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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
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This show introduces the Special Victims Unit, a new elite squad of NYPD detectives who investigate sexually related crimes.

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit has been on the air since September 1999, with 354 episodes aired. It can be watched on NBC at 21:00 (GMT-5 +DST) on Thursdays .

Genres: Action, Crime, Drama

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Spring Awakening
WatchedS15E24: Spring Awakening
Aired: Wed, 2014-05-21
Amaro's recklessness once again makes him the target of Internal Affairs, and he has no choice but to face the consequences. With his professional and personal life at risk, he looks to his friend John Munch for advice. Meanw...
Thought Criminal
WatchedS15E23: Thought Criminal
Aired: Wed, 2014-05-14
Under the guidance of Lieutenant Murphy, Sergeant Benson and the SVU take an active approach to catching sex offenders - they target Simon Wilkes, a well-regarded photographer with a secret life. An undercover investigation f...
Reasonable Doubt
WatchedS15E22: Reasonable Doubt
Aired: Wed, 2014-05-07
Benson and Murphy question renowned television producer Frank Maddox when he's accused of molesting his 8 year-old daughter Chelsea. Maddox’s estranged wife, actress Catherine Summers, wants justice for her daughter but ...
Post-Mortem Blues
WatchedS15E21: Post-Mortem Blues
Aired: Wed, 2014-04-30
In the moments after William Lewis’ death, Sergeant Benson is rescued by the SVU squad, but her torment continues. The Internal Affairs investigation of her actions is deemed inconclusive, and with no evidence to corrobo...
Beast's Obsession
WatchedS15E20: Beast's Obsession
Aired: Wed, 2014-04-09
The sadistic William Lewis escapes from prison, arbitrarily killing as he goes. Concerned for Benson’s safety, a security detail is assigned to her 24/7, but it doesn’t take long for Lewis to get her back where he l...
Downloaded Child
WatchedS15E19: Downloaded Child
Aired: Wed, 2014-04-02
Single mom Jenny Aschler is arrested for child endangerment. Not trusting anyone to take care of her young daughter Maddie, she instead leaves her home alone for days. Jenny’s fierce motherly instincts and fear of men le...
Criminal Stories
WatchedS15E18: Criminal Stories
Aired: Wed, 2014-03-19
Renowned New York Ledger columnist Jimmy MacArthur is given full access to Sergeant Benson and the squad for an inside look at the city’s Special Victims Unit. When the rape case of a young Muslim woman escalates to a ha...
Gambler's Fallacy
WatchedS15E17: Gambler's Fallacy
Aired: Wed, 2014-03-12
Detective Amanda Rollins’ addiction drives her to an illegal gambling club, where waitress Clare Wilson recognizes her as a cop. To protect her job, Rollins strikes a deal with the club managers to make their illegal tra...
Gridiron Soldier
WatchedS15E16: Gridiron Soldier
Aired: Wed, 2014-03-05
High school football star Cedric Jones goes missing in New York City, and his uncle seeks help from their hometown friend, Detective Rollins. Though already committed to attending Georgia Tech, Cedric nevertheless accepted a ...
Comic Perversion (1)
WatchedS15E15: Comic Perversion (1)
Aired: Wed, 2014-02-26
Josh Galloway delivers a stand-up comedy routine at Tompkins Square University. He makes ill-minded jokes about rape and women. After he's delivered his set a student is assaulted by fans of the comedian. Although Barba has n...
Wednesday's Child
WatchedS15E14: Wednesday's Child
Aired: Wed, 2014-02-05
Tom Moore arrives home from a business trip to find his young son, Nicky, missing from his bed. With a history of behavioral problems, the cops suspect he wandered off alone, and the search becomes more urgent as the diabetic...
Betrayal’s Climax
WatchedS15E13: Betrayal’s Climax
Aired: Wed, 2014-01-29
Sixteen year-old Avery Capshaw’s parents report her kidnapped, and the SVU finds signs of a party turned violent. Her boyfriend, Manny Montero, is a scholarship student from the Projects, and though his family swears he...
Jersey Breakdown
WatchedS15E12: Jersey Breakdown
Aired: Wed, 2014-01-22
Detectives Amaro and Rollins leave a party and stumble upon Officer McKenna in pursuit of a suspected drug dealer. A standoff leads to gunfire and the teenaged suspect is gravely wounded. While Amaro struggles to reconcile hi...
Amaro's One-Eighty
WatchedS15E11: Amaro's One-Eighty
Aired: Wed, 2014-01-15
WatchedS15E10: Psycho/Therapist
Aired: Wed, 2014-01-08
‘The Beast’ returns when Detective Benson is forced to face Lewis in the courtroom, and the stress of reliving the attack causes setbacks in her recovery. With Lewis trying every trick in the book to continue his le...
Rapist Anonymous
WatchedS15E09: Rapist Anonymous
Aired: Wed, 2013-11-20
Detective Amanda Rollins helps her friend Lena Olson press charges against her lover when she accuses him of rape. But Lena's history with the suspect and her proclivity for rough sex makes the he-said she-said investigation ...
Military Justice
WatchedS15E08: Military Justice
Aired: Wed, 2013-11-13
Junior officer Amelia Albers is arrested for DUI while on leave in New York City, but her ripped clothes and injuries lead the police to call Detective Benson for help. When a group of soldiers from her unit are named as susp...
Dissonant Voices
WatchedS15E07: Dissonant Voices
Aired: Wed, 2013-11-06
Singing coach Jackie Walker is at the height of his career, with a featured role on television's biggest reality show, "American Diva," and a steady position teaching music at a prestigious New York City school. When a four y...
October Surprise
WatchedS15E06: October Surprise
Aired: Wed, 2013-10-23
When ADA Barba’s childhood friend, Eddie Garcia, is arrested for attempted rape, his connection to mayoral frontrunner Alex Muñoz puts the campaign in jeopardy. But when an undercover investigation uncovers further mi...
Wonderland Story
WatchedS15E05: Wonderland Story
Aired: Wed, 2013-10-16
Sarah Walsh wakes up from a night of partying and believes she's been raped. In shock that it could happen again, she calls Detective Benson, who handled her previous rape case, for help. The search for Sarah’s attacker ...
Internal Affairs
WatchedS15E04: Internal Affairs
Aired: Wed, 2013-10-09
Officer Michael Groves ends up in a psych ward after turning on his old squad - he accuses the 12th precinct of cooking the books and making rape allegations disappear. Internal Affairs Lt. Tucker enlists the help of the SVU ...
American Tragedy
WatchedS15E03: American Tragedy
Aired: Wed, 2013-10-02
A string of rapes on the Upper West Side raises concerns across the city, and while Detectives Tutuola and Rollins question everyone who fits the suspect's description, celebrity chef Jolene Castille fears she's the next vict...
Imprisoned Lives
WatchedS15E02: Imprisoned Lives
Aired: Wed, 2013-09-25
A young boy is abandoned in Times Square and leads the detectives to the house where his family lives. Inside they find a locked basement where more victims await rescue, and work to solve decades-old cold cases.
Surrender Benson
WatchedS15E01: Surrender Benson
Aired: Wed, 2013-09-25
Hours turn into days, and with no word from Detective Benson, the SVU squad takes drastic measures to find her and her abductor. A trail of murders and rape victims leads them to fear it may be too late.
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