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Made in Chelsea has been on the air since May 2011, with 102 episodes aired. It can be watched on E4 at 22:00 (GMT+0 +DST) on Thursdays .

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Series 9, Episode 12
WatchedS09E12: Series 9, Episode 12
Aired: Mon, 2015-06-22
Series 9, Episode 11
WatchedS09E11: Series 9, Episode 11
Aired: Mon, 2015-06-15
Series 9, Episode 10
WatchedS09E10: Series 9, Episode 10
Aired: Mon, 2015-06-15
Series 9, Episode 9
WatchedS09E09: Series 9, Episode 9
Aired: Mon, 2015-06-08
Series 9, Episode 8
WatchedS09E08: Series 9, Episode 8
Aired: Mon, 2015-06-01
Series 9, Episode 7
WatchedS09E07: Series 9, Episode 7
Aired: Mon, 2015-05-25
Series 9, Episode 6
WatchedS09E06: Series 9, Episode 6
Aired: Mon, 2015-05-18
Series 9, Episode 5
WatchedS09E05: Series 9, Episode 5
Aired: Mon, 2015-05-11
Series 9, Episode 4
WatchedS09E04: Series 9, Episode 4
Aired: Mon, 2015-05-04
Series 9, Episode 3
WatchedS09E03: Series 9, Episode 3
Aired: Mon, 2015-04-27
Series 9, Episode 2
WatchedS09E02: Series 9, Episode 2
Aired: Mon, 2015-04-20
Series 9, Episode 1
WatchedS09E01: Series 9, Episode 1
Aired: Mon, 2015-04-13
End of Season Party
WatchedS08E12: End of Season Party
Aired: Mon, 2014-12-29
Series 8, Episode 11
WatchedS08E11: Series 8, Episode 11
Aired: Mon, 2014-12-22
Series 8, Episode 10
WatchedS08E10: Series 8, Episode 10
Aired: Mon, 2014-12-15
Series 8, Episode 9
WatchedS08E09: Series 8, Episode 9
Aired: Mon, 2014-12-08
Series 8, Episode 8
WatchedS08E08: Series 8, Episode 8
Aired: Mon, 2014-12-01
Series 8, Episode 7
WatchedS08E07: Series 8, Episode 7
Aired: Mon, 2014-11-24
Series 8, Episode 6
WatchedS08E06: Series 8, Episode 6
Aired: Mon, 2014-11-17
Series 8, Episode 5
WatchedS08E05: Series 8, Episode 5
Aired: Mon, 2014-11-10
Series 8, Episode 4
WatchedS08E04: Series 8, Episode 4
Aired: Mon, 2014-11-03
Series 8, Episode 3
WatchedS08E03: Series 8, Episode 3
Aired: Mon, 2014-10-27
Series 8, Episode 2
WatchedS08E02: Series 8, Episode 2
Aired: Mon, 2014-10-20
Series 8, Episode 1
WatchedS08E01: Series 8, Episode 1
Aired: Mon, 2014-10-13
WatchedS07E11: "I Tried So Bad, I Even Got Naked"
Aired: Mon, 2014-06-16
WatchedS07E10: "When Are We Getting Married?"
Aired: Mon, 2014-06-09
WatchedS07E09: "You're Like A Fat Tom Daley"
Aired: Mon, 2014-06-02
WatchedS07E08: "I Was Sucked Into A World I Didn't Know"
Aired: Mon, 2014-05-26
WatchedS07E07: "Everyone Loves A Toff"
Aired: Mon, 2014-05-19
Series 7, Episode 6
WatchedS07E06: Series 7, Episode 6
Aired: Mon, 2014-05-12
WatchedS07E05: "If Your Dick's Working, Your Head's Working"
Aired: Mon, 2014-05-05
WatchedS07E03: "People Think I Look Like Karl Lagerfeld"
Aired: Mon, 2014-04-21
Series 7, Episode 2
WatchedS07E02: Series 7, Episode 2
Aired: Mon, 2014-04-14
WatchedS07E01: "There's Gonna Be A Storm"
Aired: Mon, 2014-04-07
Everybody is talking about Jamie's infidelity just a week after he made a public display his affection for Lucy. Lucy is not happy and this could this be the end of their relationship and even their friendship. Alex and Binky...
WatchedS06E12: "End of Season Party"
Aired: Mon, 2013-12-30
WatchedS06E11: "Miracles Happen At Christmas"
Aired: Mon, 2013-12-23
WatchedS06E10: "If You Knew Everything I'd Be In Deep Deep Trouble"
Aired: Mon, 2013-12-16
WatchedS06E09: "Fancy A Bit Of African Holiday Sex?"
Aired: Mon, 2013-12-09
WatchedS06E08: "Let's Go For A Drink, Maybe Some Fondling"
Aired: Mon, 2013-12-02
WatchedS06E07: "You Need to Get Under Someone to Get Over Someone"
Aired: Mon, 2013-11-25
WatchedS06E06: "Willies Aren't Such A Big Thing, We All Know That"
Aired: Mon, 2013-11-18
WatchedS06E05: "Your Buds Are Way More Important Than Any Girl"
Aired: Mon, 2013-11-11
WatchedS06E04: "I Once Knew Someone Who Had A Sleeping Bag"
Aired: Mon, 2013-11-04
WatchedS06E02: "Your Friends Are All Pretty Rude"
Aired: Mon, 2013-10-21
WatchedS06E01: "I'd Have Sex With Any Of My Exes"
Aired: Mon, 2013-10-14
At a pool party, Andy discovers the truth about Louise from Lucy and breaks up with her. Spencer and Lucy have also split up after he cheated on her. Spencer tries to comfort Louise which doesn't sit well with Andy. Alex and ...
WatchedS05E12: "End of Season Party"
Aired: Mon, 2013-06-24
WatchedS05E11: "She's Becoming Spencer"
Aired: Mon, 2013-06-17
WatchedS05E10: "Hot Tubs Are Like My Nemesis"
Aired: Mon, 2013-06-10
WatchedS05E08: "See You Later, Spenny!"
Aired: Mon, 2013-05-27
WatchedS05E07: "Is He A Fantastic Lay?"
Aired: Mon, 2013-05-20
WatchedS05E05: "Kill Jamie, Marry Andy, Kiss Spencer"
Aired: Mon, 2013-05-06
WatchedS05E04: "He Is Being A Tit"
Aired: Mon, 2013-04-29
WatchedS05E03: "Of Course I'm Going To Say I'm Straight"
Aired: Mon, 2013-04-22
WatchedS05E02: "I Am Not A Robot"
Aired: Mon, 2013-04-15
WatchedS05E01: "I Made A Mistake That I Wanted To Cover Up"
Aired: Mon, 2013-04-08
The revelation made at Christmas that Spencer cheated on Louise is still causing tension. They return from a long break in the sunshine, during which it looks like they have managed to get their relationship back on track. Ja...
WatchedS04E12: "End of Season Party"
Aired: Mon, 2012-12-31
Rick Edwards talks to the cast about the latest series of the show.
WatchedS04E11: "I Didn't Know Reindeers Actually Existed. I Thought They Were, Like, A Myt...
Aired: Mon, 2012-12-24
Christmas arrives in Chelsea and that means many parties and plenty of drama. Things have been strained between Ollie and Gabriella since what happened in Amsterdam. After Cheska and the gang catch up with Gabriella, she reve...
WatchedS04E10: "I Used To Charge Young Boys For Bunny Cuddles"
Aired: Mon, 2012-12-17
There's trouble ahead as Louise finds it hard to deal with the idea of Spencer moving in with the lads.
WatchedS04E09: "If I Wanted To Sleep With Other Girls, I Could"
Aired: Mon, 2012-12-10
After Lucy's confrontation with Spencer at the Lost Boys party, Andy meets up with her and gets some very unwelcome news. Spencer tells Louise that he plans to move in with Francis, Proudlock and Jamie. Concerned that Spencer...
WatchedS04E08: "I'd Rather Die Than Be Friends With Her"
Aired: Mon, 2012-12-03
Sophia is finding it hard to deal with her feelings about the love triangle that she's in after Proudlock takes her on a date to the zoo. Andy and Lucy's relationship is feeling the pressure after Lucy maintains that the rumo...
WatchedS04E07: "I Think You've Got The Costume Wrong Tonight Because It's Not Fresh Prince...
Aired: Mon, 2012-11-26
The love triangle between Sophia, Proudlock and Francis continues and Sophia starts to wonder if she could have feelings for Francis. Andy wants to sort out his friendship with Jamie following the fallout at Rosie's dinner pa...
WatchedS04E06: "They're Wriggly Little Buggers"
Aired: Mon, 2012-11-19
As Binky is attempting to mend her broken heart, Jamie is busy contacting Lucy to try and arrange a second date. Lucy decides that she wants to get to know Andy better and does not know who to accompany to Rosie's black-tie d...
WatchedS04E05: "A Man At 23 Is A Bit Like A Girl At 15"
Aired: Mon, 2012-11-12
Cheska attempts to take Binky's mind off her heartbreak, and arranges a kinky spanking workshop and a glitzy girls' night out. Andy is still unable to cut all ties with Louise. The boys enjoy their own night out but the mood ...
WatchedS04E04: "I Could Fall In Love With You So Easily..."
Aired: Mon, 2012-11-05
Jamie continues to make a play for Binky after being turned down for a second date. Binky is left feeling distraught though after he has a change of heart. Andy still has feelings for Louise, much to Spencer's irritation. And...
WatchedS04E03: "No One You Want At A Party Is Going To Turn Up To A Themed Party, Unless I...
Aired: Mon, 2012-10-29
Binky is not impressed with Jamie's continued indecision about their relationship. Cheska is still on the lookout for love and decides to concentrate her attentions on new boy Sam. Spencer's ex-girlfriend, Sophia Sassoon, is ...
WatchedS04E02: "The More You Can't Have Someone... You Want Them More"
Aired: Mon, 2012-10-22
Binky and Jamie agree to go ona date, but their golfing fun is gatecrashed by new boys Sam and Andy. Sam asks Binky out on a double date, in front of Jamie. Binky ends up agreeing so that she can introduce Cheska to some sing...
WatchedS04E01: "If You Want To Crack On And Go Head To Head... You'll F****** Lose"
Aired: Mon, 2012-10-15
Having spent the summer apart, Spencer and Louise finally catch up with each other in Saint Tropez where a party is being held for Victoria's new swimwear launch. Spencer wants to try and patch things up with Louise and put h...
WatchedS03E11: "End of Season Party"
Aired: Mon, 2012-06-11
Rick Edwards presents a special episode as the stars of Made in Chelsea get together to set the record straight on some of the most talked about scenes of the current series.
WatchedS03E10: "At The End Of The Day, I've Got The Crazy Title. No One Can Steal That Fro...
Aired: Mon, 2012-06-04
Spencer looks for advice from an old friend and flame, Caggie as he fells the loss of his best mate Jamie. Jamie and Francis audition some girls in their search for Candy Kittens. Jamie is preoccupied about Spencer. Kimberley...
WatchedS03E09: "It's Called Dessert And Apparently It's Sucking Richard's Face"
Aired: Mon, 2012-05-28
Following on from Diego's entrance with Cheska at the Scottish Reeling party, Richard decides that a romantic holiday to the Amalfi Coast is the perfect solution for him and Kimberley. Ollie, Cheska, Binky and Gabriella end u...
WatchedS03E08: "Everyone Has Skeletons In Their Closet"
Aired: Mon, 2012-05-21
Spencer and Louise finally get a chance to just hang out in London with their new relationship blossoming. Cheska and Binky are up to no good as they organise a secret meeting with Kimberley's ex-boyfriend Diego and learn tha...
WatchedS03E07: "Karma's A Bitch"
Aired: Mon, 2012-05-14
Tensions continue to run high after Spencer and Louise return from Dubai to discover Jamie on their doorstep who has been told all about their holiday romance by Francis. Jamie demands some some answers. Millie and Natalie or...
WatchedS03E06: "Until The Book's Closed It's Open"
Aired: Mon, 2012-05-07
Spencer, Hugo, Natalie, Millie, Louise and Sophie Lily travel to Dubai as they enjoy a few days away and to celebrate Louise's birthday. Jamie is stuck back home in England leaving Louise attmepting to resist Spencer's advanc...
WatchedS03E05: "I'm Really Not That Gay at All"
Aired: Mon, 2012-04-30
Louise and Jamie attempt to make a go of their romance with an unusual date. Spencer finds comfort in the arms of an old flame. Millie attempts to sort things out with Hugo and makes a surprising relationship with his new gir...
WatchedS03E04: "What's the Point of a Point to Point"
Aired: Mon, 2012-04-23
Jamie and Spencer end up confiding in each other about their recent meetings with Louise. Louise insists that Spencer is lying. The three of them finally end up in the same room at Hugo's hotel party, where the truth is revea...
WatchedS03E03: "Sabotage Is Not Chic"
Aired: Mon, 2012-04-16
Jamie and Spencer's rivalry continues as they both chase Kimberley, who agrees to date both of them. Jamie ends up realising that he still has feelings for Louise and decides it's time to be honest with her. Professor Green g...
WatchedS03E02: "What's Mine Is Mine and What's Yours We Share"
Aired: Mon, 2012-04-09
With Caggie leaving to go on tour, Spencer attempts to channel his frustration by taunting Jamie. After he starts to meddle in Jamie's relationship with Kimberly though he finds out just how far Jamie can be pushed. Rosie org...
WatchedS03E01: "When You're Part of the Party, You Never Want the Party to Stop"
Aired: Mon, 2012-04-02
Caggie ends up ignoring Spencer's efforts to call her following her return from Australia. She later reveals a tattoo of another man's name on her arm. Spencer is confronted by Hugo at a party to celebrate Gabilicious's breas...
WatchedS02E12: "Christmas Is About Giving And Forgiving"
Aired: Thu, 2011-12-22
WatchedS02E11: "End of Season Party"
Aired: Mon, 2011-11-28
WatchedS02E10: "Here's To Friendship"
Aired: Mon, 2011-11-21
WatchedS02E09: "Je Suis Amoreuse De Toi"
Aired: Mon, 2011-11-14
WatchedS02E08: "How Do They Find Flamingo Roadkill?"
Aired: Mon, 2011-11-07
WatchedS02E07: "You've Gotta Level The Playing Field"
Aired: Mon, 2011-10-31
WatchedS02E06: "Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi?"
Aired: Mon, 2011-10-24
WatchedS02E05: "My Mum Sometimes Calls Me Football Head"
Aired: Mon, 2011-10-17
WatchedS02E04: "No One Likes A Banjo"
Aired: Mon, 2011-10-10
WatchedS02E03: "Babe, You're Attituding At Me"
Aired: Mon, 2011-10-03
WatchedS02E02: "When I Was Younger I Experimented With Clingfilm"
Aired: Mon, 2011-09-26
WatchedS02E01: "Capitalism Makes You Beautiful"
Aired: Mon, 2011-09-19
WatchedS01E08: "I Find It The Biggest Turn On That He's Shouting At Me"
Aired: Mon, 2011-06-27
WatchedS01E07: "Payback's A Bitch"
Aired: Mon, 2011-06-20
WatchedS01E06: "Problems Not Solutions, That's The Way I Live My Life"
Aired: Mon, 2011-06-13
WatchedS01E05: "Take Your Passion, Make It Happen."
Aired: Mon, 2011-06-06
WatchedS01E04: "Do I Look Like Jesus?"
Aired: Mon, 2011-05-30
WatchedS01E03: "I'm So Honest With Everyone, Maybe It's A Downfall"
Aired: Mon, 2011-05-23
WatchedS01E02: "Quick, Let's Have A Quickie"
Aired: Mon, 2011-05-16
WatchedS01E01: "Ad Victorem Spolias – To The Victor Go The Spoils"
Aired: Mon, 2011-05-09
Meet the cast of Made in Chelsea.
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