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Spartacus: War of the Damned
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Watch the story of history's greatest gladiator unfold with graphic violence and explicit sex. This is Spartacus.

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Spartacus: War of the Damned first aired in January 2010 and was on the air for 3 years. It ended in April 2013 with 33 episodes aired.

Genres: Action, Drama

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WatchedS03E10: Victory
Aired: Fri, 2013-04-12
Spartacus and his army of outnumbered rebels make one last attempt to win their freedom in a final battle against the advancing Romans led by Marcus Crassus.
The Dead and the Dying
WatchedS03E09: The Dead and the Dying
Aired: Fri, 2013-04-05
Crassus discovers another Roman is apparently trying to take credit for crushing the rebel forces, while Spartacus attempts to secure a bargaining chip to use against his conquerors.
Separate Paths
WatchedS03E08: Separate Paths
Aired: Fri, 2013-03-22
Spartacus and the group of rebels come to a crossroads in their quest for freedom, while a relentless Crassus doggedly drives his men in the pursuit of Spartacus and his forces, while the conflict between Tiberius and Caesar ...
Mors Indecepta
WatchedS03E07: Mors Indecepta
Aired: Fri, 2013-03-15
With their forces trapped on an impassable, snowbound ridge, Spartacus and Crixus clash over a method of escape. Crassus findsit increasingly difficult to control the actions of those closest to him.
Spoils of War
WatchedS03E06: Spoils of War
Aired: Fri, 2013-03-08
When Crassus attacks the rebel-occupied city, Gannicus becomes trapped behind enemy lines. Meanwhile, Crassus orders his son Tiberius to arrange a celebration for a man he loathes.
Blood Brothers
WatchedS03E05: Blood Brothers
Aired: Fri, 2013-03-01
Spartacus puts a plan in motion to weaken Crassus' forces and gain the upper hand on the battlefield,but a betrayal threatens to foil his plan.
WatchedS03E04: Decimation
Aired: Fri, 2013-02-22
The possible infiltration of a Roman spy into the rebel camp, causes tension to mount between Spartacus and his men. Crassus resurrects a long abandoned form of Roman punishment to teach his soldiers a brutal lesson following...
Men Of Honor
WatchedS03E03: Men Of Honor
Aired: Fri, 2013-02-08
Spartacus strikes a deal with a band of travelling marauders to ensure his people stay supplied and fed. Crassus' son Tiberius makes a bold and fateful decision regarding his future.
Wolves At The Gate
WatchedS03E02: Wolves At The Gate
Aired: Fri, 2013-02-01
Spartacus attempts to launch a bold assault to obtain food and shelter for his followers, while Crassus raises a formidable army and welcomes the arrival of a surprise visitor.
Enemies of Rome
WatchedS03E01: Enemies of Rome
Aired: Fri, 2013-01-25
Spartacus launches a bold assault to procure food and shelter for his followers, while Crassus raises a formidable army and welcomes a surprise visitor.
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