright."
Regis Philbin, David Gray
WatchedS08E140: Regis Philbin, David Gray
Aired: Wed, 2001-05-02
Dave tells multiple "It was so hot today…" jokes; the outside cam catches a doctor at a sidewalk booth doing laser eye surgery with a magnifying glass; Dave plays the background music from "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" du...
Matthew Broderick, Brandi Chastain
WatchedS08E139: Matthew Broderick, Brandi Chastain
Aired: Tue, 2001-05-01
Dave says the ladies on staff at the Empire State Building gave him a private viewing at the Hayden Planetarium. Also, Dave shows a (fake) clip of The Weakest Link where "Anne Robinson" (Kathleen Ankers) goes on a profanity-...
Kirsten Dunst, Cirque de Soleil
WatchedS08E138: Kirsten Dunst, Cirque de Soleil
Aired: Mon, 2001-04-30
Dave comments on Survivor contestant Elizabeth Filarski's hair loss and how the producers of the show did not come to her aid; Dave (repeatedly) shows a clip from last night's live performance of On Golden Pond, during which ...
John Goodman, Jeff Stilson
WatchedS08E137: John Goodman, Jeff Stilson
Aired: Fri, 2001-04-27
Melissa Bernheim dances onstage again; during Mailbag, Dave's middle initial is added to the theatre marquee, but if falls off and kills a guy; John Goodman does his own version of dance, and then gives Dave a jar of cocktail...
Sylvester Stallone, Green Day
WatchedS08E136: Sylvester Stallone, Green Day
Aired: Thu, 2001-04-26
Throughout the night, "Gap Girl" Melissa Bernheim dances onstage; Dave mentions his victory at last night's American Comedy Awards; Dave says CBS will air this year's semi-controversial Miss Universe on May 11, so "Miss Franc...
Don Rickles, Jayson Williams
WatchedS08E135: Don Rickles, Jayson Williams
Aired: Wed, 2001-04-25
Dave reports CBS sales figures the Late Show has run about $750,000 worth of free Gap® commercials so far, and for the first fifteen minutes of the show Tony accounts the free items Dave may or may not be receiving (a $640 v...
Billy Crystal, The Bee-Gees
WatchedS08E134: Billy Crystal, The Bee-Gees
Aired: Tue, 2001-04-24
Dave announces the woman from the Gap commercials is going to be on the show later this month, and then grumbles that he's given the Gap® several free runs of the commercial and he hasn't gotten any freebies from them. In a ...
Liv Tyler, Billy Idol
WatchedS08E133: Liv Tyler, Billy Idol
Aired: Mon, 2001-04-23
Dave looks back at all the interviews he's done with booted Survivor contestants, then gives his usual cold-shoulder approach to 5th place finisher Rodger Bingham.
LL Cool J, The Living End
WatchedS08E132: LL Cool J, The Living End
Aired: Fri, 2001-04-13
CBS Mailbag: "Who does your taxes?" Dave points out that someone named Jimmy does his taxes, and via flashback, we learn Jimmy is actually a dog. At the end of the segment, Jimmy walks onstage to a standing ovation. Also, D...
Tom Green, Dr. Geoffrey Marcy
WatchedS08E131: Tom Green, Dr. Geoffrey Marcy
Aired: Thu, 2001-04-12
Dave celebrates birthday #54 by repeatedly showing a Gap ad featuring a very comely woman dancing/walking; we are treated to a clip show of some of the various moments of the last year, including the "dingo" bite and the cott...
Holly Hunter, Idlewild
WatchedS08E130: Holly Hunter, Idlewild
Aired: Wed, 2001-04-11
Dave returns to last night's rant about his faulty Lawrence of Arabia DVD, and announces that the producers sent him a new copy today, and that it did the same thing, thus leading Dave to the conclusion that his Pioneer DVD p...
Renee Zellweger, Stephen Malkmus
WatchedS08E129: Renee Zellweger, Stephen Malkmus
Aired: Tue, 2001-04-10
Mike Krzyzewski, Semisonic
WatchedS08E128: Mike Krzyzewski, Semisonic
Aired: Mon, 2001-04-09
Dave fumes over the reworked DVD edition of Lawrence of Arabia, and Jerry Foley letterboxes Dave and turns him blue to show the home viewers what Daddy saw on the disc. Later, he chats with Coach Mike Krzyzewski of NCAA men'...
Carson Daley, Jann Karem, The CBS Giant Orchestra
WatchedS08E127: Carson Daley, Jann Karem, The CBS Giant Orchestra
Aired: Fri, 2001-04-06
After four days in the making, it's "Orchestra Night" at the Late Show, with fifty combined strings, brass, and woodwind players taking up nearly the entire stage; during Mailbag, Paul and Dave settle a small claims dispute o...
David Spade, Amanda & Jonny Schwebel
WatchedS08E126: David Spade, Amanda & Jonny Schwebel
Aired: Thu, 2001-04-05
Dave tells a lengthy "driving home on 684" story, and later he chats with a pair of fraturnal twins that recently interviewed former President Clinton.
Paul Reubens, Run DMC & Stephan Jenkins
WatchedS08E125: Paul Reubens, Run DMC & Stephan Jenkins
Aired: Wed, 2001-04-04
The "Late Show All-Star Security Camera" finds 70's sitcom star Gabe Kaplan trying to sneak inside the theater; Dave and Gaines argue over a Top Ten list that may be too offensive to air on TV, but Dave reads it anyway; Alan ...
Hugh Grant, Sade
WatchedS08E124: Hugh Grant, Sade
Aired: Tue, 2001-04-03
Dave claims he's been sending tons of obscene e-mail to AOL and that is ready to sue them for monitoring everyone's messages; Biff makes his annual visit to Yankees Spring Training; after Dave brings up David Copperfield's la...
Craig Kilborn, Warren Zevon
WatchedS08E123: Craig Kilborn, Warren Zevon
Aired: Mon, 2001-04-02
Dave and Paul announce (and brag about) that on Friday a 40-piece orchestra will be sitting in onstage later in the week; Dave rants about his AOL hookup again; Warren Zevon (featuring his son Jordan) performed "I Was in the ...
Isabella Rossellini, Wendy Lieberman
WatchedS08E122: Isabella Rossellini, Wendy Lieberman
Aired: Fri, 2001-03-30
At the end of the monologue, Dave does his suit-modeling shtick; during Mailbag, Dave gets included in this year's Academy Award "In Memoriam" reel; Dave decides that from now on he'll do one thing each evening to annoy CBS, ...
Johnny Knoxville, The Go-Go's
WatchedS08E121: Johnny Knoxville, The Go-Go's
Aired: Thu, 2001-03-29
Paul's weekend plans are somehow incorporated into "Know Your Current Events," while Dave finally meets his hero du jour, Johnny Knoxville of Jackass fame.
Jennifer Love Hewitt, Train
WatchedS08E120: Jennifer Love Hewitt, Train
Aired: Wed, 2001-03-28
A really tall guy (approximately 6' 8") sits in with the band; Biff goes to Chappaqua, New York to gather gossip on the Clintons; Train performs "Drops of Jupiter."
Nathan Lane, Shannon Elizabeth, Cast of The Producers
WatchedS08E119: Nathan Lane, Shannon Elizabeth, Cast of The Producers
Aired: Tue, 2001-03-27
Dave announces he's feuding with AOL, claiming that they're "a rinky dink little deal" and that the "bastard geeks" are monitoring his email; the Top Ten is aborted; Nathan Lane performs a number from the hot Broadway show Th...
George Carlin, Powderfinger
WatchedS08E118: George Carlin, Powderfinger
Aired: Mon, 2001-03-26
A segment called "What We Love about Spring in New York" finds George Clarke in his favorite sundress and Harold Larkin beating the crap out of a pay phone. Also, Dave refuses to read #1 on tonight's Top Ten because he disag...
Jerry Seinfeld, Paul Simon
WatchedS08E117: Jerry Seinfeld, Paul Simon
Aired: Wed, 2001-03-21
Dave introduces the bandleader as "Paul W. Shaffer"; the "spring flying rat migration" is observed outside; Bill DeLace does a hidden-camera Top Ten inside a beauty salon.
Kristin Davis, Grant Paulsen
WatchedS08E116: Kristin Davis, Grant Paulsen
Aired: Tue, 2001-03-20
Johnny Johnson and James Burton sit in with the band; Dave shows footage of MIR returning to earth, only to decimate the camp where Survivor: Outback was filmed; Alan rants about why 'The Bay City Rollers' are not in the Rock...
Antonio Banderas, Nick Cave
WatchedS08E115: Antonio Banderas, Nick Cave
Aired: Mon, 2001-03-19
The suit that Paul's wearing tonight reminds Dave of Colonel Harland Sanders; the band plays songs by The Mamas and the Papas, in honor of the recently deceased John Philips; Dave rants about Tivo; after Dave mentions that th...
Cokie Roberts, Uncle Kracker
WatchedS08E114: Cokie Roberts, Uncle Kracker
Aired: Wed, 2001-03-14
Dave says he's finished sending lemon trees to guests he may have irritated, then makes his NCAA Tournament picks. Also, throughout the night, Pat Farmer shoots hoops on the roof.
Denis Leary, Anne Bancroft & Liv Arnesen
WatchedS08E113: Denis Leary, Anne Bancroft & Liv Arnesen
Aired: Tue, 2001-03-13
Throughout the night, Pat Farmer shoots hoops on the roof.
Janet Jackson, Jill Scott
WatchedS08E112: Janet Jackson, Jill Scott
Aired: Mon, 2001-03-12
Dave introduces himself as "David Letterman… TV badass"; Dave discusses the handling of the non-surviving Survivor: Outback contestants, then wonders if they'll put him on probation for his conduct; Jill Scott sings "Love Ra...
Michael Imperiloli, Josh Joplin Group
WatchedS08E111: Michael Imperiloli, Josh Joplin Group
Aired: Fri, 2001-03-02
Mailbag: "My son Tommy turns five on Saturday. Will you come to his party?" Dave says he'd love to, then drives over to the kid's house. The magic of a celebrity guest appearance is hampered, however, when Tommy admits that ...
Martin Short, Jake Johannsen
WatchedS08E110: Martin Short, Jake Johannsen
Aired: Thu, 2001-03-01
Dave sheds more light on his rant from the previous night, asking Paul if an network exec has ever said to him, "Do you have a problem with me?" Also, Martin Short performs a musical number about the recent one-year annivers...
Tom Brokaw, Leslie Bibb
WatchedS08E109: Tom Brokaw, Leslie Bibb
Aired: Wed, 2001-02-28
Dave announces that after a recent awkward experience, he will no longer attend network meetings of any kind; Les Moonves and Fidel/Inky continue eating lunch; Dave shows footage of President Bush correctly pronouncing "conti...
Heather Locklear, Allison Krauss, Gillian Welch, Emmylou Harris, The Soggy Bottom Boys
WatchedS08E108: Heather Locklear, Allison Krauss, Gillian Welch, Emmylou Harris, The Soggy ...
Aired: Tue, 2001-02-27
Dave shows the woman/duck and "rabid dingo" clips yet again; Dave discusses the new theory that a meteorite may prove life on Mars, prompting Alan Kalter to go berserk with conspiracy theories; Emmylou Harris, Gillian Welch, ...
Kevin Pollack, Dave Matthews Band
WatchedS08E107: Kevin Pollack, Dave Matthews Band
Aired: Mon, 2001-02-26
Dave shows off his brand new desk, then complains that he has nothing worth asking to "Survivor: Outback" loser Kimmi Kappenberg; Les Moonves and "Fidel Castro" (Tony) go out for lunch.
Bill O'Reilly, Jim Gaffigan
WatchedS08E106: Bill O'Reilly, Jim Gaffigan
Aired: Fri, 2001-02-23
Sam Moore (of Sam & Dave) and Billy Preston sit in; Kansas State University high jumper Nathen Leeper can't demonstrate his talents on 53rd Street because of a snowstorm; during Mailbag, Alan smears macaroni & cheese into his...
Benicio Del Toro, Shaggy
WatchedS08E105: Benicio Del Toro, Shaggy
Aired: Thu, 2001-02-22
George Clarke interrogates celebrites at last night's Grammys; ten grade-schoolers from Bowie, Maryland present the Top Ten; live via telephone, Dr. Henry Kissinger says the name of an audience member; Shaggy performs "It Was...
James Caan, Nelly Furtado
WatchedS08E104: James Caan, Nelly Furtado
Aired: Wed, 2001-02-21
Throughout the night, Don Hewitt (aka the Man on Fire) is body-checked by several New York Rangers; during Mailbag, an audience woman names her dog in honor of Dave ("Come along, ***hole"); Nelly Furtado performs "I'm Like A ...
Samuel L. Jackson, Timothy Treadwell
WatchedS08E103: Samuel L. Jackson, Timothy Treadwell
Aired: Tue, 2001-02-20
Alan Kalter interrupts Dave with a few seductive words for Jennifer Lopez on the occasion of her break-up with Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs. Shortly afterwards, he starts singing some sort of ballad, when suddenly "Big Red" is sh...
Julia Roberts
WatchedS08E102: Julia Roberts
Aired: Mon, 2001-02-19
Dave goes on one of his all-time greatest rants, this time protesting the inhumane conditions on Survivor: Outback, then chastises Tony for supposedly picking his nose with a cue-card. Also, the latest eliminated contestant ...
Megan Mullally, Eddie Brill
WatchedS08E101: Megan Mullally, Eddie Brill
Aired: Fri, 2001-02-16
A segment called "Dave's Henchmen Force a Price Waterhouse Executive to Reveal the Best-Picture Winner" pretty much explains itself; during Mailbag, a spoof of the upcoming film "Hannibal" reveals that Paul's brain is made ou...
Show #1558
WatchedS08E100: Show #1558
Aired: Thu, 2001-02-15
Dave announces that last night's show has been pardoned by ex-President Clinton; daredevil Steve Direnzo jumps off the roof of the theater, then comes in to take a bow; "Biff Henderson's America" takes a pit stop in Franklin,...
Show #1557
WatchedS08E99: Show #1557
Aired: Wed, 2001-02-14
Dave shows a Valentine's Day bouquet he claims came from Jackass star Johnny Knoxville; Dave comments on last night's grotesque Stupid Pet Trick, then shows the clip of the "rabid dingo" biting him in June 2000; Dave offers a...
Show #1556
WatchedS08E98: Show #1556
Aired: Tue, 2001-02-13
It's milestone in the long and celebrated history of "Stupid Pet Tricks" as Regis the duck eats cottage cheese out of owner Rebecca Kraft's mouth. The sight of the stunt is so repulsive that Dave shows the clip repeatedly fo...
Show #1555
WatchedS08E97: Show #1555
Aired: Mon, 2001-02-12
Dave engages in a lengthy discussion about stomach flu, then calls Art Kelly upstairs to inquire about staff members with the virus. Shortly afterwards, Art hands the phone to Stephanie "Monty" Birkitt, and Dave asks her if ...
Show #1554
WatchedS08E96: Show #1554
Aired: Fri, 2001-02-09
For the last month or so, a little old man walks onstage during the monologue, stands next to Dave, and walks away. Tonight, there's a twist: the old guy walks out, and followed soon after by an annoyed-looking Calvert. Bot...
Show #1553
WatchedS08E95: Show #1553
Aired: Thu, 2001-02-08
Biff reports from Bloomfield, Connecticut; an audience member plays Chopin on Paul's piano; history repeats itself as Dave announces that New York State Police Trooper William McClellan got him last night for going 80 in a 55...
Show #1552
WatchedS08E94: Show #1552
Aired: Wed, 2001-02-07
In conjunction with a certain upstart football league, Dave announces that the show will change its name to "XLS- the Extreme Late Show," effective immediately. Also, Dave makes a long distance call to Melbourne, Australia j...
Show #1551
WatchedS08E93: Show #1551
Aired: Tue, 2001-02-06
Dave mentions that the front of his desk was painted blue the previous weekend, and now we know why: it's a makeshift screen for projecting various pieces of videotape. Amongst the clips: a monkey washing a cat, a kaliedosco...
Show #1550
WatchedS08E92: Show #1550
Aired: Mon, 2001-02-05
Dave's desk has been repainted a gaudy light blue; Dave rants about last Saturday's debut of the XFL, demanding that the players huck folding chairs at each other; "non-surviving Survivor" Kel Gleason denies that he brought a...
Show #1549
WatchedS08E91: Show #1549
Aired: Fri, 2001-02-02
During Mailbag, Harold Larkin goes to Jupiter, then looses his pants due to their extreme gravity; Alan Kalter discusses Good Morning America's plan to show a live childbirth on Tuesday, then offers his services for a live co...
Show #1548
WatchedS08E90: Show #1548
Aired: Thu, 2001-02-01
Dave casually mentions that today is the nineteenth anniversary of his first foray into late night, and Nancy Agostini and Mike McIntee walk out and give Paul flowers. Later, Dave chats with Tony Siragusa of the Super Bowl c...
Show #1547
WatchedS08E89: Show #1547
Aired: Wed, 2001-01-31
Dave demands that Johnny Knoxville from "Jackass" appear on the show; Dave shows a clip of President Bush slapping the first lady's butt in public; Jeff Probst and a guy pretending to be Leslie Moonves promote Survivor: Outba...
Show #1546
WatchedS08E88: Show #1546
Aired: Tue, 2001-01-30
Throughout the night, various celebrities (such as Regis and Dave) endorse a "Hacking Cough of the Night." Also, Biff introduces his report from Super Bowl XXXV in Tampa, where he interrogates N'Sync and Steven Tyler of Aero...
Show #1545
WatchedS08E87: Show #1545
Aired: Mon, 2001-01-29
Dave comments on yesterday's Giants-Ravens Super Bowl, then shows footage of MVP Ray Lewis with confetti stuck on his face. Also, Maria Pope introduces Dave to prison guard Debb Eaton, the first contestant eliminated from Su...
Show #1544
WatchedS08E86: Show #1544
Aired: Fri, 2001-01-19
On the eve of President Bush's inauguration, Dave tells one last "Classic Clinton Joke" from 1998. Also, during Mailbag, the staff falls victim to a gas leak, while a question about Alan's hair is answered by the announcer tu...
Show #1543
WatchedS08E85: Show #1543
Aired: Thu, 2001-01-18
Dave admits that he's addicted to carbohydrates; NYC Chief of Police Bill DeLace gives snow survival tips; Dave shows two clips of George W. Bush pronouncing big words.
Show #1542
WatchedS08E84: Show #1542
Aired: Wed, 2001-01-17
Dave complains that his chair is not as comfortable as he would like it to be, then hypothesizes that it's the lumbar adjustment that's causing the problems; during the latest "Last Time" segment, Alan pleads with Dave to ret...
Show #1541
WatchedS08E83: Show #1541
Aired: Tue, 2001-01-16
Dave starts off the show by discussing the launch of Oprah's new magazine, and then he shows a copy of Martha Stewart's rag, claiming that for a time Martha was penniless and living in hollow tree. Then he points out that no...
Show #1540
WatchedS08E82: Show #1540
Aired: Mon, 2001-01-15
Dave shows a photo of a cake Dorothy made to commemorate the one-year anniversary of his quintuple-bypass; Dave asks Steph/Monty for some Miller® Lite inflatable chairs; after Barry White cancels at the last minute, Nancy Ag...
Show #1539
WatchedS08E81: Show #1539
Aired: Fri, 2001-01-12
Mailbag: Pat Farmer wears a skirt, while a hot dog vender (Michael Z. McIntee) sells Dave a hot dog with "I love you" spelled in mustard.
Show #1538
WatchedS08E80: Show #1538
Aired: Thu, 2001-01-11
Throughout the night, Giants placekicker Brad Deluiso kicks field goals. Also, Kim Cattrall claims Garry Shandling tried to set her up with Dave years ago, but Dave denies it.
Show #1537
WatchedS08E79: Show #1537
Aired: Wed, 2001-01-10
The old guy/Calvert surrogate from last night stares blankly at the camera; Dave asks Steph/Monty for dental tools; another "Day in the Life of Hillary Clinton" skit is abandoned, this time by Kenny Sheehan's indecent comment...
Show #1536
WatchedS08E78: Show #1536
Aired: Tue, 2001-01-09
An old man resembling Calvert walks onstage after the monologue; 60's pop singer Jackie DeShannon sits in and croons some of her biggest hits; Dave shows (bogus) footage of President Clinton moving his belongings to FlashDanc...
Show #1535
WatchedS08E77: Show #1535
Aired: Mon, 2001-01-08
Dave mentions that Ed won a People's Choice Award for Best New Series. He says he's never won one "because the people don't like me." Alan Kalter brags about winning a similar award for "Alan Kalter's Campaign Round-Up," then...
Show #1534
WatchedS08E76: Show #1534
Aired: Fri, 2000-12-29
Show #1533
WatchedS08E75: Show #1533
Aired: Thu, 2000-12-28
Dave has a special new year's message for the kids (not to mention his biker buddies): "Ride straight." Also, Dave tells six more "It's so cold…" jokes during the monologue, and "Commissioner" Bill DeLace give New Year's saf...
Show #1532
WatchedS08E74: Show #1532
Aired: Wed, 2000-12-27
Dave tells 10 "It's so cold..." jokes; Dave, Rupert and others bid a fond farewell to Joe G. Pizza, which is moving to W. 56th Street next month; Dave mentions a "Cue Cards Awards Dinner" that is being held in a secret locati...
Show #1531
WatchedS08E73: Show #1531
Aired: Tue, 2000-12-26
Calvert comes out with his shiny new scooter; Dave asks Steph/Monty to tape "Jackass" for him; Paul discusses Hanukkah, then admits that he's in a drunken stupor; Dave claims that he's cold, so one of his assistants walks ons...
Show #1530
WatchedS08E72: Show #1530
Aired: Fri, 2000-12-22
Calvert is dressed as Santa; during Mailbag, Alan prepares for a role in a porno movie by sitting in a bathtub filled with egg nog; Brian Regan comments on the joys of air travel.
Show #1529
WatchedS08E71: Show #1529
Aired: Thu, 2000-12-21
Calvert sprays snow from a can on a camera lens. Dave squeegees it, but he gets the foam all over his suit. Also, comedian John Witherspoon does impressions of Nat King Cole and Johnny Mathis.
Show #1528
WatchedS08E70: Show #1528
Aired: Wed, 2000-12-20
In honor of his 35 years with CBS, Dave gives cameraman Dave Dorsett a fake Christmas gift; Dave announces that staff morale at the Late Show has never been lower, so Paul suggests the services of Montel Williams as a motivat...
Show #1527
WatchedS08E69: Show #1527
Aired: Tue, 2000-12-19
It's "Bosnia Night" on the Late Show: Dave wears night-vision goggles during the monologue; the audience consists entirely of members of the Armed Forces; the Hi-Ho girls deliver t-shirts to the troops; Tom Hanks arrives via ...
Show #1526
WatchedS08E68: Show #1526
Aired: Mon, 2000-12-18
Dave shows a clip of President-elect Bush and Colin Powell hugging rather awkwardly; Rupert, Mujibur, Sirajul, and Joe G. decorate the Late Show Christmas Tree; in honor of the aforementioned clip, Dave and Sean Connery try t...
Show #1525
WatchedS08E67: Show #1525
Aired: Fri, 2000-12-15
Paul walks over to adjust Dave's shirt; Calvert drinks more egg nog; during Mailbag, we watch "Dave's Trip to Norway," in which he ends up in Finland by mistake; Gerard thanks the country for electing George W. Bush because "...
Show #1524
WatchedS08E66: Show #1524
Aired: Thu, 2000-12-14
Dave shows a clip of MSNBC's Bob Kur mumbling during his report of last night's Supreme Court decision; an audience member tries to sneak out of "Know Your Current Events."
Show #1523
WatchedS08E65: Show #1523
Aired: Wed, 2000-12-13
Dave shows a picture of President-elect Bush wearing a funny cowboy hat; in case there are any updates on tonight's decision, live via satellite, three guys stand around in Austin, Tallahassee and the U.S. Supreme Court build...
Show #1522
WatchedS08E64: Show #1522
Aired: Tue, 2000-12-12
Calvert drinks more egg nog; Charles Grodin; 2000 NASCAR Winston Cup champion Bobby Labonte; Dave shows outtake footage of last night's "Biff in Bosnia."
Show #1521
WatchedS08E63: Show #1521
Aired: Mon, 2000-12-11
Calvert walks onstage drinking a quart of egg nog straight out of the carton; to promote Dave's upcoming appearance in Bosnia, Biff visits a troop stationed there. In honor of his appearance, Biff shows off a commemorative c...
Show #1520
WatchedS08E62: Show #1520
Aired: Wed, 2000-11-29
Calvert cleans the cameras; Dave refers to Paul as "President-elect Paul W. Shaffer;" Dave mentions that magician David Blaine is frozen alive in a block of ice at Times Square...cut live to the boiler room, where George Clar...
Show #1519
WatchedS08E61: Show #1519
Aired: Tue, 2000-11-28
Rather than do something, Calvert walks onstage, stands next to Dave for ten seconds, then walks away; Dave now has twelve flags behind his desk; Dave and Martha Stewart make Beef Wellington; live via satellite from Dallas, A...
Show #1518
WatchedS08E60: Show #1518
Aired: Mon, 2000-11-27
Calvert comes out with a remote control to zap Dave; a tiger cub belonging to Jack Hanna develops a strange fondness for Dave.
Show #1517
WatchedS08E59: Show #1517
Aired: Fri, 2000-11-24
Calvert applies Chap Stick to his face; Dave finally gives an explanation for his behavior two nights ago (something involving how he won't let anybody touch his neck); during "CBS Mailbag," Dave and Paul rush to the aid of a...
Show #1516
WatchedS08E58: Show #1516
Aired: Thu, 2000-11-23
Dave apologizes for last night's show. Later, he shows highlights from the staff Thanksgiving Party, during which Dave dresses as a pilgrim and Paul gets thrown out for being Canadian.
Show #1515
WatchedS08E57: Show #1515
Aired: Wed, 2000-11-22
Calvert comes out to comb his hair, and leaves the stage to a standing ovation. Also, Richard Simmons comes out in an orange and yellow turkey outfit, prompting Dave to defend himself with a fire extinguisher.
Show #1514
WatchedS08E56: Show #1514
Aired: Tue, 2000-11-21
Calvert comes out dressed like Dave and inspects a ballot; Dave demonstrates his improved facial maneuverability, and then thanks his dentist; the Brazilian Olympic bobsled team practices outside Joe G's.
Show #1513
WatchedS08E55: Show #1513
Aired: Mon, 2000-11-20
After having one flag put on the set last night, Dave now has two flags behind his desk so he can "look more presidential." Later, Dave gives Susan Sarandon a silver gravy serving bowl.
Show #1512
WatchedS08E54: Show #1512
Aired: Fri, 2000-11-17
Anton tells about his troubles with a kid on Halloween; Dave's interview with Val Kilmer goes horribly awry.
Show #1511
WatchedS08E53: Show #1511
Aired: Thu, 2000-11-16
Calvert comes out to clean his glasses on Dave's jacket; Michael McDonald (of Steely Dan and Doobie Brothers fame) sits in; the show closes with the CBS Orchestra playing the theme from Dave's 1980 morning show, which was wri...
Show #1510
WatchedS08E52: Show #1510
Aired: Wed, 2000-11-15
Calvert serves Dave some coffee; Mike Myers shows a clip from a movie he made when he was 13.
Show #1509
WatchedS08E51: Show #1509
Aired: Tue, 2000-11-14
Calvert comes out to tear up the cue card for the Classic Clinton Joke; Dave tells another dentist-related horror story; Alan congratulates Hillary Clinton on behalf of her winning a seat in the U.S. Senate, then makes a very...
Show #1508
WatchedS08E50: Show #1508
Aired: Mon, 2000-11-13
During the monologue, Dave does a "Classic Clinton Joke": "He's so fat he can't see who he's having sex with." Also, Biff reports from the election mess in Palm Beach County, Florida, while a Kid Scientist blends liver and h...
Show #1507
WatchedS08E49: Show #1507
Aired: Fri, 2000-11-10
Calvert interrupts the jokes, asking for a sandwich; during "CBS Mailbag," Dave makes a quick trip to Europe to visit his three Dutch fans, then accidentally decapitates Paul; Lucy Liu demonstrates a hair flip.
Show #1506
WatchedS08E48: Show #1506
Aired: Thu, 2000-11-09
Calvert comes by for a smoke, then sings "Who Let the Dogs Out?" with Alan; Cokie Roberts offers her predictions on the election recount, as does Patricia Arquette.
Show #1505
WatchedS08E47: Show #1505
Aired: Wed, 2000-11-08
It's the day after the infamous presidential election, so Calvert walks onstage and asks Dave, "How'd Nixon do?" Later, Dave shows (bogus) CBS election coverage with the headline "Nader Wins."
Show #1504
WatchedS08E46: Show #1504
Aired: Mon, 2000-11-06
Dave reports that before the show he was trying to trim his hair above his ears and accidentally buzzed himself in the lobe; the winners of the NYC Marathon run through, followed shortly by Calvert; Moby and Gwen Stefani sing...
Show #1503
WatchedS08E45: Show #1503
Aired: Fri, 2000-11-03
Madonna makes her first guest appearance in over six years, during which she apologizes to Dave and performs "Don't Tell Me."
Show #1502
WatchedS08E44: Show #1502
Aired: Thu, 2000-11-02
Dave calls Biff out to answer the question of an audience member: "Does he sleep with his headset on?" Of course he does. Later, Dave makes fun of a James Brolin made-for-TV movie from last night.
Show #1501
WatchedS08E43: Show #1501
Aired: Wed, 2000-11-01
Calvert stands right smack in front of Dave at his desk and has to be shooed away; Biff, with a little help from Benny Agbayani, does an experiment on juiced baseballs on the roof; Alec Baldwin sticks gum on Maria's jacket du...
Show #1500
WatchedS08E42: Show #1500
Aired: Tue, 2000-10-31
During the annual "Halloween Costumes" segment, Calvert claims a dead fish as his treat and Dave's car the morning after All Hallow's Eve; George Clarke gorges himself on candy in the basement; Dave shows a clip of Kenny Shee...
Show #1499
WatchedS08E41: Show #1499
Aired: Mon, 2000-10-30
Show #1498
WatchedS08E40: Show #1498
Aired: Fri, 2000-10-20
Dave shows a clip of Gov. George Bush from yesterdays showwhere Bush cleans his glasses with the sweater of lady standing next to him during a break (producer Maria Pope)
Show #1497
WatchedS08E39: Show #1497
Aired: Thu, 2000-10-19
After months of fruitless attempts, Dave finally lands Republican presidential candidate George Walker Bush as a guest on the show. During the interview, Dave grills Dubya about current events and the future president can't ...
Show #1496
WatchedS08E38: Show #1496
Aired: Wed, 2000-10-18
Dave lists some rejected Ball State mascot names from long ago, and learns that their previous nickname was the "Hoosieroons." So, Dave announces that Ball State may name its football stadium for him provided they change the...
Show #1495
WatchedS08E37: Show #1495
Aired: Tue, 2000-10-17
Nadine Hennelly and Andrea Sande come out (a day late) with roses for Paul to celebrate his return. Dave announces that he's not feeling too well, so Nadine and Andrea come back to cheer him up.
Show #1494
WatchedS08E36: Show #1494
Aired: Mon, 2000-10-16
Paul's back and finished with his lengthy bout with pneumonia; throughout the week Dave introduces vegetables that didn't win a prize at the fair, and tonight it's farmer Bob Fowler and his regular-sized squash; Miss America ...
Show #1493
WatchedS08E35: Show #1493
Aired: Fri, 2000-10-13
During tonight's "Alan Kalter's Campaign Round-Up," the announcer sings an impromptu rendition of "Who Let the Dogs Out"; George Clarke attempts to lose weight by fasting through the rest of the show, only to end up treating ...
Show #1492
WatchedS08E34: Show #1492
Aired: Thu, 2000-10-12
Like he has on previous nights, Calvert walks through during the monologue. Tonight, he goes to Dave's desk, picks up the phone and dials, says "Get me the police!," hangs up and walks out. Later, Spike Lee plugs "Bamboozled...
Show #1491
WatchedS08E33: Show #1491
Aired: Wed, 2000-10-11
Calvert grabs a Kleenex® from Dave's desk during the jokes; Warren Zevon is still sitting in for Paul, who has developed pneumonia; a segment called "What Does It Cost?" reveals that Dave Dorsett takes his pay in adult video...
Show #1490
WatchedS08E32: Show #1490
Aired: Tue, 2000-10-10
Barry White impersonates Paul via telephone yet again; after the latest edition of "Pat and Kenny Read Oprah Transcripts," Alan plugs "PK: The Pat and Kenny Magazine"; Jim Gaffigan promotes "Welcome to New York."
Show #1488
WatchedS08E31: Show #1488
Aired: Fri, 2000-10-06
Dave welcomes Rulon Gardner, who won the gold medal in wrestling at the Sydney Olmypics. Later, Warren Zevon promotes his new album.
Show #1489
WatchedS08E30: Show #1489
Aired: Mon, 2000-10-09
Since Paul's still sick, a guy comes out to show what Paul would have worn tonight; Eddie Brill fills in for Alan; Al Rent of Ball State comes out to give Dave the game ball from their big win that weekend; Ben Stiller has a ...
Show #1487
WatchedS08E29: Show #1487
Aired: Thu, 2000-10-05
Biff plays "Super Unlabeled Canned Goods of the Night" (now with institutional-sized cans). Biff tastes chili, but Warren thinks it was chili the last time he sat in. He's wrong: it was ravioli on Sept. 15. Oh yeah, and Pa...
Show #1486
WatchedS08E28: Show #1486
Aired: Wed, 2000-10-04
Paul's sick tonight, so Anton's in charge and Cliff Carter sits in on keyboards. Dave calls "Paul" (who has a nasty upper respiratory thing), with Barry White providing the ailing bandleader's voice. Later, the annual "New ...
Show #1485
WatchedS08E27: Show #1485
Aired: Tue, 2000-10-03
"Late Show Iron Chef" -- Joe G. vs. Rupert Jee, Round 2: Rupert makes an omelet with Cajun spices, while Joe G makes a ham calzone; Maria Pope declares Joe G the winner.
Show #1484
WatchedS08E26: Show #1484
Aired: Mon, 2000-10-02
A segment called "What's On TV This Week" is interrupted by two guys who burst into the theater fighting. Later, Tom Cavanaugh promotes his new show, "Ed."
Show #1483
WatchedS08E25: Show #1483
Aired: Fri, 2000-09-29
Dave makes another Ball State Football Update, declaring last week's 74-0 trouncing by Kansas State as being closer than the score reveals. Later, Alan Kalter interrupts Dave to scoff at news of Barbra Streisand's last conce...
Show #1482
WatchedS08E24: Show #1482
Aired: Thu, 2000-09-28
Dave begins the evening by announcing, "Tonight is my final performance"; Vince Gill sits in with the band; during Know Your Current Events, Dave tells a "road rage" story; Ray Romano times how long he's on the show; presiden...
Show #1481
WatchedS08E23: Show #1481
Aired: Wed, 2000-09-27
Dave comments on Monday's rant by stating that while he has never been a non-voting Republican (according to the Times Magazine), he once registered as a Democrat. Later, Denzel Washington promotes "Remember the Titans" and ...
Show #1480
WatchedS08E22: Show #1480
Aired: Tue, 2000-09-26
Dave gives the results of Olympic events before they air on NBC. It appears that Belgium has won every possible medal except one (a bronze for Finland).
Show #1479
WatchedS08E21: Show #1479
Aired: Mon, 2000-09-25
Dave goes on another lengthy tirade, correcting an article that appeared in yesterday's New York Times Magazine, calling Rush Limbaugh a "giant bag of gas," and then showing a photo of Jay Leno to demonstrate why his rival is...
Show #1478
WatchedS08E20: Show #1478
Aired: Fri, 2000-09-15
Nadine and Andrea rescue Calvert from under Dave's desk again. Later, Dave shows a "new" Hillary Clinton ad.
Show #1477
WatchedS08E19: Show #1477
Aired: Thu, 2000-09-14
Warren Zevon fills in for Paul Shaffer, who was sick that night.
Show #1476
WatchedS08E18: Show #1476
Aired: Wed, 2000-09-13
A "Banned from the Classroom" bit includes a jar of spit ball spit; Jack Daniels drink boxes; Professor George W. Bush's Build Your Own Electric Chair kit; the book Human Sexuality by the Gores; Elmer's Paste with Sprinkles; ...
Show #1475
WatchedS08E17: Show #1475
Aired: Tue, 2000-09-12
How Many Guys in Cat Suits Can Fit into a Coffee Shop? Walking in with no resistance are seven cats, a dog, Santa, a guy in a red cape, three monkeys, Moses, Dracula, Hercules, and a clown.
Show #1474
WatchedS08E16: Show #1474
Aired: Mon, 2000-09-11
Dave shows a bunch of fake Emmy clips: Alan was there dressed as a woman, leading Dave to wonder if he's Jack Lemmon's wife; after the miniseries "Jesus" loses to "The Corner," a bolt of lightning strikes the winners. Biff ce...
Show #1473
WatchedS08E15: Show #1473
Aired: Fri, 2000-09-08
CBS Mailbag: Dave teaches grade school, while "AP writer Adam Klymer" (the scribe Dubya referred to as a "Major League Asshole," as played by Gerard) gives the future president the finger. Later, Greg Kinnear promotes "Dinne...
Show #1472
WatchedS08E14: Show #1472
Aired: Thu, 2000-09-07
An audience member from Buffalo named Mel Chastain plays "Know Your Professional Bill Gates Lookalikes." Dave likes her so much that Biff hands her "Lion King" tickets.
Show #1471
WatchedS08E13: Show #1471
Aired: Wed, 2000-09-06
Alan interrupts Dave, claiming Monday was his 5th anniversary working on the show. He's mad because Dave forgot. He runs out into street, strips to his undies, and flips Dave off.
Show #1470
WatchedS08E12: Show #1470
Aired: Tue, 2000-09-05
After reviewing stills of Dave's hand being stitched up, we're ready for the removal of the stitches, simulcast on In the guest chair is Dr. Lou Arrone; he says Dave "almost cut off the tip of his finge...
Show #1469
WatchedS08E11: Show #1469
Aired: Mon, 2000-09-04
During a segment called "Summer Memories," Anton recalls being attacked by a giant mosquito. Later, Carson Daly plugs "TRL."
Show #1468
WatchedS08E10: Show #1468
Aired: Fri, 2000-09-01
During CBS Mailbag, Gerard explains why he's voting for Bush, and Dave marries Richard Hatch of "Survivor I" fame.
Show #1467
WatchedS08E09: Show #1467
Aired: Thu, 2000-08-31
Dave quizzes a secretary from Hartford with "Know Your Employees of Don Hewlett Chevrolet-Oldsmobile-Buick in Georgetown, Texas." Later, in her first Late Show appearance Diana Krall performed "I've Got You Under My Skin."
Show #1466
WatchedS08E08: Show #1466
Aired: Wed, 2000-08-30
On the 7th anniversary of the first episode on CBS, Dave points out that he has made exactly 3,280 episodes in late night, and that his favorite was #1150. Later, Biff goes to a summer camp in Honesdale, PA.
Show #1465
WatchedS08E07: Show #1465
Aired: Tue, 2000-08-29
Dave fusses about the polar ice caps melting and The Weather Channel's inability to cover it. Later, Alan closes "Campaign 2000" by singing "Climb Every Mountain" and starting a fight.
Show #1464
WatchedS08E06: Show #1464
Aired: Mon, 2000-08-28
Dave's finger still hurts; Paul offers to pick up Anna Kournikova for her upcoming appearance; Alan makes a special offer to Anne Heche and Ellen DeGeneres (who just split up).
Show #1463
WatchedS08E05: Show #1463
Aired: Fri, 2000-08-25
Dave shows the "rabid dingo" bite clip again; Biff tests his psychic abilities with unlabeled canned goods; Donal Logue promotes "The Tao of Steve."
Show #1462
WatchedS08E04: Show #1462
Aired: Thu, 2000-08-24
Dave asks "Survivor I" winner Richard Hatch about his "appearance" on the show last night.
Show #1461
WatchedS08E03: Show #1461
Aired: Wed, 2000-08-23
The cast of the original "Survivor" are featured in a special Top Ten list. Later, Dave mingles with Jack Hanna's animals.
Show #1460
WatchedS08E02: Show #1460
Aired: Tue, 2000-08-22
Dave shows a supposed clip of the Bushes applauding Al Gore's acceptance speech. Later, several of Joe G's customers participate in a game called "Pizza Survivor."
Show #1459
WatchedS08E01: Show #1459
Aired: Mon, 2000-08-21
Dave shows that he has a bandaged finger, claiming that he got a poison gas sensor alarm at his house over the weekend. He later breaks down, admitting that he cut his finger making potato salad.
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